SPL start inquiry while SFA pussyfoot


The Scottish Premier League has acted with clarity, issuing a statement today that they have instructed an inquiry into the alleged non-disclosure of payments to the league by Rangers since the inception of the SPL on 1 July 1998.

The SPL statement refers to rules to “impose a prohibition on players receiving payments for playing football or participating in an activity connected with football except where such payments are made in accordance with a form of contract approved by the SPL and require that all such contracts are submitted to the SPL within 14 days of being entered into.”

They helpfully link to The Rules of the SPL, which is sure to be one of the most read regulation documents in the world this week.

Compare and contrast this action with the goings-on at the Scottish Football Association.

SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, told Scotland on Sunday the association president, Campbell Ogilvie, is “heavily conflicted” on the subject of the investigation into Rangers and as such would not be a party to conclusions, saying, “Campbell won’t play any part in any meeting, discussion or conclusion on any activities surrounding Rangers”.

It would, of course, be helpful for Mr Ogilvie to tell his SFA colleges exactly what went on when he was general secretary and director of Rangers.  His evidence should be an integral part of the investigation, unless his memory is less effective than fellow ex-Rangers director, Hugh Adam.

Regan spent some of last week dismissing demands for a comment on allegations that Rangers have improperly registered football players for over a decade by suggesting matters concerning the club were under investigation, headed by Lord Nimmo Smith, which is due to report this week.  However, it appears that Nimmo Smith’s secret terms of reference do not include the most important question surrounding the club.  On the subject of improper registration, Regan said, “The board will meet to discuss it within a week or maybe slightly longer. Very, very quickly the board will get together to consider the facts.”

Scotland on Sunday’s Tom English induced a variety of reactive quotes from Regan.  Asked if the SFA would hold an inquiry into Rangers contracts, he said, “That will depend on the board’s view of the facts and what information is there. The situation is changing daily and new information is emerging all the time. We’ve got our hands on certain pieces of information and we’re exploring it and we’re asking for further information. By the time the board meets we will have a fuller picture and if it’s the board’s opinion that they want a fuller investigation then that will be an option. If they feel they have enough facts to draw some conclusions then that will be their decision.”

So now we know that Lord Nimmo Smith’s report is likely to ignore the main issue surrounding Rangers.  Without SFA clarification, we can only guess it will address the Fit and Proper suitability of Craig Whyte to own a football club, surely a complete waste of resources.

We also know that the association might still decide against investigating the evidence of Hugh Adam, The Sun newspaper, and various other journalists, that second contracts exist.

The SFA cannot be dragged along behind the story like this.  Like the SPL, it should issue an early statement of intent to investigate the serious allegations made about Rangers during their president’s time on the club’s board.

Step up, Mr Regan.

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  1. Ernie Lynch:



    I will paraphrase myself from now on for fear of offending your taste for exactitude and precision…I wouldn’t want to offend. I take it the essential lucidity of my statements are made ineligible if they do not correspond with certain stringent axioms of precision…are you an old school teacher?



    Why don’t we all use the logical conclusions of Wittgensteins Tractatus from now on so we can communicate more exactly…or we could exchange algorithms?



    I don’t want to sound pedantic!

  2. I have a little thought that I’d like to share with you all.


    A chap I work with is a Rangers season ticket holder. He is a genuinely decent guy and I would call him a friend. However, his level of denial regarding Rangers plight is completely dumbfounding. Every piece of positively spinned news from the Administrators or from the Rangers fan forums is embraced, whilst every allegation and bad news piece that emerges is disregarded as pure speculation. Now I am sure that all of you on here can relate to this, many of you will have friends who are also refusing to progress through the Kubler-Ross model, but a very apt analogy sprung to mind today that I shared with a Celtic supporting colleague. If you have ever seen the iconic French film “La Haine” this will be very familiar to you:


    “Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: So far so good… so far so good… so far so good.”



    As we have all being saying for a while now if guys like the one I refer to do not wake up soon, they will eventually wake up later to find that Govan Utd is their new team, they do not play at Ibrox and they missed the boat for registering to compete in Season 2012/2013 – at any level – because Rangers have been investigated and taken to court by everyone imaginable !



    Maybe then Ms Kubler-Ross will be correct about anger following.

  3. Kayal33. FF Content.


    Unbelievable…..”we are a brotherhood.”. They really are deluded.


    Never mind all their ugly Masonic connections…..they sound like The SDL to me.

  4. Anyone got a reasonable guess as to how much the


    administrators have earned in their time up here

  5. Hi


    I wrote an article more than a week ago on the Rangers story for the political blog Left Foot Forward



    “Rangers FC: How a market leader went bust”





    I’ve just published a new one



    “What will happen to Rangers?”





    The details are probably familiar to most people here- but for me it’s nice to try and get a wider audience for this story.




  6. Traynor/Jackson



    As much use as Anne Frank’s drum kit.



    Nuff said.




  7. Dead and Loving it on

    rangers in administration are expecting to raise £2 million over the next 3months



    they are setting up a company called D&D catering



    they will be catering for up to eight hundred people a day inside ibrox



    duff and duffer stated that every cloud has a silver lining, they went on saying that the amount of people inside ibrox doing investigations on a daily basis will be huge , we may as well cash in on that, they all have to eat and not just cake

  8. leftclicktic on

    Yes Hugh but if im found guilty of premeditated Cold blooded murder do you think i should suffer the full force of the law . Ya F*d!!!!!!!



  9. Watching Reporting Scotland. Why do these Rangers people drive their cars so fast when they are driving through the Murray Park gates? It`s a bit scary! :-)

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Everything is going to be OK Rangers will continue in some form or other how do I know ? I just saw fat sleekit Ally saying it on TV so it must be right.H.H.:- )

  11. Grovel grovel,snide Snyde,tug of forelock,debase yersel’ at the feet of the high & mighty in the vain hope of crumbs from yer master’s table. Uriah Heep is as nothing to snivelling Keevins.

  12. Is Ally McCoist a jibbering jester idiotically playing to his audience of hun hoardes?


    John Yorkston has earned my admiration with that statement on the Hampden stairway…superb!

  13. Posted earlier, but for those SW Eng Tims



    A shout out to anyone in the Swindon area. There is a Charity ‘ An Evening with John Hartson’ at Swindon Town FC on Thursday 22nd March 7pm. Price is £15 per ticket which includes supper, comedian and auction including Celtic items. Proceeds go to Great Western Hospital Breast Cancer Unit.



    Spoke to the organiser last night who said she contacted him as he was a friend of a friend. She said he could not have been more accomodating and willing to help the unit. Speaks volumes for the guy.



    Would be good to show BBJ the Celtic support in the area and make it a jelly & Ice cream night. If interested let me know and I will get your email from Paul67 and give you more details.

  14. Duff and Phelps



    Joint administrator Paul Clark said: “Everyone involved in the administration process has been attempting to reach a consensual solution in regard to job losses within the playing squad.


    “The prime reason for this has been to achieve essential cost savings while preserving the fabric of the first team.




    “This has not been an easy balance to strike and we would like to thank the manager Ally McCoist, his players and the PFA Scotland for attempting to find a solution that would be workable for all. Every realistic option is being explored.


    “Regrettably, it has not been possible thus far to reach a consensus where players could accept the necessary level of wage cuts to prevent job losses within the squad.


    “We do not for a moment criticise the players for this as the wage reductions that would be required are very substantial and would have a significant impact on each individual.


    “For clarity, we cannot enforce wage cuts. The players have to agree to this course of action.


    “The players have asked us to consider a final proposal overnight for discussion in the morning and we have agreed to this request.”






    You can end contracts. Get on with it.

  15. twists n turns on




    That was my post – I shall have the wee shoite for plagiarism :-))

  16. Just catching up (page 2 of latest article’s comments) after busy day in work.



    Few thoughts…



    Chairbhoy on 5 March, 2012 at 16:23 said:


    However the EBT test case decision can have huge repercussions (2 Billion +), so they need to keep RFC on life support til then – efter that their goners



    Thought that myself previously, asked on here and RTC and was assured the ruling will still be delivered so it’s of no consequence to HMRC. Might make the difference in the blame game though; MBB most likely gain from blame residing with with EBTs / previous board.



    up_over_goal on 5 March, 2012 at 16:27 said:


    What would be an appropriate punishment for a club that has cheated every other member club for over 20 years?



    To paraphrase a wise man, “Make them eat bleach” *thumbsup* :)




  17. I give up. I throw up. I bow to the oracle that is Snyde. They truly are the voice of reason…via a bucket of Buckie.

  18. Can Somebody pleasse repeat Yorkton’s statement for those of us who missed it, please?



    Thanksmin advance…

  19. celtfish



    I may be interested please mail me more details…Paul67 can you provide my email.

  20. R.I.P. Paul McBride



    You showed that all those in power don’t lack the courage to speak out.

  21. spl,sfa,uefa,fifa,hrmc,echr,d & p…….how long is it going to take to sink The Unclean’s ship of rodents?

  22. The Moon Bhoys on

    We’re having to wait so long here for the sackings when it does happen I think the players sacked should be led out in chains like a chain gang – in the full glare of the media, that would make up a wee bit for this delay

  23. The Moon Bhoys on 5 March, 2012 at 18:47 said:


    We’re having to wait so long here for the sackings when it does happen I think the players sacked should be led out in chains like a chain gang – in the full glare of the media, that would make up a wee bit for this delay




    Time for a sing song?



  24. I notice the the LL are avoiding the obvious- They CHEATED for the last 15 years. How can politicians support a sporting organisation that CHEATS and avoids paying tax?

  25. Paul67 / legal or accountancy minded



    Just had a thought. Are HMRC waiting until after Rangers are out of Administration (in the unlikely event that it happens) until the verdict on the FFT is announced? That way a CVA would be reached and Craig Whyte would lose his preferred creditor status. The £50m fee would then be announced putting Rangers back into administration but with HMRC as the preferred creditor?

  26. thomthethim on 5 March, 2012 at 18:28 said:



    Woefully behind with my reading, but, I would urge everyone to save the link posted in this article.




    Big Nan on 5 March, 2012 at 15:32 said:



    Anyone not sure that Rangers and dignity are an example of oxymoron should check out the Falling Masonry article on Celtic Wiki here: http://www.thecelticwiki.com/page/Rangers+-+Falling+Masonry






    To those of us of a certain age and who were at Ibrox on that day, the story told is one of remembering the Press reports of the day.



    To the younger readers, it is conclusive proof of what that club has been historically capable.



    In the earlier days of CQN, I referred to the Inquest and the remarks made about the Rangers Board.



    Through ignorance, I referred to the Coroner, until PFayr corrected me, i.e., the Sheriff.



    I also stated on here previously that Ibrox was a Masonic Lodge in it’s own right and that the players were required to become masons. This was refuted by some on here.


    Then, like now, the code of silence was observed and there was never any negative gossip or stories emerging, even after players left the club.



    One player, that I can recall, broke this rule. Ralph Brand, circa 1963-4,and he became a social and professional pariah for the rest of his career.



    I think that he was reinstated only about five years ago.



    Yes my friends, their skullduggery is inbred and woven into the fabric of that evil organisation.



  27. Monaghan1900 on

    This desperate defence of RFC by the Hun and the media reminds me of John Cleese as the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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