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  1. Apparently we were only outstanding last night.


    I would have thought that there would have been another description used , as that is what he .normally says when we are getting beat

  2. I only come on here now sparingly so forgive if I comment on yesterday’s article re duff and Phelps and their malicious prosecution.



    It’s quite extraordinary that such an injustice is perpetrated by the State and indeed it’s extraordinary also that the Scottish media seem unwilling to give such a significant story any air time.



    If anything Duff and Phelps were instrumental in facilitating Green’s phoenix club through their selling of the assets in bulk and seemingly on the cheap.



    I believe BDO are now in the process of taking legal action against D&P on behalf of the creditors because the assets were under sold.



    The Scottish government have no option but to initiate a full public hearing into the actions of their prosecution service and if necessary, hold people to account.



    It’s amazing how a footballer getting on a plane can lead to a very public outburst yet something as serious as this gets the silent treatment from Holyrood.

  3. More midweek shoots of recovery last night think we look better balanced in both full back areas, pity that Stephen Welsh took a bad one. David Turnbull’s combined 14 goals and assists is impressive in 19 games. Shane Duffy played long enough to make the only slip in defence, veteran Brown makes a good case for an extension in the new era, though its midfield that we’re crying out for change. With James Forrest back in training, it means we’ll at least have one orthodox winger in a crucial game next month. Tom Rogic turned the clock back with another fine game, should be used sparingly as he’s as fit as he’s ever been .



    M.O.M Tom Rogic

  4. 67 European Cup Winners on

    MADMITCH on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:41 AM


    Yep same page


    BTW same as we have the ball in our half (I think it was Rogic) he gets a great ball away to Eddy in their half but he got fouled – Ref brings the game back – gives us a free kick absolutely no advantage



    Hey Ho How good were we to win 9 when the same stuff was going on




  5. are EH and his coaching team still available , 18 pts behind , shocking this season of all seasons , how the @@@@ Duff y still involved unbelievable , must be another development player , if not why not.

  6. I think Celtic have shown a touch of the human kindness not often seen in the business that is modern football in their treatment of El Hamed.



    “He’s really struggled with life here. He’s been through a really tough time of it mentally,” Lennon told BBC Scotland on Saturday.



    “His wife and young son are back in Israel and he really wanted to go home.”




    “Shane Duffy played long enough to make the only slip in defence,”




  8. Gene


    The two US vaccines do alter your DNA -fact. On-line you can find the official list of adverse vaccine reactions for the US . They are frightening.




    Ive never stayed at home -I go where I want and ignore the nonsense. We’ll see who is the “conspiracy theorist” and who is the brainwashed soon enough.


    Hot Smoked


    You’ve swallowed the government media narrative .


    Battered Bunnet


    I reckon your far too trusting . There was a strong smell of decomposing rat around this business tfrom the start. We are being conned big-time.




    Many Doctors and nurses and other health workers dont want the jab!


    Why do you think that is?

  9. As soon as it’s available here me an’ the missus will be getting the vaccine, no question.



    Re Burnley 78 – I haven’t read that the big fella’s anti – it – at all. His points come over as reasoned questioning and a different perspective.



    Anyhoo, we’ll be happy to roll the sleeves up and take the vaccine, when our time comes.




  10. BSR



    Re Broony – I’d like to see him stay one more season – some continuity in clture will be needed if recovery is to be swift.



    Good to see you here btw.




  11. BAMBOO on 11TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:08 AM



    Utter, utter drivel. In the past you have posted in support of Trump – assuming you are not a fascist you must now realise that you got that completely and utterly wrong and have obviously some major problems in how you understand the world. Bearing that in mind, why not take a step back from embarrassing yourself in public and read a book instead of qanon pish.

  12. It seems to me that many on here blame Lennon and Lawwell for Celtic`s failings this season but I don`t think it is as simple as that.



    I don`t have the drive to do it but i would like one of those in the business to write an article examining the many other possibilities for us being so far behind Sevco.


    Postponements,Bolingoli,injuries, Sevco stats re reds ,refs and pens etc.


    Poor form is obviously a factor but was it as a result of these other matters?


    Cheerio for now.




    I don’t see what Boligate has to do with our inability to defend set pieces. That’s a basic coaching failure.



    This season lies with Lennon for the most part and Lawwell for his refusal to sack him.

  14. Burnley 78 ! Last week you said you don’t like posting about politics 😂😂! But have continued to do so ! Me and 7 colleagues have tested positive from this kid on virus! And I can assure you I wish I had had the vaccine! Anyway can you please tell us the way out of this without vaccinations! And could you also answer EL question !! Back to the lemsips and paracetamol! Stay safe

  15. Not just PL and Lenny – JK needs to go too. As a former central defender, he must be involved


    in defence coaching. How well has that worked out?



    No way should he be anywhere near the frame in selecting a new manager. No way!



    Another cheap solution by DD?



    Hope not.

  16. Aipple



    Can’t believe I read this stuff on here.





    Proves we are a club open to all and long may it continue.🙂

  17. the vaccine roll out in Ireland is painfully slow; about 220,000 vs 790,000 in Scotland (even standardising for population that is a big difference)



    Ireland is 3rd best in EU apparently , so the EU delays are having a big effect.



    My wife works in a hospital, directly with patients, but was forgotten about on the last lot of jags. Probably won’t get it for months now.



    on the conspiracy theories; Sinn Fein president , mary Lou McDonald, has asked the UK for ‘any spares big man’ on vaccines



    If the Shinners are asking the Brits for vaccines ; they must be safe!!

  18. It would be ironic if the huns were shouting for null and void prior to the seasons end.



    ‘re vacinne passport. = mandatory ID ca5d.

  19. In Wenger’s autobiography he stresses the importance of continuity in the coaching staff when a new manager arrives at a club. You need someone in a senior position who has a experience of the club, it’s core values, understands it’s dna.



    I would say the same goes for someone with as much experience of success as Broonie on the playing side.

  20. Game last night



    Looking solid since Welsh and Kenny came in



    Tried to play one touch football first half but St Mirren defended well



    Ajeti linked play well and did OK i thought. Ajeti and Edouard playing quite far apart to give width sometime so not a classic partnership that Walker kept mentioning wasn’t there)



    I would say that Ajeti/Edouard could have played higher and look to make more runs . Kept coming into the midfield area; hence our neat play with no chances in most of the first half


    Edouard stay up more at the start of the second half and we got more chances



    Our ability to bring on forward subs broke St Mirren in the end



    Very few crosses last night which helped them defend our passing game through their midfield



    Enjoyed it , so one of my post Christmas KPIs have been met; just need a good Barkas game to complete





    BBC online were pretty snidey last night e.g. ‘adjudged to be a penalty after Taylor went down in the box’, ‘once Taylor went to ground you were looking at ref expecting him to give it’



    My top 3 : Welsh, Turnbull, Rogic. No-one had a bad game

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