SPL step forward on Financial Fair Play


I’m very pleased the SPL have charged Hearts over the failure to pay players on time, the action shows a much needed appetite to tackle financial laxity in the game.  A battle for the hearts and minds of Scottish football lies ahead where the integrity of our competitions will be up for grabs.  Should Rangers lose their HMRC tribunal, which is due to conclude today, how the SPL reacts will forever establish if we have an open, free and fair league, or if we are cowed by a club we would all rather live without – irrespective of the cost.

We should applaud Neil Doncaster as his league colleagues for their determination not to be diverted from their course by Hearts in the face of some absolutely atrocious misrepresentation of the facts emanating from media sources close to Romanov.

The weeks ahead will require all parties to adhere rigorously to the spirit of Financial Fair Play, membership rules and precedent.

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  1. ‘The peacock strutted his stuff.



    All he needed to do was pose in the ring, sneer at the crowd and arrogance simply seeped from Bobby Barnes’ pores. There he stood in all his glory, absorbing the boos and jeers of the fans. ‘



    Beautiful Bobby Barnes, the philvis of red hot grapplin’ action.

  2. JohnnyClash says:


    18 January, 2012 at 14:25


    ‘In the absence of wiki today I feel naked.’




    If you press the Escape key before the black screen comes up it works fine.

  3. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    James F, great post and then the “half measures” bit! Thanks you had me laughing out loud here in work ( getting strange looks )



    Believe it or not I watched that episode last night where Mike was talking to Walter about ” no half measures!!” also watched “Boxcutter” superb!




  4. An aspect of this that I find interesting but that doesn’t seem to feature too much in the ongoing debate is that Newco has to convince the authorities that it isn’t Rangers while working hard to convince the support of the club formerly known as Rangers that it is Rangers.



    Talk about cognitive dissonance.



    Imagine it was us. Imagine all official statements had to say that any similarity between the club we were being asked to put money into, to go and watch and to care about and Celtic was coincidental. Ask yourself what that would be like. Ask yourself if you’d fancy going round the pub or down the bus going, “Names now for Elgin City away”.



    Newco will not be Rangers, unless it wants to pick up Rangers’ unpaid bills.

  5. Awe this talk aboot “Hating the G.A.”



    Don’t ya Know,folks that



    “Hate, is the wee Cousin O’… “Fear”..?



    Betcha didnae Know That.



    But it is.



    Think aboot it.






  6. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Seven Fishes:



    “No more half measures Walter …”



    If only Stewart Regan had said that to Mr Smith when they were applying for that UEFA license we might not be at this point.



    And I would go further, and echo the sentiments of our friend Jessie when he said, “So let me get this straight … you’re arguing we allow a club which has cheated, defrauded and overspent to ditch their punishment so they can cheat, defraud and overspend again … and in your world, I’m the idiot?”

  7. Kojo



    Hate leads to the darkside, Or something along that lines.



    So Obi Wan said ;-p




  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    18 January, 2012 at 15:18


    ‘Ole Ernie @ 15.13- is that you encouraging people to cross a [virtual] picket line? ;/)’




    That thought did actually occur to me.



    Lets just say I wrestled with my conscience, and won.

  9. James Forret @ 14:59



    I stood at my desk and clapped my hands after reading that.




  10. Serge



    Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

  11. philvisreturns says:


    18 January, 2012 at 13:32


    hamiltontim – We need to be realistic here, there isn’t a chance that history will be rewritten and suddenly we will see 4 or even 3 stars on their jerseys.



    Are those meant to be stars?



    I always assumed they were fag burns. (thumbsup)






    Tut tut, that’s no way to refer to those who looked after you so well at school, Philvis ol chap :-)

  12. Serge says:


    18 January, 2012 at 15:29





    outstanding my young Padawan.






    I’ll Padawan you!!!!




  13. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Serge






    Hate, is Nefah A Guid Thing.






    It is Awright tae Hate.. Inanimate Thingss..



    like.. Cauld.. and Heat.. and Tight Jaikets..and


    Modern Music..and when ye wee brother grabs the last Paris Bun


    at the dinner table..jist as ye hid yer eye oan it!



    and the Dug Next door.. that Barks, like Goodoh.. Awe Night.. and keeps


    ye awake..



    It is awright tae Hate.. Excuses.. ..



    Fur Ah hate Them… wi a Passion.



    Aye..thur are Miny Things ye kin Hate…



    and it wullnae dae ye any herm..






    So.. there is an excellent Reason why Godot. .. gave ye the Ability tae Hate.






    He withdraws this support fur that Ability..






    Soon as Ye..



    Hate anither Human Bean.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  14. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on

    greenjedi says:


    18 January, 2012 at 15:26






    Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.






    I fear for the country of my birth.



    I am angry I feel this way.



    I hate the huns and their apologists for causing the country of my birth to become a backward thinking hideyhole for bigots, liars and cheats.



    I will be happy when they are appropriately punished!



    Goodbye huns!




  15. Through and through on

    Could it be that someone is hoping to divert attentions from elsewhere?



    Here follows an article on http://fcbusiness.co.uk



    Rangers Football Club have officially opened its first London office with the view to expanding its international brand in overseas markets.



    Misha Sher, currently Business Development Director with global football business company Soccerex, will head up the new London office from next week.



    The newly created post is part of the club’s global strategy to maximise the Rangers brand in overseas markets and provides the club with a dedicated presence in the UK capital for the first time in its 140 year history.



    Born in Ukraine and educated in the USA, former youth footballer Misha has spent the last 12 years working in football in the UK, initially as a journalist on football magazine ‘The League’ before moving into football business with Soccerex.



    In his role as Global Partnerships Director, Misha will be responsible for growing the Rangers brand internationally and the development of new commercial opportunities and strategic partnerships overseas.



    Ali Russell, Chief Operations Officer at Rangers, said: “We are delighted to open Rangers’ first London office and welcome Misha to the Rangers family.



    “Rangers is an international brand and we are focused on maximising all opportunities to build our brand in overseas markets.



    “As part of that strategy, we identified the benefits a London office would bring so we set out to find the right person for the job.



    “Misha brings a wealth of international experience to Rangers and we are confident he will help the club deliver its global ambitions.



    “We are excited about the global opportunities that lie ahead.”



    Speaking about his appointment, Misha Sher said: “Rangers Football Club is a world-renowned brand with tremendous history and ambition for the future and I am delighted to be joining such a great institution.



    “The club has existing supporters all around the world who are passionate about Rangers and I want to build on that – both in the regions where there is already significant brand presence such as North America and Australasia, as well as targeting regions with high growth potential such as Asia.



    “Being based in London will allow me more flexibility when it comes to meeting with potential partners but the ethos of Rangers will be at the core of everything I do.”



    Duncan Revie, CEO of Soccerex said: “Although sorry to be losing Misha I’m delighted he is moving to such a prestigious position with one of the great football clubs of the world.



    “As he has been with Soccerex, Misha will be an invaluable addition to an already existing Rangers culture, tradition, and history.”

  16. To quote another often used line in the greatest fictional story ever told that huns everywhere will never admit to thinking



    I’ve got a very bad feeling about this!

  17. greenjedi



    There’s hate and then there’s hate: James gave some political examples; there are plenty of others one could cite: like Nazism and racism.



    Of course, if the hate becomes all-consuming, the game’s-a-bogey and Darth Vader’s your Uncle.



    Were I to have tried to pen what James wrote I might have been tempted to use the word loathing, or disgust or revulsion.



    But James was responding to the use of that word (‘hate’) in a post from BontyBhoy (at 13:33), so he kind of had to stick with it.



    Either way, he made his point with power and no lack of eloquence … as few of us on here can.




  18. Greenjedi



    sorry mate i’m just a member of the imperial senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan ;-)

  19. Through and through says:


    18 January, 2012 at 15:37




    ‘they might as well go chasin’ after moonbeams


    Or light a penny candle from a star.’

  20. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Folly Folly






    Ye kin Split awe the Hairs that ye Like..



    and ye hiv jist Split ‘ quite a Few..in


    that Posting o’ Your’s!!






    It is No Nice tae Hate anither Human Being.’






    That’s Awe she wrote.





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.

  21. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    James F, great analogy using BB and Jesse’s line. Superb. What episode was that line in. I remember him saying but can’t recall when.




  22. Kojo



    I have to admit i do hate both Rangers & Hearts as Clubs. I can’t even talk about them, I refuse to.



    If i awoke tomorrow & they were both gone there would be no darkside, HH

  23. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Serge 18 January, 2012 at 15:47:


    Don’t forget Motherwell or Kilmarnock or Airdrie. The last bastions of hundom.

  24. Serge 15.47



    Sounds like that episode of the Simpsons where Lionel Hutz imagines a world without Lawyers.

  25. Kojo



    What you doin’ up at this hour … ?



    I hate it when I can’t sleep.



    Hail, hail.

  26. Celtic_First @ 15:15,



    Nail hit firmly on head.



    By basic definition, the NewCo has to be a different legal entity from the current huns. It cannot look too closely like it or HMRC will come calling.



    But the same dichotomy of old/ new exists in some of the opposition to the NewCo too.



    It makes no sense to argue that the new company should apply to join the bottom of the league structures because that’s what any aspiring new team has to do, while also arguing that it should have penalties attached for the sins of the old company.

  27. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Seven Fishes:



    Hehe. That was in the episode when Walt is chasing his fly haha.