Sports Direct with humiliating control


Records published by the Intellectual Property Office yesterday show Sports Direct own quite a lot of trademarks, including:

Scope of trademark: organisation of sporting activities.
This property has not been licenced to the football club, or joint ventures like Rangers Retail Ltd.  Sports Direct own the rights to call a football team Rangers.

Rangers (again)
Scope: from clothing to trinkets and everything in between.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Football Club
Scope: clothes trinkets, etc.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

RFC, Broxi Bear, The Gers, Follow Follow, Ibrox, Rangers News, Rangers Travel and all the crests, badges and logos are all owned by Sports Direct and licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd, which is 76% owned by the Sports Direct group.

So if the club want to call themselves Rangers, or Glasgow Rangers, they need to cut a deal with Mike Ashley.  The most humiliating aspect of the whole thing is that the new board appeared to know nothing about this until the Intellectual Property Office published the details yesterday.  The lack of due diligence is breathtaking.

The only things Ashley seems to have ignored is that pejorative nickname they complain about so much, and the phrase Murray Park, although he has security over the training ground of that name.

We warned them repeatedly.  Ashley was in control and had the opportunity to ensure he got what he wanted before the EGM.  One of the richest men in Europe, he is a formidable opponent and known to be utterly ruthless.

You can’t bully him.  Better to recognise this reality and accept your subservient future than create a scenario where even another liquidation event would not free the ‘Rangers’ football brand from the ironclad yolk of a man you’ve made your enemy.

What have the lemmings done to themselves?  We were told Mike Ashley was a business man and he would acquiesce as this was just business.  In the history of business miscalculations this is up there with the guy at Pye who rejected The Beatles.

It’s all their own work, they can’t blame the SFA, SPL, SFL, Celtic, Her Majesty’s Revenue’, the BBC or Craig Whyte.  A recovery which would have been difficult enough is now completely and predictably wrecked.

Fancy a trip to Dublin for the Ireland-Scotland game in June?  There’s a bus leaving Glasgow with Ireland and Scotland (but all Celtic) fans.  Two nights in a Dublin hotel, travel and match ticket among the Ireland fans for £200.  Let me know if you’re interested, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Are people no longer able to put across point without being called spoilt weans and bitter



    I though cqn was a more measured blog



    I’m taking no part in a debate when opinions are not allowed




  2. Martim1980



    Are you surprised, that people don’t trust businessmen?


    For example….does the name, Fred the Shread mean anything to you?,…or maybe the Libor Scandal?


    How about “Quantative Easing”


    Or do you live in outer space?





    New Balance have to be an improvement on Nike,at least in terms of design.



    Our jerseys in recent years have been hard going,a shocking collection of eyesores.



    In fact,apart from the plain black and the darker green,they’ve ALL been hellish under Nike.

  4. Love how some focus on the negatives such as …… Booking fees …..






    Then we have the usuals harping on about bonuses that some Celtic employees receive?…



    I get a bonus in my job … If I deliver results that are set to achieve these bonuses…



    Most jobs include bonuses on delivered targets



    So ….. Why should our CEO be any different ?



    He is doing a mighty fine job imo…..


    I’m sure wee Fergus would have loved having Peter in his tenure.



    Despite not having the TV revenues that others enjoy….


    Despite our greatest rival dying… Thus hurting revenue streams….


    Despite working in the worst financial climate that I can remember …


    He has created a football club who’s business model is the envy of everyone .



    If Peter leaves …..I will be gutted …. The man is phenomenal at what he does …


    And has built a foundation for our future generations to enjoy



    I remember the days when the board had a biscuit tin ….



    I wonder where all the Money went to back then ?



    Peter’s bonuses are transparent …. And earned



    I don’t grudge him it one bit .

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family



    12:44 on 10 April, 2015





    Are people no longer able to put across point without being called spoilt weans and bitter



    I though cqn was a more measured blog



    I’m taking no part in a debate when opinions are not allowed









    Oh ffs.



    You gotta lol.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Game, set and match Ashley? Was waiting for something epic like this. The denial that mob exhibit is unsurpassed. How could they think Ashley wouldn’t stitch them up in these circumstances? What a wonderful humiliation for the dreadful Dave King. This last few years has been one prolonged, joyous time of karma that I couldn’t have wished for in my wildest dreams during the dreaded Murray/Souness/Smith/Kellys/Brady/Macari era. All of that hubris, bravado, gloating one upmanship has come back on them in spades…. and then some. From what Paul describes there is no escape route, no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope. Just an endless purgatory of suffering and defeat to the Celtic.What a wonderful morality tale this has become. Now if we could just see the same for those Tories…. a line drawn under that Thatcher/Murray era, I could die a happy man.

  7. Beefy – are you sure you’re not a nationalist of some kind? A UK one maybe?



    There are many shades of nationalism. Some left, some right, some middle…. I Claim to be an internationalist but I see some independence movements as a step toward more peaceful international relations. So I’m a sometime nationalist.



    It’s all relative and it’s very complex. But I reckon you are in some way a nationalist… Albeit a UK one. Am I wrong?

  8. My friends in Celtic,



    I was wondering how the club would recoup some of the money lost from the lucrative pre season tours that RD seems to have curtailed.?



    Entry to the CL will become even more crucial, but can we expect more methods or initiatives to recoup money.?




  9. I cannot take part in a blog discussion where one cannot refer to foot-stampers as spoilt weans and aforesaid take mortal offence.



    I therefore will go lie upon a chaise longe with an icepack upon my forehead and be fanned by my Vietnamese houseboy until it is safe for comment to be posted without naughty bhoys hurting feelings all-round.



    Or I might go do some work and let the greetin’ greet.




  10. Re. the ST debate, it never fails to amaze me how unimaginative the club are with this product. Why don’t they introduce a basic ST which covers only SPL home fixtures which on average should work out at £20 per match – bit more for the premioum seats. Not everyone wants the so-called added extras like the meaningless pre-season friendlies or the CL qualifying match against some sunday pub team.



    Also, what about introducing pay as you go turnstiles in the less busy stands? They could easily do this as people could pay with their contactless cards and sit anywhere they want with their mates. With Celtic it’s the old Henry Ford approach to customer service – ofcourse you can have any colour of car you want as long as it’s black.





    Well said,bud. It may be true that rarely is a personal opinion changed through discourse on a blog,but those opinions are still valid,and airing them should be considered the norm for a blog.



    Particularly when the opinion is about Celtic.

  12. pauloantony



    Here we go again….Peter done this, Peter done that.


    Im sick of it….stop romanticising businessmen,….im sure if the Vatican want to make PL the new pope, we will hear about it soon enough.


    PL is not Celtic…..he is an employee.


    The blessed Peter Lawell eh.


    Sick of it.


    The Cult of the Businessman on CQN


    Pity they cant open their mouths about corruption and cheating though.


    Too busy looking the other way while they hoover up the bonuses.

  13. As bad tempered as this,place can be it’s a veritable beacon of collective calm compared to the Sevco sites! Check them out for a bit of a laugh and some perspective!

  14. Hun Monkeys rule OK!



    Tim Sheep dont!



    Hun Monkeys drive the bus.



    Tim Sheep sit at the back!



    “The game, the game is over…the rebels have gone.”



    Sack The Kow-Towing-Colluding Celtic Board.



    Bring Back The Jungle…or, keep-on being lab-mice…in yer own stadium…while the board that yeez have joost lavishly payed….look the ither way.



    Ignore the above and…remain ruled by Monkeys.



    BlantyreTim – CSC




  15. NegAnon2



    12:30 on 10 April, 2015



    Deary deary me. You’re still confusing opinion and fact I see.



    I was hoping you would eventually work that out.

  16. Neganon2,


    The board have no say in this stage of proceedings, why are you asking Auldheid ?

  17. Let Them Eat Maaaaakaroooooooon Baaars an’ Spear-Mint-Choon-Guy!




    (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuumph! CSC)

  18. Pauloanthony,


    Yer talking utter pish, few companies offer bonuses on achieved targets.


    People are hire to do a job, if they don’t do that job they are pumped, the wage at the end of the month or week is how most companies apply the bonus scheme. So stop talking shite.

  19. I’m always interested in the rise in entertainment costs mostly for gig tickets (and I use the pint multiplier for that ie a gig ticket early 90s for King Tuts = 3-4 pints, still the same).



    So anyway a quick bit of googling showed that you could get a League Cup Final ticket in 1967 for 10 shillings. The average UK weekly wage at the time was £21,7s,6d so the ticket was aroung 2.5% of your weekly wage.



    In 1971 the Scottish Cup Final was 80p a ticket. The average weekly wage was around £25. Up to 3% of the average weekly wage.



    Today the average UK weekly wage is £520. If ticket prices were consistent a cup final ticket will be about £16. I suspect they won’t be.



    Just as a wee comparison it seems to have cost 30p to go to the cinema in 1971. It’s now over £9. Using the same multiplier it would cost £24 for a cup final ticket. Again football costs rising faster than other entertainments and relatively more expensive too.

  20. mexico pacific coast, any hotel suggestions and weather in January, thinking of booking

  21. It’s great that obviously many on here will still be able to afford a ST even with an increase and I mean that genuinely as I’m one of them.



    Spare a thought though for any Celtic supporter who financially finds this a step too far.

  22. Captain beefheart my apologies regarding being a nationalist. You still don’t think there has been any corruption in scottish football though. Right.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    RT-Do the huns know The Lying King is lording it at The Masters? A wee pic with him and DD would be fun…….:)

  24. Ashley has acquired rights to traditional Sevco trade mark badges, logos, terms.



    These included:


    ” I am a St Miren supporter.”


    “Penalty !”


    “It was Chelsea fans.”



  25. pauloantony


    12:46 on


    10 April, 2015



    That’s only really true of jobs that are direct revenue generators like sales and some marketing.



    I’ve never worked in a bonus culture in my life and I’ve been employed more or less non-stop for nearly 20 years.

  26. Hamiltontim


    13:09 on


    10 April, 2015



    I do, but they’re in the same position they would have been had the club maintained the prices as they were.



    They could still spend the money on the individual match tickets and with discounted games they may end up seeing more Celtic than they would have. Everyone’s a winner. They get to see the Hoops, the club still get the money. Hurrah!

  27. South Of Tunis on




    Just in from the digging .



    You might want to remove this –



    ” In the history of business miscalculations this is up there with the guy at Pye who rejected The Beatles.”



    Wrong ! The guy who rejected The Beatles was Dick Rowe .He worked for Decca .

  28. Green man ….



    Correct …. Peter has done this ….


    And Peter’s done that ….



    But all the things Peter has done …. In most cases he has done well.



    Like it or not ….. All football clubs are businesses in some way .



    And our essential business ‘part’ is run well …..



    Very very VERY well.



    This is down to Celtic football club …. It’s employees under the management of PL and the fans.



    It’s not romanticism…. It’s reality.



    Without such good management…. Well….. You simply have to take a glance over govan way .



    That’s….business gone bad VERY bad


    Caused by BAD management from the VERY top.



    So don’t be sick … Or appreciative….


    Just be thankful of our custodians.



    Peter for pope …. Oh dear my friend …



    Cult of CQN…. THAT is disrespectful of others opinion…. And CQN is of different opinion ….



    If I we’re to agree with you simply because your loud …. Offensive … And stamp your feet …


    Well …. I’d be a bit hunnish.



    what more do you want Peter to talk out about ?…


    It’s a dead horse not worth flogging anymore…



    You me everyone everywhere knows what happened to rangers RIP.



    Just laugh at them…. They even know but simply won’t admit to it due to thier WATP superiority complex …



    They are DEED.



    OR …. We can keep throwing it in their faces



    To achieve what…..



    To rouse their anger ….



    What does it achieve ?…. Nothing



    Except hate and anger….



    Hate to see a child dead by a stabbing or beating because of anger … Hatred ….

  29. Canamalar the reason for my question is to try and understand why celtic aren’t the ones pursuing this and why they are leaving it to supporters?

  30. The Green Man on

    Next…ye will be telling us that PL learned to drive at the age of three, and discovered gravity at the age of seven, when an apple fell on his head while he was sitting under a tree, just as he was mulling over how to transform modern society, by trousering a huge bonus whenever he felt like it.


    In fact, im beginning to believe PL could be the thirteenth reincarnation of the Dalai Lama.


    The Cult of Personality, live on CQN




  31. Oh hello timmy7 do I need to start all my posts with a disclaimer saying these are opinions and not facts? Do we all need to do that now?

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