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  1. SFTB…sometimes you’ve just got to let the player play it out when he’s having a poor game. The ninety minutes will have done him good…(I hope)

  2. NFL …..please please watch a video of the recent Scotland v Israel game ….pay attention to the Israeli back 3 …watch how they played and had the Scotland forwards in their pockets….then maybe try the two of them in your back 3 along with Shane Duffy ….


    oh and the sooner you can get Tom fit along with Calum and Ntcham in midfield with a. n other Not Broonie … and in case you are not aware ….Paddy Roberts is available….

  3. the exiled Tim – Eduard had 2-3 players on him – therefore !! he needs release the ball quicker for the men sitting free as a result. he held on too long and usually lost out – When Ajeti came on , he killed the ball dead first touch and played it off for overlapping runs. Ajeti number 9 , Eduard number 10 but needs to be deeper

  4. CONNAIRE12 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:56 PM



    Best wishes and stay healthy mo chara



    Ps good shout re not commenting after the match, much better for the ticker. We’ll get the ten HH

  5. First of all it was a bad game and we played poorly.


    However we were one down after 2 minutes ,missed a penalty and still came away with the 3 points.


    Christie had 2 assists for goals, won a penalty & had a good shot on target near the end.


    Duffy was solid at the back, grabbed a vital goal, did overhit a couple of long passes, still competition for vote was not particularly strong so those 2 win my votes.


    Ajer or , CalMac candidates for 3rd vote.

  6. I really hate bein hard on players especially after a win but if McGregor wasn’t playing tonight I’m not sure what Taylor would have done



    He seemed to pass it back to him every single time



    Struggling for Jobo’s motm, I’m actually contemplating Frimpong and he was on for about 10 mins

  7. scoddish fitba?



    10 men behind the ba’ to stop the 10…………………



    Eddy’s good but ten cluggers who know they can get away with it, c’mon……….



    HH to all Tims.

  8. as someone said earlier if eddy was our new striker he would be getting pelters re his first touch (lack of) his passing layoffs , his attitude , something not right.

  9. Connaire 12 …Stay well Sir and enjoy the twists and turns this season will bring..









  10. Would have taken 2-1 and not kicked a ball – nothing to win sort of fixture.


    Take the points and move on – we can’t be brilliant all the time HH


    BBC says “The Polish striker registered four touches in the St Mirren box during his 66 minutes on the pitch. However, substitute replacement Albian Ajeti managed the same in just 24 minutes and Odsonne Edouard made eight during his 80-minute appearance”.



    For me …..heart says “yes”….head says “no”

  12. Taylor the new whipping bhoy. 4/5 occasions he gets ball and there is nothing ahead of him or in box so he’s no option but to come back out. Yes he can do better and has to do better but our slow ponderous lack of movement is making it hard for him and other deeper players. As I said before this team isn’t coached so it’s all a bit send them out and hope our 11 are better individuals and that’ll be enough. Stuffy organised teams like Kilmarnock we drop points and then decent organised team ferencvaros we lose. This season may come down to a 4 match play off and I’m not confident based on what we’ve some so far this season.

  13. Get in there 3 points against a stuffy, boring as feck and disciplined St Midden. Get it round yeez any lurking huns.🖕



    We move onto Saturday and the hammer throwing, boring defensive, damage limitation Livingstone…yawn yawn yawn.



    Win this bhoys and the pressure is on slippy on Sunday.







    Melbourne Mick no seen you on for a while, come on big man get oan here. Hope you are well my Antipodean/Glaswegian Fenian brother.






    D :)

  14. We really need a Lubo to pick a pass…after unlocking that type of defence …Rogic


    anyone? Would swap Broonie with Soro if trying that ;-))

  15. Stebhoy


    Possibly, maybes aye maybes naw, it’s ok for us watching to say things but when defenders are on you in a flash and kicking the eff out of you and are offered no protecting from the referee is it any wonder that players don’t do what we expect them to do ?


    Asking for a friend >}






    Release the ball to who ?


    The movement was non existent


    Again asking for a friend >}

  16. Usually – we only credit the opposition manager who beats Celtic as having out-witted Neil Lennon. I think there is a case tonight for Jim ~Goodwin almost making it. It was rubbish to watch but he had a very stuffy and organised 2 backlines and he certainly prevented us from penetrating too often. His job was to get a result not to entertain us. He came close thanks to a pen miss and a lack of a 2nd breakaway goal that we were all worried about.



    Lots of managers will note and contrast the more open game Ross County tried and they will look at both outcomes and we can expect more of the Goodwin approach.

  17. had no sound on CelticTv for first few minutes of second half, liked it better than the hollow dead sound of an empty stadium. spoilt with decent commentators last few weeks. muted the sound, just me, sleeket wee beasties and a howlin wind at 3am, not the worst way tae watch thee game. might train the cat tae say “get him aff” . be well ppl. cup of coffee sit out the back watch the sun comeup. peace. HH

  18. St Tams – Ah how I remember my old school…



    You are right, Christie was shite. I think his Dad has turned his head with EPL pish.



    D :)

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    El Hamed is off the boil. Klimala not suited to deep defences. A good option as an out ball for a break away when under pressure (Europe, Ibrox). Has a place in the squad, seen us play much worse at Paisley (0-0 when Olly sent off). Defence a bit wobbly.



    But… we had a great bench tonight… we’ve played 4 of 6 games away in tight pitches…We’ll get better… and we’ve done well without the fans, which is a great leveller.

  20. St. Tam’s who was your man of the match?.


    As I said earlier 2 assists for the goals & winning the penalty, who did more than Christie.


    Anyhow the key thing is we are in 2nd place, 3 points & 1 goal behind the Huns with a game in hand.


    We got 2 kicks in the Goolies tonight, conceding after 2 minutes & missing a penalty, that kept it tight & encouraged a St. Mirren blanket defense which spoiled the game as a spectacle.


    Anyhow decision made from me, Christie, Duffy & Ajer get my votes.

  21. James Forrest. The only winger I know that can’t beat a player


    Add that to his unable to track back and tackle makes him a perfect winger or wingback Not !!!



    Right midfield/ wingback is frimpong position now. End of



    We play Sevco in 4 weeks. Sort this out and stop starting Forrest , he scored with a header yes , but he has a job to do in team and fails



    Why in a crucial game do we play a project striker



    Neil your team selection changes are shocking mate el hamad back in when he has been poor ??