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  1. DD – sounds good ole chum.



    Drawing on all my vast experience as midfield general……….with St Paul’s Guild


    …………………….. and The Invincible St. Columba’s Of The People’s Republic of Clydebank, I like your tactics.



    Hope Neil’s lookin’ in……..






    HH Bhoy.

  2. Big Jimmy


    It is not oldco/newco, more accurately, it is oldclub/newclub.


    Never let them forget it.

  3. I get we weren’t great last night but do people forget just how bad the majority of our away games were under Brendan Rodgers?

  4. Big Jimmy,



    This one is on us fella. We (the management team) are contributing to creating the ‘win ugly’ narrative. We have the best set of players in Scotland bar none and at times their individual talent is pulling us through at the moment.



    A repeat of last night against the Huns or a decent Euro team and I wouldn’t be confident of a win.




  5. I see that last nights dire performance wasn’t Bolingolis fault, but because there was no crowd.


    If something doesn’t change very soon, we are trouble

  6. I’d imagine it would take any team some time and effort to manoeuvre round 10 wheelie bins full o’ concrete………parked in front of the goals.





  7. Bankiebhoy


    You went to the wrong secondary school.


    Saint Thomas Aquinas school in Jordanhill Glasgow used to love beating Saint Columba of Iona, Clydebank. Kevin Gallacher et al. 😜😁


    Sao Paolo Bhoys Guild Whiteinch were a great team 💪✊💚

  8. Disjointed was the word I used to describe last night. I am happy we won but it was a hard watch.



    Personally, I think we need to try to play without our captain starting. In games where the opposition play 10 men behind the ball, he adds nothing to our forward movement. We need to give the likes of Soro and Turnbull a run of games.



    I am not too concerned about the criticism being meted out to the likes of James Forrerst (a regular scapegoat) or Greg Taylor (the current one), but the fluency of the team as a whole is worrying.



    Surely, we practise playing on plastic and against 10 man defences in L;ennoxtown. Mind you, you cannot prepare for being kicked all the time, as is commonplace in the SPFL;.

  9. God forbid we lose (and I still expect departures) the talents of Ajer, Julien, Ntcham or Edouard. Four players we undervalue at our peril.



    I love lots of what Duffy brings but his distribution last night was awful at times, something Julien is much better at. How we try and accomodate 3 good individual players into a commanding unit feels like a new problem we have created for ourselves.




  10. Bankiebhoy


    Wheelie bins cannae kick their opponents legs as effectively as Tait and McCarthy can. 😁

  11. Big Wavy,



    I really enjoy your views on the game and agree with many of them, but I think complaining about “cliques and bully boys” does your argument no favour IMHO.



    The blog had loads of people complaining about the performance last night and has been pretty much all posted since your comment – not a huge timeframe of course.



    Keep giving us your considered opinion, it keeps the blog alive.



    Hail hail

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I reckon that Broony is an automatic choice for his leadership qualities and the fact that he is the managers ‘man in the dressing room’.



    I would hope that the arrival of Shane Duffy allows Neil Lennon more latitude to ‘rest’ Broony as necessary.

  13. DD………………



    I was bound for St Tams but we’d moved from Scotstoun to the wonderful wilds of Clydebank…….


    ………(school’s fitba’ heaved a sigh of relief!)



    BTW – our clan is related to the Gallachers and a picture of my great grandparents with Patsy is on display at home in the sitting room.




  14. A big thank you to those who wished me well last night. I have a consultation with my Cardiac Consultant on the 29th September. Actually I have not seen her for two years. Last week, I was advised about the consultation, but also informed that I have not to attend the hospital for this. All will be carried out by phone. (Sign of the times we are living in.)



    So I guess that she needs info for that “consultation” and therefore the need for a monitor. I have also been advised by the Cardiac Nurse that I should make sure I have readings from my blood pressure monitor to hand for the conversation with Dr Papaconstantinou.



    Shortly I have to visit the said hospital to return the monitor that has been strapped to me for the last 24 hours. Will be glad to take it off in an hour’s time.



    Hope the game did not make for bad readings last night.

  15. Bankiebhoy


    I moved from Partick West and Saint Paul’s Whiteinch to the beautiful suburb of Knightswood and Corpus Christi Knightswood.


    Met up with my old Saint Paul’s buddies again at Saint Tams.


    I am now in the People’s Republic of Clydebank.


    You are now entering Free Dalmuir! 🍀💚🇮🇪

  16. Bankiebhoy


    My ex is a Gallacher fae Dalmuir, related to your clan, with roots in Ramelton, Donegal. ✊💚🇮🇪

  17. Re tactics:



    It’s tricky to get through 2 banks of well organised defence strung across the 18 yard line and we need to be able to use a variety of tactics as discussed.



    A creative player to beat a man doesn’t always unlock the defence as there is a man behind, as part of the compact unit to step in if beaten. This of course creates space but if we are only playing 2 up front then their number of players at the back should be able to cover losing one player.



    Could we try 3 up front? 4-3-3 and play more of have the ball more but will then give us more space at the back?



    Hitting the byeline becomes trickier too when they double up on our wide men.



    I still think both should be used of course as we will always get a chance here with these methods but of course they aren’t definites.



    I think we also need to work on getting the ball forward as quickly as possible before these teams get a chance to re-organise and get everyone behind the ball.



    I like how Arteta has got Arsenal not just playing tika-taka/gegen pressing but is willing to go trad British football and launch a long one onto the frontline- Tierney to Aubameyang.



    Ajeti seemed decent at being a “target man” when he was up front himself at the end yesterday and Klimala seems to like a ball through the channels.



    Or could we try 3 up front? 4-3-3 and play more of a rope-dope style? Their midfield will have the ball more but will then give us more space at the back?



    It was a tough watch last night but I’m sure there will be more as we chase the 10

  18. A lot of people are picking on Greg Taylor. I did feel sorry for him at times because nearly every long ball played to him (well, in his general direction) were over hit.

  19. Majestic Hartson,



    Good post fella. Geggenpressen (sp) is Klopp’s tactics. It’s 4-3-3 and of course is a knackeringly athletic pressing and turnover game that requires a sweeper keeper, a high line, 2 excellent wing backs (they have Robertson and Trent-Arnold), a DM to help the ballplaying CHs, a box-to-box and a supporting midfielder to help the 3 perpetually moving forwards…




  20. DD – thats it………..



    I have a framed article from the local paper in Ramelton which details the family’s journey from Donegal to Scotland……… with particular regard to Patsy.



    My mum, God Rest Her, gave it to me before she passed.




  21. SCULLYBHOY on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:50 AM


    A lot of people are picking on Greg Taylor. I did feel sorry for him at times because nearly every long ball played to him (well, in his general direction) were over hit.





    Agreed. He looked visibly frustrated at the balls that sailed over him constantly. I also got the impression that Eddie started to refuse to pass to him after a while, resulting into turning into danger instead.



    He looks lost.

  22. Big Wavy,


    Duffy’s distribution wasn’t awful last night. all the bread & butter passes went to his man.


    He has a tendency to try Hail Mary, long raking passes to players out on the wings, in the opponent’s half.


    I can remember one to Forrest that was spot on and 2 or 3 to Taylor that were overhit & went out for shys.


    Not sure if he is working to orders to try & mix things up from the normal slow build up play that is a feature of our game, or whether he came up with the idea himself.


    Whether or which, if he keeps overhitting them, then I’m sure he will be stopped from trying it.


    A bit annoying to watch I agree but apart from giving away a shy deep in opposition territory no real harm done.

  23. Connaire, Best of Luck with consultation.


    These monitors are a nuisance OK but as you say they provide important data for consultant.


    Your only problem as you said last night is your normal data could have been compromised by watching that game last night.


    Next time to ask you to wear a monitor be sure you pick a day when there is no game on.

  24. CorkCelt,



    Bread and butter. You mean the Duffy to Brown, Brown to Duffy wall (watch back) is slowing us down and St Mirren had no interest interrupting them. Julien is a better footballer than Duffy but Duffy trumps on other parts of the game. I think we all knew that as Duffy came in. Our middle centre half should be an organiser (tick), and a baller (not tick) surrounded by 2 mobile partners.



    Ajer, as an auxiliary midfielder at times, is great an breaking lines against the stuffy teams. I love the big fella but can see him going.



    I know the transfer window always seems to kill us but this far into the season I would have liked a settled back line to build on. We look weeks behind on that, adding to the risk. The oddity of Ross County was that it was also our worse defensive performance of the season so far.



    I like Duffy but we’ve created a new problem to solve (we’ve disrupted Julien) when before we had Julien abnd Ajer getting to understand each other as our first pick. The idealist in me would have bought a left footed CH with the Duffy money.




  25. BIG WAVY on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:35 AM


    A more basic worry is that the Saints, Accies and Killies of the league simply template the ‘frustrate-a-thon’ that works to stymy our crabby predictability, with the hope of springing us via a high punt or set play.



    Random thought – play Elhammo, Duff and Julienne as the 3, spell Broony and let Ajer have a forage from midfield where he’d add aerial presence, directness and bite. Before he transfers out to the ‘pool, like :(



    And when you say he looks lost (last night), coulda been Greg, Eddy or Paddy!

  26. Quadrophenian,



    Keep it narrow and defend from 15 yards from the edge of the box and hope for a rope a dope break or a setpiece. There’s your template.



    On the other hand, the Huns (with much weaker footballers than us) have moved from an over-reliance on Morelos to mixing up their options at the top end of the pitch. They balance that with 4 defenders protected by 2 DMs which accounts a lot for their GA column. That overly conservative approach backfires when the front players don’t turn up ( a la Livi).



    This season will be about a shootout between poorer players in a system they understand (them) to better players in a system they don’t (us).



    Who wins ultimately? Too close to call atm.




  27. Big Wavy, I don’t particularly disagree with anything in your 11,13 post,


    All I was saying is that a bald statement saying Duffy’s distribution is awful paints a Bolingoli like bomb scare scenario where a defender is playing us into trouble.


    The overhit passes were long raking overhit balls.


    If he continues to overhit the vast majority of those balls, he should stop or be told to stop from trying them.



    I agree the arrival of Duffy has presented a new conundrum, and I reckon the change of formation at the back last night was another experiment, to try & find the most effective combination.



    While we won 5 nil against Ross County & the football was a joy, we gave up three or four times more chances to the opposition then we did last night.



    However we are not comparing like to like either, Ross County had a go, whilst St. Mirren played the blanket defense.



    I prefer the 3 at the back, but it does depend on the opposition we are facing.


    It’s OK against the majority of SPFL teams but against stronger opponents.


    .It will be interesting to see how we line up at the back against Livi.

  28. CorkCelt,



    That’s fair fella. I do like an overly dramatic absolute statement sometimes but that was lazy of me :)



    His distribution wasn’t awful as you say but we need to move beyond the way the CHs set up against the stuffy teams. There’s a great still on twitter showing Taylor, Ajer, Brown, Duffy and El Hamed all in a straight line inside the St Mirren half. They had retreated to their zone and half our team are theoretically behind the ball with others ahead outnumbered and boxed in.



    These are good players but it’s beginning to feel like they are handed the ball and asked to ensure their individual skill triumphs in the end. Many times it will, some times it will fall short. These are unnecessarily small margins we are creating.



    Let’s increase our chances say I (and many more) before it’s too late :)




  29. If the penalty had gone in would we be having the same level of angst and dissatisfaction on here?



    It was by no means a vintage performance but for a mid week game in Paisley and without a crowd I don’t think it was as bad as some are making out, or a harbinger of things to come.

  30. BW – defining ‘weaker’ brings us back to that chestnutty old whore about whether they’ll still attempt/manage to rough-house us aff our game (MIB aided and abetted). What they lack in flair, they balance with steel.


    With humility I must assume that Lenny, JK and Strach know formation stuff we dont, so set them up to win.


    Mibby they think possession stats prove something and so our ‘shape’ (FFS) is worth persisting.


    With biased optimism, I trust our superior crew will eventually hit their straps and do the 10 by some distance.

  31. Ernie – Some of our players are getting off pretty lightly as a result of ‘without a crowd’…..



    I guess Tony Mowbray’s horror show there has tempered what ‘bad’ could really be :)



    ‘Shudders’ thinking of it.




  32. Couple of different thoughts on last night and in general:



    1. Lennon must have had faith in Bolingoli coming good and possibly being first pick for 3-5-2 when he let Hayes go. An extra frustration as i had always thought Taylor would be the pick in a back 4 and Bolingoli as wingback. Taylor is not suited to wingback unless he learns to cross without beating the man (e.g. Thomson)



    2. The penalty last night annoyed me. This is the style yer man from Man U uses and Edouard has obviously seen this. The Man U guy gives himself an angle and keeps his eye on the keeper. As such he can pop it in either corner if he hasn’t dived yet or chip it central. Works every time. Edouard scored at the weekend because the keeper went to edouard’s right and he knocked it to the left. I thought at the time that there was no way he could put it to the RHS if the keeper moved left. The only other option was to chip it like vs Copenhagen. Last night the keeper didn’t blink and Eddie couldn’t go right or central due to body position. Had to be a good hit to beat the keeper when he had basically telegraphed it. Also, you don’t try the same ruse 4 days after the last one. I’m over it now i have vented!!!




    I hear you fella. It’s what they get paid the big bucks for. A respectful chat on the boards here won’t matter one way or the other in their thinking but we need to cure our obsession somehow :)



    I watch Livi at home with interest and live in hope that we’ve bought a left sided wing back to help, dropped Scott, sold Ryan, paired up Ollie, Callum, Tom Rogic or Moi, with Ajeti and Eddie to crack the boxed-in problem.