Sports Direct with humiliating control


Records published by the Intellectual Property Office yesterday show Sports Direct own quite a lot of trademarks, including:

Scope of trademark: organisation of sporting activities.
This property has not been licenced to the football club, or joint ventures like Rangers Retail Ltd.  Sports Direct own the rights to call a football team Rangers.

Rangers (again)
Scope: from clothing to trinkets and everything in between.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Football Club
Scope: clothes trinkets, etc.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

RFC, Broxi Bear, The Gers, Follow Follow, Ibrox, Rangers News, Rangers Travel and all the crests, badges and logos are all owned by Sports Direct and licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd, which is 76% owned by the Sports Direct group.

So if the club want to call themselves Rangers, or Glasgow Rangers, they need to cut a deal with Mike Ashley.  The most humiliating aspect of the whole thing is that the new board appeared to know nothing about this until the Intellectual Property Office published the details yesterday.  The lack of due diligence is breathtaking.

The only things Ashley seems to have ignored is that pejorative nickname they complain about so much, and the phrase Murray Park, although he has security over the training ground of that name.

We warned them repeatedly.  Ashley was in control and had the opportunity to ensure he got what he wanted before the EGM.  One of the richest men in Europe, he is a formidable opponent and known to be utterly ruthless.

You can’t bully him.  Better to recognise this reality and accept your subservient future than create a scenario where even another liquidation event would not free the ‘Rangers’ football brand from the ironclad yolk of a man you’ve made your enemy.

What have the lemmings done to themselves?  We were told Mike Ashley was a business man and he would acquiesce as this was just business.  In the history of business miscalculations this is up there with the guy at Pye who rejected The Beatles.

It’s all their own work, they can’t blame the SFA, SPL, SFL, Celtic, Her Majesty’s Revenue’, the BBC or Craig Whyte.  A recovery which would have been difficult enough is now completely and predictably wrecked.

Fancy a trip to Dublin for the Ireland-Scotland game in June?  There’s a bus leaving Glasgow with Ireland and Scotland (but all Celtic) fans.  Two nights in a Dublin hotel, travel and match ticket among the Ireland fans for £200.  Let me know if you’re interested, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. I’m am happy to pay the slight increase on the discounted season tickets …..



    I’m really enjoying watching my team … And I truely believe ronny will deliver home and abroad next season ….

  2. ht,


    The guys on the board are not there for their expertise in income streams, none of them actually have any expertise in income streams, they are all experts in delegation and hot air.

  3. “I think the last time that Celtic regularly played their home games at 3pm on a Saturday was when we took turn about wi the huns to be shown live away from home.”







    Fag packet tells me we only played 2 Sunday home games last season pre-split




  4. Oh…… And the ‘club’ who has no name …. Are utterly totally broken ….



    The servconians made their bed and can lay in it ….



    Minus their rangers* bedsheets



    *copywrite wholly owned by Sports direct Ltd

  5. Canamalar @11:53



    Can you justify that statement?


    Last time I checked the Board had all either run successful international businesses or been CEO, president or VP of successful international companies. Go check, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  6. captain beefheart



    11:29 on 10 April, 2015


    Some fine points.



    We have no competition. Sport thrives on competition. It isn’t our fault but that is a major factor. Lack of investment doesn’t help.



    Blantyre made good points. The travel is expensive. The food inside the stadium is crap. I would rather give my money to Celtic as opposed to Costa or other shops but there is no good coffee for the ordinary man in Celtic Park.






    instead there is very ordinary coffee for the good man – and woman!



    HH jamesgang

  7. Only six out of seventeen pre split games are/were on a Saturday at 3pm and I’d imagine both post split home games will not be 3pm on a Saturday either.

  8. Don’t have an issue with Season Price hike of £50.



    I do have an issue with the means by which our club employs a company who charge fans more money to spread the cost of a season book over 10 months.



    Celtic should find a means whereby spreading the cost of a season book over a period does not increase cost to supporters by means of interst charge penalties for wanting to support your team.



    But the ticket rip off must be a pretty good earner for them.



    MWD said AYE

  9. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar…… Ipox belongs to the creditors.



    Enjoy your day out in Callander, but watch out for snakes. The area is a hotbed of vipers, or adders as they are more commonly known. :-)



    PS : Funnily tho, Ireland doesn’t have vipers.




  10. Hamiltontim


    11:49 on


    10 April, 2015



    Thought so. It was more of a discussion point.



    I think Paul67 has talked about how we’ve pretty much saturated our existing revenue streams based on the global coverage we receive.



    Our costs as a club are rising (and have been during the fully discounted years). Unfortunately the burden of meeting those costs was eventually going to come back to the fans.



    Here’s where I’m hopeful. We’ve started to get some good players based on that lower income. If we can keep that up we should see the increase costs translate onto the park. Not massively but enough to perhaps get us into the CL.



    Its a bit like the Dave Brailsford (Team SKY) way of thinking. Make lots of small improvements where you can and the cumulative effect can be very large.

  11. New contracts for Gordon,Bitton,Johansen,Henderson might show a bit of investment,and try to stabilise for a change.

  12. Martim1980,


    Every successful international multinational business is a den of corruption, corners are always cut costs, financial costs are always put before human costs. The burden is always placed on the lowest ranks and consumer.


    Now can you justify why Celtic should have such champions of business infesting our ethos ?

  13. Moonbeams,



    Good point.



    I’m still on the ol deposit and 3 payments method. I find it perfect.



    My mate wanted to put my second book in his name and address onto it but we were losing out on this deal if we did.

  14. Bobbio



    Leftie takes the binoculars in case they do spot one.


    They look quite big and frightening till you turn the binoculars the wrong way round!



    HH jamesgang

  15. Same old negative vibes from the same old negative people …..



    Possible treble on the line ….


    5 in a row next season ….


    Team playing very well….


    Living by our means ….


    Massive Euro jackpot in front of us if we qualify due to negotiations from our CEO


    Celtic park and surrounding areas rising like a Phoenix casting a shadow over govan…


    ‘The club’ over the other side in constant turmoil due to their historical reckless spending policies ..



    It’s beautiful

  16. Gett over to ibrox there are always dinosaurs about there









    11:47 on


    10 April, 2015


    Sandwiches £3


    Binoculars £???????


    Juice £1


    Going a ramble in the woods with yer grandson looking for Dinosaurs PRICELESS :))



    Tis a good day CSC

  17. The Green Man- sounding like a dirty Sevconian Journo again!


    Canamalar- stay of the acid. Look at your original point.

  18. Its like the Apprentice on this site….fawning over businessmen.


    Turning chancers into heroes.


    Of course they do it all out of their love for Celtic….Ha Ha


    Bonuses included.




  19. Same old same old


    And the brain dead cliches still get churned out by the same old sycophants

  20. That was some bang last night just after half 9, must have been the huns crashing back to Earth …….



    Zombiemedia hahahahahahaha last week they wanted to take on the world with Stuart ‘won f**k all’ McCall at the helm, after last night they know nothing has changed, still losers HH

  21. Martim1980



    You sound like an old gramophone record from the 1920’s.


    Scratched and barely audible….however, carry on regaling us with your incisive comment.


    Dirty sevconian journalist indeed.


    You moron.





  22. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan. The Vow – Critically Rebuked by 45% of this fine nation.


    12:01 on


    10 April, 2015



    On the one hand I agree that the credit model for installments is crappy. On the other hand I remember the amount of admin involved in chasing late/non payers and this was translated as an admin fee for paying in installments.



    I’m still on that scheme. I don’t know if it results in a lower total payment than those paying interest but it’s certainly more than paying the total up front but I’m happy to accept that because for almost the entire time I’ve had my ST I’ve never been in a position to pay it in one go.



    It’s similar with the £1.50 charge – that’s the outsourced companies payment. The club either absorbs that making less money (or increasing prices) or brings the whole thing in house – making less money due to increased costs (or increasing prices).

  23. Burghbhoy


    From previous………


    Good luck to your sister, hope she has her day of days.


    Paddy McCourt, A hero – as he can clearly define the effects and consequences of more than one type of smoke :-)


    Say hello to JOH for me.

  24. Quite comfortable with who I am. Anyone reading back will see that and that I didn’t say anything out of turn.

  25. C’mon you lot at least I have an excuse havin ages glenfiddichs. It is middle of the day and you want Celt on Celt action. Agree to disagree. Some think that the board are doing the job they are meant to do and the manager and players doing the only thing that matters, others hate the bored and have differing opinions on what we do on the park. Leave it as opinions and don’t feel the need to tackle the player rather than the ball. It is very rare that any blog changes anyone’s view. So keep it chilled bhoys, no fighting, just laugh at the stupid Hun monkeys.

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