SPL step forward on Financial Fair Play


I’m very pleased the SPL have charged Hearts over the failure to pay players on time, the action shows a much needed appetite to tackle financial laxity in the game.  A battle for the hearts and minds of Scottish football lies ahead where the integrity of our competitions will be up for grabs.  Should Rangers lose their HMRC tribunal, which is due to conclude today, how the SPL reacts will forever establish if we have an open, free and fair league, or if we are cowed by a club we would all rather live without – irrespective of the cost.

We should applaud Neil Doncaster as his league colleagues for their determination not to be diverted from their course by Hearts in the face of some absolutely atrocious misrepresentation of the facts emanating from media sources close to Romanov.

The weeks ahead will require all parties to adhere rigorously to the spirit of Financial Fair Play, membership rules and precedent.

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  1. hamiltontim says:


    18 January, 2012 at 13:31



    No, but there’s a chance history will be made and we see no stars at all on someone’s jerseys.

  2. hamiltontim – We need to be realistic here, there isn’t a chance that history will be rewritten and suddenly we will see 4 or even 3 stars on their jerseys.



    Are those meant to be stars?



    I always assumed they were fag burns. (thumbsup)

  3. I believe Olympic Marseille and Juventus were both stripped of titles when they were penalised by their national associations.


    They were both invovled in bribing scandals. You’d expect UEFA would have directives that the SFA would be obliged follow.

  4. Paul,



    Of course you are right to praise the SFA and broadly speaking I agree with your sentiment… actually in a different world, where idealism and morality could be counted upon then I would agree wholeheartedly.


    However when you say we would rather live without regardless of costs, it suggests that this is an option.



    Many on here misinterpret my contribution on this topic, in no small part because I have often criticised the excess of hate that seeps into the blog from time to time (sometimes embodied in just one or two posters!), as being supportive of Rangers or a potentially complicit board.


    I’m not. To be clear my preference would be that Celtic exit the SPL if possible and take advantage of any opportunity the financial farce at Hearts and Rangers presents to do so. However, regardless of my views or whether every non Rangers fan in Scotland would rather live without them, it will not happen.


    Why do we continue to talk like it could?



    CQN has done a great job of educating many Celtic fans about the business of football, and Celtic. We’ve become more sophisticated because of outlets like this. However, the debate’s that rage over our board’s policy versus our clubs ethos and tradition is ample evidence that football clubs, the good and the bad and the occasionally evil, mean an awful lot more to their fans and their communities than Tesco or RBS. That is to say, that Tesco customers will shop happily in the next supermarket and adjust happily to Sainsbury’s ketchup.



    Or to look at it another way – I don’t believe any financial mishap can kill the community, club, ethos, spirit or soul that is Celtic. If our PLC goes to the wall this afternoon I’ll still be a Celtic fan tomorrow.



    Like it or not, almost every fan of every club feels much the same way. It’s what makes football special and it’s the reason so many club’s resisted PLC status in the first place.



    At any rate, we’ll see what happens, but it’s high time we injected a bit of reality into this discussion. Not for the first time we’re (as fans) setting ourselves up for a fall. There’ll be drama, but the Old Firm soap opera will continue.Think of it as an Eastenders Christmas special, someone is going to get it, but, there’ll be another episode on Boxing day.



    Seriously, too busy to debate this. I’ll check back for any engaged replies later today.



    Meanwhile take it easy everyone.

  5. RogueLeader, James F



    I think there is so much misinformation, bluster and stalling from Ibrox that the first question the SFA should actually ask is for Craig Whyte to sign a mandate that allows the SFA simply to request the documents from HMRC. Clarity issue solved.

  6. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on

    Probably a stupid analogy to make but listening to the media down here, including the impeccably impartial auntie beeb, hearing/reading the ongoing pro-tory bias is reminiscent of the scottish meeja’s favouritism of the horribles.



    I think Labour and Celtic should take the nuclear option. No more nuclear weapons (simples!) and Celtic to withdraw from the scottish league unless the huns are treated fairly ie newhun co to start from the very bottom. Talk of stripping titles is fanciful but fun.



    I have been turned by paul67, auldheid, ernie lynch, james forrest etc.



    Previously, I feared we had nowhere to go but, thinking about it, if the rfa and the spl dont respond to this threat, we ask uefa to intervene and they will either ensure justice is done or allow us to find somewhere else to play.



    Btw, james, totally agree about nick clegg, a stinking carcass of a man!



    a little bit of politics!

  7. BontyBhoy @ 13:33,



    “To be clear my preference would be that Celtic exit the SPL if possible and take advantage of any opportunity the financial farce at Hearts and Rangers presents to do so.”



    I sincerely hope our board are looking at this very seriously and are putting together contingences to ensure if the anticipated fudge occurs we are in a position to push for a move.



    In fact even if R@ngers end up in the third division it could be a good time to approach the FAPL – If we don’t come as part of a pair I believe we have a much better chance of Premiership football, especially if SKY are going to try to reduce the value of their next TV deal.

  8. Marked similarities with Ibrox in this breaking news?







    Neuchatel Xamax loses Swiss League license



    Chechen-owned club Neuchatel Xamax lost its license to play in the Swiss Football League on Wednesday, in a case that includes allegedly fake American bank documents.



    If Xamax, which already faced being deducted eight points, fails to overturn the decision on appeal it will become the first club kicked out of the league in midseason since Servette went bankrupt in 2005.



    ”These are serious violations of its obligations by the club,” the league said in a statement.



    The league’s disciplinary commission ruled that Xamax’s owners failed to provide documents relating to a change of ownership, after businessman Bulat Chagaev took over last May.

  9. Philvis


    Someone on this fine blog noted they aren’t stars but asterisks, which makes a lot of sense.

  10. Interesting news from Switzerland that Neuchatel Xamax are being kicked out of the league.



    I’m sure there are appeals etc to come, but if it does end up with a space in the league it will be informative to see how the matter is handled

  11. bawsman and others


    re.the thread on the HB re the huns uero licence.


    I have contributed some stuff on that thread and I am suggesting a co-ordinated “Celtic family” approach to try to maintain momentum on this and try to get the matter addressed in a meaningful way.



    For example,does Joe McHugh now head up the CSA? If so,perhaps he could be the right person to co-ordinate efforts.


    Does Brian McNally read this blog? Would he take this “scoop” forward?


    Does anyone on here have contacts with any influential Celt or proper journalist (ie someone who is not part of the sweep,sweep LL)?



    S.Regan’s stance on this is appalling and,more importantly,does nothing to answer the legitimate question of why were rangers awarded a uero licence when it is apparent they had a tax bill which was overdue and uncontested at the time of their euro licence application.



    This is a really big story imo and shouldn’t be just let go of.



    Any ideas how to take this forward?


    Noticed a few posters wondering which players-if any,of course-were subject to illegal EBTs.



    The concensus seems to be that the official contract and the side contract-if any,of course-were done on a 50-50 split.



    I seem to remember Artur Numan being offered a new contract which he said was half of his old one,and subsequently retired instead.



    Half. 50%. Co-incidence?



    I think not.



    I think it is reasonable to assume from this that ALL the big names signed around that time will have had a similar arrangement.



    If any,of course!

  13. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on

    philvisreturns says:


    18 January, 2012 at 13:48



    Chaps, just been thinking about nuclear weapons.



    They are brilliant, aren’t they? (thumbsup)





    Dipping your toe in to test the temperature?

  14. T


    his question must be asked, did rearangers gain an unfair advantage due to tax evasion ???????????


    And if so, what will the done about it ????????????????????




  15. iPaddy McCourt on




    Excellent post. There is no getting away from the fact that Rangers will be back in some shape or form. Competition in the SPL would be dead without them and Celtic would have the league wrapped up by Christmas every season. Who would actually want to pay £600 per season for that? I’m not sure I would if I’m being perfectly honest. I think our season ticket sales would plummet and our team would be playing to a less than half empty stadium every other week.



    The $64,000 question is: on what terms are RFC NewCo allowed back in and what will their punishment be? This is going to be a major challenge for our board. A slap on the wrist (e.g. one-off points deduction then carry on as normal) is simply not going to suffice and would destroy the integrity of football in this country.

  16. merseycelt, Chairbhoy etc



    This is the greatest opportunity we will ever have of leaving the stinking cesspool that is the SPL.



    If the agenda goes from fail play and natural justice to save Rangers and screw everyone else (including all of you insignificant SFL teams) then we should do exactly what merseycelt has suggested.



    Withdraw from the SPL on the grounds that the rules are not being applied equally to all teams and ask UEFA to help us join another league.



    If they think the league can’t survive without Rangers lets test that theory by removing ourselves.

  17. merseycelt – Dipping your toe in to test the temperature?



    The temperature of our nation’s nuclear deterrent?



    It’s as chilly as the sang-froid of our steely-eyed submariners. (thumbsup)

  18. Big Joe says:


    18 January, 2012 at 13:56



    The SFA have released a statement today to the effect that no advantage was gained from not paying taxes and cheating with other means.



    Or not.

  19. NewCo will be a totally separate legal entity from the current huns that we all know and hate. It will have to be to avoid the debts.



    The new team may well play in the same stadium and will probably have blue strips, but if it ties itself to the history of the huns by means like the phony five stars it will be in trouble. HMRC will argue that it is the same company and that it therefore owes them rather a lot of money.

  20. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on




    The temperature of the blog.



    Must be freezing where you are!




  21. iPaddy McCourt 13.57



    I’m sorry but you’re missing the point.



    Why bother with financial rules at all if the league and it’s members are going to save you?



    Why not take it in turns to default on your debts (including Taxes) and be voted back in by your peers?



    Who is going to lend money or extend credit to any club in the SPL if they believe that you will simply dodge your debts knowing that there are no real business implications.



    People need to think more clearly about this because the media think that this is simply “lets save Rangers and carry on as normal”, this decision will change things fundamentally in Scottish football forever.

  22. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on




    sense not scouse although when made well tis a tasty dish not comparable to christina hendricks tho!




  23. iPaddy McCourt says:


    18 January, 2012 at 13:57




    Do you remember the wrestling that used to be on World of Sport?



    Giant Haystacks, Mick McManus, jumpers for goalposts, marvelous?



    Always very popular , packed halls (mostly swimming baths in northern industrial towns as I remember) with the old grannies at the ringside with their hatpins at the ready for when the bad guy ended up being thrown out of the ring.



    Do you remember it?



    That’s what the SPL will be like if a newco huns is allowed straight into the SPL. A pantomime for halfwits.

  24. It’s hard to believe but Eurosport website told that Rangers are interested in Polish striker Pawel Brozek. According to the website they offered him loan contract. He is at Trabzonspor now.

  25. merseycelt – I don’t believe you, I heard you wear a suit of armour made out of hubcaps and own the complete VHS boxed set of Brookside: The Jimmy Corkhill Years. (thumbsup)

  26. cavansam \o/ @ 13:58,



    “This is the greatest opportunity we will ever have of leaving the stinking cesspool that is the SPL”



    Thought we missed a golden opportunity last year when the Police chief said that it was impossible to Police Glasgow during derbies.



    If the Footballing rivalry is leading to un-policable (new word) social turmoil, then surely our Board should have pushed the Government to sanction Celtics entry into FAPL for the greater good – especially as we had Lord Reid as Chairman at the time.