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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Taylor was definitely the better of our two full backs tonight despite some poor service with crossfield balls 10 feet above his head. Eddy as poor as I’ve seen him. I would like to have seen Frimpong on earlier to run at defenders on a night when we were never going to pass through them.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    First time I’ve watched 90 minutes away from home this season.



    Instantly forgettable.



    No point itemising the many concerning aspects of the game.



    3 points. Job done.



    Have a cuppa / beer / dram.



    On to Saturday.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  3. Christie can drive you mad sometimes…how can he overhit the ball so often. Yes, it can happen to even the best…but to do it repeatedly beggars belief. Had we lost a late goal this place would have rightly started to melt…

  4. Can’t help but think we just need more games to gain fluency. 3 points good to get when we’re not in form.

  5. After a contentious scrappy game…Celtic secured another 3 points to narrow the gap at the top of the league…temporarily. Soundsports understands, from an un-named source, that sriker Odsonne Edouard, definitely wants to leave and that Celtic wont stand in his way…as long as they get their grubby hands on 35Million….to see them easily win the league…no matter how it’s structured…if we can even finish the season…makes sense to me lol..amusing myself 🤣

  6. onenightinlisbon on



    Taylor was definitely the better of our two full backs tonight



    You must have been watching another match.



    He constantly looks for a back pass as soon as he receives it, never beats a man and his “crossing’ is shocking. Compare that with Frimpong’s limited time on the park. Ah but Lenny knows what he’s doing….

  7. Well that was hard to watch. Only saving grace was the 3 points.


    We have the same problem every time we play on a tight pitch – breaking a massed defence down.


    And every time we have no answer as we huff and puff. It was a night for Up and Over the defence.


    Our movement and passing were well below standard and I could have had a bet on Eddie missing that penalty. The GK read it all the way.


    Nothing went for him tonight but that could be said of nearly every player.


    On to Saturday and a home game for a change (4 out of 6 away so far). Can only be better.

  8. Good three points.


    St. Mirren did the usual, well. Their keeper excelled.


    Bad penalty miss.


    Referee not a factor, surprisingly.


    Christie two assists and a couple of decent shots on target.


    Ntcham for Broonie and we have a team.

  9. That was a tough watch. Bit worried that Eddy & Klimala didn’t hit it off, better when Ajeti came on, but think he misses Sparky-as do I

  10. Anyway, three points and no tossing and turning tonight.


    Hey Bankiebhoy…big Packie up to his usual? I heard a few seconds of him at half-time and immediately switched off…

  11. 3pts. Rotten game of football. Are we learning anything about best way to play, how to build partnerships in key areas or use the excellent talent we have?



    Actually felt sorry for Greg Taylor tonight, given the absolutely awful distribution from Duffy. The big lad will be a superstar for us if we play the game at the height of 7ft. Anything below that…his weaknesses are evident.



    When Eddie and Callum got together in patches they were sublime but we don’t do it enough.



    No forward partnership developing either. We are approaching games at the moment like pre-season friendlies.



    Anybody with eyes can see recurring mistakes being made which will get exploited by decent teams not the useless collection called St Mirren.




  12. onenightinlisbon on

    Lennon said Griff would be possibly in squad for tonight. Didn’t even mention him before the game but spoke about injury to Johnston and Rogic not being fully fit.

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Not a good watch and poorest game by El Hamed by a long shot.



    Oh and to BSR eventually found a stream on YouTube Jondavis had to cut out the commentary though😵

  14. Happy with the 3, concerned at the manner gained.


    I’ve felt GT would come good for us but tonight not so sure. Is it coaching or lack of confidence that makes him check back to feed Cal 8 times out of 10?


    Alas, Paddy looks like 3mill worth of perspiration rather than inspiration.


    Southhampton crash out to Brentford. Cue attempt to sign Olli Ntcham.

  15. Felt a bit sorry for Eddie tonight, every time he got the ball he had at least two men on him and he never had a chance, got his ankles kicked to eff but it is what it is cos the club doesn’t speak out about it, we won, end of.

  16. glendalystonsils on




    No , I watched the same match as you . I didn’t say Taylor had a good game , I said he was the better of our two FB’s tonight because Elhamed was very poor . Just my opinion.

  17. onenightinlisbon on




    Apologies, just sitting here raging at that performance.



    In the grand scheme of things he was better than Elhamed but both really poor.

  18. Had a heart monitor put on today. Will return it to hospital tomorrow. I think I will be asked to explain what happened in my life between 7.45 p.m. and end of the game. I cannot understand why Neil continues to allow Christie to take free kicks and corners. Like many on here, I believe that he is very poor at these aspects of the game. Callum takes better corners in my opinion.



    Could comment on other poor displays, but I am now getting too tired of reflecting on the game and I have to think about the monitor’s reaction. Still we won in the end…just.

  19. Just heard NL interview, hope he has one face for the media, and another one for the dressing room

  20. Dare I say, it was reminiscent of a Brendan Rodgers 2nd and 3rd season game



    People seem to forget just how bad it was to watch some of those games too

  21. Funny how prior to the game some comments were pleased to see that ‘squad management’ prior tonights match was welcomed, then later when it appeared not to be going the way expected, our Manager had it all wrong, revert, revert !!!



    1 – 2 the ‘tic



    job done



    next !!




  22. It must be hard and frustrating for Odsonne having three sometimes four defenders nibbling away at him…

  23. As I said on here this afternoon, I’m happy with any 1 goal victory tonight. We will win and play more convincingly on Sat. Going top of the league.


    A general point on Calum McG, I think he should be stepping into more of a midfield playmaker role. I’d like to see Broony getting some rest time with Calum stepping in. It kinda has to happen in amongst the fixture congestion we are about to face.


    HH Celts

  24. Great Result considering what it means to our season….


    Horrible gemme to sit thru……. Eddie? wtfrance? Laidback or taking the piss…


    Christie get a grip of your adrenalin son some of yer baws were for murrayfield ..


    El H..tonite mathew . We were playing in green son.. FIND A JERSEY..


    All in my sittin in front of the Tele opinion of course….TIK TOK TEN….





  25. CONNAIRE12 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:56 PM


    Had a heart monitor put on today. Will return it to hospital tomorrow. I think I will be asked to explain what happened in my life between 7.45 p.m. and end of the game.






    That made me laugh out loud 😂



    HH mate




  26. as poor a display as I have seen from us for a long time , we still haven’t worked out how to break down a packed defence , we always do same old same old, no variety , both wing backs JF and GT can’t get behind to the bye line or don’t even try to get to the bye line , wish I had a pound for every time GT does a step over and passes the ball back or sideways , not good enough