St Pauli 1-0 Celtic


By Alex Gordon.

A DREADFUL penalty-kick miss by Bahrudin Atajic condemned Ronny Deila to his first defeat as Celtic manager.

The Bosnian striker had the ideal opportunity to level the scores four minutes from time after substitute Paul McMullan had been downed in the box.

Unfortunately, Atajic blazed his spot-kick over the bar into the Hamburg crowd much to the annoyance of the new Hoops gaffer.

It was a largely experimental Celtic line-up with Deila taking no risks ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League qualifier against Legia Warsaw in the Polish capital.

Alas, appalling defending by Filip Twardzik gifted the Germans the winning goal before the interval.

The left-back made a mess of trying to control a long and hopeful punt into the Celtic penalty box. The ball broke clear and was immediately presented to Christopher Nothe who could hardly believe his good fortune.

Nothe struck his effort first time from eight yards and Craig Gordon had no chance as the low drive zipped past his right hand in the 39th minute.

Twardzik toiled in the opening 45 minutes and was also booked in the 33rd minute after a lunging tackle after once again giving the ball away with a slack pass.

Celtic started at whirlwind pace and had three excellent opportunities inside the opening 10 minutes.

Atajic fizzed in a low shot from just outside the box, but keeper Philipp Tschauner got down swiftly to hold the ball at his right hand post.

Five minutes later, Tony Watt, looking lively on the left wing, tried his luck from a tight angle.

His shot totally bamboozled Tschauner, but carried over the crossbar and out to safety.

Amido Balde should have got the game’s opening goal in the 10th minute when he was through on goal after some neat play outside the box.

However, the Portuguese Under-21 international lacked composure at the vital moment and allowed the keeper to block his hurried parting shot.

Gordon, making his second appearance for the Hoops, showed he was still rusty after being out for over two years with a slack goal-kick to Nir Biton.

The Israeli midfielder, captain for the day, was taken unawares and St Pauli broke forward, but made a mess of the opportunity.

Stuart Findlay, partnering Eoghan O’Connell in the middle of the inexperienced back four, was also sloppy with some wayward passes, but the Hoops escaped punishment.

The game was billed as a friendly – and the clubs have an affiliation – but the home players weren’t slow to put in some punishing challenges.

Skipper Soren Gonther was yellow-carded for a rugby tackle on McGeouch that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Celtic’s current home at Murrayfield.

Liam Henderson tried to set up Balde with a neat chip into the danger zone, but the ball carried over the giant frontman’s head.

It looked like being a stalemate at the interval until Twardzik’s lapse in concentration and control allowed St Pauli to snatch the lead.

Deila put on Lukasz Zaluska for Gordon at half-time and replaced the ineffective Balde with Paul McMullan.

Henderson brought the St Pauli keeper into action with a long-range free-kick in the 65th minute. The idea was good, but, unfortunately, the execution didn’t quite match the ambition.

Zaluska produced one memorable moment when he pushed a raging effort from Sebastian Mhyre over the crossbar 10 minutes from time.

Then came Atajic’s dreadful spot-kick blunder which was followed in the last minute by an effort from Watt which swept just wide of the target.

As an exercise, it was worthwhile and the Celtic youngsters will expect to do better when presented with the opportunity to impress the new manager.

CELTIC: Gordon (sub: Zaluska 46); Herron, Findlay, O’Connell, Twardzik; Biton, Henderson, McGeouch; Atajic, Balde (sub: McMullan 46) and Watt.

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  1. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    It’s ok .. We believe you ;)



    Btw … Does your chewing gum lose it’s flavour in your dentures overnight :)))




  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Gary Hooper would be a perfect fit up front for us.



    He can play the quick ball, or hold it up if required.



    Plus, he is not selfish and plays with his head up.



    It is a pity he gambled on a WC place, as well as being scunnered at the crab(no typo) like football we played in his last season.

  3. thomthethim for oscar ok



    If Hooper thought he’d a chance of a place in the England WC squad then he’s deluded.

  4. wdh



    Oh, and the late night texts suggested several wines had been sampled. I think they went with a 3 hour dining experience:o) You know the score.

  5. Just another tim on

    Hooper left to further his career in the EPL…that panned out well for him.

  6. johann murdoch on

    The playing of middle forwards or those more suited to being through the middle as wingers mystifies me – there again I am not the coach – however the square pegs in round holes seems to be adopted by other mAnagers too. as if to say look how clever we/ are – why not just play attack minded central forwards through the middle and wingers ( attacking midfielders) on the wings ?


    Or is it just me ?


    Right wee rant over – feel better now hh:)

  7. Ht



    It’s all about money for these guys and will continue to be so and that’s understandable cos in the main these guys, with the very rare exception, have no love of any football club.



    When these guys leave Celtic for greater financial riches do we hear them saying they’ve left against their wishes? That they didn’t want to earn many times more than they were at Celtic and that Lawwell was booting them out the door?



    Anyway you should have better things to do with your time at the minute and tell Minx I said that.




  8. johann murdoch on

    Wee hoops left for the big bucks of the epl ably assisted by his agent no doubt who also accrued some big bucks – which for me is fair enough

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Greetings from Budapest -en route for Warsaw ..



    Slovakia tomorrow .



    I thought Sicilian roads were bad but hey the A3 —-Transylvania ” Highway ” in Romania makes them seem great in comparison.

  10. johann



    Of course it’s fair enough but others put it down as PL wanting rid.

  11. EDB



    I knew from a very good source that Hooper would be leaving and had no intention of signing a new contract. No harm to the boy, he’s a footballer and his major intention is to make as much as he can in a shirt career.



    The Minx is on the balcony supping with a friend :-)



    Shower time for moi!!

  12. Try again



    I’ve yet to hear a footballer say they left for more money ( I’m sure there will be some) but usually it’s ” a fresh challenge, a chance to play in a different league, to work under so and so….” I’m sure money is the last thing on their minds.

  13. Just took a glance at SSN and it looked like Tony Watt being discussed in transfer news, anyone see it,am watching with no sound as I’m at work

  14. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    There’s not one player in our squad that wouldn’t leave us for even a modest pay rise, that’s the football world at the moment.



    I’d take Hooper back no problem but he’ll get more money elsewhere, probably in the Championship.

  15. lennon's passion on

    Just read on Celtic rumors there is a possibility of Samaras resigning. Who would be happy with that.

  16. Bada Bing


    Hooper an his agent thought he was going in the January windae, went missing till the Cup Final, as far as performance was concerned, yur bang on China. Will never reach the hieghts he dream’t he would, however cash in the Bank I suppose.


    Awerabest PJ

  17. johann murdoch on



    I am sure that was the case once pl heard hooper wanted out to the epl



  18. thomthethim



    No reason to continue being a fan of any player who leaves us. Henrik excluded of course. And that includes KD. I had no interest in his achievements on Merseyside.




    ‘Professional footballer with international aspirations leaves ‘big’ club in ‘small’ league – where he played in the CL in front of crowds of 60,000+ – to join a ‘small’ club in a ‘big’ league shocker!’



    “I am looking forward to a new challenge which hopefully will improve me as a player.”



    …” and also earning three times as much as I was before.”



    He didnt actually say the last bit, but he was thinking it!




  20. I would take Hooper and Sammi back in an instant. I can both flourishing under our new manager. Can see Sammi returning but, unfortunately, not Hooper. Money talks.

  21. thomthethim


    We gave him the stage,IMO he would never have got into the EPL ( even as low as Norwich ) if he had played anywhere else.BTW cannot blame him, but got out as quick as he could.


    Awerabest PJ

  22. Celticrollercoaster luvs his luminious lime boots on

    “…Twardzik toiled in the opening 45 minutes…”



    Mirror comments from the Dresden game.







  23. Clashcitybhoy on

    Watched game today & despite the result I actually enjoyed it.


    Of players on display, most looked stunningly average and will end up in English tier 3 football, probably progressing to top of Championship by late 20’s, and maybe further – I am thinking Stephen Crainey, Paul Caddis etc.



    Only possible exceptions are Watt, Biton and Henderson.


    In Henderson’s case, I would lend him out – on paper ( ignoring the Watt scenario) the Belgian league would be a good option – for 1, possibly two seasons


    For the other two they need to stand up and show what they can do.



    As for rest of players, I suspect you could swap 5 or 6 with 5 or 6 out of Aberdeen etc and you wouldn’t be any better or worse off.

  24. Cheers up ghuys –



    The younglings beat Turriff United 0 – 2 at The Haughs. A goal in each half gave them a result which was never in doubt.



    Your roving reporter,




  25. Why hasn’t Samaras attracted big bucks offers from the mighty clubs who will battle to avoid relegation from the EPL next season?



    So he comes back to us reluctantly for less than he has earned until now? Can’t and don’t want to see it thank you.

  26. In a free market economy the market dictates. Young largely under educated men living in a consumer society given the choice between a hugely comfortable life at £10, £15, or £20k a week at Celtic or double that with an EPL bottom feeder are going to take the double bubble.



    Not many would turn it down. Some have, but not many.



    Until we see a bit of fiscal sanity in football we will lose players to crappy EPL sides.

  27. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Irrespective of the reasons Hooper left.



    No harm to the lad for hoping for a WC place.



    Every player has to have ambition and a sense of their own worth. It shows self confidence.



    The days of guys playing for the jersey is over.


    They have a responsibility to themselves and, more importantly, their families, to get the most out of their short careers.



    All we can expect is that every player we sign gives us his best and maintains the highest level of fitness and dedication to his profession.



    Anything less, us cheating their employer and supporters.




    I would still have Hooper leading the line.







    The reason we have, eg, Griffiths playing as a winger, is apart from Derk, we do not have any other fit ones at the moment.


    Therefore, to keep the shape he wants, the manager get his to fill the roles with whoever he thinks can do a turn.



    He has already stated that get needs wide men, so don ‘t be in a rush to judgement.

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