St Pauli 1-0 Celtic


By Alex Gordon.

A DREADFUL penalty-kick miss by Bahrudin Atajic condemned Ronny Deila to his first defeat as Celtic manager.

The Bosnian striker had the ideal opportunity to level the scores four minutes from time after substitute Paul McMullan had been downed in the box.

Unfortunately, Atajic blazed his spot-kick over the bar into the Hamburg crowd much to the annoyance of the new Hoops gaffer.

It was a largely experimental Celtic line-up with Deila taking no risks ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League qualifier against Legia Warsaw in the Polish capital.

Alas, appalling defending by Filip Twardzik gifted the Germans the winning goal before the interval.

The left-back made a mess of trying to control a long and hopeful punt into the Celtic penalty box. The ball broke clear and was immediately presented to Christopher Nothe who could hardly believe his good fortune.

Nothe struck his effort first time from eight yards and Craig Gordon had no chance as the low drive zipped past his right hand in the 39th minute.

Twardzik toiled in the opening 45 minutes and was also booked in the 33rd minute after a lunging tackle after once again giving the ball away with a slack pass.

Celtic started at whirlwind pace and had three excellent opportunities inside the opening 10 minutes.

Atajic fizzed in a low shot from just outside the box, but keeper Philipp Tschauner got down swiftly to hold the ball at his right hand post.

Five minutes later, Tony Watt, looking lively on the left wing, tried his luck from a tight angle.

His shot totally bamboozled Tschauner, but carried over the crossbar and out to safety.

Amido Balde should have got the game’s opening goal in the 10th minute when he was through on goal after some neat play outside the box.

However, the Portuguese Under-21 international lacked composure at the vital moment and allowed the keeper to block his hurried parting shot.

Gordon, making his second appearance for the Hoops, showed he was still rusty after being out for over two years with a slack goal-kick to Nir Biton.

The Israeli midfielder, captain for the day, was taken unawares and St Pauli broke forward, but made a mess of the opportunity.

Stuart Findlay, partnering Eoghan O’Connell in the middle of the inexperienced back four, was also sloppy with some wayward passes, but the Hoops escaped punishment.

The game was billed as a friendly – and the clubs have an affiliation – but the home players weren’t slow to put in some punishing challenges.

Skipper Soren Gonther was yellow-carded for a rugby tackle on McGeouch that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Celtic’s current home at Murrayfield.

Liam Henderson tried to set up Balde with a neat chip into the danger zone, but the ball carried over the giant frontman’s head.

It looked like being a stalemate at the interval until Twardzik’s lapse in concentration and control allowed St Pauli to snatch the lead.

Deila put on Lukasz Zaluska for Gordon at half-time and replaced the ineffective Balde with Paul McMullan.

Henderson brought the St Pauli keeper into action with a long-range free-kick in the 65th minute. The idea was good, but, unfortunately, the execution didn’t quite match the ambition.

Zaluska produced one memorable moment when he pushed a raging effort from Sebastian Mhyre over the crossbar 10 minutes from time.

Then came Atajic’s dreadful spot-kick blunder which was followed in the last minute by an effort from Watt which swept just wide of the target.

As an exercise, it was worthwhile and the Celtic youngsters will expect to do better when presented with the opportunity to impress the new manager.

CELTIC: Gordon (sub: Zaluska 46); Herron, Findlay, O’Connell, Twardzik; Biton, Henderson, McGeouch; Atajic, Balde (sub: McMullan 46) and Watt.

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  1. Just another tim


    The 50G Broadband with virgin makes a difference ma man.


    Awerabest PJ

  2. Samoa v wales 7s at ipox.



    Never before have I seen a guy in blue score then cross himself. Then again never before have I watched a game from ipox and supported the team in blue.






    HH jamesgang

  3. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Wednesday evening …CFC game …Ayr local if you fancy it

  4. BMCUW



    Had a curry tonight but it was home-made.



    You still in Reading?



    If you are, watch yer time.



    You and trains remember!




  5. PFayr



    Got à text from Angelgabriel today about Wednesday.



    Will try and make it.




  6. Mon The Hoops! on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma



    20:37 on 26 July, 2014



    Tell you this, Scotland are winning a raft of medals at the Games tonight.



    A Couple of Golds in Judo so far and big hopes o come in the pool.



    It’s been absolutely brilliant so far!



    11 Golds


    6 Silvers & 8 Bronzesss

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Oldtim grabs a podium..


    What has cqn come to.? 8)

  8. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on

    It’s the Commonwealth games, I was given a silver on my way to the bus stop. I’m very unfit so gold was never a realistic target :O)

  9. Mon The Hoops! on

    iBrokes is perfect for Rugby:



    Lots of waist high tackles; hand balls & sin-bins…



    Perfect venue for the Glasgow Warriors, come the inevitable demise?

  10. Strange place today when we are distracted by rugger down Govan way.


    They’ve always played a hybrid version of the beautiful game downriver.


    I missed the game this morning. Acupuncture and it’s healing was scheduled before the KO change.


    I’ll have a wee look now to see how young John Herron did in his now seemingly favored position at right back.


    Oh and for those worried about what WC sees about their time spent on CQN, he is keeping the stats to send to our wives if we step out of or over the imaginary line.


    Time to start using a VPN or a Proxy Server bhoys. ;-)

  11. Kojo, Collie etc,



    Away tae yer bed. Can ye no celebrate Scotland daein’ well? My only irritant so far has been the rugby strip. More suitable for the team who used to own Ibrox.

  12. Oh and one last word


    The useless word of the day is:




    The most imaginative use of VITUPERATIVE wins one of the used needles the doc forgot to remove from my calf.

  13. Kojo, Collie, Maggie and Philis are the same person on





    It’s not a dig at Scotland it’s a dig at the games, they mean nothing in a sporting context

  14. PF Ayr








    What if he wants to leave …we at CFC are advised that you can’t keep players that want to leave…..or is that just a CFC thing?”




    I’m not sure what the point is here?



    Of course, if Soriano is determined to leave he will go. It happens to all players- Suarez left Liverpool, Ronaldo left Man U, Barca lost Figo etc;



    I was expressing scepticism, not that he would leave Red Bull per se, but that he would leave them for Celtic. To what end? a marginal, at best, improvement in salary to go to a league that is weaker than Austria’s and whose champions face a harder route to qualify for CL.



    I would be delighted if he came. He is a natural scorer but I highly doubt it, though not for the reasons you might have thought.



    Wonder if his old coach, now at Leverkusen, would not be bidding for him.

  15. ‘GG,



    The normally VITUPERATIVE crowd at Ibrox was much more sporting and far less sectarian today as the usual custodians are still on holiday and the rugger crowd are in supporting the Commonwealth Games.

  16. For those interested in the fair governing of our game I’ve copied this from TSFM.





    In terms of the LNS misdirection I thought it might be useful to set out why the Discount Option Scheme (DOS ebts) in relation to the payments to De Boer and Flo were illegal/unlawful, why there was no bill for the tax Moore owed, and as a consequence of all three ebt arrangements why they should not and cannot be allowed to continue to be treated as if they were legal by the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission along with the connection to Resolution 12 to the Celtic AGM.



    In October 2010 an FTT ruled that payments made to their staff by Aberdeen Asset Management via a Discount Option Scheme were taxable for reasons set out in an understandable form at






    at page 17 where the opening paras explain how the DOS ebt scheme worked (Note for the avoidance of doubt it was an EBT scheme).



    This from end page 17 into 18 about sums it up.



    “It was also observed that being the sole owner of the entire share capital of a company (as Moore, De Boer and Flo were) which had a sole asset consisting of cash was not dissimilar to having funds in a bank account and needing to write a cheque or take other relevant action to extract the money from that bank account.”



    (This was in effect the difference with the later MGMRT ebts of BTC fame where tax was legally avoided (until or unless HMRC go to a Court of Sessions) because payments there were accepted as being in the nature of a loan with restrictions on access not applicable for DOS ebts and side letters were in effect irrelevant )



    Aberdeen Asset Management did not use side letters, they simply used a scheme that was blocked as illegal, although the side letters had an important role to play in the case of Rangers as will be explained.



    AAM appealed to a UTT in 2012 and the UTT decision narrowed the scope of the FTT decision, but the UTT ruling was itself overturned finally at the Court of Sessions in October 2013 to restore that of the FTT of October 2010 on which HMRC first acted to pursue payment.



    So we have a very definite illegal/unlawful ebt being used by Rangers from 1999 to season 2002/03 to pay Moore, Flo and De Boer. A method of payment not open to any other club which conferred an unfair wage advantage they had not means of matching.



    It was the finding of the AAM FTT in October 2010 that prompted HMRC to first pursue Rangers solely on the basis that the ebts used by AAM AND so Rangers were illegal, but in February 2011 HMRC took a more detailed stance for reasons that can be deduced from the correspondence of that date.



    I am unsure what the time limits are for recovering unpaid tax, there will be a norm after which unpaid tax cannot be claimed, but there are rules for extending the limits beyond the norm.



    Two reasons for extending limits are if HMRC can prove negligence or fraudulent intent. (as is set out in the correspondence of Feb 2011) .



    Thus HMRC sought payment of tax owed for De Boer and Flo because they had evidence that Rangers had concealed the existence of side letters from HMRC when HMRC specifically enquired in 2005 if any such letters existed. It appears HMRC also thought this evidence was withheld from visiting inspectors but there are no details of when. It was the concealment of these side letters which was the main deciding factor for Thornhill QC when advising Rangers to settle. Ironically it is the concealment of the same letters and HMRC correspondence that led to the LNS Commission being misdirected.



    Significantly there was no evidence of a side letter to Craig Moore, so that the £219K that he would have owed, had it not gone outside the time limit was not pursued, although the £2.8M tax owed for De Boer and Flo (plus a £1.3M penalty) most definitely was with unfortunate consequence for an SFA and SPFL who seem determined to diminish the full extent and consequences of the breach of rules that actually took place.



    What are the unfortunate consequences?



    For the SP(F)L that their Commission into investigating ebts and side letters was misled and it has produced a Decision that is clearly flawed as a result and must be revisited in light of the foregoing.



    For the SFA President that he made no distinction in his testimony to Lord Nimmo Smith in that Commission in spite of the fact he authorised the first DOS ebt to Craig Moore and was a recipient of a later MGMRT ebt himself .



    For the SFA Licensing Committee (LC) in 2011 on which Andrew Dickson , a long term administrator at Rangers going back to when ebts were introduced, who it is reported sat on three LC meetings that year, having to deal with the granting and monitoring of a UEFA licence with unpaid social tax at either 31st March, 30th June or 30th September 2011.



    For the SFA President (again) who was elected to office on 7th June 2011 just 12 or 13 days before the wee tax bill became overdue and 23 days before overdue payables had to be declared to UEFA under Article 66 of UEFA FFP 2010.



    However the greatest unfortunate consequence of all of the above is to remove any semblance of honesty and trust in those running Scottish football who are still in post and one can only imagine that clubs either do not care or are unaware of what has taken place and of the potential consequent long term lingering damage it will do to our game if the duplicity at play both from 1999 to 2002/03, in 2005, in 2011 and later in 2012, when the LNS Commission was set up (and it was a set up), is not recognised and who and what caused such duplicity are brought to account and changes made to processes to stop any possibility of a repeat.

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just read back..


    Weefra big brother is after u.



    Winning captains confirms that he knows who is on the blog and where u r…



    I’m out…

  18. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    I hope you won’t take offence if I flick you a vituperative perciflage. :-))

  19. a light insanity on

    Brilliant day out at St Pauli today. Terracing, beer, fan zone with beer, kids games, music, and beer inside ground. We are being sold short at Celtic Park and elsewhere in Scotland. Did I mention beer?

  20. Kojo, Collie etc,



    That’s as maybe and is your prerogative. To me, it has given a lot of people a lot of excitement and joy and surely that is what sport should be doing. Glasgow is taking the opportunity to show the Commonwealth what it really is and not the image that has been created. We are not the typical Scot, of course, but then again that is a stereotype. I, for one, am really enjoying the whole shindig.

  21. Mon The Hoops! on

    ‘A vituperative persiflage’



    Must be hands down the winner, hahahahahaha!

  22. Celticrollercoaster luvs his luminious lime boots on




    Thanks for the recap.



    Can you confirm, when Celtic asked SFA for an update on their position on this and have we as CQNres12ers or CelticFC set a deadline for response/action?







  23. good evening my fellow tims l have had an extremely tumultuous few weeks some good some bad and some truly devastating……and some even funny, Charles visited to say my second grandchild was expected , great methinks a wee sibling for Charlie bhoy jr, a week later he calls devastated that the childs heart had stopped, (now my attitude was better now than after the birth ) Charles felt :-it was not to be. a week later Julie, charles’ better half is in a car crash with wee Charlie on board , fortunately no casualties but the car was a write off


    on wedensday of this week mrs charliebhoy me Nicola(26 yo daughter) go to the oh so appropriately named burntis land a nice chippy take away at the beach and when we finish entertain the wee bhoy by feeding the birdsand as expected I GOT LUCKY the bassa’s shat on me!!!


    the journey home was me with great hilarity at my expense but to charles’ we went to drop the wee man off .only to learn that Charles has a testicular scan booked for Friday. so I jokingly say ‘don’t worry son birds have just dumped on me so my lucks changed you,ll be fine’ we left and wished him luck with his scan, worrying times for the charliebhoy mob.


    I then gets home pours myself a half and sits down to my usual CQN and internet browse, where I find my natural mother (I was adopted at birth, and traced her recently after my parents died ) had fallen and broken her hip!! shes in her mid seventies so life threatening at the worst…..so as the voodoo (I know) takes effect I contemplate what action I should take (my natural mum married and had two kids in that marriage so my input is not paramount )


    later on while lurking through CQN I think what a crock of shit : it’s good luck when a bird shits on you, phone goes, and as its late I think ,that’ll be the half brother,but no it was my best mate john, a plumber and heating engineer in Hamilton, he was diagnosed with rib (aye rib) cancer at the start of the year, the jubilee in Clydebank took 5 ribs out (early January)…..the mesh that was inserted has caused him no end of problems (basically he was rejecting it)…..more time in hairmyers this time to give him all sorts of medication, he was discharged two weeks ago, then test results show the cancer has returned. oncologist have just told him there is no more that can be done. his pain is to be managed and he is to make the best of the time he has left, honestly I felt like job (why me) now john is one of the best persons I have ever had the pleasure to have known, and dealing with a mates demise ( he’s only 52)..is not a thing to wish on anyone, but how can my issues compare to his? or my mothers ?…….Charles got the all clear today. it was diagnosed as scar tissue …….the moral,SHIT WILL HAPPEN, when a bird shits on you… H.H.

  24. The rugby – watched for a while. Was delighted when James Johnstone scored at the Rangers End of ibrox stadium after a mazy run…..



    Made me smile!





    They do reckon that a bird shitting on you is lucky,but I think they practice it!



    For all concerned,for once I’ll speak for us all on here.



    You and yours have battled from Day One.



    Stay lucky,mate…..

  26. Sitting in my jimjams in (ml3) in front of my tv watching a wee film with the wife and a wee stella ” braw ”


    Bt & pualo’sboots


    Thanks for listening/talking to me today , insightful as always .



    Barcamole as Judith chalmers would say


    “Wish were here”


    Hope you and V are settled ok see you soon enough ;)

  27. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on

    Another 40 mins left being on call then I’m hitting the bottle and joining you bhoys!

  28. CharlieBhoy, good news about Charlie.


    I wish John all the best and hope he can make the very best of his time.


    I lost my closest friend last year, he was the best man I have known, suddenly to a heart attack, he was 50, what you say is true.


    Shit happens.

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