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  1. DAVID66



    No!! yer never a twat pal , i enjoy your posts .



    Just think of the hangover your going to sustain when your allowed back in the pubs ,












    To name a few ….. aye i thought that would bring a wee smile to your face.

  2. Too late but Broonie looks like he’s finally hitting some form



    When he’s playing like tonight his leadership is vital to a team who lack confidence.

  3. We would have learned more about the team if StM hadn’t lost their form player halfway through the first half — they might have lost him but they stil played the same way.



    Just a case that they lacked talent at times — shape / formation / tactics can only take you so far.

  4. A rare thing for this season. We played better in the second half than the first. Though the first half was a low bar.



    Did anyone else have problems with the way the camera was positioned?



    I found it difficult to see the shape of the game. Seemed a very narrow perspective. And couldn’t make out what was happening on the far side of the pitch.



    Maybe I just need a bigger telly.



    Rogic, Turnbull and Ajer get my votes.



    I thought Ajeti was doing well, especially his first touch. Harsh getting subbed when he did.



    Read back and saw the negative comments when Christie came on. Did pretty well I thought.



    Definitely Taylor’s best game. Nearly got into the top three. Now if only he could do that wee step over that Son produced in the Everton v Tottenham game he would have defenders on tender hooks. At the moment he fakes to go down the line but everyone knows that not what he will do.



    Lastly. The foul on Welsh. Yellow was correct. Unfortunate that he twisted his ankle due to the boot being on top of his. Strained ligaments at worst I hope. 3 weeks maximum recovery. Time for the real Shane Duffy to stand up.

  5. CFM @ 11.05



    Where was SB’s leadership?



    At the penalty it was KA who was asking the questions of the MIB.


    SB was nowhere to be seen — an all to often occurrence this season.



    He was effective defensively tonight when the play suited him.


    They walked past him when it did not.


    Consequently time to move on.



    No extra contract.


    No coaching position.


    He needs to move on and gain experience elsewhere.

  6. Saint Stivs on 10th February 2021 10:34 pm






    celtic40me on 10th February 2021 10:38 pm






    Greenpinata on 10th February 2021 10:40 pm



    Agree for the most part. I was giddy to get to see the full second half after having 1st on in the background at work. Sent folks home early and I managed to catch the second half and see some quality goals and also some nice play. I can’t abide the negative stuff on the day of a 4-0 win that I felt so lucky to watch with a cold IPA and a wee dram while texting my dad in a snow covered old country.  



    Always liked Taylor. In a time of ‘want away’ names and big earners he for me is a true honest pro. Glad others are seeing the same now. 



    It gets a bit depressing when some folks jump on to berate as opposed to celebrate and discuss.



    One big family, right? 



    Ps That’s yir Larry Flynt deid. 



    Pps My only regret from the last 24 hours is gifting Saint Stives his C-Anon.



    Enjoyed that tonight. Watched it with Sky turned down. Forgot about our problems this season, just wanted to see Celtic play well & win over 90 mins.






    Agree wholeheartedly with this.

  8. 7 @ 10.52



    No wonder you were vilified.


    Lets start the bidding at £30mill.


    Much more potential than a certain KT.


    And we sold him with a 6 month injury to fix.



    If there is still a chance we should build the defence around him.


    Superb player who needs proper coaching morning / noon / night.

  9. Think that was actually a pretty decent performance which limited them to nothing. More functional than flair.



    Turnbull a joy for me and he didn’t get out of 3rd gear. I like his willingness to find space and shoot on sight, a dynamic this team needs.



    Shame about Welsh, speedy recovery and all that.

  10. Bhoy From The Boyne……………Would love to see the new Celtic built around Kris Ajer as captain but Dermot D would have to offer him a very large salary.


    But he’s probably off at the end of the season.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BBC Sport Scotland airbrushing the latest assault on a Celtic player out of history.






    Ban them tonight

  12. AIPPLE on 10TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:11 PM


    Saint Stivs on 10th February 2021 10:34 pm



    link that link you linked to, last night




  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    A highlights package that finds space to show a St Mirren injury (while fouling a Celt) but ignores thuggery on our youngest player?



    Deliberate, calculating.



    Plenty of analysis on the penalty though.



    Hot on the heels of the “ahem” treatment of the assault on Soro at the weekend.



    Celtic board need to show some spine here.

  14. Brown






    Thought Taylor had a great game Brown and Turnbull just that wee bit better.Good result.

  15. CaddingtonCommon on

    Purring away at big Tam ‘s cameo. If only he had a better engine.


    Brownie reminding us what we will miss when he no longer crosses the white line.


    We wait ages for a decent centre half coming through and then that tackle does him BBC website describes it as “ Nasty but not malicious. “ Says it all really. Hope the lad recovers quickly.



    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “A few interesting tackles” is the exact quote from the anchor.



    Running times of each sequence analysed



    McGregor’s tackle – 15 seconds



    Brown’s tackle – 12 seconds



    Obika’s assault – 9 seconds



    This is done by design, not by accident.



    By the state broadcaster.



    Pure, unadulterated bias.



    Celtic’s response? Silence.

  17. How could i forget Ajer he had a great game as well,can’t see him staying no matter what we offer i think he wants to play in a better league.imo

  18. B78 @ 11.42



    18 points behind and it is all down to confidence?


    I smell shi*e and then some.



    So where do we get this confidence you speak off?


    And if we don’t have it this season then why not — what happened to it / where did it go?

  19. Following a victory Celtic should call oooot hun corruption. Health and safety issues of Celtic staff at stake.



    Are we the only Club in scoddland to have staff assaulted on and off the park?




    I loved it.



    Trying to watch the news and ignore Trump stuff just now but some makes me chuckle yet I wish he wasn’t there, on the news.

  21. Given some of the tackles we seem to be on the end off on a regular basis — you would need to ask if our players have a bounty on their heads?



    We seem to be in a SPL wide game of Buddy Ball at the moment.



    KT used to be a particular target.


    Then it moved on to OE and Old JF.


    Then young JF seemed to be the target.


    And now SW takes a sore one



    Not good.

  22. It’s absolutely sickening the amount of our players who are basically assaulted on the pitch. As a member of the SPFL, surely they have some responsibility for the welfare, health & safety of our players during their working hours

  23. MADMITCH on 10TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:00 PM



    CQN match reports — Cheap sub tabloid journalism ??? !!! ???.



    Written in the style of Garrell / Luggie McKenzie never mind Kelvin McKenzie.





    Ah Kelvin the skank.editor who trolled the innocent 96


    did he not support Antony the fettes socialist?


    or was it Murdoch.?


    i get so confused i call it new confused.






  24. SAINT STIVS on 10TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:54 PM



    I read that really interesting thing about people and that “Kennedy moment”



    remembering finite details where you were what was happening, what you were wearing, eating, doing, as the moment of world changing news came in.



    The same thing happens here often, Tontine Tim, Garcia Lorca, and our corrospondent from the vatican,



    they share Celtic moments in time that are joyfull, soulfull or sad.



    Their Grandas memories of Malcolm McDonald,



    Great grand weans memories of Patsy and Delaney



    Belfast memories of Tully.




    This current day obsession of listen to me, today is the worst celtic team i ever seen, he is the worst player, he is the worst manager, everything is bad, and anyone who doesnt agree with me is in a cult, well , it is just a moment on a blog, consigned to a cloud computer data code line, that is so small it is irrelavant..





    a fine post St.Stivs and especially your last





    st.marys 1887 and on and on it goes..







  25. When Celtic beat St Mirren 5-0 at love St to win the league I was in my car listening on the radio in the Safeway carpeting in Shawlands while the missus struggled up the stairs with 6 full shopping bags towards the car. She crawled along said car park shouting for me to help. I couldn’t move as word was coming through it had finished 2-0 for Dundee v Hearts.


    She called me everything under the sun until I told her why I couldn’t help. She calmly put the shopping in the boot and took me to Finlay’s for a few celebratory beers.


    Them were the days

  26. 3sy



    Safeway in shawlands then was at the end of arcade opposite finlays.Sir john macwells pub is there now.a wetherspoon pub –


    last exam finished at 12 to Abany to game to lalbany hotel.mental day that just inspires hope :-)







    Night Celts

  27. Good morning cqn from a -8 Garngad, well it says that on my phone.



    In light of my moaning last night 😂 (i’m blaming no Lager) I think the 2nd half was a lit better than the first.



    So 3 points in the bag and we move forward, small acorns and all that.



    Let’s get a wee run together and put some pressure on sevco.



    We play them on 21 March if we can go there and beat them then there is a possibility we could close the gap at the end of the season.



    D :)

  28. Horrible tackle on young Welsh, the studs on the foot are likely a short term injury…the ankle roll that followed will , I fear see the lad out for several weeks.

  29. Toaty Trumper @ 12.28



    You are correct — you are very confused / totally doo lally in fact with your confusion.



    To this can be added your snidery / your trouser snakery / your wagon rut general lowness.



    I fear that TS is your hero — probably for no other reason that he could get the burds.


    So snide away with your Kelvin chat — your current wage was provided by the efforts of TB / GB.


    That would seem to be your issue — you talked about progress / they delivered progress.



    Yours in real progressive politics not sham / trendy wendy rhetoric.