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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Good win. Nervy. I reckon we’re only at 60% of top form. Eddy still a bit off it. El Hamed surprisingly ropey at times. Big Duff proving a rock already. Happy with the win.

  2. That was dire. Neil Lennon has got to decide his best 11 and start with them every week. Introduce players as required for players who are having an off nightElhamed was rubbish all night and should have been hooked at half time. Taylor should never start.

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    A welcome 3 points.



    So much for the simple thinking that a simple change of formation and we’d sweep all before us.



    Shocking performance.

  4. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on




    Don’t bother with the POTY email tonight, nobody qualifies!!!



    Upside is 3 points.






  5. delighted with the 3 points. Not inspired by the performance. Lennon has some work to do – the midfield is not clicking and I wonder if brown need to be second choice or be deployed deeper. He got in the way and we were slow in getting forward. This momentum changed when Ntcham and Frimpong came on.



    well done celtic but keep improving!!

  6. That was as bad a second half performance as I have seen from us. Just awful. The only bright spot was the fact we were playing a side who were even worse. Still, 3 points is very important. Will need to shake that off and reset for the weekend.

  7. Thanks for the updates – the result is everything.


    Neil’s post match should be interesting



    BTW Aussies beat England in a thrilling match

  8. Of course we’ll take it but that was utter utter gash…….every year we are really slow starters and it seems to take ages to get our stride but that was utter crap nothing else. I’ll still keep the faith cos I always do. There is a settled team yet to emerge but by god that wis Pish wi a capital P.

  9. onenightinlisbon on

    3 points but what a shocking performance.



    Brown, Taylor, Christie. Seriously.



    Looked like a training session.



    Lennon will no doubt say we were amazing.



    If performances like that don’t send alarm bells ringing we can forget about ten.




  10. Thought Lenny’s team selection was rotten,and the performance proved it.Lucky Jamesy scored,because again he was very,very poor.3 strikers tried tonight,and not one real chance provided for any.Very poor tactics.

  11. I respect Taylor but no matter how hard he trains or how hard he works – he doesn’t have the tools to be a celtic left wing back – end of. If his instructions are to avoid taking a man on, then we could get any defender in the SPL to do that and probably someone with a bit more defensive physique. Not for me and yet the board faff around with bid and bid while alerting other clubs and risking the purchase of players we desperately need.

  12. Nothing we didn’t already know…



    Klimala not quite up to it yet and Taylor is a decent back up at best



    Strange game where no one played well, poor touches, wrong decisions, dreadful passes. Like a team who had never played together before



    These types of games do happen and to come back from a goal down away from home and win is not much to complain about



    Onwards and upwards






  13. We were all over the place,most of the team were poor couple of exceptions Duffy for one had a good game the two full backs enough said.



    I’m with TET how can they make so much money and cross a ball pathetic.



    If you couldn’t cross a ball when i was at school you had no chance of getting in the team.



    Three points😠

  14. Relieved for the 3.


    Wondering if any – even mid-rank – EPL team would similarly struggle against these two rows of 5 we face week after week?


    All possession yet limited penetration – mibby Rogic’s failed transfer keeps a bit of midfield magic in the house? HH all.

  15. Dexter P. Bampot on

    3 points. The only positive.



    Poor team selection from the Manager IMHO.



    Barkas- not much to do and badly exposed for the goal


    El Hamed- One of his poorer games.


    Duffy- Goal apart, he wasn’t great. Distribution very poor,


    Ajer- Best of back 3 but that’s not saying much.


    Taylor- Didn’t offer much.


    Brown- Huffed and puffed. Not much creativity.


    McGregor- Best midfielder tonight by far.


    Christie- Where has the Ryan Christie we knew gone? Wasteful, wasteful.


    Forrest- Quiet before his brilliant header. Then really came in to the game. But did fade 2nd half.


    Edouard- Not tres bien, big man


    Klimala- A trier. That’s it. Though we are not playing the game for his strengths.



    Ajeti and Ntcham- Not much offered when they came on. Ntcham didnt get up to speed at all


    Frimpong- in only few minutes her, yet again, offered us an option. Super wee player.



    NFL- We win 5-0 and he changes team drastically….


    We have developed poor habit of poor 1st half performances (bar RC). We look off the pace and lacking tempo until the game gets beyond half an hour.



    Saint Stivs,







    How you doing my friend, top of the league on Saturday will do for me






    we will be



    this popped up in one of the twitter feeds, made me think of you, not in a romantic way, in a braces, and dm’s way, hahahahha






    PictureThis Scotland






    Sep 9


    Albums of Scotland: The Exploited – Death Before Dishonour. Fifth album by the Scottish punk rock band. (1987)






  17. 3 points is so vital.



    The North of England is going into more draconian restrictions tomorrow. Will this season play out ? I have my doubts.



    To reitterate: 3 points is so vital and possibly top at the weekend.

  18. onenightinlisbon on

    Taylor without doubt is not Celtic class. He offers nothing going forward and nothing in defence.



    Brown also offers nothing.



    Lennon will blindly stick to his guns with guys like these until it’s too late…

  19. Take the points and run. Saw the first half until stream was lost and that pitch looked as if it was starved of water. Eddie missing a peno and two headed goals and playing poorly by all accounts. Well done Shane Duffy third goal in four matches.

  20. Well Thank goodness that’s over …. It looks like no one knows what they should be doing …no wide play until Frimpong came on ….too much across and back …. Dare I suggest God forgive me ?.. Lenny have a look how organised them across the city are …. we are allowing every team too much space on the ball in the midfield and wings… why are we not pressing pressing pressing ….. can’t help feeling there is something not right in Paradise…..

  21. Sad when posters on here are urging the ref to blow the final whistle against St. Mirren. That 90 minutes was unreservedly awful to watch. Apart from Forrest’s goal, was there one single example of skill from any Celtic player? Penalty, free kicks, crosses, most corners – appallingly poor. Christie repeatedly blooters the ball as hard as be can out of the park, and nowhere near a Celtic player. Where is the finesse? Where is the subtlety? How many times did Taylor watch an attempted cross field pass sail yards over his head and out of play? It is just astonishing to me how we can be so bad. Why Brown stayed on was a complete mystery, as he added zero.


    Aff oot.