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  1. “BHOYJOEBELFAST on 2ND MARCH 2020 10:32 AM


    Reports that the Corona virus could scupper our run towards nine in a row.”



    Where are these reports coming from?

  2. We will need to see how Ajer and Forrest injuries progress .



    Anyone know how far away Ntcham is, from full fitness ?



    Few dilemma’s for Wednesday night. If Ajer doesn’t make it, could we see a back 4 of :



    El Hamed Bitton Jullien Taylor

  3. Timaloy,


    WE can’t play Ajer if he is injured. Elhamed is obviously ready even though a game against hammer throwers on a plastic pitch would not be an ideal start. Jozo can’t do plastic either.


    Jeepers between injuries & Corona Virus. life was simple when all we had to discuss was Football.

  4. Livi on Wednesday is huge.



    We can’t afford to carry players, or certainly too many players that are less than 100% fit.


    That includes our captain.



    It’s too important. We need players that can cover the pitch and give their all physically.




    I agree with all of that.



    We would also point out that we started too many players that were unable to compete for 90 minutes.



    Tom Rogic, James Forrest, Scott Brown & Elyounoussi all started. That would have limited your options with substitutions.



    Neil Lennon wasn’t quick enough with his subs. Our first and only sub came on in the 70th minute.



    My personal preference would have been 3-5-2



    Forster, Frimpong, Ajer, Jullien, Bitton, Hayes*, Brown, McGregor, Forrest (free role), Edouard, Griffiths



    Bench: Bain, Jozo, Taylor, Bayo, Forrest, Elyounoussi, Boli



    Asterisk on Hayes due to fitness. No idea if he was able to complete the 90. If not, that would mean Taylor.



    There are other combinations and lineups I’m sure. But the point is, we had too many passengers who physically faded in the second half.

  6. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    I understand the seriousness of this problem and I’m not implying that our ninth title is more important than the well being of so many people at risk.I was reading this morning that the league could be cancelled because of the virus and I was merely making a point,of what I had read.Maybe my one liner gave the impression that 9 in a row was more important than that of people’s good health.


    Cork Celt:Here’s hoping that an arrangement of sorts will be found.

  7. CORKCELT on 2ND MARCH 2020 11:07 AM



    Ajer is considered a doubt for Livi. It’s not clear he’s necessarily injured.



    My point is, play him for Livingston even if it means he has to be rested for St Mirren or even Ibrox.



    Elhamed isn’t ready otherwise he’d have played ahead of Bitton in Perth.



    Jozo is injured again. Even then it’s plastic.



    If Ajer isn’t available your choice is either Bitton & Jullien in a back 4 or Bitton, Jullien & Welsh in a 3.

  8. Celtic should think twice about Elyounoussi in the summer. We cannot have 4 or 5 perma-injured players.



    Get rid of Jozo too.

  9. Celtic supporters really are worriers ! ( Myself included).



    Always look on the Bright Side is certainly not our anthem :-))

  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 2ND MARCH 2020 11:16 AM



    Yes, I’ve noticed before he tends to hold off with the subs and it does surprise me. 20 mins to go flies in if you’re desperate for a goal. Possibly even giving Copenhagen too much respect, Griff and Eddy have been linking up so well I thought he’d have brought Leigh on earlier given our predicament and the fact Eddy was struggling to make an impact.



    We just weren’t anywhere near our best which is the most frustrating thing.



    I note Copenhagen had a 3-2 home win yesterday against the side in 6th, their defence is leaky if you get at them and I just feel we let them off the hook.



    Still, I believe we will learn our lesson.




  11. Frimpong seems to have fallen back the pecking order since his return from injury.


    Playing in a middy role ahead of a back 3 seems his best position.


    He should be fresh & raring to go,


    Just watching the Bhoys playing on that surface yesterday had me exhausted. I am worried that the legs last the 90 minutes against Livi.

  12. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TIMALOY29 on 2ND MARCH 2020 11:16 AM



    Agreed. It shows the importance of a big pool of players. We have a grueling season and between injuries, suspensions and lack of form, we have to utilise the whole squad. While I recognise we had to go all out post new year to win every point available, I do think squad rotation has been lacking this season. Come last Thursday, Rogic and Elyounoussi are starting their 2nd game since the NY(?), with neither having a huge amount of minutes off the subs bench either.



    Having said that, I would always try and avoid starting Rogic in Europe. Given his physical limitations, you have to prepare to burn a sub on him before a ball is kicked as you know he is unlikely to last 90 mins and if he does, his influence on the game/pressing will be severely limited by the latter stages. This limits the rest of your options.



    I’m hoping that Brown gets a rest or at least some time on the bench. He was very poor against Copenhagen in both legs. Whether it’s an issue with form or an issue with fitness (which nonetheless is impacting on form), I think it merits some time out of the first 11. The captain is 34 and has already played 40 games this year.



    One final point from yesterday. We started with two up top and two strikers on the bench (in addition to 3 full backs, a keeper and one midfielder). However, in making our first sub we opted to switch formation as opposed to using one of our strikers. Lenny cannot have much faith in Klimala or Bayo, nevermind Soro who cannot make it onto a depleted bench. Does anyone have any idea what happened to Boli- was it an off field issue?

  13. Plenty of cover for Wednesday.Frimpong,to replace Jamesy,Biton or Simo,to replace Ajer,El hamady fit,Rogic,fit,all lightly played or rested up.


    I would not have the players doing anything beforehand.No need for training.Easy jog,massages,hopefully,a day off today.Elyanoussi ,injured at training,ridiculous.

  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ Celtic By The Numbers- when can we expect a new article?

  15. No chance they will cancel the leagues.Closed doors,if it becomes serious.Far too late to cancel.Euros in the Summer.CL places to be sorted.Utter chaos would ensue.If the did cancel,they would have to go with the then placings.Only way.Unfair on some,but more unfair on others,if they just abandoned the fixtures.


    Closed doors,the only way.

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Depending on how coronavirus progresses, we could be looking at a closed doors fixture at Ibrox in 2 weeks.




  17. Ideally would like to see a 3-5-2 vs Livingston



    If I remember correctly, the last game there, Edouard was crowded out, playing up top alone. Service to him was rotten, and he was by n large anonymous.



    Believe it or not, could be a case to start Bayo up beside Eddy. A physical presence to combat the Livi defensive aggression.



    Also as someone mentioned above, I would have faith in the young lad Walsh, should Ajer be passed unfit.

  18. Turkeybhoy on 2nd March 2020 11:47 am


    No chance they will cancel the leagues.Closed doors,if it becomes serious.






    It is serious now.



    Attempts to contain the disease have failed, which was inevitable.



    The next thing to be done is to slow the spread. That’s where we are at the moment.



    If that stage fails then it will be too late to take measures like holding games behind closed doors.

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    RUGGYGMAN on 2ND MARCH 2020 11:56 AM



    Agree on Walsh, disagree on Bayo.



    The surface at Livi as we know does not lend itself to great football and the perfect goal is not likely to be scored there…I’d be starting Leigh given his ability and willingness to shoot from distance and link up with Eddy.



    Bayo has not earned a start and certainly not when we have better options available to us.




  20. Kris Ajer should not be risked if not 100% recovered from his thigh strain, neither James Forrest from his attempted leg breaker.



    Elhamed is a capable centre half on the right of a three and Frimpong can take James place.

  21. South Of Tunis on

    Behind closed doors –



    I watched the closed doors Europa League game between Inter and Ludgorets



    The Czech Manager of the Bulgarian side yelled instructions at his players in English . Some of his players communicated with each other in Portuguese but used English when communicating with a non -Brazilian.



    Mad man Mr Intense Conte ( a candidate for self combustion on the sidelines ) bellowed at his team in expletive laden Italian , Inter players with the exception of Moses and Eriksen communicated in Italian .



    Behind closed doors –





    Neil Lennon has publicly said Boli has simply lost form and needs to earn his place in the team. There was a strong rumour that he threw the toys out of the pram when dropped. Allegedly made his own way home from Rugby Park without watching the game when it was clear he would sit in the stand instead of the bench. Who’s to say that’s true or not?



    I agree with you on Rogic. No way he should have started in the same team alongside Brown, Forrest and Elyounoussi. He had a good 45 mins but faded. We’d be better off trusting Griff from the start.


    Brown will at least get a rest during the short international break this month. I don’t expect him to be rested otherwise.


    It’s clear Neil has no faith in either Bayo or Klimala. Don’t expect them to start a game until they absolutely have to or the league is won early.


    I know we say this every year but the summer is a big window for Celtic. It looks like we need depth at CB, depth up front, depth at RB & a LB to compete for a starting place. Add to that permanent deals for Forster & Elyounoussi (or replacements if that doesn’t happen)


    That’s the bare minimum not even taking into account departures (Edouard, Ajer etc.)