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  1. Big Wavy



    “It seems that the ole cognitive dissonance in absolute statements like ‘we won and 3 points are all that matters’ are what passes as the only permissable narrative on this dwindling site of cliques and bully bhoys for anyone who might want to feel worried about a pattern emerging in front of us.”



    Now, that is what we call a perception issue.



    One of the interventions appropriate is called Reality Therapy. Firstly, you actually count the number of posts that said “We’re pish and have problems” and then compare it with the number of posts that said ” We got 3 points- nothing else matters”. Remember to account for nuance_ Posts that said e.g. “Great- we got 3 points but we played badly” or ones saying “We were pish and we have problems but 3 points is hte main thing”- you might have to have a middle category for this poll.



    I suspect you will end up with a poll resut that reads roughly:-



    “wer’e pish: end of”- 4 glass empty posts



    Nuanced responses- 150 half full/half empty posts



    “We got 3 points- nothing else matters!”- 2 glass full posts



    I don’t think the numbers will support your assertion.



    As for being bullied or intimidated by a clique??- Aye, right?? Cannae see that working on a poster like yourself.



    There is no censorship on critical comment on here. If there was, I would not be reading and responding to it.



    The only censorship we have is on bad language- But you can still say it to yourself and Paul and the Moderators will never know

  2. Big wavy



    I was down in Toulouse with work when i saw that 2010 St Mirren result come in, closely followed by texts from my Buddies pal



    A few pints in the hotel bar and then cleaned out the mini bar

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    A 2:0 on Saturday puts us above the rampaging world record defensive galactic Huns, after same number of games😂😵😱

  4. Connaire12



    gute besserung



    smiley “fatherstayconstantand continue” thing



    thats a braw name for a heart specialist…..



    smiley though your a well known heart specialist yourself thing




  5. ernie



    The game was not as bad on the eyes as the stuff we regularly see on the plastic at Hamilton, Livi and Killie but it was, on the whole, weak for a game on grass. This was largely due to St. Mirren’s disciplined sitting-in and refusal to be draw out. It was mildly boring to watch Calum and A defender interchamge around 6 short passes back and forward (actually side to side) to each other whilst a St. Mirren attacker on his own defensive 25 yard line, refuses to come out and try to steal the ball but Jim Goodwin will tell us it is not his job to entertain Celtic fans.



    I am happy we got the 3 points. I was not too pleased with the team performance, apart from that.



    But, that game has passed. We now have 2 home games to get ready forand hopefully Livi and Hibs will not play like that

  6. SFTB,



    Nothing in my clique comment is anything to do with post-match analysis mate. In the run up and during the game there is clearly some (and they are a clique who know each other and clearly encourage it to persist) who want to get in front of anything that counters their own narrative. You’ve called it out and I applaud you for that.



    CGAF but I do recognise that when this happens the quality of the site plummets unnecessarily. If an opposing view is so detrimental to your mental health, scroll by I say or ask the owner to put a mute button in.



    Hope you’re well.




  7. I can’t remember who raised it today but its regularly raised so not important who and no offense intended, its the old Ajer for midfield chestnut. Sorry no way for me.



    He is clumsy, slow on the turn, can’t tackle one on one and is unaware of what is going on around him. His main strengths are his ability to run with the ball and his physical size which he doesn’t use to his advantage often enough. I really can’t think of anything that Ajer brings that would suggest he could play in the middle.



    I’m a huge Brown fan but at the same time realise we need to start resting him at times and I think games where we will have 70+% possession are the games we should try this out. I think the pressure of 10IAR unfortunately will not allow this, Neil know he’ll get slaughtered if he drops Broonie and we lose.



    I’d try a midfield change on Saturday, Livi will probably spend 80% of the game in their own half.


    For these games my wish would be to come out the traps flying and try to get an early goal but the lack or creativity is a worry for these games. Start Turnbull or Soro, my choice would be Turnbull he has a goal in him.