Sports Direct with humiliating control


Records published by the Intellectual Property Office yesterday show Sports Direct own quite a lot of trademarks, including:

Scope of trademark: organisation of sporting activities.
This property has not been licenced to the football club, or joint ventures like Rangers Retail Ltd.  Sports Direct own the rights to call a football team Rangers.

Rangers (again)
Scope: from clothing to trinkets and everything in between.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Football Club
Scope: clothes trinkets, etc.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

RFC, Broxi Bear, The Gers, Follow Follow, Ibrox, Rangers News, Rangers Travel and all the crests, badges and logos are all owned by Sports Direct and licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd, which is 76% owned by the Sports Direct group.

So if the club want to call themselves Rangers, or Glasgow Rangers, they need to cut a deal with Mike Ashley.  The most humiliating aspect of the whole thing is that the new board appeared to know nothing about this until the Intellectual Property Office published the details yesterday.  The lack of due diligence is breathtaking.

The only things Ashley seems to have ignored is that pejorative nickname they complain about so much, and the phrase Murray Park, although he has security over the training ground of that name.

We warned them repeatedly.  Ashley was in control and had the opportunity to ensure he got what he wanted before the EGM.  One of the richest men in Europe, he is a formidable opponent and known to be utterly ruthless.

You can’t bully him.  Better to recognise this reality and accept your subservient future than create a scenario where even another liquidation event would not free the ‘Rangers’ football brand from the ironclad yolk of a man you’ve made your enemy.

What have the lemmings done to themselves?  We were told Mike Ashley was a business man and he would acquiesce as this was just business.  In the history of business miscalculations this is up there with the guy at Pye who rejected The Beatles.

It’s all their own work, they can’t blame the SFA, SPL, SFL, Celtic, Her Majesty’s Revenue’, the BBC or Craig Whyte.  A recovery which would have been difficult enough is now completely and predictably wrecked.

Fancy a trip to Dublin for the Ireland-Scotland game in June?  There’s a bus leaving Glasgow with Ireland and Scotland (but all Celtic) fans.  Two nights in a Dublin hotel, travel and match ticket among the Ireland fans for £200.  Let me know if you’re interested, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. Ger57-a piece of nonsense,guys get offended at anything on here.Someone will tell me nonsense is offensive to…..guys with no sense maybe….?


    From the previously posted CELTICWIKI article,brilliant!



    In front of 70,000 at Parkhead the teams lined up on Wednesday 10th April 1974 as follows:


    CELTIC: Connaghan, Hay, Brogan; Murray, McNeill, McCluskey; Johnstone, Hood, Deans, Callaghan, Dalglish.


    ATLETICO MADRID: Thug; Psycho, Punch; Spit, Hatchet, Bludgeon; Hammer, Thump, Wallop, Gouge, Axe-Murderer

  3. Paul,



    I must complain. As a new poster and this being the last day of my holidays I was all set for the podium chase around 12.20pm. Still, top three ain’t bad.



    C’mon the Hoops!





    Your wonderful gift gets its first public airing today. And in company that is as fine as you could get!



    Thanks muchly,bud…



    PS-nae luck on the podium,but congrats to MMHOME.

  5. BMCW



    Thank you.



    Been on the site for many years and only posted about 4 times…..fantastic site for all things Celtic and the knowledge of the regular posters is amazing.




  6. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    murdochauldandhay & wee oscar



    10:48 on 10 April, 2015



    Does a Mick own the Billy Boys?






    Michael, you have taken them away….!!!!





    Post more often and you too can say Bugger Bognor with unfailing regularity!



    Spot on about the site and its knowledgeable contributors. Generous types too…

  8. So if the King gets his way to liquidate the club, there will be have to be a new name and no assets to pick up.



    Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey, hey Mickey.



    Árd Macha

  9. I am surprised to read the report of the rise in season ticket prices.


    Not one mention of Irish Republicanism !

  10. BMCW



    Not sure i could add much knowledge to the blog, lots of very smart people on here lol.



    I will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks that involves lots of travel nationally so may be in or around Swindon sometime…..watch out.




  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Celtic increase season ticket costs and we speak about sevco



    I’m away

  12. BMCUWP: If it gets good reviews I’ll let you be my UK marketing manager:) How’s it going bhud?. I’m waiting to see the post-split fixtures to see if I can fit in another visit. Can’t wait.

  13. Here’s the deal if the ticket prices report is true.



    If you are a long standing ST holder you’re still paying less than you were before. If you are a relatively new ST holder you’ll be paying more.



    I’m still receiving a discount on my previous price. Happy enough with that.



    I never really thought it was a necessary gesture.

  14. Reading the posts with regards Ashley,s grip on there rights . Good fun as it is , I still wish this guy would just sit in the background and rake it in . My concern is that he is persuaded to get involved , make no mistake this guy has the funds to help them . And surely if they are strong . The crowds return , the punters buy goods , more sales for SD . Mare profit for Ashley . Am I reading this all wrong

  15. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    P67 – It was a guy from Decca, not Pye, who rejected The Beatles – with the immortal line “Guitar groups are finished”.

  16. Re Season Tickets. If it’s true and they go up £50 I’m more than happy to put the extra cash into the club. It’s still a real terms cut on a few years ago so folks really should not be complaining given the £100 reduction for the last two seasons.

  17. Not sure what the Club can do to attract more STs, but if for example ,the price was dropped from 500 to 350,would that bring in an extra 5-6,000 people,to pay same existing costs? A gamble


    they can’t take,they still have base costs,salaries etc.Genuinely don’t know a solution that suits all.

  18. a light insanity on

    Right I might need to give up. However the weather in EK is good again. No idea what it was like pre 7 o’clock. Sorry Jobo.

  19. Weeminger



    As a long standing season ticket holder I’ll be paying £50 more than I was last season. As Gary67 says, with current attendances, season ticket prices should be coming down as opposed to up.

  20. Paul67,



    “The most humiliating aspect of the whole thing is that the new board appeared to know nothing about this until the Intellectual Property Office published the details yesterday. The lack of due diligence is breathtaking.”



    I agree, it’s difficult to know where to start with the new Board’s lack of knowledge of these things. What have they been going for 5 weeks?



    Busy paying gardeners and Newcastle loan players is my guess.



    Árd Macha

  21. gary67



    11:06 on 10 April, 2015


    Season Ticket prices should be reduced not increased, a half empty stadium tells us that.





    Might be true but many season ticket holders don’t go to all of the games so the product on the pitch is mostly to blame. When the club have reduced prices for individual games or done promotions such as bring a friend or free tickets for the unemployed it doesn’t make a difference.


    So it’s not entirely fair to say that season ticket prices are to blame for the stadium not being full.

  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Celtic are cashing in in the PR stakes re charity works etc based on the spirit of Walfred etc


    Do the not realise the working class who support Celtic some of whom haven’t had a wage rise in these last few years sacrifice a lot to afford a ST


    A £50 increase could stop some from buying due to pressures on family etc

  23. My friends in Celtic,



    Even with the £50 increase on ST’s it will still be good value if you have the freedom to attend all games no matter the time or the day.



    However to most this is simply not possible for a variety of reasons. I will renew my ticket due to my empathy with Celtic, not for the amount of games I will be able to attend.



    But I think it is a high risk strategy for the board to take, unless a deceased team with a disputed name obtain promotion.




  24. If they promise all home games will be a 3:00pm kick off on a Saturday I might get a season ticket again.

  25. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    11:10 on 10 April, 2015



    Fully agree ….we are going to need every penny we can muster to gain any chance of progressing / competing in Europe….

  26. I am a season ticket holder of 18 years. Used to never miss a home game. Now, I get along significantly less often because of family commitments etc…



    I view my ticket as my investment in Celtic. When I actually sit in the seat it’s great… If not, am happy in knowledge that I am financially supporting the club.



    I’m lucky in that I can afford to take this attitude. Circumstances might change of course but hopefully fans will continue to support the club through season ticket sales.

  27. blantyretim is praying for the knox family



    I understand your point but as I said in my post its a real terms cut over the few years previous to the £100 reduction in the last two years so the wage rise argument cannot really be used.

  28. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    11:17 on 10 April, 2015



    …and …tell all the Huns you know


    He isn’t about to go…….



    Incidentally, what’s the latest on RES12….

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