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  1. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    I was walkin’ down the street


    Concentratin’ on truckin’ right


    I heard a dark voice beside of me


    And I looked round in a state of fright


    I saw four faces one mad


    A brother from the gutter


    They looked me up and down a bit


    And turned to each other

  2. Quite a solid looking team.



    Happy to see three genuine midfielders playing, although I prefer Ledley being one of them.



    However, it makes sense to nurse Izzy back gently after such a long lay off with a serious injury.



    Like Forrest, Matthews is a young boy and cannot be expected to play every week, especially after illness.



    I hope Ki uses his talents to the full today, especially as St. Mirren are a footballing team now.

  3. Fholks as promised a wee look back at the greatest goal-scorer of all time and the fantastic biography of our very own Jimmy McGrory and the main reason I go on and on, and on, about the need for a heid the goals type striker ..so now you know



    This extract picks up at the end of the Celtic tour of USA in 1931 – with the recently won Scottish Cup. We see a few diary entries from the great man himself then our author picks up his story…





    Heroes Are Forever: The Life and Times of Celtic Legend Jimmy McGrory


    Written by John Cairney, Mainstream Publishing 2005




    28 June 1931-


    Arrived New York 10.30 a.m. Most of the team went to Mass at 11.30 a.m. After wash-up and lunch went straight to Yankee Stadium to play the New York Yankees team who beat us 4-3 in Boston. This was a very important game, a game we had to win. We played our best game of the tour and beat them 4-1. Great scenes afterwards. I was presented with a box of cigars and inside a request for a photograph. I sent the photograph. After the match, some of us went to Brooklyn Paramount Picture House, and others went off to play in a floodlit match at Baltimore against Baltimore Canton, which they won 4-1. I think we had a better time than they did.



    29th June 1931-


    A farewell dance was held for us at the Brooklyn Columbus club. Most of our time was spent signing autographs.




    It was all over. It was time to pack the suitcases and cram in all the souvenirs. All in all, it had been a most successful trip. They had played 13 games, won nine with one draw, scored forty-eight goals and conceded eighteen. McGrory had broken his jaw this time instead of records but, wired up, he was as strong as ever.



    He had to be. His direct full-bloodied style was to take its toll throughout his career. Black eyes and bloodied noses were common place for him, teeth were vulnerable and now his chin. This might have been because so many of his goals were scored with his head. It was estimated that nearly two-thirds of them were headers, but what few realised was the power that was behind these bullets to the goal. ‘Jaymark’, who saw McGrory at his prime, was to write an article, ‘Giants of Scottish Sport’, for the Evening Times of 7 May 1955, where he said of McGrory:



    “His scoring headers gave a goalkeeper as much chance as a full-bloodied shot. When it came to corners, McGrory , as I saw it, always stood well out to see the ball all the way as it left the kicker’s foot. He positioned himself (so that) he was able, if need be, to run in and meet it , putting the full force of his body behind his header- so often with the best results.”



    And sometimes with a broken jaw.









  4. Instantly liked the side NL has selected, he’s clearly anticipating a difficult game, against a form side who beat Ragers, don’t think Matthews or Izzy are 100% fit, and twinned strikers, isn’t right for every game, when we need more in the middle.



    I expect he’ll make use of very powerful bench.

  5. tommytwiststommyturns Kano 1000 on

    Prior to signing him this week, Saints fan in work felt that Imrie was a wee, cheating, diving bassa!


    Needs to be watched for any signs of a “Naisy”!




  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    bunburybhoy says:


    21 January, 2012 at 12:08



    Foxtel and Setanta are my choice.


    I`m sure that somebody can provide other sources,although illegal streams


    can create problems for mein and your host.



    Good luck,my fellow,tho` remote,Tim.

  7. I have to say that I’m very happy with the team selection. For me Matthews, Stokes and Izzy were a bit below their usual last week so it sends a message, that you can’t drop your level or you will be out the team.



    Izzy coming back from a bad injury should be broken in gently and Ledley is a more than capable replacement.



    It’s a physically strong team for an away fixture which is what you need for the SPL. Win the battle first.



    If things start to go pear shaped we have good options on the bench.



    Nice to see Commons on the bench again.

  8. goldstar10 says:


    21 January, 2012 at 12:11


    Keevins- “Conditions are like when Sir Edmund Hillary went to the south pole”.



    WTF is he on about???






    and sheelagh asks him “any advice for those fans coming to the game”



    “aye stay in and watch it on the telly”.



    promoting scottish football or whit.

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Not sure about having Stokes on the bench imo he is our best option for a goal or two also whats happened to Bangura he isnt even on the bench? I will trust in Neil Lennon as he is the boss but we need the 3 points to day to put a bit of pressure on the poundland mob.H.H.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Saint Stivs says:


    21 January, 2012 at 12:17


    Lazy journalism ……..or………


    Thick as pig poo ?

  11. Macjay1@12:15


    Yes mate and I have Setanta at home and they are actually showing the game for the first time in 3 weeks so I am taping it as I am at work so will have to listen…The Bet365 option is the go and thanks for that Exciled Tim!


    HAIL! HAIL! and 5-0 tae the Tic!

  12. That team will do the business, especially if it lines up as the 4-3-3.



    Neil is using the squad and it is important to do this to keep the team as fresh as possible.



    The midfield 3 looks good to me and they will be the platform for a very good win IMO.

  13. listened to clyde,


    i hope sammy has a positive contribution with a goal today to shut that muppet dalziel up.



    also talking up the chances of saints, and that mcgowan, if he plays like he did against rangers, will be moving on as interest from scouts.



    anyone know that celtic get 50% of any fee, allegedly from my saints supporting buddie in the work,

  14. Don’t Like team Selection..oan Two Points.



    Forrest,is wasted oan the LEFT.






    Sammi, is No Striker.



    Sammi, should be oan the LEFT WING






    Forrest, should be oan the Right Wing..






    Broonie , should be oan the Bench.




  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    bunburybhoy says:


    21 January, 2012 at 12:22



    At work?


    This time of night?


    Hope you`re on a good quid.





    Come on you TIMS.


    Aff to watch the gemme.

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