Sports retailing and spending what you earn


You get the sense that the Sword of Damocles is hanging over Newco Rangers.  Some wondered about the sense in Mike Ashley controversially renaming Ibrox as the rumoured ‘Sports Direct Outlet Village’ but having bought the rights to do so for £1, he is now able to leverage this detail in his earlier loan.

He has the retail and stadium naming rights but ownership of the club badge, details of which it appears the Newco board leaked to the Daily Record yesterday, would allow him to control the strips, novelty ducks and other tat, no matter where it’s sold.  Any future shirt deal would need his authority, as it would require use of ‘his’ logo.  Which would inevitably lead to shirt deals being concluded by one of Ashley’s in-house brands.

All this makes sense if you are a retailer with notions of monopoly status.  ‘Rangers’ branded pencil cases, alarm clocks and shirts will continue to sell, no matter in which league Newco inhabit.  It’s a straight merchandise play from the retailer, who is the only person in the UK in a position to exploit clubs going through a hard time, like Newco.

Ashley is thick-enough skinned after sitting through all that Newcastle fans could throw in his direction for years.  He doesn’t need to be liked, and with control over intellectual property like the badge, he doesn’t even need to be the retailer to make money every time club merchandise is sold.  Newco wouldn’t even be able to put the badge on their tickets without his agreement.

In many ways this proposed deal is an inevitable step.  Clubs are enormous merchandising opportunities, the people who can profit most from this are the retailers.  It is, of course, only inevitable because of the state Sir David Murray left oldco in.  As soon as he handed the keys to a liquidation specialist the game was over.

News in today’s Herald that an S&P study makes Celtic the least likely publicly listed football club in Europe to default is likely to sound a little hollow to some who watched us against Accies on Sunday. There are many ways to build a sustainable and successful football team, but none of them involve spending more than you earn.

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  1. proudbhoy



    I’m not the most regular watcher of cqn any more but it doesn’t feel like we’ve had an article about them in a month or so

  2. ….pfayr supports weeoscar



    Does beg the question. You’ll find plenty off that on other forums

  3. Ok guys…Machiavelli said it was better to be feared than loved….imagine your a player for us….what manager do you think you would have feared rather than loved while playing for them

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Rome wasn’t built in a day …but the CFC defence has been destroyed by the management in a matter of weeks

  5. What’s your thoughts on the independent study that puts us third of all clubs in Europe in terms of financial management?

  6. Living Wage?



    A wull Mac it easy fur you, guys..



    Ah Don’t .. Believe in it.. The ” Livin’ Wage”






    No Sirree…



    In a wey Ah hope the Celtic, Listen tae you Guys.. the wans who are so Interested in Ither Folks welfare..n



    Gie Thur Employees the..watcha call it, Again..?



    “Livin’ Wage” ( Aye..that’s it!)



    N..if Celtic diz.. then.. Whodya think is gonna foot that raise?



    Bingo! Ye goat it . Foist time,Tae!




    Why, that’s Right..



    The Celtic FANS.. ( That’s YOU.. folks~)



    It is always the Fans who Pay the Bill…. fur.. well.. Everything…






    Ah hope Celtic wull go aheid n Listen tae You guys,



    Hell Mend Ye!





    Still, Laughin’

  7. TeT ..i aint saying no….i know that 7 shots on target (thats what we had against HA) will win you 25outa 30 games….it will…just think Roonyi is only a bystander in the whole PL ethos….thats whats gotta change…and i still think he,s a dud..


    Roonyi i mean..

  8. PFayr



    No it hasn’t



    The defence has had no protection, that I concede is a worry, he is of the mindset that we will score more than they will.



    I am mystified why JC and JK are not getting more of an input, cos if they were, I don’t believe this would be happening.



    I have no idea what the set up is re the coaching staff, Pedro works in mysterious ways.




  9. Kojo…i will gladly pay towards the living wage for two reasons….


    One…it might be me someday…..Two….i aint a C**t…

  10. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    The defence is now completely ineffective …whatever the causes ….



    We seem to have an open approach to the game which causes us to concede regularly …unfortunately we can’t score …therefore abysmal results like Sunday occur

  11. The Exiled Tim




    Pal..Noo Ye ur Talkin~



    Of Course.. it is Always much easier tae Criticize.. than tae .. Fix.



    So..If we takethe Advice of the Dodgy “Soccer Doyens”. Among us.. n.. there ur Hundreds of Them ..it seems,awe gien the Same Advice..



    which is..



    Dump Ronnie..



    Then .. whit Wull We dae Next.. wance we Take it..?



    Over tae YOU.. “Dump the Manager”.. Folks.. fur the Answer..



    Well.. Whit dae we dae Then?



    It is Always a good Idea.. tae Play oot yer Line.. First..



    Then.. You wull See if Ye wull Catch any fish.



    It is Always, a Bad idea.. tae Strike..yer Line.. TOO EARLY.



    Then Ye ur guaranteed tae Catch.. S.F.A.



    Ronny, has Barely goat his directions tae Parkeid..in his Memory Bank…






    There ur a Bunch of Guys.. Hollerin Fur His Blood.



    Gie him till Christmas… that wull dae ..



    .. if He has Not ,at Least Begun , tae turn Things Aroon..by then..



    Then ..



    Ah wullnae Bother You .. “Sack the Ronny’ Crowd..



    Evah . Again.






  12. ….pfayr supports weeoscar



    22:31 on 9 October, 2014





    Doesnt have to be



    Just fed up reading about the huns past couple yrs to be honest, great fun at start but when you look at the empty seats we have maybe we should be more concerned about our own club.

  13. BGX



    That’s Right Pal.



    Go aheid n.. Attack the Messenger..



    Ye ur acting True tae Form..



    Like a Guy who canny Handle the Trewth..





    the Trewth is Pal..



    Whether ye believe it or No..



    It is Up tae Every Human Bein.. tae Look After His Own Responsibilities.



    If ye Fall intae Bad times.. well.. Hivn’t we All..???



    Ah know that Ah hiv. but.. Ah alwiz hiv Picked Masel Up. Dusted It aff..



    N… went Wance More “intae the Breach”



    N.. Ye Know Something..



    Ah Managed tae Drag Ma Sel..Up wi Ma Galluses..



    n.. wance mair.. Wiz Back oan track.



    It is Up tae the Person who is being affected tae Look after HIS OWN INTERESTS..



    If Ye doesn’t?



    Well.. It is HIS OWN FAULT .. Nobody Else’s.



    Of Course. Ah predicate the Above Advice oan the fact that the Person Involved.



    Is ..Sound of Min n Limb..



    If he isnae.. well. That is A Whole ither Ball Game..



    Noo Ye Know





    Still ,Laughin

  14. the glorious balance sheet on




    Adoption of The Living Wage was claimed by Ian Bankier to come at a cost of £500,000 per annum.



    I believe that the Celtic Trust claim that this figure is inflated and inaccurate.



    However, for the time being, lets give Mr Bankier the benefit of the doubt.



    My preference would be that Celtic, rather than employ a CEO on £1million per annum, instead employ a CEO on £500,000 per annum and pay the remainder towards covering adoption of the Living Wage for all Celtic employees.



    I have been told by someone at the club that our season ticket income for this year will be around £13.5 million. That’s from 37,000 season ticket holders. In other words almost 3,000 season ticket holders pay their money to cover the CEO`s salary. That’s an indulgence that we cannot afford.

  15. WooHoo….I feel like Sugar Pie Desanto on a summer night.


    Big Willie Dixon on a free ride to Bassville……………….







    Evening All……………

  16. Good night Timdom.



    I love my club. A club that was established to support struggling newcomers in my land. And to extend a wee hand of support to those needed it most and most gratefully appreciated it.



    That’s our past. I hope it’ll always be our future. And our present too.



    HH jamesgang

  17. Here is Ma take oan Whit is Wrang Wi us..at this time




    Well.. Firster.. We Hiv a Brand noo Manager..


    A New Guy.. Who is Learning…



    n.. ever so, Slowly..






    Who is Who In Wonderland..



    n… Sure ,enuff….He is also..ever so ,Slowly, Finding Oot.. Who is Who.



    That being said.. Nevertheless…..He WULL… Find Oot.





    The Celtic Players… are Playing tae a Brand New System..



    Those, in Ma Opinion.. are… the Fundamental reasons.. as tae why this Team ..



    Mainly ,the Same team…from Last season..is



    NOT PERFORMING… as tae whit is Says oan the Label..



    Neil, whever his faults.. Did Leave Celtic .. fairly Healthy..n able tae Joust with the best of ’em..



    Noo.. Because of



    A COMPLETELY NEW SET of Circumstances, which is Noo.. The Menu du Jour..



    This Same Celtic team, that Neil Left..is



    Struggling.. tae come tae Grips .



    It taks time tae Break in a New Master..as the Saying goes..



    Ronny, Wull Improve.. n.. so wull his Charges..



    Once he finds oot Whit are the Strenghts n Where are the Weaknesses of the Players


    under his Charge..



    He wull then be able tae use that New Knowledge..in Making His team Selections..


    Much Improved.



    Ah kin see from his Former team selections.. Especially, his EARLY ones..



    that Ronny, Had NO Idea of who Wiz Who In Wonderland..



    He wiz merely… Sticking a Pin.. in His First team List.. n. Going wi whitever Name He Pricked.






    HIs Last team Selection..the wan he Picked…agin .Hamilton. wiz . getting there..



    Actually, It Wiz a Very Good Team Selection..





    The Players which he Picked..although, they had the Ability tae Perform Well..



    DID NOT..






    Ah Dunnio.



    Possibly, because.. The Players are Still No too Sure Aboot whit Ronny is Trying tae Mak them Dae… Formation n Tactical -Wize.






    He is Getting the Hang o it.. n.. Ah expect that Celtic Wull Tae.






  18. PFayr



    IMO, the players have downed tools, they imo are acting like weans who can’t handle the pressure.



    They have been having a very good life till now, now they are having to work hard for their income, and some are no happy, all my opinion.



    They should be hunted and get players in who will do what they are told to do.



    The manager can’t stick the ball in the net for them, that’s their job.











    Oor Ronny will be in the dugout well after Christmas, he will be there at te start of next season.



    The suits will not waver from their policy, they haven’t till now, can’t see them changin.



    He ticks all Pedros boxes, cheap in the main, won’t answer back will be a good 2nd, will accept all n sundry he is given, and hopefully will bring on a kid or two, tho not seeing much in that dept, sadly, maybes it;s the pressure of winning that is preventing him >}



    He will get it right, I will bet my cave on that.




  19. The Boyd thing…….yellow cards for players going head to head like that…..its aggressive behaviour.



    IF a player then forces his head onto the other player…..whether its an actual head butt or not…..its then a straight red for violent conduct.



    At least that’s my understanding of situations like that.

  20. The Glorious Balance Sheet..



    Sure , there are lots of ways ,that kin be done..



    As tae Mak up for the “Living Wage’ raises..





    You Have suggested one..



    n.. it wid Certainly dae the Trick…



    Which wid be…



    Reduce, the Yearly Stipend of oor Chairman.. tae mak up fur the raise.



    Howevahh..in the Real World…the One that Ah live In..






    Na.. It is a great Idea, that ye pit forth, Pal.. but..



    It Jist Disnae Fly.



    Naebuddy, but Naebuddy.. wants tae Gie up .. Hauf or even Part of His Salary..



    tae gie tae Anther..



    It Flies in Face o’ Human Nature, Pal..






    Go ahead n Believe that is Is workable.. But..let me tell you.. Ah do Not.



    in any case..



    Ah do Not Believe that Your Suggestion wid be accepted by the Celtic Board..






  21. James F



    It means all others will be treated resonably fairly, or if you are a Celtic player, shafted, move along now, feck all to see here.









    Another record they have set I believe, not proven, where in the world Eh

  22. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Just left BMCUWP’s & Ayrshiretim in the boozer….I’m gettin ma train….no so sure about them…



    Great food, good drink and fantastic company.


    Maybe see u Saturday.

  23. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Boyd is a thug.


    the thug is a Hun.


    The Hun club is the wankfest of the sfa.


    The sfa are protecting their interest.



    Ergo, the thug is innocent. A truly baffling outcome, albeit not unexpected.

  24. James Forrest



    It means that if you sign for the The Rangers you can do stuff like that without being punished.

  25. itscalledthemalvinas


    21:06 on


    9 October, 2014


    What anthem will North Britain have on Saturday against Georgia ?


    Surely they won’t have the brass neck to rattle out “Flower of Scotland”





    “Coward of the county” would be apt to mark the 55%. It’s a pretty desperate song but at least the coward redeems himself at the end.

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    James F.



    They were the people.


    They are the people.


    They always will be the people.



    Even if Rangers no longer exist, a new anti-Celtic entity will be found .


    In all probability.

  27. the glorious balance sheet on

    Kojo –



    I presume that the CEO is on a contract which is due for renewal at some point. That would be a fair time to say to him “Sorry, but the new going rate for Celtic CEO is £500,000 not £1 million per annum.”



    We are offering Kris Commons a pay reduction on a new contract, we didn`t offer Samaras anything as he was beyond what we wanted to pay, so why should the CEO be different?



    Then if Mr Lawwell does not wish to accept his pay cut he can ride off into the sunset and a new CEO on a more realistic salary can be appointed and the Living Wage can be adopted.