Spirit of 67 reached out and touched us


As the excitement of Saturday begins to fade perspective begins to dawn. If Hollywood scripted homage to Lisbon, this was it. The stage was set 50 years and two days after the event for a truly unique, inVIncible, treble.

In ’67, Celtic came from behind. In 2017, they did the same. In ’67, Inter tired as a relentless Celtic pressed for the winner, just as Aberdeen did on Saturday. You and me have left Hampden after many cup wins, but I don’t remember as elated a crowd as Saturday’s. It was as though the Spirit of ’67 reached out and touched us.

Stuart Armstrong and Tom Rogic will compete with each other, and with new faces, for the precious central midfield roles next season, but both delivered big time on Saturday. It you watch Stuart’s goal, it had a touch of the Tommy Gemmell’s about it, with Shay Logan turning side-on, just as the nearest Inter defender to Tommy did.

“Don’t let him get onto his left”, is surely what every defender says when facing Tom Rogic. In particular, every Aberdeen defender. The big Aussie is so potent with his left foot. But we all need a second option in life, and Tom’s is the confidence and ability to take a chance on his right.

Stuart and Tom will both improve next season. Think about that.


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  1. Well put Paul, I have been saying to all and sundry, we were involved in revelling in history this week, magnificent history and we were also watching our Club make history anew.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 29TH MAY 2017 12:36 PM


    Maybe only me,but I am a wee bit concerned by our seeming inability to head clear crosses into our box.So many times this season we have witnessed this failing.It does not seem to be a constant thing,which makes it all the more worrying.Somedays everything works,somedays we are all at sea when a cross is swung in.I love our two CHs,but feel there is still a lot of work to be done in this area,failing that,a big commanding CH could be required.We should not be losing so many in our box with Jozo,Lustig,and Boyatta there.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Perhaps we could tone down a tad on the triumphalism.


    That`s not us.

  4. Paul 67


    You sound sure SA is going to be with us, his improvement has been monumental and could play in any league, I hope you are right and he is around for a long time.

  5. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 29TH MAY 2017 12:41 PM


    Perhaps we could tone down a tad on the triumphalism.



    That`s not us.









    And let’s be brutally honest. In European terms this season was a failure.



    The standard of Scottish football is now so poor that the only meaningful measure of success for Celtic is Europe.

  6. CONNAIRE12 on 29TH MAY 2017 12:05 PM


    PCs. Sorry I don’t have a copy of the sermon, it was spoken from the heart. In Lourdes now and I have prayed for every CQNer at the Grotto.






    The best patent of all. A one off special Connaire edition.


    Thank you



    HH jamesgang

  7. thetimreaper on

    That week in Lisbon, I can only describe as one of the best weeks of my life. Firstly I would like to sincerely thank BRTH for your efforts in organising the week that was, everyone who was there was in awe of what you did, the dinner, the mass, the stadium visit, the street party and everything else was absolutely fantastic! I wouldn’t know anyone on this blog if it wasn’t for Paul67 so thanks to you also. Thanks also to ACGR for organising the golf day. We all had a great day and the keepsakes and prizes were well above and beyond what was expected. To the folks from this blog that I met and spent time with, you are the most friendly and decent people you could ever hope to meet. It really was my pleasure to be in the company of each and everyone of you. As for the city of Lisbon, it didn’t disappoint, in fact it exceeded expectations. It’s a beautiful city architecturally, inexpensive, friendly, welcoming and very much pro Celtic. Celtic loves Lisbon but the feeling is definitely mutual. So many stories to tell and memories that will last a lifetime. Hail Hail.

  8. I hope it has been noted there has been no gloating from the podium topper, no gloating at all.



    I hope you can all go to work with supporters of all other teams and follow that example.



    I mean that, I really do.





    Serious question, are you a Celtic supporter ? It’s just the last line in your post there………….

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Afternoon CQN



    What a privilege and honour it was to spend some time with so many good people in Lisbon and as I said in my post late last night, CQN is not a two-dimensional message board but a fantastic collection of really good people whose sheer inherent goodness and sense of fun has to be seen up close and personal for it to be really appreciated.



    I received a message from Lionsroar67 last night to say he was comfortable in his hotel room which will be home for the next few days and, to be honest, that is the most important message and memory to come out of Lisbon in what can only be described as a remarkable few days.



    We went to invoke the spirit of ’67 and I believe that we succeeded leaving an ever greater footprint on a city that was already own in just a little part by the spirit of Celtic and its fans.



    I believe that we did the club proud and more importantly, we did our parents, friends and relatives who were there in ’67 proud as well. We also did ourselves proud with our singing, warmth, and respect for the people and the city of Lisbon who, in turn, made us feel most welcome and very special ……. though in truth they thought us totally and completely crazy for celebrating with absolutely no football on the cards.



    The events of last week are all over the newspapers at home and abroad, they were recorded for television and hopefully future documentaries and they are all over social media.



    This was a few days that will never be forgotten.



    However, I would invite those of you who have taken some great pictures and who have very personal stories to send them to me at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk and I will see if we can compile them into a wee memorial book in time for Christmas.



    I am particularly looking for pictures and stories of those who were there in 1967 and who came on this trip especially the dinner, and very specifically I am looking for the lady who was pictured in the Kilt on the side of the pitch in ’67 and who turned up at the dinner in the Casa do Alentejo.



    No football club has ever had so many fans travel to a foreign city in celebration of an anniversary and so everyone involved can now say that they have made their own little piece of history.



    All of us should be very proud of that.



    Once again, can I just say a huge thankyou to all the people who helped me (you know who you are) plan and organise for the few days in Lisbon and can I just thank everyone who came and expressed their appreciation and gratitude.



    It was a privilege and an honour to be involved and to share in your company.



    A big shout out to Jorge Cadete’s sister and Christiano Ronaldo for entering into the spirit of things but the biggest shout goes to all of you.



    If anyone wants Spirit of ’67 shirts then e-mail me on jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk and I will order these on your behlaf.



    Here is to next season and the next chapter in the remarkable Celtic story.







  11. Scottish football is rubbish, therefore winning it, even with style, panache and entertaining football isn’t an achievement……………………………………..



    Only in Europe can we be judged!?!?!?!?!?!?



    We can be judge on winning the competitions we can enter into, and how we go about doing that.


    This season has been a resounding success, on and off the park, be proud of the Club, let other deride our achievement.



    The MSM are doing this sort of thing very well, do we really need to help them?

  12. If Brendan wants to sign Hayes we should trust his judgement.


    I seem to remember a lot of people stating Armstrong was not Celtic class.


    To often we rate players because they have not played at a certain level.


    Happened to James Vardy who proved the doubters wrong.


    Seems a young ex Celt Jackson Irvine is also growing in reputation and some on here want him back.


    He was judged not good enough despite never been given time in first team to prove himself.


    Bhoyata was considered a dud but in the right set up and good coaching he has been excellent.


    Tierney himself was only given opportunity because the two in front of him Izzy and Mulgrew were unavailable.


    When a player like Hayes has the benefit of a quality coach and top class players around him we will find out if he can cut it at the highest level.


    Unfair to judge him on what he has not done.

  13. BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 29TH MAY 2017 12:59 PM



    Celtic have simply outgrown Scottish football, partly because Scottish football is currently so dire.



    That is hardly a controversial view.



    So success, real success, can only be judged on the European stage.



    I can’t imagine that any Celtic fan would disagree with that view.

  14. Blooody Norah, had typed a big post and have lost it


    Try again


    Firstly Thanks Paul67, for giving/ creating the opportunity for so many great Celtic people to celebrate and party as One this past week.


    Lisbon was very very special – with so many CQN’rs and other Celtic fans,


    Words cannot explain how good this was – Ok BRTH can come up with a few :-))


    Personally, it was very moving, celebrating an Invincible treble, in the CR7 sports bar, with many special CQN’rs and our very own Lionsroar67, mean so much having Billy with us for that.


    From the Wed 24th evening meal, get together – leaving after midnight, to 2 or 3 Bhoys on the balcony sharing Glasgows Green and White, with those in the square below – the Police standing in Awe at what was taking place :-)


    Fr Charlie’s sermon at mass, beautiful and had many in tears


    The stadium visit – Wow


    Green White and Pink Street party – in the heat of Lisbon song with those tourists on the bridge and the phone light show :-)


    Visiting Fatima – what a moving place


    Then having that guy CR7 send us a message in his bar, wishing the Bhoys all the best, and handing over his music centre to Kickinthenakas – still not got my voice back from that sing song :-)


    ( oh he might have paid for the champagne) :-))



    One final thing, Lionsroar67 is now out there on his own until he can fly home Thursday – for those who have his contact number, keep in touch with him, he still needs our special support



    Thanks you CQN



    Oh BRTH, thank you too – I’ll drop you a note, I need another 2 of those very special t-shirts



    Hail Hail


    This last week: Contentment, happiness, pride, joy, triumph, history, confidence, hope, friendship, laughter, camaraderie. They’re all there.



    Many of you commented on what Brendan had brought to the club, something more than the enhancement of team or individuals, something intangible, a feeling that something special was happening.



    We it did something so special on Saturday.



    But it doesn’t feel as if that something special was realised.



    One of the post match interviewers asked about Brendan’s targets. Seven in total, six were achieved. The interviewer never had the gumption to enquire what the seventh was !

  16. What is the Stars on

    Thouroughly enjoyed my few days in Lisbon


    Arrived late so didnt get to spend as much time with CQN’ers as I would have liked


    That said my self and G had a pleasant few hours on Friday Night with BMCUWP,One Malloy,Frantic and Good Ship CelticA and enjoyed watching the final with BT,Oldtim,The Friesdorfers and POG


    Oldtim is still one crazy old Dude.An example to us all of how to grow old DISgracefully…


    Then briefly caught up the crew in CR7 after match.That was shaping up to be some night but Mrs Wits was feeling bad from the night before and couldnt stay


    Thanks to BRTH for all his efforts but thanks to everyone I met for their company and kind words.


    “them fellas seem to like you for some reason” was what Mrs Wits had to say.


    Anyway we are going back next year….and maybe the year after



    Rodgers Out !!!!!

  17. Brendan Rodgers isn’t at Celtic to dominate Scottish football.



    He’ll be happy with what he’s done so far.



    But if next season is the same as this season (dominate Scotland, fail to make an impact in Europe) he’ll regard it as failure.



    That’s why he’s the right man for the job.

  18. Ernie lynch @ 12.49



    I get the basics of what you’re getting at, but what exactly is european success to a team who’ve failed miserably in the last couple of years to get past qualifiers.



    Success was to be IN the Champions League. Could we have done better? Perhaps, do we aspire to do better next time, absolutely.


    Failure is too much tho…..think we’ve banked £30m which allows the platform to invest.

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on 29th May 2017 1:03 pm



    Some brilliant photos o CQN facebook of your immense trip I look forward to seeing the compilation




    By the way I will not be reducing my celebrations , If pepe don’t like it tough








    A simple yes would’ve done.



    In this week of achievement and history when the Invincible Celtic team has achieved a unique place in Celtic folklore……….I’ll leave it mate.

  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH MAY 2017 1:10 PM


    BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 29TH MAY 2017 12:59 PM




    Celtic have simply outgrown Scottish football, partly because Scottish football is currently so dire.




    That is hardly a controversial view.




    So success, real success, can only be judged on the European stage.




    I can’t imagine that any Celtic fan would disagree with that view.






    I would.

  22. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Well said the Timreaper.



    However, something I nearly forgot.



    There are some people who won prizes in the raffle at the Casa do Alentejo and I will post these separately — The mental dental (PMYTH) was given his prize on the plane and the others will be sent out by post.



    I also have some fabulous things to auction at the right time and place and if they become online auctions or raffles I will post these on here — items include a very special signed Lisbon Lions Shirt, a Postcard from Lisbon signed by the entire Lions team, and a special golf prize or two.



    As many of you know, funds were raised on the night for the British Heart Foundation especially in light of recent events involving Lionsroar67 and Paddybhoy88 and I will announce the final tally in the next few days and donate this on behalf of Celtic fans and The Spirit of 67 — though I will have to convert it all back from Euros to pounds.



    Over the course of the coming months there will be other charity drives in the name of that same spirit and again I will post details.



    Now, in all the mayhem leading up to Lisbon, I have not forgotten the Big Booze Raffle that was started and prematurely brought to an early conclusion by the nice folk at E-Bid who just don’t like selling booze.



    I have received tremendous help and encouragement (if that is the right word — a good nagging at would also be appropriate) from ACGR and VFR and so we will relaunch the raffle later this week with all of the previously purchased tickets being honoured and recognised.



    Obviously, the deadline for drawing the winning tickets will be extended.



    The last raffle, for the Nir Bitton signed top was won by The Angel Gabriel of this parish and big Fra received the top a few weeks ago.



    More to come.




  23. HAMILTONTIM on 29TH MAY 2017 1:19 PM



    I think the phrase is ‘poverty of expectation’.





    Just ignore me pal. Maybe we just have different ways of expressing the same goal.

  25. Ernie



    If you don’t think this season has been a success then any discussion would be futile and pointless.

  26. And while I’m on my high horse.



    Hopefully for next season we can let the whole Lisbon thing recede just a wee bit. It’s become a ghost haunting current squads. A monkey on their back.

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