St Mirren v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14.00.

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  1. garygillespieshamstring on

    Jim Craig?



    Again by elimination as I’m pretty sure Stevie, jinky and Bobby Lennox didn’t go into management.

  2. My friends in Celtic,



    I can understand BR’s sentiments today. However that is part and parcel of playing for the biggest club in Scotland.


    The expectation is always great and the strive for improvement is relentless. The pressure is physical and also physiological and some will handle both aspects better than others.



    A big big shout out for Joe Hart. Much maligned in some quarters, he has put in great performances and demonstrated his class.



    HH, the journey continues.

  3. BhoyJoeBelfast 9.10pm



    As a kid I was unaware of Mr Cushley playing footbal, as a wee bit of a wideo and fae too much too say for myself it was one of the few times I saw my father get really annoyed … he more or less said “haw you ya eijit dint give any cheek to a Lisbon lion” I had no idea Mr Cushley even liked football he only spoke of Macbeth and Of Mice and Men to me 😜

  4. GP 9.12pm



    Totally agree … Joe is so important both on the field and off it … he is a terrific player for us 👍

  5. HOT SMOKED on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 6:02 PM


    JOES11 on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 1:31 PM



    `Para Handy` was /is one of my favourite books.



    As a student at Loughborough Uni., I managed to convince them to put it on the Curriculum when they introduced Scottish Literature !






    Well done, you!



    So long as it wasn’t at the expense of Scott, Stevenson, Gunn or Grassic Gibbon!

  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    Bhoy Joe



    Went for Wallace as I remembered Jim Craig going to South Africa and then coming back to Sheffield Wed.


    Didn’t remember him going to Ireland and assumed he returned to dentistry after he stopped playing.

  7. Gary 9.28


    Still a great score nonetheless.If memory serves me correctly Celtic team on Quizball had Jim Craig.

  8. Scum SC tie with Hibs in the middle of their Europa ties.Hubs 9-10th March.Europa,7- 15th.March.


    Good timing.

  9. I need to admit the knowledge on here is well over my head …



    I can remember some games, sadly the 4-1 and 5-1 at Ibrox are the games I remember more than any victories … maybe because we had to queue up at Celtic Patk (Celtic end) around midnight for tickets going on sale at 9am…. Although think they opened the turnstiles around 8am … happy days



    Always look on the bright side of life



    Broomloan Road CSC

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Yes that is correct.


    Other star player in the team was the actor John Cairney.



    John Cairney played the title character in the tv series “This Man Craig”.


    As a result, Jim Craig was given the nickname “Cairney”.

  11. Gary


    ..,.remember “This Man Craig”…..and The Seven Penny Gate” about his east end upbringing and going to Celtic Park…. what a clever man.



  12. Solid day for Celtic today.



    Decent not great performance



    Really good win



    Good cup draw for us and rivals

  13. Turkeybhoy



    That is good news.



    They won’t have the squad to deal with that type of scenario.

  14. Still no sign of the unhappy brigade ..



    If we had lost this place would have been toxic



    Keep winning Celtic 🍀



    On that note some of us still need to work for a living (or just to pay the bills)



    Kyogo back scoring … get CCV back and we will be back to normal



    Fellow Celts



    Good night n god bless



    (We aren’t as bad as some would make you think)



    Hail Hail 🍀

  15. Superbru Round 25 update



    We still have 2 games to go in this game week but Bada Bing’s reign as the punter with the best weekly score has already been broken. The first to do so is Hutchybhoy with 15.5 points but 3 others (Billy Bhoy, Nawlite & Batten Bhoy) have equalled Bada’s score and are likely to break it on Wednesday. It looks like the winner of this prize might come from this game week

  16. GFTB



    When we dropped points at Aberdeen and drew with Hibs we had posters calling out the absence of happy clappers as they had no one to sink their pitchforks into. We even had some who declared the league lost.



    I know you are digging up the absence of mineshafters with a bit more humour, but, truth is, the destination of the league was neither helped nor harmed by today’s result; we can still go behind on goal difference on Wednesday unless Ross County miraculously improve.



    Lighthouse thinking is to be avoided. We did not lose the league at Easter Road last week nor did we win it today. People should feel free to be optimistic, pessimistic or faithful through and through at all times but…….



    there is definitely a nervous tendency on match day comments on CQN where positive comments on our play and our prospects are in the minority. Only a small proportion is down to hunter lopers; most come from genuine anxious Celts.



    And they may be proven right yet.

  17. SFTB 10.43pm



    I was going to my bed but need to respond if somebody posts to me …



    Trust me .. league titles, cups, doubles, trebles and even quadruples aren’t my Celtic interest …



    Winning is magic but some of my best Celtic times have been in defeat … my post was at the many who will never be happy .. Celtic fans ? Or not … I feel sorry for actual fans who just want us to spend all the “mullions”



    I know you weren’t having a dig at me but some of the entitied shoite and the abuse P67 gets on here is ridiculous



    Celtic should always enjoyable, some (not present today) seem incapable of that …



    If so annoyed why are they not posting …



    That’s all am saying SFTB






    I’m actually one of those huns in disguise. :)






    Dam man! ye must have better scary software than me only show up as green and white,and it didnae cost you a pound or 2.:-))



    Seriously tho,Its good to get the old knowledge out there,i think the fee for yogi and willie wallace was £110,000 for the 2 of them.


    John Clark must be one of the most unsung heroes Celtic have ever had,wirh all those medals won he is so humble.His history is Celtic history since he joined,,player and backroom staff.what a guy.Met George McCluskey onvfri night in Greenock whit a guy,funny too.




  19. Celtic connections fae St Ambrose



    Mr Cushley fae the Lions



    Big Shuggy fae CQN



    Home Economics teacher Mrs Sullivan



    (Dom Sullivans wife) a bit of a looker was Mrs Sullivan (hope that’s ok to write)



    Mark Wilson



    Billy “badger” McKinkay

  20. GFTB on 11th February 2024 10:59 pm



    You’re annoyed when they are posting and you are annoyed when they aren’t. . …



    You should both head off to bed.

  21. G F



    No comment on the actual game ? Just a wee dig at me



    If that is your first thought after a Celtic game mate maybe you should go to your bed … please get me out of your head first though

  22. garygillespieshamstring on

    A bargain for Palace.



    I remember yogi scored 2 brilliant goals in one of his early games for palace.



    Game was on match of the day and both goals were in the selection for goal of the month. I think one of the goals was goal of the month and the other one was second.


    It was unusual for a player to have two goals in the choices for the same month and probably unheard of to get two in the same game.



    Might even have been goal of the season.

  23. sftb



    Not only did we not lose the League at Easter Road, we did not lose any points either…


    In fact we won……..2-1


    What happened…..did you lose your nerve on the ninety minute mark and throw the box oot the windae?


    Get with the programme

  24. GFTB



    I love your positive attitude and really can’t be doing with the negative sorts who just see their Celtic world as half empty.



    Even more so the ones who just want to abuse our own players.

  25. G F



    You do understand you can write a post and hit post comment …



    Still nothing on the Celtic game



    You can also scroll or ignore … I can assure you none of your posts interest me .., I only respond never initiate with posters like your good self



    Macjay CSC

  26. GFTB on 11th February 2024 11:45 pm



    I leave you to your own devices gasúr. You seem to have enough problems without me adding to the load.

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