Sports retailing and spending what you earn


You get the sense that the Sword of Damocles is hanging over Newco Rangers.  Some wondered about the sense in Mike Ashley controversially renaming Ibrox as the rumoured ‘Sports Direct Outlet Village’ but having bought the rights to do so for £1, he is now able to leverage this detail in his earlier loan.

He has the retail and stadium naming rights but ownership of the club badge, details of which it appears the Newco board leaked to the Daily Record yesterday, would allow him to control the strips, novelty ducks and other tat, no matter where it’s sold.  Any future shirt deal would need his authority, as it would require use of ‘his’ logo.  Which would inevitably lead to shirt deals being concluded by one of Ashley’s in-house brands.

All this makes sense if you are a retailer with notions of monopoly status.  ‘Rangers’ branded pencil cases, alarm clocks and shirts will continue to sell, no matter in which league Newco inhabit.  It’s a straight merchandise play from the retailer, who is the only person in the UK in a position to exploit clubs going through a hard time, like Newco.

Ashley is thick-enough skinned after sitting through all that Newcastle fans could throw in his direction for years.  He doesn’t need to be liked, and with control over intellectual property like the badge, he doesn’t even need to be the retailer to make money every time club merchandise is sold.  Newco wouldn’t even be able to put the badge on their tickets without his agreement.

In many ways this proposed deal is an inevitable step.  Clubs are enormous merchandising opportunities, the people who can profit most from this are the retailers.  It is, of course, only inevitable because of the state Sir David Murray left oldco in.  As soon as he handed the keys to a liquidation specialist the game was over.

News in today’s Herald that an S&P study makes Celtic the least likely publicly listed football club in Europe to default is likely to sound a little hollow to some who watched us against Accies on Sunday. There are many ways to build a sustainable and successful football team, but none of them involve spending more than you earn.

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  1. Tgbs,



    Apologies for the ‘deary me’.



    I felt a post containing a shed load of ifs and buts was below your usual high standard. ;) Football doesn’t work like that.



    The legia debacle aside I think we’ve had as much good luck as bad.



    I’m happy to leave it now too :)

  2. Six points behind with a game in hand first week in October.



    PANIC!!!! The sky is falling……




  3. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Not got my calculator handy, but guessing a £7m profit means we are spending less than what we earn :-)







  4. Nye bevans,



    Are you watching the game?



    My sky5 needs activated. Been working fine for weeks. Weird.

  5. hamiltontim



    19:41 on 9 October, 2014





    Get some rest mate.






    HT is JasonBourneCSC!



    HH jamesgang

  6. Good evening all. Reading some posts about how we are going to be top by Xmas. After Sundays display, we will do well to still be in the SPL at the end of the season. Shocking performance. IMHO. :-(



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  7. the glorious balance sheet on

    Lennons passion-



    I’m not saying the manager isn’t making mistakes. Because he is. And I’ve vented on here about him allowing Stokes to keep taking set pieces on Sunday despite his repeated failure to clear the first man as an example of poor management at any level of football.



    But there’s bigger problems here that need dealt with.



    The majority shareholder offering the job to Roy Keane with no say from the rest of the board.



    The way in which we approached a number of candidates for the job, insisting that they accepted a board appointed assistant.



    That never ends well – look at Davie hay and frank Connor in the 1980s.



    Then when the manager comes in he is forced to make do and mend with loans despite taking in 12 million quid on Forster and watt.



    No money for a permanent signing until deadline day when the most important games of the season have already been and gone.

  8. Couple of real glum zombies I was speaking today said they knew that Blue Pitch holdings & Marguerita were actually Ticketus .



    Intent on getting their fiddled millions back.



    Are these remarkably well informed zombies, if so that would be a first?



    Really hope they are bang on!

  9. Weefra,



    There’s been some hysterical comments on here tonight but that takes the bizkwit.



    Hope yer well neebs :)

  10. the glorious balance sheet on

    Geordie Munro 2014-



    Thanks. Fair enough, have a good night!



    Hail hail

  11. BT – delighted to hear you are at home. Hope things get better for you as each day passes. Wonder which of us will get back to CP first. Take care.

  12. Nye,



    Cheers. Won’t let me activate online. I think it’s since sky done their update thingy and I sure ain’t calling the feckers.



    Ps. Will she stay that way for long?:)

  13. geordie



    Are you that confident? What I seen was a bunch of players who could not find more than 3 passes between them. To be outthought and outplayed by Hamilton Accies is an insult to every Celtic Supporter. I do realise we do not have the divine right to win a football match, but that display was beyond forgiveness. I really do worry big time this guy is gonnie bring us down. IMHO.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  14. Weefra



    We could have won about 6-2 on Sunday. We should have won 2 or 3 to one at least.



    If that’s the worst you’ve seen you’re a lucky Bhoy!!!






    Going on Saturday? Hope so b



    HH jamesgang

  15. geordie



    Oops, meant to say, we are absolutely fine. Hope you and yours are also. :-)))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  16. Eyes Wide Open on




    I think the overwhelming majority of fans appreciate you must spend what you earn, however the results that we are the least likely publicly listed company to default is absolute confirmation that we do not have to be as bad as we currently are ON the pitch.



    Lets not lose site that the ‘business’ exists as a result of the football team – IN THAT ORDER.

  17. kdc



    I don’t think people are panicking because we are a few points behind in the league


    People are concerned because our new coach seems to be a bit of a one trick pony who is persisting with a system that we do not have the players to play and that the opposition can counteract with alarming ease!


    I know of no CFC supporter who wants RD to fail and know even fewer who disagree with his ideas on fitness and diet


    However many like myself who have been watching football for a number of years can see the evidence in front of our eyes that things aren’t working and will not get any better unless he changes tactics


    The two central mids are being given an impossible task that would need Roy Keane and Patrick Viera at the best to carry off!


    As many keep stating – football is a simple game – control the midfield and percentages say you will win most games as you can then both protect your defence and mount attacks on your opponents goal.


    Chelsea and Their horrible manager are not my favourite pairing but no-one can argue with their recent successes. They often play with two or more holding players. When MON bought Lenny many thought he could never play both him and Paul Lambert in the same team – we went on to have one of our most successful teams ever!


    Since big Victor left we haven’t had one proper holding player on the books!


    RD strikes me as basically an amateur with good intentions but severely lacking in the hard edged professionalism that a big club needs!





  18. lennon's passion on

    the glorious balance sheet



    20:24 on 9 October, 2014



    Fair points mistake after mistake being made. RD totally out his depth though. One system must work at all costs.

  19. Weefra,



    Confident?? Gawd aye. And I’ll even wager ye 50p it won’t be by less than our lowest margin since der hun were liquidised.



    The result was rough and quite hard to take but there were plenty of good chances to avoid defeat at the very least and I’m not sure I’d agree that we were out played.



    Happyclapper csc

  20. Croppybhoy


    I ain’t so sure, think there are a few on here who will be happy if he fails so they can say I told you so, I hope he wins the treble and does well in Europe

  21. jamesgang



    Nope, not going Saturday. Not the worse you’ve seen? How many corners we took passed the first man, how many free kicks on target? Professional footballers??? 3 passes between Celtic players, back to a Hamilton player. All through the game. Watch the replay on Celtic TV. There is a fundamental problem within this Celtic setup, i know where my opinion lies.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  22. connaire12



    20:30 on 9 October, 2014


    BT – delighted to hear you are at home. Hope things get better for you as each day passes. Wonder which of us will get back to CP first.






    There’s that many on here who love a flutter that in sure someone’s working out the odds at this very moment!!!



    Reckon it’ll look like this?






    HH jamesgang

  23. Lennons passion,



    Celtic nearly always start with the same formation but please tell me you see it changing quite often during games??

  24. the glorious balance sheet on

    Lennons passion



    I agree that a slavish devotion to one system or style won’t work out. Look at Mowbray. Martin O’Neill also had to revise the 3-5-2 when MacLeish started putting lovenkrands onto Mjallby. It’s a case of adapt or die and I hope Ronny adapts.



    You maybe need to factor in the coaches as well. I strongly think that Kennedy and Collins should have told Ronny before the Legia game that Adam Matthews at left back away from home against decent opposition was not sensible.

  25. “Adam Matthews at left back away from home against decent opposition was not sensible.”







    On reflection it didn’t work but it did work (admittedly at home) against a side who are lightyears better than legia.

  26. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I wouldn’t be the first on CQN tonight to wish you well now your home



    But they don’t know I’m coming round to see you ramorra so make the best of relaxing tonight ;)))



    If you need anything brought round let me know

  27. geordie



    Not forgetting that Craig Gordon had a couple of good saves. Ok, maybe not outplayed, but defo outthought. This Celtic team is crying out for a bit of confidence, as you say, the chances we missed. Why is this confidence, as champions we should have, gone. Do you really want my honest opinion? :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  28. Weefra



    In know.



    Good corners – about 1


    Good crosses – about 1


    Does my head in. Big time. Every time.


    We play predictably up the wing and play poor crosses into a too empty box.


    Makes us predictable and too easy to negate.



    But despite all that, Sitters missed – about 6.


    Would put denayer into deep midfield role. Allow him to take it out into midfield.


    Get lefties starting on the left and righties on the right.


    And pray lustig stays fit for a while for once!



    C’mon out on a Saturday. I’m only allowed out cos I telt ma Mammie that that nice bigger Bhoy Weefra would look after me!



    HH jamesgang

  29. BT



    Bet you’re glad to be home and getting spoiled rotten by yer 2 most favourite nurses in the world. Get well asap kiddo. KTF.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  30. mullet and co 2 on

    Why does anyone assume that Ronny would listen to anyone telling him who to play or what to do?


    Ronny is head coach he calls it.


    Several camera close ups indicate Collins is consulted with. Ronny chooses his way.


    People beating up any other member of the coaching staff need to remember that it’s not allowed to just over rule your boss.

  31. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    jamesgang. That will never catch on left footers on the left and right footers on the right. Thats not in any coaching manual. H.H. :- )