St Pauli 1-0 Celtic


By Alex Gordon.

A DREADFUL penalty-kick miss by Bahrudin Atajic condemned Ronny Deila to his first defeat as Celtic manager.

The Bosnian striker had the ideal opportunity to level the scores four minutes from time after substitute Paul McMullan had been downed in the box.

Unfortunately, Atajic blazed his spot-kick over the bar into the Hamburg crowd much to the annoyance of the new Hoops gaffer.

It was a largely experimental Celtic line-up with Deila taking no risks ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League qualifier against Legia Warsaw in the Polish capital.

Alas, appalling defending by Filip Twardzik gifted the Germans the winning goal before the interval.

The left-back made a mess of trying to control a long and hopeful punt into the Celtic penalty box. The ball broke clear and was immediately presented to Christopher Nothe who could hardly believe his good fortune.

Nothe struck his effort first time from eight yards and Craig Gordon had no chance as the low drive zipped past his right hand in the 39th minute.

Twardzik toiled in the opening 45 minutes and was also booked in the 33rd minute after a lunging tackle after once again giving the ball away with a slack pass.

Celtic started at whirlwind pace and had three excellent opportunities inside the opening 10 minutes.

Atajic fizzed in a low shot from just outside the box, but keeper Philipp Tschauner got down swiftly to hold the ball at his right hand post.

Five minutes later, Tony Watt, looking lively on the left wing, tried his luck from a tight angle.

His shot totally bamboozled Tschauner, but carried over the crossbar and out to safety.

Amido Balde should have got the game’s opening goal in the 10th minute when he was through on goal after some neat play outside the box.

However, the Portuguese Under-21 international lacked composure at the vital moment and allowed the keeper to block his hurried parting shot.

Gordon, making his second appearance for the Hoops, showed he was still rusty after being out for over two years with a slack goal-kick to Nir Biton.

The Israeli midfielder, captain for the day, was taken unawares and St Pauli broke forward, but made a mess of the opportunity.

Stuart Findlay, partnering Eoghan O’Connell in the middle of the inexperienced back four, was also sloppy with some wayward passes, but the Hoops escaped punishment.

The game was billed as a friendly – and the clubs have an affiliation – but the home players weren’t slow to put in some punishing challenges.

Skipper Soren Gonther was yellow-carded for a rugby tackle on McGeouch that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Celtic’s current home at Murrayfield.

Liam Henderson tried to set up Balde with a neat chip into the danger zone, but the ball carried over the giant frontman’s head.

It looked like being a stalemate at the interval until Twardzik’s lapse in concentration and control allowed St Pauli to snatch the lead.

Deila put on Lukasz Zaluska for Gordon at half-time and replaced the ineffective Balde with Paul McMullan.

Henderson brought the St Pauli keeper into action with a long-range free-kick in the 65th minute. The idea was good, but, unfortunately, the execution didn’t quite match the ambition.

Zaluska produced one memorable moment when he pushed a raging effort from Sebastian Mhyre over the crossbar 10 minutes from time.

Then came Atajic’s dreadful spot-kick blunder which was followed in the last minute by an effort from Watt which swept just wide of the target.

As an exercise, it was worthwhile and the Celtic youngsters will expect to do better when presented with the opportunity to impress the new manager.

CELTIC: Gordon (sub: Zaluska 46); Herron, Findlay, O’Connell, Twardzik; Biton, Henderson, McGeouch; Atajic, Balde (sub: McMullan 46) and Watt.

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  1. Captain Beefheart on

    Don’t want to cause a ruck Mr Kojo, hence I shall acknowledge that Segal and Norris surpassed the taxi driver in the acting stakes.

  2. Celtic fans have trouble in holland – media in Scotland blame Celtic fans even though the evidence proves otherwise.


    Aberdeen fans have trouble in holland- media in Scotland blame Dutch hooligans.


    Huns wreck Manchester – media blame Chelsea fans.





    Anti-Celtic always have been always will be HH

  3. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    I’;m to drunk to pull out the Segal jokes well played :O)

  4. Ernie.



    I’m with Doc. And I suspect we’re not alone.



    I’ve spent over half a lifetime studying centuries of Scottish history. I’ll vote on something that will outlive Salmond and is far bigger than any political party.



    And I ain’t no muppet before you try and portray me as such. Nor is Doc. I know. Cos he told me so!






    HH and goodnight Timdom.




  5. skyisalandfill on



    I believe your premise is wrong.


    Once we achieve Indy, it’s up to the population of /Scotland who will decide the future. The SNPs soft soap approach about monarchy, NATO, the pound etc is only designed to convince the scared and reluctant. If we get a yes vote then all bets are off. We can choose what we want. BTW if we use the pound it will not be as Salmond imagines. We will use the Panama route. No influence on policy. Subject to the vagaries of Osbourne or his replacement’s whims which will undoubtedly be designed to favour the needs of the Home Counties. Can you really see a RUK Govt taking account of Scotland’s needs? No. Me neither. We need eventually to have our own currency.



  6. SkyisaLandfill, I hope but doubt you to are correct in regard to the Monarchy.


    Regarding the pound, we are partners, not subjects:-) there are alternatives, and our own currency must be one. My point wasn’t that the pound is the best, simply Gideon can’t make the decision, it isn’t his to make.

  7. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on





    You don;t really believe that post? It’s up there with Billy Bhoy

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    GG, from the limited amount I know of the growth of Football/Soccer, stuff I ‘ve read in the internet, there were fifteen million registered players, which is a phenomenal amount.



    My view, which is probably a lot mince, that Americans see our national game as more for children and women in relation to the four main sports, American Football, Baseball, Basketball & Ice Hockey.



    Some Americans can’t come to terms with the amount of flopping/diving football players do compared to the hits American footballers, Ice Hockey & basketball players take.



    I would love football to be a threat to the big four sports in the States but I don’t forsee it happening.



    However, a general rise in interst is welcome.



    My only issue with American soccer fans is the really annoying USA USA chant during the world cup. The commentaries on games are something else. I do realise the commentators have to use terms identifiable to the viewers.



    I hope I didn’t offend you with my United States of Awesome earlier. With so much American tv programmes on, particularly reality shows, awesome seems to be norm for describing something which is good.

  9. Night ghuys. Good to pop in and find two decent clever Lhads debating with intelligence and respect.



    It’ll never catch on!!



    HH jamesgang

  10. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    How on earth do you think the pound will be regulated?

  11. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    For those who fancy a yes vote time to get your cash on!


    Averages just now..


    1/8 no


    9/2 yes

  12. Captain Beefheart on

    I maintain that Mr Seagull’s brand of blues was more authentic and profoundly moving than Leadbelly or Mr Wolf.

  13. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    What happened to the Bank OF England controlled pound in 1997 ?

  14. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    Captain Beefheart



    I maintain that Mr Seagull’s brand of blues was more authentic and profoundly moving than Leadbelly or Mr Wolf.





    His music is contrite and played out however his acting is divine




  15. skyisalandfill on



    That tune fitted in really well with Comfortably numb on the telly. Uncanny!



  16. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tricloured Ribbon, Paul McMullan played on the right. He looked good , scored a cracking goal, as he was played in his right position.



    Paul George was on loan at Hamilton last season but I believe he hardly started. I could see he had the talent but never used it as much as he should. I don’t know if it was because he was played out of position or the way the team was set up.



    Squire Danaher, young Joe looked the part. He was the one who impressed me the most. He had a gallusness about him, showed some football intelligence and wasn’t afraid to tackle.



    Hunskelper, correct about the media.



    Its strange that when a former club were in a position of strength, there were no stories of their playes being sold but stories appeared when a player had outlived his usefulness and they needed cash.

  17. skyisalandfill on

    kojo etc


    It floated around on the currency market as it did since god knows when except, ostensibly it was in dependant of Govt interference. What’s your point?

  18. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Have a feeling out of all our young players Henderson is the most likely to establish himself.


    Strong,plenty of stamina,an absolute workhorse and he uses the ball well.

  19. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on





    What happens when the BOE raises interests rates?

  20. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Watching a wee collection of Country and Western singers from America through the years.


    Didnae realise Tammy Wynette was only 55 when she died.

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