Stadium upgrades


I expect you and I will discuss Celtic Park in the week after last season’s financial report is published.  We have plenty of work to do and, I expect, will have a new record bank balance. So we’ll be light on self-satisfaction, but still……

I’ve kept away from the Ibrox debacle thus far. Despite that it is already an enormously consequential story, it could yet turn into the straw that breaks the cabal’s back.

The clarion call went up in yesterday’s Record, which is never a sign that all the bad news has already landed.  We are too believe that those with legal responsibility to look after the interests of the club, stakeholders and creditors are innocent victims in this episode because they didn’t do the jobs they were employed to do.

Non-executive directors are not there to wear blazers on match day, they are charged with ensuring the executives do their jobs properly.  Newco non-execs failed in this responsibility.  These are the same people who appointed fall guy and former CEO James Bisgrove (a man thoroughly humiliated by our commercial director Adrian Filby over the Sydney tournament).

Bisgrove’s appointer, John Bennett, is apparently a victim in all this.  When you need to rely on feeble pandering from a tabloid your fans cannot stand, you’re in real trouble.

Also, unnecessarily calling people or firms English when talking about them in a negative context is a clearg dog-whistle hearts by the racists out there. Let’s not.

Prediction: Celtic will have a record bank balance, you and I will talk stadium upgrades and the Ibrox debacle will be material in Newco’s demise.

John Bennett, when Dave King left I couldn’t have hoped for someone with his reverse Midas Touch to take over so soon. Very well done.

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  1. Cash flow shortages catch up with any business in one way or another.



    Theirs has now had a material effect on them on the pitch. Its affecting their qualification for the champions league and a difference in cash if £20m



    They’ve started seriously chasing their tails

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    For what it’s worth, while different venues have different pricing models, the standard in the entertainment industry is 20% of the gate money for the hire of the venue, assuming tickets sell out.



    If I were running Hampden or Murrayfield, I’d be expecting full price. That’s 3 SPFL matches by end September, plus Euro qualifiers and any subsequent group stage matches.



    Decent money.

  3. I’d be surprised, and a little disappointed, if confirmation of a huge bank balance led to discussions on stadium maintenance.


    The strongest first team squad is priority.


    Interesting approach to managing the narrative.



  4. I am hoping you have filled in the fan survey sent out last week.



    I filled in every spare space were the comment’s box was available and on reflection i found myself awarding the hughest grading to the Celtic tour.



    That for me tells its own story so much room for improvement.



    We are in 2024 need to make it better and take it up a higher level.



    We’ve plenty of the supporters money in the bank and if invested correctly it will make us more money.



    So let’s make Celtic park the best for us fans it is our home and invest in the best coaches for our training academies.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Celtic news, not lazy journalism” and we get “newco” news from the daily record! Kind of fails on both fronts really.


    Whatever gets you going I guess…….

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Top 10 Excuses for not signing a player


    1- Summer Window is difficult


    2- Players are on holiday


    3- Clubs want too much money


    4- Cant agree a sell on



    Blah blah blah..

  7. At what point will the SPFL board ask for clarification on where they propose to play their games ?



    There’s a remarkable silence about this with less than 4 weeks to kick off.

  8. stadium upgrades hmmm.



    not stadium expansion . hmmm



    the survey is designed to acheive an outcome “you wanted more hospitality, and we are giving you it”.



    more boxes, ?

  9. one mans “excuses for not doing” is this persons “reasons it hasnt happended yet”



    top of that list is – the others wants to overprice the deal.



    i am never in the £just spend the money” camp.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Why do so many posters insist on posting gay sounds at the end of their comments? Are they trying to tell us something?




  11. I don’t generally get too worried about signing players as we mostly get it done.. but I would have hoped that we had a keeper lined up. It will probably be the most important signing we make this summer and I would like to have it done quickly.

  12. Fred



    I can’t believe it’s not “I can’t believe it’s not rangers…”

  13. the 3rd rangers volunteers



    same club by the way



    steely determination and aye nearly ready

  14. McPhail Bhoy on

    AN DÚN on 9TH JULY 2024 12:39 PM


    At what point will the SPFL board ask for clarification on where they propose to play their games ?


    There’s a remarkable silence about this with less than 4 weeks to kick off.






    I hope and expect also that the Clubs due to play them for the first 3, 4, 5 fixtures are asking questions too?

  15. Thanks for the link Jockybhoy. So funny. So ironic.



    I love to re read the succulent lamb stuff which folk post occasionally. The Traynor and esp Ken Gallagher pieces are excellent. I wish I could find them at will myself.



    That article you posted is even more incredible given its timing at the start of the banking crisis and it typified their attitude of spend and be damned under Walter. They were lucky to win 3 in a row with only the Mowbray season being clear cut. I remember being in Martin Bains company in 2009 when incredibly Murray sanctioned more big spend on players. He could not believe it but was happy to spend.

  16. Is there any new happening in the front stands ,especially the food kiosks which really need extended,and anything else that is being upgraded.

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from wetherspoons, Old Street. Me and me old mate reliving past glories.

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