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  1. ONIL



    keep up the good fight.



    The alarmistic and panic merchants are well, just that.



    Rome wasnt built in a day.

  2. I suspect we rested Kyogo last night. If he’s back in for Sunday then I think it’s clear the gaffer dropped the ball and underestimated St Mirren.

  3. Well, if I’ve not got Covid (LFT result), I definitely have a sore throat from screaming at the TV last night. Pendulum passing v 2 banks of 5 is friggin useless. Need to be much more direct, and much quicker passing. It was crying out for shots with the ball skidding up off the surface with the potential at least of rebounds etc. Ach well, onto Sunday and my (now) non attendance at Saints. Wonder I’d I’ll get a refund? Tickets obtained via SIL – in the home end…😉

  4. @ ST TAMS on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 10:26 AM



    I think that is unfair. He does tweak how we play.



    We have switched between inverted full backs and guys overlapping and playing down the line.



    We have integrated going long into our system as well – both goals against Hibs were not scored on account of intricate passing.



    The issue is the depth and quality of the squad. With the players available last night, what do you think tactically Ange could have done differently? Outwith playing a CB as a striker to win long balls.

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    SAINT STIVS on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 10:36 AM



    Much appreciated.



    The guy has won us the first trophy of the season with one of his new players scoring both goals.



    He has improved the squad massively since last season and made a great connection with the supporters (well most of them)



    There seems to be a few on here who are in the “want him to fail, so I told you so” camp……

  6. ROLLING_STONE on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 10:43 AM


    @ ST TAMS on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 10:26 AM









    ‘The issue is the depth and quality of the squad.’







    The issue is that if you know there’s an issue with the depth and quality of the squad you exercise some discretion in how you utilise players and have the gumption to prioritise some games over others.



    Particularly when, for whatever reason, your squad is being depleted by hamstring injuries.

  7. Is it possible the Board have told the manager that the league is not necessarily a priority this season and his performance will not be judged on whether or not the league is won?

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:00 AM



    No and do you actually think he would be happy with that. Failure is fine Ange….you clearly don’t know much about the man.

  9. Took my disappointment and frustration for a walk to the barbers on the Dalry Road at Haymarket Edinburgh this morning. I was still wallowing in the loss of vital points and even more depressed reading some of the comments on CQN. That was particularly so after such a high on Sunday however deep in my water a result such as this was almost inevitable when we fielded what was beyond a makeshift side.


    Anyway back at the barbers. After exchanging sentiments about the miserable weather he launched in to a subject he clearly wanted to talk about ( rather in the fashion of London taxi drivers with whose style I am more familiar with ). He had been at Easter Road last night and was cheered by Hibs victory over Aberdeen but had still not recovered from the cheating that went on at Hampden on Sunday. This guy had never met me before nor did he know if I was a football man. In Edinburgh there is a fair chance that his customers might be rugby people. When pressed on the cheating he advised that Brother Beaton turned a blind eye to the offside first goal now well documented on social media. As to the second goal then Hibs we’re trying to make a player change and the board was up. Brother Beaton ( he kept repeating this ) ignored other officials such was his desire to do down the Hibs. When I delicately asked why this Brother,presumably a mason, would want to advantage Celtic he was genuinely perplexed. Celtic was the bastard child of the Old Firm and Hibs are the true descendants of the original Irish . People like. Brother Beaton really hate Hibs for that reason and,if they have to choose ,will always side with the Old Firm. He was not wrong about his Hibs history.and I was able to more than match him by offering both sides of the Hibs- Celtic story.


    I have supported Celtic for pushing on 70 years now but I have never met anyone who made such a claim around Masonic referees giving any advantage to Celtic.


    As I approached Hampden on Sunday lots of Hibs fans were singing -“ if it wasn’t for the Hibs you would all be Huns today “. A peculiar logic has evolved amongst Hibs fans and a group ,when I am feeling aggressive towards them, I would like to remind not only played down their Irish heritage but led the charge in the 1950’s for Celtic to remove the flag of the Irish Republic from being flown at Celtic Park.


    The story ends well. I received a good haircut,gave him a healthy tip and looked forward to our meeting again in the Scottish Cup Final 2022.


    Discuss that with

  10. ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:00 AM


    Is it possible the Board have told the manager that the league is not necessarily a priority this season .




    Would not surprise me one little bit Ernie . This transfer window will tell us all we need to know .





    So it’s not possible?



    The Board are expecting him to win the league or he’ll be regarded as having failed?



    If that’s the case then it seems he is incapable of prioritising important things over trivial things. That’s not a desirable trait in a football manager.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    looking at the number of players who could miss the rescheduled huns game due to international duty, it might end up being a game between 2 fringe teams



    luckily we have plenty of strength in depth to cope with it!

  13. our only objective this season imo is to be 1 point ahead of thems and win back the title, playing like last night and it will not happen, ange has to learn quickly as his coaching staff certainly haven’t how to break down 2 banks of 5 all this tippy tappy and one two’s around their box if you don’t have the quality of player to carry it out doesn’t work , why not try sometimes to drive directly into box and force a rash tackle , we are far to predictable in our play and the opposition know it. , we could have swapped our defence for our attack and probably had more success,

  14. EL @ 11.00



    There is a lot of it about — Alcan branded tin foil hats are much in demand.



    Some of the play by some senior players in some games would suggest that there is a not so hidden agenda in play. To repeat — some of our play from senior / quality players has been brutal.



    Corners — a standing joke.


    Free kicks — JJ’s last night was the closest in months.


    Crosses hit like shots to no-one / Shots hit like crosses straight to the GK.


    Attack the box — certain lack of engagement with that concept.



    Something badly wrong with our attempts at the basics.



    Who won last night in Paisley — the bookies per chance?


    Who won when the TFOD2.1 shipped the first goal in 5 straight matches?


    It would have been an interesting betting combination — lose the first goal but win the match?



    The squad is still in transition / it has not settled down to a new coach / new captain.


    I think AP tried to lay down a marker last night — the team cannot just rely on KF to provide the spark. Failed big time but the point has to be made — we need effort from everybody not just the forward line.



    Anybody getting £3.5mill plus for LA was at the top of their game.


    Either that or they are one of PL’s pet agents getting one for the road.


    Then you have the CS enigma — worth £4mill plus to whom?



    And to think that according to the Thorntonhall gossip line — DMcK got punted for agreeing the JMcC transfer.



    Double standards anyone?



    AP is light years ahead of NL — and for that we should be grateful.


    However at times his demeanour comes across as too RD like — one man against the machine.



    Jan is now the acid test.


    Need a huge recruitment drive for the squad.


    Need an even bigger recruitment drive for the backroom staff.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    GARCIA LORCA on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:06 AM



    I’ll take a guess and say your barber is 40 at the most?



    Had this type of conversation with my daughter in the pub on Sunday. Older Hibs fans and there were many in Montfords on Sunday , still have a synergy with Celtic.



    The younger generation just see us as a team which plays in the same colours

  16. According to my not necessarily flawless calculations, a Celtic player ( not the same one !) fouled a St Mirren player every 1;57 minutes. The obviously very well-behaved Buddies, on the other hand, took a 9.33 minute break between fouling any of our players.



    Any non-Ref related suggestions as to why this would be?

  17. I think many forget where we started from this season. When Ange finally took over not many of us though the league was even a remote possibity.



    I do think Ange needs his own confidant though. I hope he brings I’m his own hand picked assistant, however the current incumbent does not necessarily have to depart.




  18. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:10 AM



    Ange knows the expectations of both the fans and the board.



    Do you?

  19. GL @ 11.06



    Ludge MIB — too many are guns for hire when they are not acting like the 12th man for TFOD2.1.



    They will do what they are told to do.



    The 98 SC final being a case in point.


    WS could not go out on a high because he had stood up to SDM / lost the league.


    Cue a masterclass in MIB result delivery.

  20. onenightinlisbon on

    SIONNAIGH on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:30 AM


    Please God Ange never disrespects Celtic like last night ever again. Forgiven. Ave Ave



    what are you on about?

  21. The only thing Ange did not do last night,IMO,was not to bring on Taylor and Juranovic at half time.Our two wingers were making no impression whatsoever.Gone to a back 3.The lack of height was killing us,so why not stick Scales in the mix in the box.Juranovic put in some great crosses,to no one.Taylor likes to play balls into feet in the box.Calmac gets into the box more when Taylor plays.


    We all know he was hamstrung with the squad,but sometimes you have to try something totally different.As I said last night,to finish the game playing the way we had been,was the worst for me.


    I believe he will get his targets in January,the Board will back him.He is 100% the right man for us.Still now worried about Perth on Sunday.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Morning all



    I heard a brilliant song and just HAD to share it with you.



    Full disclosure – have heard this song sung hundreds of times but, for some reason, it came back to me this morning.



    Goes like this ….



    “We’re Celtic supporters,


    Faithful through and through


    Over and over


    We will follow you”



    Fully appreciate that, going by some posts in last 14 hours, this song won’t resonate with some on here …



    But I quite like it.




    PS – Professional sport now takes place every day when historically it was weekends only.



    Times were simpler “back then”



    Sunday – You went to the ball game.



    Monday – You moaned, argued, pontificated and demonstrated your copious wisdom



    Then got on with life until next Sunday.



    “Thursday Morning Quarterback” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it?


    (And yet ….)




    PPS – although the longest night has now passed and the days are gradually getting longer …



    … It’s still dark and creepy out there !!!



    So watch out for that blue cloaked bogey man across the city.



    He’s comin’ to getcha !!!!!!



    Or in some cases, he’s already snared you.



    Sevco’s financial probs well documented but one aspect rarely discussed ….



    .. How they can afford all the rent for the spaces they occupy in the heads of some Celtic fans is beyond me.



    The cost must be staggering.






    Have a good day.

  23. The above should read …..” every 1;57 minutes of St Mirren POSSESSION.” and likewise with the Celtic possession an St Mirren figures..

  24. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:40 AM



    I’m not sure Ange has made any tactical changes in a match. It’s always been like for like subs from what I recall.

  25. The one thing the huns do quite well is shut games down and make themselves hard to beat.



    That’s exactly what they’ll try to do at Celtic Park. They’ll then look to score with crosses into our box.



    Our two main flaws at the moment is breaking down a low block and defending set pieces.



    We better address these weaknesses very sharpish as we approach what looks like a must win Glasgow Derby.



    Should we drop more points before the derby then it’ll be over regardless.



    ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:10 AM







    Ange knows the expectations of both the fans and the board.







    Do you?







    I know the expectations of the fans.



    I don’t know the expectations of the Board and neither do you.



    I suspect though, given what we do know, that they are still wedded to The Old Firm concept. And, given that the other half of The Old Firm are financially distressed, from a long term commercial perspective it might not be the worst possible outcome if the huns were to somehow acquire a large sum of money to give them some long term stability. Given that, and given the shit show that AG inherited it’s not impossible that the Board have let him know that it would be unreasonable to expect him to turn round things sufficiently in one season as to win the league. So other stuff is prioritised. Like winning pointless European ties, and the Cinderella cup, even at the cost of harming the league campaign.

  27. I am really disappointed that we dropped points last night but for all the reasons being given for so doing, I think the main one is that we have a hell of a lot of players missing.


    The number of games we have played in December with this depleted squad doen`t help either.





    I have often wondered if Ernie Lynch, because of the wealth of knowledge displayed, is actually an amalgamation of several people. If so, one of the less able members of the group is on this morning.

  28. now we are worried that the japanese players we are going to sign will be away on international duty anyways

  29. An Dun,



    Yes,both posts totally in agreement with.In the changing of tactics,sometimes desperate measures called for.


    It has been a festering sore point for donkeys,why we are so bad at set pieces.The amount of corners we get,and do nothing with is unbelievable.Turnbull has taken so many with no improvement,getting worse,it’s jaw dropping.Our defending them,same in reverse.We all know that this is not a new thing.Been doing it for decades.I believe it’s a sign of bad professionalism from some players.We know about Naka,spending 2 hours extra after every training session,taking free kicks.If I was a player,I would be ashamed at my efforts to cross a ball under no pressure,and find it difficult.

  30. HOT SMOKED on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:56 AM



    I am trying to find a reason for AP’s apparent inability to effectively use the resources available to him to achieve the only thing that matters this season ie the league title.



    One possibility is that the board have said the league might be a step too far, given what he inherited, and his performance would be assessed accordingly.



    That would explain his approach.



    The only other explanation that occurs to me suggests he just doesn’t have the guile or strategic ability required for the job.

  31. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 12:05 PM



    Agreed. It’s not just unbelievable it’s totally inexcusable.

  32. @ HOT SMOKED on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 11:56 AM



    We have a depleted squad, but it’s hardly surprising we are in this position.



    Ajeti has not kicked a ball in 2 years.



    JF missed all of last season, so it was unwise to expect him to be reliable this season.



    In the 2 seasons preceding last, Giakoumakis only managed 10 and 12 appearances a piece – he is currently on 8 in all competitions for us.



    Huddle Breakdown looked into it and I believe Jota had hardly ever played three 90 mins games in a row in his career (the last time was a couple years ago in the Portuguese 2nd division) – and even then, it was over 3 separate weekends, not 3 games in a single week.



    Kyogo already had 20+ games under his belt when he arrived in the summer.



    Given the number of games and paucity of quality and options in our squad, it was inevitable we would end up with lots of injuries given the burden placed on first team players.



    We were just ill prepared (again) and find ourselves in this position due to our lack of preparedness.



    Agree with that other than the the last paragraph.



    As AN DUN , says and I did earlier.


    He hasn’t made a formation change. It’s like for like all the time