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  1. Captain Beefheart on




    If we persuaded him that we have ambition. Danny Wilson doesn’t indicate ambition to me but one must always hope.

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Well done Celtic,3 pts nearer the winning line,a fairly mediocre


    performance mind you,happy for wee Jamsie he takes a hell of


    abuse both on the park and on here

  3. Well done the lhads, a few of us gave them a hard time but fair play to them they stuck to the task. Still have my doubts about a couple of our players but heigh ho thats a debate for another day, onwards and upwards. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  4. Thunder Road on

    Another hard fought win in Paisley.



    2nd one this season without us being at our best.



    Part of what it has ALWAYS took to win titles.



    These games count every bit as much now as they did in years gone by because they are all cup finals to these teams.

  5. Captain beefheart…..Ronny said regarding Danny Wilson…A player we have looked at, Good player, Nothing Serious in it…Thats what he said …

  6. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Think we’ll see a few changes on Wednesday not just with Broony being suspended. Bitton and Joe Hansen look likely to fill in there, but anybody’s guess who the front 4 will be.



    Ronny will want to see players fighting for their places not just the tea cakes !!



    Hopefully all back training together for 4 days should see a more fluent home performance midweek and another 3 points before a tricky trip to Inverness.

  7. Doc



    Feliz Cumpleanos mi amigo, and I hope you have many, many more.






    Magic 3 points tonight, grind out a result against a team hell bent on anti-football is always good in my book.



    Always had faith in Ronny, he will be a top, top coach, I just pray Pedro realises this and gets him signed up for the forseeable, and if we do lose him, at least we will cash in, he has what it takes, whatever it is.




  8. 8PTS clear….9 games to go…..I give less than a Fk about performance….Gimme the Championship….

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    Superbly professional performance from Celtic with only one


    possible outcome. Astonishing blunders by the referee which were not important



    Scott Brown tamed the middle, and Celtic extracted great shifts from the bulk of the side.



    God bless wee Jay and his father for being part of the real Celtic support in St Mirren Park.



    Easter week complete with a Celtic win.



    M.O.M James Forrest

  10. What is the earliest game then when we can win the league ?


    Cause I’m away first week of May



    Oh and watch out for an early new blog fae Paul 67, he’s aboot the night :-)

  11. BSR, I agree with your summation in general and your MOM in particular. Kicked all over the park with no protection from the Ref. He struck at it.





    21:43 on 3 April, 2015





    How much would you shell out for Deynar?






    Think we should maybe be looking around for a free- range may be limited tho.



    Only a half a dozen or so

  13. johann murdoch on

    Celts “grind” out result against “robust” saints -onwards and upwards :)

  14. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    I hope St Mirren show as much fight in the play-offs… against Hibs and QOTS.

  15. I just love Ronnys interviews, I think he may have the measure of the SMSM now. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  16. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Goodnight Timland.



    Away tae watch the telly,



    Doc….enjoy whits left of yer burthday.

  17. Stan and Stefan - Sitting doon for Scott Broon on

    Good win. 3 points.



    Only gripe was no replay of the GMS offside, which I thought would be marginal. But replay of Stokes offside, which I thought he would be and it turned out to be closer than I thought.

  18. A few pages back



    How do i get my posts red like that



    Paul67 character ?




  19. Missed out on a ticket tonight but enjoyed sharing the game with fellow CQNers.



    Off to spend the rest of the evening with Mrs HB.



    Roll on Wednesday night at CP.




  20. What is the Stars on

    Ronny stumbles to the finish line.


    This will be the least inspiring treble ever


    Sour grapes CSC ( sponsored by Chris Sutton)

  21. TET,



    Hat doffed to you and others, I was a doubting Thomas with RD at the beginning and for the ensuing first few months of his tenure.



    Even in this game I thought the team he opted for upfront was a strange choice, RD has came good again and by feck how I’m enjoying it.



    I reckon he will offload a few at the end of the season and might be giving them a chance to prove their worth until the end of the season…just an opinion.



    Hope your goodlady is still in fine fettle.HH