Spooked by the ghost of Compper


Clearly Brendan Rodgers bought Marvin Compper to the club in January because he felt he needed cover and experience in central defence, most probably for these Champions League qualification games.  He has now picked up another injury.  Despite plans clearly remaining unfulfilled, we are in a good position to travel to Trondheim this week, but despite confidence ahead of the Rosenborg game, the ghost of Compper spooks me.

Jozo Simunovic is fit, for now, although paying the price for an uncontrolled action.  Dedryck Boyata will return to the starting line-up soon, but with less than a year on his contract, I expect the big man’s agent will be busy marking cards elsewhere.  Kris Ajer and Jack Hendry have been holding fort, but the job Compper was recruited to do is not being done.

Two years ago we brought in Kolo Toure.  The big Ivorian was well past his prime and soon found the rigours of regular football too much, but he brought a calm to the team in the qualifiers, especially in a fraught night in Be’er Sheva.

I know coaches are reluctant to be pushed into making short term signings but this is one time it is advisable.

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  1. Rugby pro14 final at Celtic park next year



    Was originally worried about our sooper dooper new pitch and was relieved that


    it will be on same day as Scottish cup final






    What about our treble treble bus tour ? if all these Finlays and Boyd’s


    in the stadium ?





    Diego Reyes,25yo wi 50+ caps for Mexico. Free agent.

  3. Due to unfortunate planning of a weekend away, I have a ticket available to the Livingston game on Saturday. It will need to be picked up in Glasgow city centre or Bishopbriggs by Wednesday evening as I am away very early on Thursday morning.



    Please email hrvatskijim@gmail.com if you wish to use it.

  4. JC2



    The pro14 final next year will probably have Leinster and or Munster in it so will probably be like a normal Saturday.


    I’ve heard a few grumbles from the Finlay’s and Boyd’s of this world because the final is at Celtic Park, too bad as they jumped ship when oldco went crashing and are now season ticket holders for the Warriors.

  5. I find sad that the blog is hijacked by so few, but persistent, multi posting, negative people, who appear to get little joy from “following “ Celtic.


    They trot out the same cliched anti board presumptions with little or no regard to the facts.


    Even our double treble winning manager’s responses to scoop seeking SMSM curveball questions are examined for any possible negative nuance.



    I say I find it sad because I pity the life that is so lacking in joy, unable to glean a modicum of pleasure from our great club, that it does not augur well for other aspects of the malcontent’s life.


    Maybe it is because they cannot see what joys supporting Celtic brings.


    Maybe they do not attend matches so cannot witness the magnificence of,e.g. an Odsonne chipped goal, or the pleasure in the slight of Tom Rogic’s feet in the company of 60000 other delighted Celtic supporters.


    Maybe they don’t understand the joy of the standing at the Gazebo surrounded by hundreds of like minded expectant Celtic supporters, joyfully anticipating the Celtic team in full flow in the impending match.


    Maybe it is just unfortunate that for them, they can only see negativity, as that is how they perceive their being.



    Supporting Celtic is a positive, joyful experience, especially in these magnificent times.



    Being anti Celtic is a soulless, negative, wasteful existence.



    I choose the former and pity those whose disposition predisposes the latter.




  6. williefernie on

    On picking best Celtic teams may I suggest a different slant? A squad of 16 players including two goalkeepers; must include a player from each decade excluding the 1880s and the 40s due to WW11;may only have a maximum of two players from the same decade.Creativity a must!


    My team soon.HH.

  7. Eurochaps67 here here chapeau doffed,by all means everybody should express their opinion but the sheer repition and negativity of some is unreal. H H Hebcelt

  8. Neustadt-Braw on

    Celtic By Numeros …



    thanks for that ….good that we changed so soon ….learning by doing ..


    thought Hendry and Gamboa settled down as did everyone else….


    some lovely football played …stacks of style …



    tres bon




  9. Well this leader (article) is a turn up for the books.



    Advocating a de facto panic buy. After months, years, of assuring us that such practice was a sevco-ish folly.



    And that’s from me, a generally happyclapper.



    HH jamesgang

  10. Paul67



    A much needed rational considered Celtic opinion.



    Too late for Trondheim but maybe for the cauldron in Athens


    a ‘sieve’ plugger like Toure might be signed, but I wouldn’t bank


    on it either when and if, Dedryk and Jozo become available.



    SMSM have new ‘bids’ for our stars every day and we even have ongoing reported interest for the players some would ‘drive to the airport





    We’ve too many already that won’t get a game but the landscape will look different by the deadline day despite the Davy Provans and Multi Monikers.

  11. When Paul67 starts a blog with Peter Lawwell’s favourite word….



    John Terry CSC




  12. Good afternoon; I’ve been off the blog for a wee while because I am working 14 hour days (and longer) get stuff done for the European Championships. However, I have been asked by a few if there is a meet up from some grub in Coias on Flag Day. If you are interested send me an e-mail for vfr@girfuy.co.uk as I can’t guarantee I will have time to scroll back if I ever get time to look into the blog!





  13. Hrvatski Jim on

    Confirmation 3 hours ago by Premier Sports:



    Premier Sports ?



    Verified account





    3h3 hours ago


    ⚽ | LIVE 2nd Round, 2nd Leg Champions League Qualifier this Wednesday on Premier Sports 2



    Rosenborg vs @CelticFC – KO: 7.45





    This game will be live on Premier Sports 2


    Sky (435)


    Virgin (552) which will launch this week


    & the Premier Player



    Virgin Media viewers should get this for no charge.

  14. Isn’t John Terry still on holiday ?


    Can’t see him being fit by the middle of next week, if so. That said, I would drive to the airport to collect him myself, should there be any truth in this…..?

  15. Paul67



    Panic ye not!! Our young defenders will see us through, after all how old is young KT.


    As I say, panic ye not





  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ EUROCHAMPS67 on 30TH JULY 2018 1:00 PM



    Bit of a sweeping generalisation there. People are permitted to express differing opinions and it is unfair to discredit them based upon a perceived sense of “this is how you are supposed to support Celtic/be a Celtic fan”. Additionally, open discourse is a positive; close-minded, myopia is more suited to Sevco with their embattled outlook.



    To state that those who question the signing (or lack thereof) policy have little or no regard to the facts is patently false and that they are somehow “anti-Celtic” is ridiculous.



    I would like to know what your definition of “anti-Celtic” is? If questioning our approach to signing players is anti-Celtic then by the numbers on this and other Celtic blogs (including prominent Celtic bloggers), there are a lot of “anti Celtic” Celtic supporters.

  17. BORGO67






    Hopefully both and they have something else to celebrate



    after the Rugby

  18. Davidopoulos on




    a ‘sieve’ plugger like Toure





    Like a muslin to place on top of the sieve?



    I don’t think religion should come into though…




  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Surely its pro celtic but anti holding company, isnt that how scottish football works?



    I think we all get pompous from time to time so i tend not to take umbrage at super dooper positive comments or the ultra negative ones, we are a club open to all!!!!

  20. In other less reported news Wee Jamesy Forrest is keen to spend the rest of his career at Celtic, he’s already been at the club for 18 years and is one of our most experienced Euro performers and I would expect him to show that in the next three Euro ties.



    Well said James you’re a wee ray of light and hope in these troubling times of chaos and depression at Celtic:))



    All we need now is for Brendan Rodgers to spoon feed the unhappy some positive spin to get us through the day..



    Lucky green heather..

  21. Wee Jamesie from this day forward shall now be referred to as………… Jamesie.



    and the teamsheet latest will read………………………………………………………Jamesie



    Ithascometopass CSC

  22. williefernie on

    My Team of The Ages:


    4-3-3. Charlie Shaw


    Alec McNair Billy McNeill Bobby Evans Danny McGrain


    Paul McStay Scott Brown Patsy Gallacher


    Jimmy Johnstone Jimmy McGrory Henrik Larsson


    Subs:Johnny Thompson,Johann Mjallby,Sandy McMahon,Jimmy Quinn, Kenny Dalglish.


    Ifyouknowthehistorycsc. HH.


    i don’t get this,that questioning the strength of the squad is anti-Celtic? In fact,those who are doing so aren’t adopting a scatter-gun approach,it’s a very measured and clearly explained incisive view of our defence.



    Up front,quality aplenty,and enough cover for most eventualities. Middle,a wee bit too-heavy if anything,a lot of quality won’t even feature regularly on the bench.



    At the back,the lack of reliable quality is obvious. KT has been operating without a back-up since Izzy left. And we will ruin Calvin by playing him there. Mikael,love him,but how often can he go to the well,and BR seems not to be a fan of Gamboa.



    But it’s the centre-back role that’s the problem. When a player and agent refuse even to discuss a contract renewal,it must be wise to plan for a future without him. So no Boyata.



    Commper,I think I’ve got more chance of an extended run in the team.



    Simunovic,plays 40% of our games,less if you deduct playing time lost through red cards.



    So we have a 20yo who,outstanding though he has been,is still learning that new position,and a 22yo who has played more at RB for us and frankly isn’t yet comfortable in the jersey.



    And I’m anti-Celtic for pointing this out?

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