Spotlight will inevitably find Moussa, wanted or not


You know when you get to a stage with a player when you think, “Moussa, how about you slow down with the international goals?” Celtic are ticking along well right now, and while I appreciate how important it is that when we sell players, we sell them at an elevated price, I’d be happy if Moussa didn’t attract too much attention right now.

His hat-trick for France under-21 last night was another milestone in his inextricable rise to the top. Coming hard on the heels of Olivier Ntcham stealing the show last week for the same international side, we can expect plenty of scouts at Celtic Park in the coming weeks.

Australia v Honduras tomorrow morning is the last World Cup qualification fixture involving Celtic players before headcount returns to full levels at Lennoxtown. This international break (for those who got the break) was invaluable to Celtic. We have two games per week from Ross County on Saturday until the winter break on 30 December.

That’s 13 games in 42 days, including a cup final, two Champions League fixtures, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and Newco; the squad will be stretched to its limit.


A Celtic State of Mind presents its 23rd instalment of insightful discussion into the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning invincible Scottish champions.

Paul John Dykes is joined by Bafta-winning documentary director, John MacLaverty, and Scottish comedian, Phil Differ.

John’s Lisbon Lions documentary – Glasgow: 1967 – is an incredible celebration of Celtic’s European Cup win 50 years on.

Phil has been a staple part of Scottish comedy for decades, and has worked on such iconic productions as Scotch & Wry, Naked Video, City Lights, Rab C Nesbitt and Only An Excuse.

The CQN Podcast has gone from strength-to-strength over the last few months, and there are many more guests lined up in the months ahead from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature and politics.





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  1. Brilliant Morning CQN


    A new Bhoy has arrived , and I’m a Granda :-)


    Welcome to the Celtic Family


    ‘Jude’ Wright



    Huge congrats to my Daughter Jenna and her husband Martin, on the birth of their son at 4.16 this morning, 6ld 13 oz, bundle of joy for all the family



    Hail Hail

  2. I only saw the Irish v Danes “highlights” late last night and I have to say although many might not agree…Ericksons three strikes were excellent examples in striking the ball cleanly.



    I thought beforehand that the Danes would win, but was surprised at the scoreline obviously however, IF ONLY ireland had taken a couple of half chances after their 1st goal, the game could have been over ?


    The irish appeared to be punished heavily for trying to chase the game when it became 1 – 1 ?



    I watched the whole England v Brazil game and I was NOT impressed with either team DESPITE the English commentators droolin over anything in a white shirt…and Brazils “Sand Dancing”….that led to them only getting maybe 2 shots on target all night.



    At one point England were awarded a free kick when the English player went down in a “challenge” just outside Brazils box….cue that tube Glenn Hoddle demanding that the Brazilian should be yellow carded….when even in real time it was the english player who deliberately fell into the brazilians thigh…….and that other Chump Clive Tydesley rather ” sheepishly” contradicted Hoddle by saying very quietly ( hoping that the English public wouldn’t hear)…that it wasn’t a yellow card offence etc ?


    The basis shown especially by Hoddle was disgraceful, at another point an English player beat ONE Brazilian…and turned away from another…Hoddle was wetting himself screaming ” He beat THREE OF THEM THERE” !


    Again Hoddle in particular was ranting and raving over any half decent pass any English player made, describing them as being “FANTASTIC and/or GREAT” ?



    Given Brazils poor performance IMO….I certainly would NOT describe them as “Being one of the top two teams in the World”.


    How that Hoddle is STILL working in the media and getting paid big bucks after his comments some years ago about people who are disabled…is beyond me ? Disgraceful.



    Celtic would have beaten either one of them…or is that me being biased ?








    Many congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter. May she enjoy health and happiness.

  4. Good morning CQN from a dull, cool and dry East Devon.


    Congratulations to you and yours Cowiebhoy.



  5. COWIEBHOY on 15TH NOVEMBER 2017 5:21 AM


    Brilliant Morning CQN


    A new Bhoy has arrived , and I’m a Granda :-)


    Welcome to the Celtic Family


    ‘Jude’ Wright


    Huge congrats to my Daughter Jenna and her husband Martin, on the birth of their son at 4.16 this morning, 6ld 13 oz, bundle of joy for all the family




    Congratulations to yourself and H on becoming Grandparents N, great news.


    Welcome young Jude




  6. Cowiebhoy –



    Congratulations and welcome to the grandparents club. I’ve honestly just had the best month of my life since becoming a Papa in mid October. You will enjoy every moment!



    So well done and congrats to Jenna, Martin and, of course Jude.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Fantastic news on the birth of your grandson



    Now you don’t just look like a grandad you are one ☘️☘️☘️☘️

  8. 50 shades of green on




    Congratulations on becoming a Granpa, and of course congratulations to your daughter and son in law.



    H.H and welcome to the Celtic family Jude

  9. Congratulations Grandad & Grandma Cowiebhoy and Welcome to the club of Grandparenthood…..you will enjoy every precious moment in the company of the wee ones … the Celtic shop opens at 9:00 for Baby Jude’s first hoops top! …or is it already ordered on line ….


    Happy Days !

  10. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day



    arroyo /əˈrɔɪəʊ/



    noun (mainly Southwestern US) ( pl) -os


    a steep-sided stream bed that is usually dry except after heavy rain



    Word Origin and History for arroyo




    “watercourse, dry streambed,” 1845, a California word, from American Spanish, in Spanish, “rivulet, small stream,” from Latin arrugia “shaft or pit in a gold mine,” apparently a compound of ad- “to” (see ad- ) + ruga”a wrinkle” (see rough (adj.)).





  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Morning,



    Congratulations to Cowiebhoy and all the family and welcome to young Jude.



    I hope everyone going to the AGM today enjoys the experience. I am told that there is a lot of good news and the announcements yesterday from the Foundation about the 67 new Mary’s Meals kitchens, the dementia and autism projects shows just what a fantastic job the foundation are doing.



    Can you imagine Brother Walfrid being told that his football club are feeding 80,000 starving kids in Africa and elsewhere each day?



    There will be other good news too.



    I won’t be there as I have other things that I must do today but Auldheid and Morrissey will be there to carry the Res 12 flag and make sure that there is sufficient focus on the issue.




  12. Good morning from a cold and foggy central Ireland.


    Very disappointing performance and result by the Irish last night. Started well and possibly were unlucky not to score a second but from there on in we fell apart. So close yet so far. We’ll be back though fingers crossed.


    I’m still on the lookout Bhoys for one ticket for the Celtic v Anderlecht game next month if anyone hears of a spare. Thanks



  13. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Tin Hat time.



    Scotland and Ireland are guff and would struggle to make a decent team between them. The Celtic players in the squad are the only shining lights.



    As far as England are concerned, they have had 2 decent results against 2 more than decent teams; all done with a few players missing as well. Southgate has been astute and has changed the shape of his team team and they are playing better for it. They have some very good young players (Winks, deep li Ali and Kane as well as Gomez) and look to be improving. I don’t think for a minute they will win it but will. not be surprised to see them reach the last 8.




  14. Congrats to CowieBhoy & to proud parents, best feeling in the world.


    Corkcelt says Babys are Magic. OK.

  15. Thanks for all the wishes Bhoys


    Visited The Bhoy ‘Jude Ryan’ earlier, all doing fantastic


    He even had his wee Green and White Tammy on :-)))



    Jenna’s comments, Dad don’t give my Anderlecht ticket away, I can go now :-)))


    (Sorry Lynchiebhoy)


    I just love my wee Ghirl to bits as well



    This is what it’s like to be Celtic


    Now where’s the Green Brigade application forms :-)))))



    Hail Hail

  16. Big OOOPS



    Sorry CowieBhoy for referring to granddaughter rather than grandson. Too early in the morning for me.

  17. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Congratulations to Cowiebhoy family on their new arrival!


    Only saw second half of game last night and Ireland were very poor unfortunately.


    As usual my support in the World Cup will ABE!!!!!

  18. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 15TH NOVEMBER 2017 8:39 AM


    Tin Hat time.




    Scotland and Ireland are guff and would struggle to make a decent team between them. The Celtic players in the squad are the only shining lights.




    No tin hat needed.The Irish style of football is horrific.I dont think in any of the 2 games the keeper,who was terrific,threw the ball out.Hoofball.MONs team selection and tactics were woeful.

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Last night for me was sad as I watched the Irish I believe I watched MON and his team get a lesson from the Danes Mons tactics are the same old hump the ball up the park missing out the midfield and hope somone in a green shirt latches on to it. The Irish could have played with a baloon the amount of time the ball was in the air MONs tactics are old fashioned and he appears unable to change them it is sad to say he is a yesterdays manager and football has moved on Martin has failed to keep up. H.H.




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