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  1. @Celtic line up v St Johnstone ……



    Barkas, Welsh, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Scales, Bitton, McCarthy, Rogic, Juranovic, Kyogo, Abada



    Subs: Mullen, Soro, Bolingoli, Dawson, Montgomery, Moffat, Doak

  2. Saw on Twitter yesterday that 3 keepers were +



    Barkas being keeper number 4 obviously wasn’t at the cup celebration party . . .



    Lots tweeted yesterday that there were heavy rumours that 8 or so players were out and that kids were being drafted in to training.

  3. This should easily be a good enough team to beat the Perth Saints.



    By their wage packets if not their playing regularity.



    I still maintain any Celtic 2nd string should be easily able to better any other SPL team.



    BTW, I think Hearts have stolen a real gem in the young kid Atkinson from Melbourne City; keep an eye on him.


    0-2 in our favour today. Hail hail ‘n’ happy holidays.

  4. A bit of a challenge today, although we still have a team full of Internationals


    Let’s get through today and re-group



    I see a few quoting a cup final party


    I am wondering if any impacts of being forced to play St Mirren ?

  5. Now that’s what you call a team thrown together.


    Should still be good enough to get a win.



    At least there’s no MJ

  6. The winter shutdown can’t come soon enough with the ridiculous amount of players missing.


    This game has 1-0 Kyogo game written all over it.


    Fingers crossed.

  7. Two funnies and one intriguing:



    “!!BADA BING!! on 26TH DECEMBER 2021 9:06 AM


    More than 1 in 4 payments in the UK last year were contactless, so were Sevco’s penalties”



    “THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 26TH DECEMBER 2021 11:49 AM


    I knew Barkas wouldn’t catch it….”




    “NORRIEM on 26TH DECEMBER 2021 11:42 AM


    I see a few quoting a cup final party


    I am wondering if any impacts of being forced to play St Mirren ?”




    Wee Jimmy could also draw the belt.



    He lined my class up one day and looked at our fingers for traces of nicotine.



    Those who had were soundly belted.



    His dad had recently died of cancer and Jimmy blamed the smoking.



    Knew Barney quite well! he was more like one of the boys. Taught me accounts.



    I believe he died quite young. Lovely guy.

  9. St Mirren`s two covid case were described in terms which suggested a truly decimated team. Let`s see, if true, how Celtic EIGHT missing is presented.

  10. Hart, Bain, Ralston, Taylor, McGregor, Johnson, Urgohide, Henderson & Shaw, all missing from squad of St Mirren game ( minus Hart)


    Jullien, Turnbull, Forrest, Jota, Ajeti & Giakoumakis all injured


    And I May have forgotten someone

  11. It will be interesting to see if St Johnstone have a go today, given the depleted makeup of the Celtic team, or if they double down and park the bus like St. Mirren.



    Either way three points is absolutely crucial if the league is to be a realistic prospect.



    Hopefully questions will be asked about exactly what happened after the league cup win.

  12. Not sure why I am confident today given the limited selections available but I am. Maybe St J will have more of a go and I think that will help us?



    “ZIGGYDOC1 on 26TH DECEMBER 2021 12:07 PM



    What am utter dickhead Boyd is.”



    I know he is but what has he said to confirm it?

  13. Ben Doak is 16 years old. If he comes off the bench he would be our youngest debutant ever, beating Jack Aitchinson by 3 weeks.

  14. We have team full of internationalists ( only Welsh does not have a full cap)



    What’s the concerns



    going on about it being embarrassing that the break was pulled forward.


    Mcfadden saying it was the sensible decision, in contrast

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  17. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH DECEMBER 2021 10:53 AM









    I remember,Feeney, French,Jimmy Miller,Maths,there was a wee teacher called Barney Mc Conville,Economics,great wee guy.Played with Ronnie Glavin in the team.Stayed mates for years.





    Moved to the Greg from St Gerrard’s,Govan.




    Wee Barney McConville was my ” Commercial/Economics” Teacher when I was at the old Gregg. He was a great character and he even had the respect of my ” Rougher” Classmates who saw them selves as ” Gangsters”. We Easterhoose Bhoys put the so called Gangsters in the place very early doors.


    Barney would also play Fitba with us sometimes and he also played for the Staff Team against us Pupils on a couple of occasions.


    He was no bad at Fitba as well as Teaching. He always enjoyed a laugh with us.



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