St Mirren disproportionately effective, Frank


There was never any doubt that Frank McGarvey’s heart lay at Celtic, but he had an affection for St Mirren. There, under Alex Ferguson, he made his name as the figurehead in an attacking young team which won promotion from the First Division. From Love St, he won a move to the European champions and all that followed. It is fitting we face them tonight, just days after Frank’s funeral, when our thoughts returned to an irrepressible talent in his prime.

St Mirren lost at Tynecastle on Saturday, their first defeat since 5 November. That run of seven games saw them take points off the four teams that separate the champions from the Paisley side. You will not need reminding that they are the only domestic team to beat Celtic this season.

Every team in the league plays differently against more resourceful teams. What St Mirren’s form tells us is that they are disproportionately effective against top sides and less effective when they presumably have more of the ball against weaker opponents.

Celtic have been imperious at home this season, so we should be confident of at least maintaining our lead, but Stephen Robinson will have watched how Kilmarnock frustrated us for long periods on Saturday and will work on a plan to build on that. I’ll be glad to see us take the lead.

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    St Stivs @ 2:18pm



    what I miss is large travelling supports, back then it was a thing, hald the coatbrig end for hibs and united, dunfermline, dundee,



    a few times whole end for aberdeen and heartz.



    i seen a comment on a mrton board talking about taking 6,000 to a motherwell away cup tie back in the 80s.

  2. paulsthroughball88 on

    There seem to be some seasons when an otherwise dominant team comes up against a side they would be expected to beat, but can’t, even on a second meeting or more.



    I somehow managed during the greatest season in Celtic’s history to attend 2 games and only saw the Lions win 50% of them.



    They had already lost 2-3 to Dundee United but then had a chance to clinch the league with a win in the return game at Paradise.


    I’m sure we led at some point but ended up losing by the same scoreline.



    The only 2 domestic losses the club had that season, and I had to witness one of them.



    Took me years to be present at a title-clincher as the 9 were all concluded with an away fixture.



    Missed the 10 MWTL match, so it was the 80s before I got the experience I missed out on


    in 67. A 3-0 win v tonight’s opponents, I think it was.



    Hope that’s a good omen.

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    VARging on the ridiculous, – Dundee Utd verse Stirling in the Scottish Cup tie will be VARless



    SFA not fit for purpose CSC

  4. paulsthroughball88 on

    Anyway, give us a result and performance that keep the updates ‘live’ rather than ‘livid’ Celtic.

  5. CONEYBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2023 4:58 PM



    Studios have been digital since the nineties, so you won’t have listened to a purely analog recording for a long time. I can’t hear the difference myself, I only really notice it when I’m streaming Spotify. I use Tidal, its more expensive but its a far better quality and they distribute more of their income to artists.



    That sounds about right about touring. Stupid money these days for tickets but it’s a hard life for everyone involved and very few people make a lot of money out of it

  6. Thanks Celtic40me



    I was at an intimate interview/q&a/book launch at Glasgow Glee club recently



    It was the Wedding Present who were top of the indie tree in the late 80s



    The band leader, Dave Gedge, runs the whole show and says he lives by spreadsheets to manage tours and merch etc



    He was asked hus favourite Glasgow venue and he said ‘ obviously Barras but can’t fill it now’



    I spoke to him about Dublin venues. Sound was great in Button Factory but small. I suggested Olympia and he said he’d look into it but wary of pitching too high



    In the positive side, they released a vinyl single a month in 2022 and us loyal fans bought the lot as a pre paid fee and bought his book



    They also curate a festival in Brighton every summer



    Out the box thinking



    Anyway, mon the Hoops!!!

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    “Toe-to-toe” seems to be the phrase-du-jour amongst Shortie’s pundits.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Thon plastic pitch at Livingston has been called off.



    What a joke.

  9. Some very interesting posts on streaming etc, tonight. Can’t beat original vinyl – pre 1979! During the 80’s materials and production values plummeted. If your buying a ‘new’ vinyl album – check if it came from original master tapes. Unfortunately many re-issues are nothing more than a poor reproduction from CD.


    But then again when it comes to vinyl I am a bit of a pedant. For hidef streaming I can’t see past Qobuz.



    Back to football- I have aid for PPV for tonight, if anyone with any business sense at Celtic is listening- I will happily do this for any game I can’t get to. Do you not realise that I want to pay but if i can’t, believe me, I will still see the game via multiple routes which bring no revenue to Celtic, regrettably.



    Get your act together with PPV.



    Looking forward to the game- have a great night bhoys.







    Transfer style guidelines




    “ Morgan Whittaker issues Gers a come and get me plea “




    They have always been my favorite Scottish team.

  11. Celtic: Hart, Johnston, Starfelt, Kobayashi, Juranovic, McGregor, Hatate, O’Riley, Jota, Kyogo, Abada.



    Subs: Bain, Haksabanovic, Mooy, Turnbull, Iwata, Maeda, Forrest, Ralston, Welsh.

  12. Good Evening fellow Tim’s …does anyone think that Laffatme will have been doing star jumps or push ups outside McInnes’ s door today and champing at the bit to get into the Rangers !!?…naw me neither …fraud !

  13. The Blogger etc


    I’m surprised Rugby Park game is going ahead. I would have thought Blazers would have looked for an excuse to give the Huns time to recover from Sunday.

  14. Headline


    Liverpool swoop to replace VVD with CCV.


    Trigger release clause.



    Fanciful fiction.

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