St Mirren v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14.00.

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  1. well done ,into the next round.



    imo we seen to have too many nicey nice players in attacking positions that don’t have the power to finish attacking moves with authority.

  2. A good day at the office and good use of the squad. Kyogo playing behind Idah looked better for me although the pitch makes any analysis of performance extremely difficult.

  3. Madrarura 3.55pm



    Joe has been magic for us, sometimes a bit dodgy with the ball at his feet …..



    BUT that’s the reason he is a goalie !!!!



    Canny go all this patter they need to be good with the ball … they are in goals because they aren’t good at football (with their feet)

  4. Well done Celtic.


    Maybe a wee bit tricky at times as St Mirren were ” UP” for it, but JOE HART and the Celtic defenders stood tall.



    KYOGO was involved a whole lot more which was great to see.



  5. Better overall- St Mirren no mugs. Defence were solid under the constant crosses.


    Joe more in control – Welsh and Scales solid.


    Need to be getting more shots away – always another touch taken but happy man.


    Wonder who we will be away to whilst Der Hun play Morton at Ibrox?

  6. GFTB



    Modern keepers need to do both – not a choice between being good with the feet and making saves.



    I like Joe Hart and he’s been good for us but that’s why he’s now in the SPFL and not the EPL.

  7. Bernabei had a decent game. Skillful player. Agree with those who suggest we miss Greg T as a better all rounder.


    The fly in the ointment of Joe having a good few weeks, is that our defence is allowing that.


    Onwards and upwards

  8. Really happy memories of going to games in Greenock in the 80s when they had a decent wee team.


    If we get them or a home tie against any of the others I might retire from moaning about the SC draw.

  9. Thought we played well considering the pitch wasn’t suited to pass and move football. St Mirren took the pitch out of the equation by horsing the ball up the park every time. Nice to see a change in tactics and formation. It can be done after all

  10. Back 4 were solid and Hart was commanding in goal. Oh is destined to never fulfill his potential for us.

  11. Madrurua 4.05pm



    I only got a game because I could run



    Daizen Fae The Brig :-)



    Geebee 4.06pm



    Totally get that but am happy if my goalie can just stop the ball going in our net

  12. We must always find a place for Kyogo. He is too good a player to sit on the bench. We also need to be more clinical in front of goal. We must hve. Skied 4 or 5 shots over the bar.

  13. Moisey17



    Ridiculous basic criticism of Yang.



    How much actual football has this lad actually played this season?

  14. Good win against a team in form , pretty even on chances we took 2 , they didn’t . Thought saints played fair until they brought on them rough boys , they still couldn’t score .


    Up the Hoops



  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    I thought Yang did well when he came on.


    Held the ball well, nearly scored, beat his man and drew a couple of fouls.



    A bit harsh to slag him because he didn’t spot a forty yard cross field pass imo.

  16. well done Celtic, terrible surface for passing the ball but much better in the physical aspect of the game, home draw please would be nice, more likely Snake Mountain or Tynecastle, we will take either.

  17. garygillespieshamstring on

    Unseen woman on viaplay trying to get Robinson to complain about Berna’s tackle when he got booked.



    She chose to ignore the fact that he should have been awarded a free kick.



    Either bigoted hun comments or doesn’t know the rules of the game.



    Probably both, but you pays your money and takes your pick.

  18. Kilmarnock at home to ???? Us


    Rangers v Greenock Morton….be a great draw for Morton …Aye Right …🧐

  19. Positives. Next round, clean sheet , Kyogo finding the net . Coping with a ploughed field. Joe Hart comading the area



    Negatives; Giving up majority of possession ntoSt mirren!. The defence couldnt connect with the midfield and it just kept going back to us. Fir me, Matt O’reilly is underperforming ad leaving the hard work to others.



    Its a grndat the moment, but we are living hand to mouth until our best players are back fit

  20. What have a of the Supporters saying about supporting the players,and right away this one can’t pass etc ,leave the bhoys alone support them don’t criticise them ,I reckon we get Aberdeen and Sevco will


    get Hibs.

  21. Sometimes you have to experience , what times some of the support have to rise to watch the games . Fare play to them hope there’s no 4 am ers soon 😁😁

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