St Johnstone v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:30.

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  1. legend john higgins the last celt to score 4 goals in a first half game,



    great acheivement forrest

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Great performance considering we’re in the middle of a crisis,no


    side in Scotland will touch us if we’re at it.

  3. mike in toronto on

    What a difference a bit of movement and forward passing makes. Some lovely play and goals today. The sixth goal might be our goal of the season… A goal Barca would be proud of!

  4. Have only seen second half but we looked faster and our one,two touch passing was a joy at times.Hopefully corner turned

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Best fitba I’ve seen us play for quite some time , quick , one/two touch , defence splitting through balls and diagonals . Brilliant. Reverted a wee bit to our less incisive selves in the second half , but it’s not a day to be picky.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    Lewis Morgan has got it. His two touches at the edge of the box in that goal were sublime.


    High Hopes Pink Floyd CSC

  7. Anybody ever seen Tommy Wright and Arlene Foster in the same room?


    Just saying like!

  8. Very brave of so many posters to pin their dissapointment and, in some cases, derision, of this team before the match.



    There will be no gloating about that from me.



    There were many reasons, after Thursday, to fear the worst.



    I am just glad it came good today but it remains early days in this season and a lot can still go right, wrong or indifferent yet.



    I am one of Jamesie’s biggest supporters on here so it should be no surprise that my MOTM is……







    Tom Rogic

  9. celticrollercoaster on

    Fantastic performance Celtic.



    Great to see Forrest on fire??







  10. Forward passing, power, pace and one touch football, a joy to behold, the sixth goal was incredible.


    Legs have gone Lustig played like a capitano, the naysayers will struggle for a scapegoat tonight, but no doubt they will find one.


    Superb Celtic, just superb.

  11. For we only know that there’s gonnae be a show and the Glasgow Celtic will be there, that’s more like it and all we ask for.



    Crackin strip tae especially with the Celtic Cross on it reminds me of the old shamrock one.



    We are now 3 points behind the calvinists with a 1 goal better GD, beat the hibbees in 13 days and a sheep win at swinecastle and we’re up there back where we belong.

  12. So despite our posh start to the season, we are 3 points off the top and still 2 ahead of the Gerrard Express.





  13. Much better team shape today, I bet Forrest a fiver at 60/1 to score in both halves…..??

  14. Delaneys Dunky on



    Been saying that for years.


    Arlene and Tommy are twins separated at birth. Haha

  15. Have we learned a wee bit from the Salzburg game.? Our first touch was excellent with forward penetrating passes.



    A joy to watch with a well deserved 3points.



    Game changer game ?



    HH and a mega COYBIG.

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    SFTB 5.31pm



    No need to gloat, but I would agree with you :-)



    Delighted the bhoys are back in town



    Over the moon for James Forrest imagine being employed by Celtic and wearing the hoops for around two decades, the wee man can be frustrating at times but sometimes we should also admire that bhoy






    Forrest on Fire ?

  17. Delaneys Dunky on

    Tom Rogic Maestro show today. We get that every week and we will beat every opponent with ease.



  18. SAINT STIVS on 7TH OCTOBER 2018 5:22 PM



    legend john higgins the last celt to score 4 goals in a first half game.



    *great prospect but put put of the game by tat thug shearer who ran across the park tae dae it. The Iron Mhan the ran across from the other side and put shearer on the track.



    Pity know one did the same for Frank Brogan when the same wee fat bassa did him.



    One of my claims tae fame was inspecting brick benches in Dumbarton Town Centre, there was supposed tae be brass tubes in the spot where the wooden bench was attached tae the brickwork, wurnae there, it gave me great delight tae report that. shearers company built them.

  19. WHAT IS THE STARS on 7TH OCTOBER 2018 5:40 PM


    I thought Lawwell was magnificent today.





    Very tongue in cheek, however if Peter Lawwell has been getting the blame for below par performances, then it stands to reason he must get the praise for a fandabadozy performance. ???



    HH to all.

  20. It’s been soooo long since we played with such confidence and pace. Wee Jamsie takes on the defender first time and beats him from then on he goes for the line no more pass backs to Lustig.


    Well done to all and hail,hail!!

  21. That was very pleasing today. The 14 involved all played well and the team really clicked. Same shape, same tactics but carried out at pace rather than without purpose.



    So despite a team that was apparently the wrong one we acquitted ourselves extremely well.




  22. Excellent performance.Evryone contributed.


    Posted not a fan of Rogic and McGregor in side at same time but absence of Broony meant McG sitting deeper and allowing Rogic more space to create and he certainly did.


    When players roles are clearly defined it brings positive results and Rogic and McG both flourished because of.


    When Broony plays with those two in front of him they often deny each other space.


    .Benkovic and Boyata look fantastic together and having Jozo back is a positive.


    McGregor and NT’cham made it easier for our defense to pass out as they both made themselves available giving us more options.


    Forward passes for JF TO ATTACK! and guess what he does?


    Was great to see him looking forward today.


    The French duo were both magnificent.


    Being pedantic Griff never really looked comfortable and Gorgons kick outs are still mince.

  23. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Brendan on aston villa short list.Who compiles these short lists? When does the short list get shorter? Just interested.Grand result for the Grand Old Team.

  24. TET-to be fair mate I don’t think anybody is picking on lustig,his performances in Europe this season have been poor.IMO


    Good to see you back :-))

  25. Gerryfaethebrig on

    DD 5.43pm



    Tom Rogic was great today …



    The “maestro” comparisons should be deleted by any normal thinking moderator :-)



    By the way TR has the lot and when he is bigger he “might” get near our Paul :-)

  26. Great result, by all accounts an excellent performance, plenty goals, 3 different scorers, fantastic, well done Celtic.

  27. 50 shades of green on

    Imagine what the score would have been had Brendan picked the right team eh ??




    Been saying all season we need more movement in midfield and faster passing, today we got that.




    Jamsie was brilliant as was Tom and Cal Mac.

  28. Delaneys Dunky on

    Brendan just told McLaughlin on Radio Scotland that he is happy at Celtic and not going to Villa.


    This is how it feels to be Celtic.


    Inspiral Carpets CSC

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