Spotlight will inevitably find Moussa, wanted or not


You know when you get to a stage with a player when you think, “Moussa, how about you slow down with the international goals?” Celtic are ticking along well right now, and while I appreciate how important it is that when we sell players, we sell them at an elevated price, I’d be happy if Moussa didn’t attract too much attention right now.

His hat-trick for France under-21 last night was another milestone in his inextricable rise to the top. Coming hard on the heels of Olivier Ntcham stealing the show last week for the same international side, we can expect plenty of scouts at Celtic Park in the coming weeks.

Australia v Honduras tomorrow morning is the last World Cup qualification fixture involving Celtic players before headcount returns to full levels at Lennoxtown. This international break (for those who got the break) was invaluable to Celtic. We have two games per week from Ross County on Saturday until the winter break on 30 December.

That’s 13 games in 42 days, including a cup final, two Champions League fixtures, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and Newco; the squad will be stretched to its limit.


A Celtic State of Mind presents its 23rd instalment of insightful discussion into the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning invincible Scottish champions.

Paul John Dykes is joined by Bafta-winning documentary director, John MacLaverty, and Scottish comedian, Phil Differ.

John’s Lisbon Lions documentary – Glasgow: 1967 – is an incredible celebration of Celtic’s European Cup win 50 years on.

Phil has been a staple part of Scottish comedy for decades, and has worked on such iconic productions as Scotch & Wry, Naked Video, City Lights, Rab C Nesbitt and Only An Excuse.

The CQN Podcast has gone from strength-to-strength over the last few months, and there are many more guests lined up in the months ahead from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature and politics.





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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bobby , our foundation is doing so much wonderful work helping so many deserving causes .



    The dementia assistance means a lt to me as my mumhas suffered from it for nine years.



    I also found out why Tony Hamilton’s twitter name is Polish Turnstile. When he was younger , if he came home later from one of our games , his dad would say wur ye polishing the turnstiles ot sumthin tae come this late.



    Regarding Chic Young looking like Slade’s Dave Hill . If you get a picture of each , side by side, there s a similarity, facially , between them.

  2. T3- i agree if Hibs fans boycotted the semi final, but the way they were sold overall was amateurish.They should have sold tickets from the west terracing starting at the main stand, section by section, put in segregation then sell the rest to Celtic fans. Hopefully the way Motherwell have acted is the way ahead.HH

  3. Just here in Dublin city centre sippin’ on a few cold ones before the game in two hours. The atmosphere is starting up build nicely.






    BOB AG



    Now there’s a name from the past. Good to know yer still alive! No,that enquiry never took place. Shameful to think that for nearly as much as The Millennium Stadium,we got Hampden.



    Btw,I recall someone asking you if your blog name meant you were a fan of Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band. Clue being Ag,symbol for silver. I remember your reply too-PMSL!







    Polish Turnstile,even my Mum couldn’t be so withering. Her daughters can,though. I wish your Mum-and everyone who suffers from this horrible illness-well. I’ve witnessed it myself,and it is genuinely heartbreaking for everyone.



    Dave Hill’s a nice fella,btw. So no comparison(!)







    Indeed,mate. We’ve come a long way. Full circle,if you think about it.



    We began on our uppers,we’ve survived periods when we were there again. Now,we can use our success to help others,and I’m so proud of that,and of everyone who has put us in this good place.


    Having referenced the DR for a fantastic article,they revert to default with the following headline.



    “Former Celtic team-mates Tom Rogic and Emilio Izaguirre caught up in spying scandal”



    Apparently the Honduras boss has accused Australia of using a drone. So let’s work Celtic into a negative headline.



    You couldn’t make it up,because they beat you to it!



    14 November 2017 3:21pm


    No problems mate an apology to your good self


    The two of us were as bad as each other , think we both realised that and stopped HH

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 14TH NOVEMBER 2017 6:09 PM


    Archie Knox a hundit on Snyde, Elbows on Shortbread soon, absolute joke





    Mate, dont listen.

  8. When journalists ignore factual evidence of dodgy behaviour by one party & then attempt to smear others by wrongly implying that they are guilty of this same behaviour – then they are no longer fit to be regarded as journalists.



    When those same journalists choose to respond to questions about their double standard by impugning the messenger’s integrity & not responding to the accusation – then they are retreating behind a wall.



    This is called, amongst many other less savoury things. a “siege mentality”.



    Mark Daly is not the only man behind that wall, but quite how a “journalist” is meant to function effectively while hiding there is a mystery. But then again…? I think I just squared a circle there



    This very same “siege mentality” explains most of the dysfunctional group behavior these days. In the wee world that is Scotland there is a rich array of dysfunctional behaviour on show, from embattled Rangers fans, to beleaguered SFA officials from arrogant media folk to the directors at the top of the marble staircase.



    David Brooks, a New York Times columnist spoke of this recently. His words are uncannily appropriate for those groups I mentioned above.



    “The siege mentality starts with a sense of collective victimhood. It’s not just that our group has opponents. The whole ‘culture’ or the whole world is irredeemably hostile.



    From this flows a deep sense of pessimism. Things are bad now. Our enemies are growing stronger. And things are about to get worse. The world our children inherit will be horrific. The siege mentality floats on apocalyptic fear.”



    Brooks explains how this negative feeling evolves from apocalyptic fear into a unifying force.



    “The odd thing is that the siege mentality feels kind of good to the people who grab on to it. It gives its proponents a straightforward way to interpret the world — the noble us versus the powerful them. It gives them a clear sense of group membership and a clear social identity. It offers a ready explanation for the bad things that happen in life.



    Most of all, it gives people a narrative to express their own superiority: We may be losing, but at least we are the holy remnant. We have the innocence of victimhood. We are martyrs in a spiteful world.”



    Unchecked though, this attitude of “nobody likes us & we don’t care” transforms into the very thing that undermines the beleaguered groups. (I am drawn to his last sentence in the next paragraph, and have a feeling that “taking pleasure in their most unattractive instincts” may enter football folklore.)



    “In the end, though, the siege mentality ends up being self-destructive. Groups smitten with the siege mentality filter out discordant facts and become more extreme versions of themselves, leading to further marginalization. They take mainstream loathing as a badge of honor and wind up taking pleasure in their most unattractive instincts.



    The siege mentality ends up displacing whatever creed the group started with. Evangelical Christians, for example, had a humane model for leadership — servant leadership — but, feeling besieged, they swapped it for Donald Trump, for gladiator pagan leadership.”



    Although the OpEd by David Brooks was addressing the shameful defence of Roy Moore in Alabama by Christain Fundamentalist pastors, the model applies very comfortably to many of Sctland’s marginalized groups.



    They end up displacing whatever creed they started with by embracing any other belief that allows them to ignore what any other critical thinker can easily see.



    As for Daly, he demonstrated the very ‘Tit for Tat’ attitude that helevelled at Barcabhoy. Having made the “The Men who Sold the Jerseys” he had to find something – anything – that might discredit Celtic sufficently for him to regain his “impartial” status. (In the eyes of those offended by that programme) In doing so, he ignored the real story of dodgy behaviour by King while vainly trying to pin something similar on DD. Until he got the letter of reply he had no story at all, but by then the story had become something else altogether. DD’s letter had given him the equivalence he wanted from the outset.



    Equivalence was simply Daly’s attempt at tit for tat.



    Here’s a link to David Brooks piece.




  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bada Bing, Knox by name , Knox by nature .



    He is a rabid hun with all that entails.



    Its no coincidence Man U started winning more once he shot up the road to Ibrox from Old trafford. .





    Very truly I tell you,that’s a tremendous article.



    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.



    PS-apologies for the minor blasphemy.

  11. Paul67 etal.



    Coming into Glasgow for the AGM tomorrow and will be having a couple of drinks in the Blane Valley after the big event,anyone fancy a wee meet up after the AGM that’s where I’ll be.



    I had a visit from Antiernan for a few hours today, Enjoyed every minute he was here,no drink was had but a great day anyway, all talk was about all things Celtic, I hope when the next visit comes, he will bring a few others for a visit. I told him to bring a few smokers with him.

  12. TTR- Dallas- I’m in the ‘know your enemy ‘camp, so usually switch between them, but Knox is a bridge too far, will be usual fawning guff, no mention of the free millions from the bank, to pay cheats tax free.

  13. Not going to the Aviva tonight as I haven’t recovered from the flu. Tickets going to good homes anyway.








    I’m sure I’m not the only poster on here who has never asked someone else their religion.



    Not relevant at any time.





    Doubt it-they’d have lost their broadcast licence.



    Faffing disgraceful what passes for fair comment in this country. Whether it be a bar,a radio station,or a call for making things even by an MSP.






    Troon tonight. Bruce’s Well. Guid company and probably a rubbish game.

  16. garygillespieshamstring on

    Bada bing



    Was that in the context of a particular job?


    Still totally unacceptable IMO.

  17. Rae bleating about Celtic’s dominance, strange, never heard that argument when the huns won their Tainted Titles?

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Shortbread checklist


    McLeish for Scotland


    Strong “Rangers”


    Just waiting on the McInnes to Ibrox…

  19. mild mannered Pedro delgado on



    Sympathies. I’ve just succumbed to this prob as well.ive listened to other posters


    Having issues but it hasn’t affected me until yesterday.


    I’m using an apple mini iPad.


    At the moment I can get by with turning the iPad skinny side up

  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Downloaded Adblock


    Green and white for safari



    No problems so far on my phone


    TBH it was biggest reason for my sabbatical from CQN



    I’m sure WC said they are due to meet the providers of blog to rectify the problem



  21. BT-I’ve no problems on my iPhone,but not to clever on iPad,sad news on the fire in the welfare