St Mirren 0-2 Celtic


Celtic collected all three points from St Mirren Park at lunchtime today but were under the cosh for most of the game.  James Forrest opened the scoring in the 71st minute before Scott Brown secured the points two minutes from time to secure Celtic’s 11th consecutive SPL win.

Marc McAusland forced an early save from Fraser Forster on the goal line as a notice of intent on how the first half traffic was going to flow before Gary Hooper made Celtic’s only attempt on goal in the first half, a hooked shot from 35 yards.  After 15 minutes a Mulgrew corner was headed towards his own goal by Steven Thompson, who was fortunate the ball struck his own player on the line.  Five minutes alter Thompson tested Forster with a header at the other end which was saved well.  Graham Carey had a good chance late in the first half but shot wide from a tight angle.

The second half started in much the same patter with St Mirren flowing forward at every opportunity and Celtic looking out of sorts.  Paul McGowan setup Dougie Imrie on his St Mirren debut but Forster saved well again.  The home team’s best chance of the game came when a Van Zanten shot from just outside the box was flicked towards the opposite post by McGowan but Forster somehow managed to twist his body and flick the ball safe.

Neil Lennon realised his formation wasn’t working and withdrew Samaras and Ki for Stokes and Commons, the addition of the latter proving crucial.  Commons set pieces, intelligent use of his body and possession troubled St Mirren.  On 59 minutes his corner was met by Rogne, whose goal-bound header struck McAusland on the raised arm, although the defender knew little about it.

On 71 minutes a Commons free kick was punched clear by Samson by Scott Brown met it at the edge of the area before rolling the ball in front of James Forrest.  The Celtic wide player shot first-time from 19 yards and found the inside of the post to open the scoring.

St Mirren continued to push forward and McAusland forced yet another save by Forster.  Hooper played a one-two with Stokes before shooting narrowly wide but a minute later Imrie came just as close to drawing St Mirren level.

An 88th minute short corner by Commons to Scott Brown caught St Mirren sleeping.  The Celtic captain slipped a left foot shot inside the far post, a carbon copy of his Scottish Cup goal against Rangers last season.

A minute from time a Commons free kick was headed in off the post by Thomas Rogne but the assistant referee incorrectly flagged for offside despite the Celtic defender being four yards onside.  The game poor advert for the SFA officials with a bizarre collection of mistakes made over which team knocked the ball out of play at corners and throw–ins.

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  1. Eyes Wide Open on

    Tom McLaughlin says:


    21 January, 2012 at 15:01



    Tom in your opinion are there still as many of them around – or do you think they have shrank in numbers?

  2. Bigjie:



    Pull your neck in son; you can’t apologise for posting Celtic goals.



    Over the seasons your embeded posts have often been a life-line for me.



    You keep doing what you do mate, IT nazi’s hate you but Celtic Supporting user love it.



    You deserve a wee medal for the service you provide -EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

  3. Not a great performance but then again the conditions were terrible. The result is what matters could easily have went against us. Well done big Fraser you earned your corn today.Definately M0M

  4. auld heid



    a more pertinent example was against the sheep a few years back when we conceded 4



    at one free kick Diamond jumped for the ball missed it …he was offfside



    the goalscorer was not offside



    goal stood

  5. Paul67 et al



    The Saints made it difficult for us today, but not difficult enough. The windspeed and the modern “ball” caused problems all over the shop. Good to see Commons and Stokes make an timely impact. Fraser Forster did well, did well to get a shut-out that is.



    Just realised that we were due to play Hearts at Parkhead next Saturday, but have to play Falkirk in the semi-final at Hampden. Didn’t League Cup semifinals get played midweek until recently? Means our next League is not until Wednesday February 8, against Hearts. All of of which means, that was an important win today!

  6. glassaghwho says:


    21 January, 2012 at 15:15



    Taranis, reporting from a tent in Balloch park



    sorry folks, I will never post a certainty again……………..

  7. Pretty awful game not helped at all by the weather or the officials! Despite this it’s a very good three points and our twelfth win on the bounce. Massive performances from Forster and Brown today, the game is done, points are in the bag, why the bickering? It was never going to be a pretty sight today we did what was needed and as a bonus Commons got a decent run out.




  8. Kitalba and Tom McLaughlin, well said.



    Scott Brown has been playing his best football since he gave up his retaliation and over aggressive tactics. He is a player who has grown into the captain’s role and he does it well. I would not say he is without talent, as evidenced by thd Diouf special he scored today, but as you say Kit, what he lacks in talent he makes up for in drive, determination and leadership. The game against the Huns when they were trying to wind him up in the tunnel says it all. I think Scott Brown sleeps with his jersey on such is his commitment to the team.




  9. Not so sure we were under the cosh for the whole game Paul. 70% possession in the 1st half. They looked more dangerous on the break, absolutely. The weather then made that a bigger advantage for them as they broke in the 2nd half quickly with it at their backs, and absolutely, for 20 minutes we were under the cosh. The subs made it much more even and the quality won out.



    Terrible conditions, a result that was well dug out and we have found a keeper. Pleased trumps concern for this tax agent under the January cosh.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Eyes Wide Open –



    I don’t know. All I can see is the number of posters on CQN who want Scott Brown dropped and sold. I just don’t get it.



    He is an integral part of that squad.



    He is worth his weight in gold.



    In my opinion.

  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    If Scott Brown can continue to play the part of captain and drive us on to his first title with the armband, then he will have gone a long way to justifying his inflated transfer fee and wages. As long as Lenny wants him in the team and as captain, then so be it. He’s not the complete midfielder and his passing can be poor at times, but we need that kind of drive, particularly at tricky away fixtures.



    Lenny should insist that PL pays the transfer fee for big FF, he had yet another geat game today and kept us in it during a very sticky spell at the beginning of the second half.


    Expecting nothing from a Broon/Knox team today, so very happy to still be clear at the top.






  12. kitalba



    i dont do it for medals , advertising revenue or even free beer , i do it because i am a celtic supporter who likes to spread the word of our club .

  13. ulysses mcghee:



    I think this league may go to the last week again. Is it being choreographed as much… I think banks have a wee brotherly say in what is going on; I hope judges have bottle and are not bankers and value their jobs above their hopping from square to square with a trouser leg wrapped around their neck. I’d hate for the Scottish legal professionto become the same laughing stock as the Scottish Football Association.



    And I do hope Aberdeen win too.

  14. Watching the bhuns and have they drastically narowed their pitch?



    Small team tactics or they cutting down on what they pay for grass seed?




  15. Broonie had a good game in difficult conditions, the amount of work that man does is incredible. He is one of the REAL reasons we are winning every game now. You don’t leave out your Captain, it is crazy talk to suggest it.



    Fraser once again playing like the excellent goalkeeper he is and he has always been a good goalkeeper, there is no magic dust been sprinkled on him.



    Brilliant to see Kris back and influencing the game very well, looked very good today.



    I was very impressed by Stokesie and his attitude when he came on, maybe earlier in his Celtic carreer he would have came on a bit huffy and it would affect his effort/performance. Absolutely superb attitude and performance when he came on.



    Victor Wanyama is actually human after all. ;) for once he wasn’t man of the match, still played a solid 7/10.



    Difficult game and St Mirren made it very difficult for us in very difficult conditions but we put in a determined performance to secure a well deserved 3 points.



    Superb Celts.

  16. Ten Men Won The League on

    Serious disorder outside Ibrox before today’s game



    I wonder how the Scottish press will spin this one, seeing as they can’t blame us or Lenny?

  17. Buddy Morrisey on

    Just to echo the thought, how lucky we are to have Scott Brown in a Celtic jersey and as the Celtic captain. He battled away, brought people into the game, got in the face of the opposition and offered the best pieces of football play in a Celtic jersey today. Captain Marvel and the new Roy Aitken right enough!

  18. Superb win.



    Lenny and his coaches saw it needed changing and changed it.


    I said at half time a spark and we would be fine, Kris provided it imo.



    I think Phil Mac had better re think his assertion that we would be having a fair refereeing standard , they are hand picking the offals for our games, the hun with the whistle today was an absolute joke, ably assisted by his linos.



    It’s not easy playing against 14 men each game.



    A look at how well we did in the euros should dispell any noting that we are not being cheated week in week out.

  19. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    When Killie beat the hun I said that morning Killie had no chance and Tom McLaughlin said he could see Killie winning,well,I see the same comments from us both have been made today…….

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    Greensideup is also Neil Lennon says:



    21 January, 2012 at 15:18



    Kitalba and Tom McLaughlin, well said.




    Thanks Greensideup.



    I am gonna copy and paste that and frame it on my famous wall.



    When I grow old and crusty, I am gonna smile and look at it and say, “I remember kitalba”



    Hail Hail




  21. Paul The Spark on

    Ten Men Won The League



    Surely it must be all those chelsea head hunters arriving straight up from Norwich?

  22. Today’s no a day for arguing the formations to death. We did really well. We were not firing on all cylinders – They were well organised and had a game plan they stuck to admirably (I genuinely thought they did well today) – The referee was beyond shocking – The linesperson was beyond shocking a bit more.



    Can someone remind me of the game during MON’s tenure – a 0-1 to us, Bobo (I think sent off), us no working at all – was it Henke that got the half/chance or Didier?



    These games are anonomously monumental after a trophy, but a cause for nerves in the run up to one…




  23. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    kitalba says:



    21 January, 2012 at 14:57



    Amen to all your comments.


    He never hides, nor shirks challenges, nor lets his head drop.He is also a great ambassador for the club.



    I could go on and on, but Mrs RWE is tapping her foot with an accompanying eye roll and hand on hip.


    That’s my cue to don my chauffeurs cap.






  24. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    The serious disorder outside the midden will match that of what’s been going on in their boardroom.

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