St Pauli 1-0 Celtic


By Alex Gordon.

A DREADFUL penalty-kick miss by Bahrudin Atajic condemned Ronny Deila to his first defeat as Celtic manager.

The Bosnian striker had the ideal opportunity to level the scores four minutes from time after substitute Paul McMullan had been downed in the box.

Unfortunately, Atajic blazed his spot-kick over the bar into the Hamburg crowd much to the annoyance of the new Hoops gaffer.

It was a largely experimental Celtic line-up with Deila taking no risks ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League qualifier against Legia Warsaw in the Polish capital.

Alas, appalling defending by Filip Twardzik gifted the Germans the winning goal before the interval.

The left-back made a mess of trying to control a long and hopeful punt into the Celtic penalty box. The ball broke clear and was immediately presented to Christopher Nothe who could hardly believe his good fortune.

Nothe struck his effort first time from eight yards and Craig Gordon had no chance as the low drive zipped past his right hand in the 39th minute.

Twardzik toiled in the opening 45 minutes and was also booked in the 33rd minute after a lunging tackle after once again giving the ball away with a slack pass.

Celtic started at whirlwind pace and had three excellent opportunities inside the opening 10 minutes.

Atajic fizzed in a low shot from just outside the box, but keeper Philipp Tschauner got down swiftly to hold the ball at his right hand post.

Five minutes later, Tony Watt, looking lively on the left wing, tried his luck from a tight angle.

His shot totally bamboozled Tschauner, but carried over the crossbar and out to safety.

Amido Balde should have got the game’s opening goal in the 10th minute when he was through on goal after some neat play outside the box.

However, the Portuguese Under-21 international lacked composure at the vital moment and allowed the keeper to block his hurried parting shot.

Gordon, making his second appearance for the Hoops, showed he was still rusty after being out for over two years with a slack goal-kick to Nir Biton.

The Israeli midfielder, captain for the day, was taken unawares and St Pauli broke forward, but made a mess of the opportunity.

Stuart Findlay, partnering Eoghan O’Connell in the middle of the inexperienced back four, was also sloppy with some wayward passes, but the Hoops escaped punishment.

The game was billed as a friendly – and the clubs have an affiliation – but the home players weren’t slow to put in some punishing challenges.

Skipper Soren Gonther was yellow-carded for a rugby tackle on McGeouch that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Celtic’s current home at Murrayfield.

Liam Henderson tried to set up Balde with a neat chip into the danger zone, but the ball carried over the giant frontman’s head.

It looked like being a stalemate at the interval until Twardzik’s lapse in concentration and control allowed St Pauli to snatch the lead.

Deila put on Lukasz Zaluska for Gordon at half-time and replaced the ineffective Balde with Paul McMullan.

Henderson brought the St Pauli keeper into action with a long-range free-kick in the 65th minute. The idea was good, but, unfortunately, the execution didn’t quite match the ambition.

Zaluska produced one memorable moment when he pushed a raging effort from Sebastian Mhyre over the crossbar 10 minutes from time.

Then came Atajic’s dreadful spot-kick blunder which was followed in the last minute by an effort from Watt which swept just wide of the target.

As an exercise, it was worthwhile and the Celtic youngsters will expect to do better when presented with the opportunity to impress the new manager.

CELTIC: Gordon (sub: Zaluska 46); Herron, Findlay, O’Connell, Twardzik; Biton, Henderson, McGeouch; Atajic, Balde (sub: McMullan 46) and Watt.

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Of course. I was talking in retrospect, as in,”och, I didnae like him anyway”, type of attitude.

  2. Ghuys, Sean’s Trust will be presenting Terry Christian’s one man show at Glasgow’s People Palace on Friday 24th October. Linda has posted details on CQN Facebook and you can see details on my FB timeline. Billy No Well and other stuff will be there on the night as well. Those interested should e-mail Linda at seanstrust@gmail.com



    Here is a link to the post hope it works:






    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  3. Just another tim on

    I’ll side on the ‘No Thank you’ side of the fence when it comes to taking Samaras, Hooper or any player for that matter back. Samaras frustrated more than he delivered and Hooper left us for his own reasons. Decent players that both of them are, once a player leaves I’ll wish them well in their career but for the most part a returning player never works out.

  4. thomthethim for oscar ok



    18:58 on 26 July, 2014



    As I said, that’s round pegs in square holes and personally I’m not keen on it.

  5. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    Sammy left for dough as well yet won’t be picking up a wage at the moment, his agent will be getting twitchy

  6. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    If I was to pick a Ronny type player, Sammy wouldn’t be it.

  7. PFayr



    They all leave for the money and I’d think more of them if they said “thank you Celtic and Celtic supporters for the many happy memories but frankly I want money in the bank so I’m outa here”.

  8. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    The much maligned Kris Boyd exhibited more gratitude and manners when he left Killie than any outgoing CFC player has done of late

  9. How many of us would turn down the chance to double, treble or quadruple our wages for roughly doing the same thing…

  10. ….pfayr supports weeoscar



    19:13 on 26 July, 2014


    Hooper left for dough …lots of dough






    Pilsbury doughbhoy, yip, always thought he looked overweight…:)

  11. From HB/KDS



    Latest on Aquino


    It appears the stumbling block is the option to buy which we are demanding.This makes sense. One or two wee other things are coming to light.Keep you posted.

  12. PFayr



    Do you think that we as Celtic supporters demand more long time loyalty from our players than supporters of other top clubs?



    The biggest clubs in the world routinely buy and sell and somehow they remain successful. Sometimes with regard to players leaving we bring these disappointments on ourselves.



    Just a thought.

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    19:11 on 26 July, 2014


    thomthethim for oscar ok



    18:58 on 26 July, 2014



    As I said, that’s round pegs in square holes and personally I’m not keen on it.





    The manager has said that at the moment, we are just about out of square pegs. A situation he hopes to address.


    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox but saying no to CQN racists


    at 17.50.



    thanks for reminder.DAVIE PROVAN the other wan playing for Scotland.reminds me of 1966 world cup.i told my pal infront of his family I was going to back Italy for world cup .they all fell about laughing.”they have played Scotland twice and still don’t know what a pudding provan is.” well for those of you too young to remember Italy lost out in group with north korea and were pelted with rotten fruit on their return.



    mcdaid csc.

  15. I’d love to know RD’s musings regards what he has inherited.



    I suspect he sees this as a huge challenge given what he has seen to date.



    Just my thoughts.



    And we should have been in two cup finals at CP and weren’t. And we’ll never get that opportunity again.



    Why not?

  16. Watching what’s happening on CQN in real time at the moment – fascinating seeing how many people are on, where they are etc – One CQN in Brisbane is on the blog right at this moment out of a total of 173. Interesting to see what they are reading too.


    just back from mass.every week I find myself saying a prayer for some posters relative who has died or very ill.


    this week nothing .small mercies, maybe all those dead in gaza are keeping some of us alive.just a thought.

  18. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    If you are around you may be interested to know that on Monday I have a meeting about a forthcoming CQN sponsored night in Dumbarton.



    However, I am told there will be a strict door entry code — namely only those who were thrown out of Akram’s Nightspot at some time in the past will be allowed in!



    Apparently you are known as meeting that criteria!




  19. winning captains



    19:58 on 26 July, 2014


    Watching what’s happening on CQN in real time at the moment – fascinating seeing how many people are on, where they are etc – One CQN in Brisbane is on the blog right at this moment out of a total of 173. Interesting to see what they are reading too.








    Are you serious ? Surely its none of CQN’s business where we are , or what we’re reading.



    I suggest you have a word with Paul67 on whether thats acceptable .

  20. Another subject I know nothing about – the swimming…….



    ……………the meeja coverage of the recent men’s events, particularly with regards to the great win by the boy Murdoch catches the eye.


    Well done to Ross.


    Shortie seems quite snydey about Michael Jamieson mind, the Herlad too. The poster boy remark, while accurate, has a ring to it.



    Maybe I’m just paranoid.

  21. BRTH



    Laughing my head off here. Moira and I started off our 30 years relationship one night in Akrams! The rest is thankfully.history.



    I was never thrown out. Honest guv:o)



    Are you in the Harp club on Monday? Wherever give me a shout and I’ll meet up.

  22. winning captains



    19:58 on 26 July, 2014



    I am at astounded at both the contents of your post and the fact that you or anyone else for that matter can monitor real time activity including Posters location without their knowledge. I am no Lawyer but you may be breaching some privacy laws.



    If this is the way ahead for the new look blog, I will no longer be about.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

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