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  1. Keeping The Faith on

    I’m sure stokesy is as surprised as anyone that he’s getting 90mins here, got to hot form sometime though.. Soon

  2. So here’s what I find strange…



    Back in the day, if we were 8 points in front of R*ngers with nine games left, there would be a general consensus that the league was over (barring an epic failure of 2008/09 proportions).



    But now with only a resurgent but just above average Aberdeen team 8 points behind us things still seem on a knife edge???



    Am I wrong or just giving smsm too much influence in my thinking?

  3. bhoylo83



    21:16 on 3 April, 2015





    Believe it or not i have the same pair!



    Whatever floats your boat Bhoylo. Whatever floats your boat… :)

  4. Captain Beefheart


    21:17 on


    3 April, 2015


    Harry Boe,



    Any chance of a loan? You obviously have too much money.






    Hoping to have a bit more in 13 minutes time.

  5. Keeping The Faith on

    Forrest 4-0 70/1 scorecast , bit of urgency Bhoys! Oh penalty .. Leave it James !!