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  1. Fourstone….Firestick…with internet browser…Firefox…illegal streaming is an offence…watching aint…no need for a VPN



    HT…nothing to talk about….we need to up the tempo

  2. Dire performance



    Special mention of Ntcham who has spent half the game hiding behind defenders

  3. IniquitousIV on 4th October 2020 12:45 pm






    Yes to that if we don’t get a left back today or tomorrow.




    Quite a few folks thinking that a new/better leftback is going to change the way we’re playing.



    LB position is well down the list of our problems

  4. That was rotten.



    El Hamed poor, Ntcham lost on right, nobody close enough to play off Eddie, Callum can’t get going, Turnbull lots of effort but litle creativity and and and….poor all around.



    Once again we are not the sum of our parts.



    Horrible, hardworking St Johnstone aided by fussy ref doesn’t help build any flow.




  5. onenightinlisbon on

    Like watching a repeat performance of most of our games this season. No spark, imagination or skill shown against a piss poor St Johnstone team. Eddie looks like he’s been forced to play and the rest are playing like it’s a friendly.

  6. take Ntcham off and put Christie on, Ntcham just not at the races yet again. Going for 10 and putting up with that is not an option.

  7. so normally in the positive glass half fulltype of analysis, I would try pick out something that tells me we are going to get it right.



    this time, well i do actually think that is our least effective first half in the whole season so far.



    the changes some have been calling for , brown benched for Turnbull to start, well other than saving the captain from getting booked it has not been any imrpovement



    the other change, Ncham is the best mid in the league said someone, not even the 4th best at celtic park.



    the other other change, leave out RC his shooting has been woeful and he is greedy, again at least he shoots,



    frimpers as well, sure he is fast, and gets beyond the defence, but today the hammer throwers have put him right off his game



    anyways Neil and John are watching it, haltime change coming up i think.

  8. We have not played badly but our style of play and tactics are easy to defend against and we seem unable to change. We seem to rely on an error and opposition tiring – it is a continuation of the same problem with no sign of a solution

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Another in a series of very poor first 45’s. Lacking the creativity to break through the six banks of five with too many of our big players not at their best . St . J players have been velcro’d to our guys , hopefully they will tire .

  10. now I know how it takes so long for a new player to make a first team start , he has to be coached into playing at a slower tempo than his normal and how to pass the ball backwards from where it came and then sideways

  11. OMG — pretty poor al across the patch.


    Couple of players seem to be in Transfer Window mode.


    Not a happy bunch at the moment.



    MIB — playing a blinder.


    We need to respond with more energy regarding St J’s egg chasing tackling.

  12. I suppose its hard to play against 2 banks of 4 strung across the back.


    And Turnbull finding out its hard to get a free kick in the hoops!!!





  13. There is barely a player with pass marks.


    Build up is slow .


    Individual players not capable of attacking and beating their opponent.



    Contactless defending from midfield forward .



    It’s so frustrating.



    One defensive mistake or a piece of brilliance from a StJohnstone player and we are in real trouble .



    I was very pleased with Turnbull’s cameo last week .


    He’s not looking the part today .


    Any of the midfield could be replaced .



    Need to get Griffiths up top with Eddy.




  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic deserve enormous credit.



    The gentlemanly way we play the game in these cynical times is commendable.



    Without exception, courteously jogging the ball forward to allow the opposition time to get back and set up defensively.



    Corinthian !!

  15. The best football we have played in recent times was when we had Griff and Eddie up front together. If Griff is fit enough to be on the bench, he’s fit enough to play a half. Get him on and we might see a much-needed spark from Eddie too.



    I read quite often that Ntcham is the best midfielder in Scotland but Lennon can’t see it. Well, I’m with Lennon on this one. I don’t see it either. Floats around anonymously and rarely impacts a game. Same can be said about Elyanoussi too.



    Griff and Christie on For ON and Moi….

  16. Our short passing is horrendously poor


    Players need to lift their head and open their eyes for options a few yard in front of them

  17. Exactly; we huff and puff a crab like possession game and some say it’ll be fixed by:


    A Celtic quality LB


    Dropping Broony


    Letting Olli and Cal run the midfield. At this pace they couldnt run a raffle.



    Dont know why we dont try putting a rocket up our squad b4 the 90 begins; KTF.

  18. onenightinlisbon on




    100%. We never get the ball out quickly from a bye kick. Barkas is always looking for it but has no options.

  19. We haven’t really got into our stride yet. I was pleased to see Neil’s midfield selection today, but it’s not working against a packed St Johnstone defense. So many backwards passes that I’ve lost count. Part of the problem is that with 1 up front, there’s no options up there when we break forward. Ollie and Mo have not offered anything in the game. Neil will likely persist with them in the second half, but one has to be hooked after 15 mins if nothing improves so we can to put another forward in there. Duffy is strolling this game at the back – he looks very assured.



    StJ are poor. Every time we look to be breaking through their defenses they commit a foul. The ref is doing nothing about it.

  20. Our 3 at the back need to get the ball forward much quicker. There seems to be no urgency throughout the team. Also Elyounoussi through the middle doesn’t work

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    NOTTHEBUS on 4TH OCTOBER 2020 12:52 PM



    Agreed, but he can look like that at times but today he looks lethargic….

  22. I’m pretty sure we’ll nick a late goal and people will come on and say it’s the result that matters.



    I disagree. Poor performances will eventually catch up with you. On current form does anyone think we’ll beat Rangers playing like this? Answer with head and not heart….

  23. That was worrying.


    Very disappointed in Ntcham.


    Eddie trying flicks when he would be better just getting on the ball.


    Hard to pick anyone playing well.


    Duffy & Ajer I suppose are doing OK.


    Frimpong looks our most likely avenue for a goal but not as effective as normal.


    We need to shake things up big time in 2nd half.


    This is now just about getting the 3 points

  24. We are poorly coached / we are poorly set up / we are poorly motivated.


    Nothing on the pitch and nothing coming from the touchline.



    We have no energy and bite.


    They are very limited but they are up for it.


    We currently are not.

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    No one mentioned the stonewall penalty?



    If that had been on a Sevco player we all know what the outcome would have been….

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