Sports Direct with humiliating control


Records published by the Intellectual Property Office yesterday show Sports Direct own quite a lot of trademarks, including:

Scope of trademark: organisation of sporting activities.
This property has not been licenced to the football club, or joint ventures like Rangers Retail Ltd.  Sports Direct own the rights to call a football team Rangers.

Rangers (again)
Scope: from clothing to trinkets and everything in between.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Football Club
Scope: clothes trinkets, etc.
Owned by Sports Direct, licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd

RFC, Broxi Bear, The Gers, Follow Follow, Ibrox, Rangers News, Rangers Travel and all the crests, badges and logos are all owned by Sports Direct and licenced to Rangers Retail Ltd, which is 76% owned by the Sports Direct group.

So if the club want to call themselves Rangers, or Glasgow Rangers, they need to cut a deal with Mike Ashley.  The most humiliating aspect of the whole thing is that the new board appeared to know nothing about this until the Intellectual Property Office published the details yesterday.  The lack of due diligence is breathtaking.

The only things Ashley seems to have ignored is that pejorative nickname they complain about so much, and the phrase Murray Park, although he has security over the training ground of that name.

We warned them repeatedly.  Ashley was in control and had the opportunity to ensure he got what he wanted before the EGM.  One of the richest men in Europe, he is a formidable opponent and known to be utterly ruthless.

You can’t bully him.  Better to recognise this reality and accept your subservient future than create a scenario where even another liquidation event would not free the ‘Rangers’ football brand from the ironclad yolk of a man you’ve made your enemy.

What have the lemmings done to themselves?  We were told Mike Ashley was a business man and he would acquiesce as this was just business.  In the history of business miscalculations this is up there with the guy at Pye who rejected The Beatles.

It’s all their own work, they can’t blame the SFA, SPL, SFL, Celtic, Her Majesty’s Revenue’, the BBC or Craig Whyte.  A recovery which would have been difficult enough is now completely and predictably wrecked.

Fancy a trip to Dublin for the Ireland-Scotland game in June?  There’s a bus leaving Glasgow with Ireland and Scotland (but all Celtic) fans.  Two nights in a Dublin hotel, travel and match ticket among the Ireland fans for £200.  Let me know if you’re interested,

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  1. Its Friday,


    the sun is shining


    Celtic on the cusp of a Treble after another superb performance on Wednesday night


    Zombies on the end of a Treble after another hilarious performance last night



    Enjoy These Days… my friends




  2. mike in toronto on

    TBJ …. you’ll get into heaven for sure …. (although, I just assume that being a tim is enough to guarantee one a spot).



    Had thought I might get over to catch a game and finally make it to CQN corner in May (the boss was going to Aberdeen for a conference, and I thought I might tag along) …. was looking forward to putting some faces to the monikers …..but now not looking likely. Bit bummed.

  3. .






    15:55 on 10 April, 2015


    Up in Inverness for the game (early I know) any good places for a shandy






    Your are Early.. I have been Looking Forward to the Game All Day..



    Then someone Tells me it’s Friday..;-(



    Hate School Holidays..




  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Joe joe



    Not zombies – monsters ;)



    Wee fra



    Will text you







    I’m assuming the stairway to heaven ( another song) is green and whyte

  5. mike in toronto on

    weefra …..with the time difference, I pop on and off the blog …. so, sometimes mean to get back to the blog, and then get buys, so …..



    I had meant to say that it is good to hear your home stuff seems to be working out ….nice to see you blogging away again and in such good spirits.



  6. Mike in Toronto – TBJ is a top Tim for sure and well worth the effort to get over to paradise, just to see him.


    And please remember big yin, better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Single man CSC:)





  7. shady - 'mon the wee Oscar on

    Free the ‘mike in Toronto’ one. Thar’s 4 mile of Weefree driveway waiting for you to hide out (in?).




  8. mike in toronto on

    hey T



    how is life treating you?



    Dan is down at Augusta this week for the golf. He and his pals were looking at the CQN auction for the tickets to the open, but dont know if they could arrange it.



    A few more days like today, and you’ll be out golfing here soon.

  9. theglasgowcelticway on

    News even states that Ashley owns Broxi bear.



    Need to attend hospital for side readjustment surgery.This isn’t the first time that Sevco have made my sides split.

  10. Just read on Twitter that Perth Glory have been kicked out of the A league cos they were paying their players outside the rules (over and above the wage cap) Surely no sporting advantage was gained and Lord Nimmo Smith could help them.

  11. mike in toronto on

    shady …



    sadly, I have to confess… the better half is the one who wants me to go ….she even suggested flying over early so I could go to a game …. it is work/time that is holding me back at the moment, not the boss!

  12. Hi Mike,


    Life is very good and currently stress free. Heading to the Celtic Club after work to help out with the presentation of the Cheque to the cancer charity. The brain tumor doctor who worked on our member, Scott Gardner, is coming to the club to accept the cheque.



    Very jealous of Dan, one of these years i’ll get down to Augusta. I love watching the Masters. Looking forward to golfing here soon too:)





  13. mike in toronto on

    Tony … He has tickets for Saturday …I told him to wear his Inter jersey or the hoops, and I would keep an eye out to see if I can see him on TV …

  14. .



    Mon The Hoops..



    Yip.. Sorted..



    Thanks Very Much.. Plus I saved your posts for Future Ref;



    I think I am Quiet Computer Savvy and have had Great Advice from CQN before..



    What Puzzled me was I have Not been on a Gambling site for nearly 5 Years so thought it was a CQN add as it was taking me to a New Page and Not the Normal side Advert which I just don’t look at..



    Again.. Thanks




  15. mike in toronto on

    T … I dont know if you guys would be at the same level of golf (or who would be better), but, knowing the two of you as I do, I’d imagine you and D would enjoy an afternoon out golfing together in any event. Did you guys arrange anything?

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on




    ACGR is fine. His job takes him out of the country occasionally and this is one of those occasions. I will tell him of your concern. He already knows I am concerned as not having the ACGR mobile available is an inconvenience 0:-)




  17. Dave King sales pitch to investors – gonnae gie’s millions of pounds to pay off another guy so as we can have our revenue streams back, oh and the hundreds of thousands every month for another guy so we can use our own facilities which are not our own. In fact talking of facilities we haven’t a pot to pee in but these guys let us pee in theirs for a fee.

  18. Just vseen the news from Celtic re the proposed statue of Caesar on the Celtic Way.



    Caesar on the Via Celtica…has a certain ring.



    Billy’s own comments honestly brought a tear to my eye:



    ““Whenever I walk up the Celtic Way, I look on with a great sense of pride at the sight of Brother Walfrid, Big Jock and my old team-mate and friend Jinky rightly taking their place almost as guardians of Celtic Park.



    “Every time I look back at this special club’s history and what we achieved it fills me with joy, and now to be told I am to be honoured beside these Celtic greats, this really is a special day for me and all my family.”



    Billy, it is we who are honoured that you were our captain on our club’s greatest day. What you achieved that day put something very special in all of our lives. Hail, Hail.

  19. MiT – Not yet but I’ll get out for a round with him this year, doesn’t matter who’s the most proficient, the handicap system takes care of that. I like Dan a lot and he’s got a wee cracker of a girlfriend too. Gota go get lunch big yin. I hope to see you soon.





  20. IRobertTressell


    “In fact talking of facilities we haven’t a pot to pee in but these guys let us pee in theirs for a fee.”



    Have they pawned the Loving Cup as well?




  21. shady - 'mon the wee Oscar on

    Jingle Jim



    Thanks for the update.



    While he was posting from ‘home’ I could relax. The few thousand kilometres to WA suddenly felt inadequately small.




  22. Philbhoy said:




    How do you know it would “small blocks of 500k”


    Do you work for Ashley?



    I note you omitted the words “or thereabouts” which was a bit disingenuous of you.



    I was basing that figure on the last loan of 500k just before the EGM. I was surmising that if they do bite the bullet and return to Ashley for help, they will do so at a similar level, ie enough to pay the wages and to keep the lights on.



    It’s a blog. I foolishly assumed surmising was allowed. Sorry.

  23. Thinking out the box



    or is it just out his box




    Wheres did i put my application for my fast food


    joint called MacDonalds ?






    Ibrox noise



    Anonymous10 April 2015 at 14:37


    very simple…. change present name (legaly) to rangers of glasgow ltd.then op. a new co. under new name and let him ( Ashley and his puppets ) sue the old name all he wants to and that could drag thro the courts fror YEARS……

  24. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Some on here think some others on here are too concerned with the Ibrox club. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.


    1) Many of us have experienced prejudice against us in the job market owing to a culture wherein Rangers FC was a major embodiment. Naturally , we were glad to see their demise and now enjoy the troubles of the resurrected `Rangers`.


    2) The Media are so blatant in their desire for their team to succeed that they lie and distort to the best of their ability. Naturally,we are glad to see their team fail in spite of the MSSM efforts.


    3) We know they died but the whole of the Scottish Establishment pretends otherwise. Such deceit is at least annoying and sometimes anger inducing. Naturally, we want the truth to be told but second best would be Sevco also being liquidated.


    4) The MSSM does all it can to help `Rangers`. Naturally, we feel we should try to restore the balance.




  25. eyes wide open



    12:40 on 10 April, 2015…



    Just read back and caught your post, it took me back a few years ago re: your brothers bhoy.



    I fell into the same position on a few occassions with my daughter and son and didn’t have the heart to say no, it often left me chasing my tail before I got paid.. :(



    Hey ho… It was worth it to see them in their strips :))

  26. shady - 'mon the wee Oscar on

    Mike in Toronto



    It is Friday nights I miss ‘home’ the most. Should be out tonight for a few beers in town then up tomorrow for the game.



    The prospect of a visit to paradise is a long way off right now so I feel your disappointment at that trip being cancelled.




  27. Mike in Toronto



    Sorry for the delayed reply, was gabbing to TBJ. Cheers for that buddy, and great to be back. :-))))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  28. ..






    16:19 on 10 April, 2015


    Just read on Twitter that Perth Glory have been kicked out of the A league cos they were paying their players outside the rules (over and above the wage cap) Surely no sporting advantage was gained and Lord Nimmo Smith could help them.






    This or Similar to this has Happened in 3 Different Codes in the last 2 Years in Australia ..



    Melbourne Storm (Rugby) were Stripped of 2 or 3 Titles banned from the Finals and Fined $2 Million.. All within Months of the League finding out the Overspent on Players..



    One Massive Difference in All these Cases.. Lawyers were Never involved.. (the main Reason I don’t comment on Rangers Now or see any Point of Celtic FC) doing anything..



    All cases were dealt with by their Codes leading Body..




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