St Johnstone v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:30.

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  1. Today’s confirmed starting line up v St Johnstone……



    Bain; Lustig, Ajer, Simunovic, Izaguirre; Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Sinclair, Burke


    Subs: Gordon, Toljan, Bitton, Hayes, Edouard, Johnston, Weah


  2. Toljan on the bench already is a wee biy of a surprise. Also, I thought Edouard might have started.


    I accept, though, that BR knows a little more about this than I do even if he knows much less than many on here :-))




  3. Caught me out there…


    So much cheating at Ibrox yesterday certainly confused this columnist…



    Tavernier slotted in the first after three minutes, but his second struck the outside of a post.


    The Rangers captain made amends with a third penalty after the break, but passed up the chance of a hat-trick as Defoe scored the hosts’ fourth spot-kick before Ryan Kent added a fifth goal.


    Gerrard said the second and fourth awards were contentious but the first was “stonewall, 100% penalty”.


    “The second one is debatable and I’m not sure how much contact there was,” he told RangersTV.


    FFS, Now they’re imagining goals – possibly to close the gap in goal difference.



    C’ mon Wee Jamesy another 4 please.







  4. Edouard I’m sure being eased back in after injury, will definitely play a part at some point.



    Mon the Hoops! ?

  5. Definitely concerned about todays game, there’re going to


    leave elbows in , late tackles, and every other trick in the


    book, i think it might be sleeves up time, step up Broonie


    is there anyone else? Victor Wanyama might have been worth


    pushing the boat out for.


    H.H Mick

  6. Knew that would happen..


    We ll just 2 weeks ago there was the much trumpeted ‘meeting’ where officials and Managers were supposed to have sat down and smoked um big peace pipe and discussed the future of who supervises the game and how. Var we were told will be introduced but its going to take some time to sort out.



    What a load of baloney.



    What about the OTHER meeting? The one where there were NO managers present. NO press present (well actually there probably was). The one that surely must have taken place in secret in some ludge somewhere. With them all sat round wearing their silly little aprons and pointy hats.



    The one where it was decided someone needs to be ‘taken out’ as an example to others. Lets target one of the most vocal they decided, Neil Lennon. Its a bit strange the way he was ‘mutually consented’ so soon after that meeting is it not?



    Then there was the other decision, the one where they decided THEY rule the game. THEY’LL decide who gets the decisions like penalties and just to prove it THEY’LL be even more blatant about it and to hell with what anyone says or does.



    Dallas and his henchmen, as he was surely aided and abetted yesterday in the ‘penalty’ that was outside the box, stuck 2 big fingers up at everyone yesterday. They might as well have W.A.T.P stitched into their socks, right below the red bit, at the knees.




    Still can’t get used to that Aussie greeting, still saying to


    everyone ” how’s it gon ?


    Yes Big Bobo, Roy Aitken, But then again what about wee


    Bertie, Big Tommie G, the silent assassin Davie Hay or


    the majestic Bobby Murdoch, oh my heart sighs to see


    those type of bhoys again before i go to that big CQN in


    the sky lol.


    H.H Mick

  8. Days like today are when I wish Griff was on the park for us,C’mon Ollie bag us a couple today.

  9. Was hoping for some changes to the team.


    Hopefully ScS / JF step up a gear and deliver what they are capable off.



    Then we have the trio of old legs in the team — ML / EI / SB.



    SB seems to be in cameo mode — lots of sluggish side ways passing plus a 6 40 yard passes to the inside channels using the outside of his right foot.



    Any chance he could mix it up a bit better?



    CMcG is in his stealth position where he goes hiding on a regular basis.


    Hopefully he gets involved for the full 90 minutes.



    However we still have enough class and if we were to play a seven aside game between the the team and the bench my money would be on the bench.



    Is the fix on today?


    With WC in charge they will always have hope.


    Useful idiot with a whistle would seem to be today’s angle.



    Money should be on an early CFC red card.


    Total howler but they will laugh it off.

  10. That yesterday was a exercise to claw into our goal difference . Today part two comes into effect . We will be hampered today with the mib. No point in Dallas playing his part if today’s mib doesn t do his . Expect some honest mistakes .



    Forces of darkness are HOPING Celtic slip up.


    Cheat with the whistle will try to facilitate.


    We should disappoint the best wee country.

  12. hi ghuys we need to be careful, they are out to stop us at any cost, and I don’t have much faith in collum either.COYBIG.

  13. The shenanigans of yesterday has really upped the ante for today. The Orange Order are in full attack mode, we need to respond today & shove their cheating back their throats. I’d settle for the 3 points but I’d love us to win by 5.

  14. Good morning from a balmy Easter seaboard. Comparatively at least.


    19F compared to negatives from last week is balmy.

  15. KA still down. No stretcher though. Positive signal from coaches.


    KA back on his feet. Checking his jaw.

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