Split Fifa grounds to withdraw 2022 award


Sep Blatter hoped that Fifa would today ratify moving the 2022 World Cup, which will take place in Qatar, to the (i.e. Europe’s) winter months, however, that looks unlikely to happen.  Fifa are split on the matter while Uefa president, Michel Platini, is keener to focus today’s meeting on the working conditions of migrant workers based in Qatar.

Right now Fifa have no grounds to withdraw the award of the World Cup hosting rights from Qatar, the award was made in full knowledge of the country’s climate.  The treatment of migrant workers could change this.  Fifa can insist that World Cup preparations do not expose workers to undue risk or inappropriate conditions.  If Qatar cannot deliver within acceptable working practices the basis for legal grounds to withdraw the award has been established.

I wouldn’t book tickets for Qatar just yet.

The most enduring frustration from Tuesday night is for Charlie Mulgrew.  Playing in his fourth choice position, which would never really be a choice Charlie would make, he did exactly what was asked of him against Iniesta and Xavi.  His chance on 73 minutes could just as easily have bounced inside the post, which would have bestowed appropriate appreciation for the effort one of our own has put into his career.

Bring on the Ajax.

I’m curious as to who gave the £2.5m personal guarantee to lend Rangers International money, noted in their accounts this week. This is as big a financial commitment anyone has made to the Newco in some time.
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  1. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on

    Not liking this new Hydro,Lots of lovely green ootside interspersed with blue to appease


    the hordes.boooooooooo

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Apparently 44 workers have died already in constructing the WC stadia.



    The WC has given me some of my fondest football memories, especially Mexico70, but I’m getting less inclined to watch it until FIFA clean up their act.

  3. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on




    Dream on…if Philvis was ere you would be a poor 5th.

  4. The Scottish Professional Football League


    has signed a new sponsorship deal with Irn


    Bru believed to be worth a “substantial six-


    figure sum”.


    The figure for Scottish-based beverage


    company AG Barr for their beverage to become


    the league’s official soft drink was confirmed


    by a SPFL source.


    But the league is continuing its search for a


    main sponsor.


    Irn Bru was the sponsor of the Scottish


    Football League for six seasons before this


    summer’s league merger.


    SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: “It is


    a very positive sign to the market that such a


    strong brand has invested in the new SPFL




    AG Barr head of marketing Adrian Troy also


    welcomed the three-year agreement.


    “We’re proud that our deal with the SPFL lets


    us extend our support to the clubs across all


    four divisions,” he said.

  5. DeniaBhoy in awe of wee Oscar's Courage on

    Paul – if you happen to still be online, and apologies if I have missed it elsewhere, but does anyone know when the result of the Big Tax Case appeal is due and whether there remains any implications for Newco, it’s previous owners and the beneficiaries of the EBTs – or is it just a paper exercise to set precedent?

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The £2.5M?



    That is from a Nigerian prince.



    And they have the e-mails to prove it.

  7. VP KO’d by fearless Oscar Knox


    13:38 on


    3 October, 2013


    Not liking this new Hydro,Lots of lovely green ootside interspersed with blue to appease


    the hordes.boooooooooo






    The ghost of Rod Stewarts bass drum will haunt any Sevconians who dare to enter the Hydro.



    Hail Hail

  8. ……….in accepting this award I’d like to thank, “Grimmond McCrummoch”, “Bawface”,” the Busted Flush”…………………

  9. Apologies for my language. Bang out of order.



    What annoys me about the Brown thing is, he obviously hadn’t learned from the Milan or Shakter game. Maybe because he avoided getting sent off there, he felt he would get away with it again.



    I am excited about this future partnership between Virgil and Ambrose. Two proper footballers at the back. I have been saying for ages how good it is to have CB’s who can play.



    Remember big Dan and Rogne??

  10. Re the 2.5 mullyin………………………….




    Didn’t some hunned-up cooncilor just pocket said amount in the lotto?



    he’s never gone and sank the lot into the oul’ Casino Royal?




  11. Pmsl ! Nigerian Prince !


    Marvelous ! Yip that Eddie Murphy has a lot to answer for lol! !!!!

  12. The Battered Bunnet on




    The preliminaries were concluded in August, and the appeal is diarised for early 2014.



    You can get the top fellows ruling on procedural matters from the DoJ website. Interesting if you’re interested.



    Don’t expect a decision before the summer.

  13. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on




    Can’t see any huns with the magnanimity of liking oor Rod drum an awe.


    Still they have wee Andy Cameron the all round entertainer.

  14. quonno- Re Scott Brown and transfer



    From last thread:




    The honest answer is I dunno and you dunno either.



    I feel sure that, in times past, enquiries will have been made about Scott’s availability but they never reached the ears of the press, or your and me, because either they were unwilling to meet our price, we did not want to sell, or Scott was not interested in leaving at that point.



    I was interested to hear Didi Hamman on 5Live midweek, whilst giving Scott the accolade of “Villain of the Week” for his sending off, expressing the opinion that Broonie was a very good player who had impressed him in his play but had let himself and his team down by his act.



    Now, that may just have been the politeness of a fellow professional who knows how difficult the job is, but it stood in stark contrast to a number of Celtic supporters, who felt he should be publicly slaughtered and/or punted because he is useless.



    In the modern contractual market, players do not always go for what they are worth, depending on where they are in their contract cycle.



    I don’t want anyone to go but I’d prefer they do not go on a Bosman. Henrik was the one exception where we gained more by keeping him that taking the money. Nobody else, not even Vic, and certainly not Gary Hooper, comes close to being worth more to us than the money fetched, which allows us to punt again and try again.

  15. Does anyone have any idea what “Revenue Grants” are in the sevco results? In one part (page 32) they are down as £574,000 and in another (page 12) £374,000 negative operating expenses.



    Is this public money going into sevco?

  16. Bhoys


    Just in the process of sobering up after 3 all day shots in four days….2 days on the couch trying to rally round…




    Beer Cafe…Bar67…great day oot pity I canny remember too much of it..




    Food with ACGR and his Mrs, drinks and Rod Stewart…immense…




    Drinks in BBs with BT and Oldtim before meeting skyisalandfill, Paddybhoy, Jobo and mini Jobo, Raspberry, CRC et al…then decanted to Amore for food to be met by Johann, Jack, T4, truly a great day oot…then the game…even the Network Rail guy who told me it was the express train to town when it was the slow train and gave me the fingers when I got on couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the day…



    Great time to be a Hoop….I know some are posting that the Ajax game is the biggest of the season but for me it was Karagandy at home….let’s enjoy it and support the bhoys on the park….finishing third is a real bonus…




  17. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Regarding Qatars World Cup, I lived there for 2 years and was totally bewildered when it was awarded to Qatar. Surely some of the countries who voted in favour of Qatar should clarify why they voted for Qatar:


    Was it because of Qatars massive indigenous footballing population


    Or perhaps it was because of good time the fans will have getting bevvied and having a sing song in Qatar


    Or perhaps they voted for some other reasons? Hmmm… I wonder what?



    Anyway the world cup is now becoming a bit of stitch up isn’t it?


    The rule seems to be that there should be teams from all over the world at the finals rather than the best teams in the world.



    IMO at the qualification stages it should be all the teams of the world in the hat together, no seeds, no regionalisation.



    Under the current set up the first two weeks is a bit of a letdown, too many rubbish teams who shouldnt even be there, playing against biggest seeded teams so that the seeds have a lesser chance of being defeated.



    (Then they take the results of the seeded teams against the diddy teams and give the league sides from that country bonus co efficient points, because their national side beat the likes of Tonga)



    Hardly based on fairness, or equality, the type of features being promoted in sports nowadays



    A new campaign aimed at undoing the Sepp Blatter influence might not be a bad thing

  18. Not many things in life are certain, death and taxes aside, but next week I’ll be getting on a flight to Glasgow.


    Now, as I’ve said above, that is not a certainty in itself as there are numerous things that could prevent it happening and life is full of “ifs an buts”



    IF.. I don’t drop dead before then


    IF.. my flight is not cancelled.


    BUT.. I can always get another.


    IF.. the ‘plane does not drop out of the sky and crash somewhere causing loss of life, which ties in with the first IF above.



    I could go on ad nauseam here BUT I’m sure you get my drift…



    Now IF I am successful in making it to next week and getting onto the ‘plane there is another certainty (circumstances, batteries and telco services to name but a few permitting)and that is, my mobile is going to ring with the tone of ”Zadok”: courtesy of ACGR.


    By the time I get the phone out of my pocket, after a few rings, I’ll be too late and the caller will have hung up. However, I am certain it will happen several times and Zadok will get a few more “airings” as the caller is persistent, if nothing else.


    This should hopefully wind up whatever bears are within earshot (nothing like starting a holiday on the front foot) but I must make sure I power off both mobiles prior to take off!!



    All said and done, hopefully I arrive in Glasgow BUT this brings me to the main purpose of this post and why I “chose” this particular period to return home. I have to attend a business meeting in Europe on October 25 (travelling the day before), which presents me with the opportunity of attending the Ajax game on October 22.



    Now, and this is the big IF, it will only be possible IF I can get 2 tickets. This might be possible if someone, who has tickets, is unfortunate enough to be requested to be elsewhere at the time, or someone actually has spare tickets.


    I know it is almost 3 weeks till the game and my post could be considered “early” but I don’t want to miss the boat. I am likely to repost this later, unless lucky first time.


    IF anyone can help, please answer this post or mail me at desertbhoy1888@gmail.com


    If I get tickets I will CERTAINLY be there; “ifs an buts” permitting…..


    Whether I’m there or not we can still make the next stage!!



    KTF and HH.



    Ps… even willing to sit where that baw was lodged a couple of weeks back; well, mibbes naw.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Re the footnoted £2.5M loan facility, it’s most likely what was required to underpin the cash flows in order to get the accounts past the auditors without qualification. RIFC’s cash flow is perilously close to the edge. Income £19M: Cash out £30M. Cash at bank £11M. The auditors need to be able to express confidence that the business can sustain itself for the coming year.



    On that basis, the offer of a loan in extremis will most likely have been offered by one or more of the current Directors. Kind of thing you do in a hurry and only under duress.

  20. DeniaBhoy in awe of wee Oscar's Courage on

    The Battered Bunnett – Thanks, a long old process. And at the end of it all, can it in any way cause Sevco trouble or will it just mean that the Revenue can go after clubs that are still solvent that operate(d) EBTs?

  21. I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)


    13:57 on


    3 October, 2013


    Regarding Qatars World Cup, I lived there for 2 years and was totally bewildered when it was awarded to Qatar





    i worked there in the late 70’s and watched a Gulf Cup game in, what was a new stadium at the time. Can’t recall ko time but i emerged from the game “lobster red”!!

  22. bognorbhoyle oscar in my thoughts on



    i would have been happy with 5th (:-)



    the call and respond chanting was pretty good on tuesday

  23. Delaneys Dunky on




    Gary Ralston writes for the DR comic. Zombie historian, who used to write for the defunct zombie news. I think.

  24. ACGR Supporting Big Nan's Reveal the Masonic Judge Petition on

    VP, I was at the hydro monday for rod,s opener. First shot of the big bass drum comes up on the screen and mr & mrs deid heid in front of me start booing. I,m laughing my head of and cheering 10 in a row (mrs acgr wisnay impressed).



    Great venue, great gig and great to meet big kikinthenakas and his lovely lady.



    Nae shoutin at fenian bassas oan hope street:-)




  25. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    i know the feeling,


    Hope you get sorted out with a ticket for your vist back home!

  26. Michael



    13:55 on 3 October, 2013



    Does anyone have any idea what “Revenue Grants” are in the sevco results? In one part (page 32) they are down as £574,000 and in another (page 12) £374,000 negative operating expenses.



    Is this public money going into sevco?




    Would that be the money from the charity match against AC Milan and the FFFF or whatever the Fighting Fund was called?

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