St Mirren v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14.00.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The media do what the media do – hype, exaggerate and create something out of nothing.



    They do not trade in facts or truth. They exist to generate viewers, listeners and clicks in order to sell advertising.



    Best avoided👍



    A special word for Bernabei…I thought he had a good game. Love his attitude.




    Agreed and the foul he was given the yellow card for he should have had a free just before it the St. Mirren player tried to put his head off, nothing given!

  3. CONEYBHOY on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:06 PM



    Interesting Abada wasn’t on the bench today



    *bit of a personal problem there, allegedly his country disnae want him tae play in front of a PLO luvin support, wtf both Wullie Cook and Bertie Peacock played for us and they were both fae the black north, in fact the former also played for the Toffees

  4. Well we did what we needed to do, and we got what we, well most of us anyway, wanted which was a home draw. Maybe not the most attractive game on paper, but we’ll be playing on our £1.4 mill grass pitch, so it should fit the bill. Wouldn’t mind a Friday night match or late Saturday afternoon, no Sundays, no Mondays and no lunchtime kick offs.




    Bit of a love in between Neil and Jim Goodwin with Brendan- where’s Kris Boyd?



    *that’s hilarious as didnae Lenny get banned for calling him a female’s front bottom

  6. It was funny



    but competitive guys will fall out with anyone but it usually only lasts as long as the match they’re playing



    Big Sutton has a media persona that suits his character- he can be scathing and a bit of a bully but he uses Kris Boyd as a fairly easy target as he lacks the wit to compete.




    Good win in a tough tie. Well played Bhoys.



    *aye nae kiddin they have NEVER liked us, I was once led tae believe that they would never sell any players tae us and before the Franks are mentioned, McAvennie and McGarvey, they joined us fae other clubs and they widnae sell us McDougall, as for Sammy Wilson, he joined us on a free.

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    It’s Celtic Jim, but not as we know it.



    No spark, no fizz, no spectacle, no class act since AP’s rebuilt squad went about battering all comers in Scotland. Daizen Maeda’s clincher couldn’t even raise his usual grin, never mind a smile.



    Enforced form loss changes saw Idah start and Kyogo scored and made it look brighter for a spell. No flood, no dominating just a tricky tie, sidestepped when the Japanese internationals ensured, our name in the hat.



    Alexandro Bernabei is as ‘rough as a badgers’ but somehow a worthwhile gamble, over Greg Taylor and Tony Ralston didn’t need to do much, to eclipse Alistair Johnston’s recent contribution.



    Liam Scales does some job at Celtic but a dominant airborne Centre Back would improve him further, alluding us till summer again, it seems. The next market will need to be kinder than it has despite best of Polish and best of Swedish always not quoted.



    Hard to keep up, with the ‘subs r us’ routine a first pick settled side looks further away than the tour of Japan, and Brendan’s ‘assessment’ could run season long.



    The next sequence of games is always the telling sequence with modern day Celtic, and so it proves with 14 points dropped but Celtic safely in the SC for another double.



    Hats off, as ever to the Celtic away support always in fine voice





    Liam Scales

  9. Neil Lennon



    Terrific player



    Terrific manager (one season apart where everyone’s lives were turned upside down)



    Terrific pundit ..



    We used to be “all Neil Lennon”



    I still love him



    Not many players took a wage cut to live the dream



    Neil did

  10. TIMBHOY163 on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:39 PM



    What have a of the Supporters saying about supporting the players, and right away this one can’t pass etc, leave the bhoys alone support them don’t criticise them, I reckon we get Aberdeen and Sevco will get Hibs.



    *well said oul yin and aye the huns did get a home tie as they rarely lost at easter road

  11. if we spent £8m on the 2 centre backs who are believed to be not good enough for the SPL could we not have just spent the £8m on getting 1 quality centre back and payed him the equivalent of the 2

  12. James Forrest seems to have disappeared recently


    Either that or his many critics on here have finally got it right….


    He’s the Invisible Man

  13. As a Celtic fan who was devastated when Brendan bolted to the EPL… am loving the new Brendan



    Fool me once …



    F it … fool me again



    100% behind our manager 🍀💚

  14. JOES11 on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 1:31 PM




    `Para Handy` was /is one of my favourite books.



    As a student at Loughborough Uni., I managed to convince them to put it on the Curriculum when they introduced Scottish Literature !

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Very pleased with that today. Showed real grit, particularly the defence, including Hart. All of those bhoys really dug in.



    Also showed better penetration going forward. I thought CalMac was good, big Matt not so much. Teams see what we can’t control the midfield so much, so are having a go.



    Makes it a more interesting spectacle and credit to St Mirren who had 18 shots and might have scored a couple of goals.



    A huge positive was finding a formation that de-nullified our best player and we were rewarded by an excellent opening goal. We sacrificed some control in midfield, but it paid off.



    Good that Rodgers was willing to tweak a failing tactical approach. I certainly didn’t miss the horseshoe of doom or the lateral centre circle passing.



    We weren’t brilliant, but the attitude was first class on a deplorable pitch. Great result and a good draw.

  16. National Foundation Day in Japan falls every 11 February. This holiday was originally observed on the first day of the first month of the Japanese lunisolar calendar, but now it is kept according to the Gregorian Calendar.

  17. I take it the “sack the board” mob are just enjoying a Celtic victory :-)



    By the way I admire any Celtic fan that questions everything



    I just like the team winning



    This is a very very young squad … life is far too short so enjoy what we have … don’t concentrate on what we don’t have :-)

  18. Majestic Hartson on

    CELTIC MAC on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 5:44 PM





    1. Wayne Kramer



    2. Damu Suzuki




  19. Have no idea how we played was watching my grandsons team (pumped 7-1) today .



    Result , 2-0 , clean sheet , no injuries and our Japanese bhoys on the scoresheet what’s not to like….

  20. ●●LISBON LIONS●●


    1)Which two Lions joined Crystal Palace in 1971?


    2)This Lion had already played in an ‘european’ final prior to ’67?


    3)Two players made 62 appearances during 66/67 season.One is Tommy Gemmell,name other?

  21. Not so sure i jump into tje “very please” camp. Very relieved more like.



    I cant remeber a team outside Sevco dominating possession over us domestically. I think we need to set the standards higher then a gritty win against St Mirren.



    Still take it and move on, but the unease hasn’t lifted.


    SCULLYBHOY on 11TH FEBRUARY 2024 6:20 PM


    National Foundation Day in Japan falls every 11 February. This holiday was originally observed on the first day of the first month of the Japanese lunisolar calendar, but now it is kept according to the Gregorian Calendar.



    Feast of OUR LADY OF LOURDES. Now how did i remember that. Might have been something i did 55 years ago. NUPTUAL BLESSINGS were all the rage then .

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