Stadium upgrades


I expect you and I will discuss Celtic Park in the week after last season’s financial report is published.  We have plenty of work to do and, I expect, will have a new record bank balance. So we’ll be light on self-satisfaction, but still……

I’ve kept away from the Ibrox debacle thus far. Despite that it is already an enormously consequential story, it could yet turn into the straw that breaks the cabal’s back.

The clarion call went up in yesterday’s Record, which is never a sign that all the bad news has already landed.  We are too believe that those with legal responsibility to look after the interests of the club, stakeholders and creditors are innocent victims in this episode because they didn’t do the jobs they were employed to do.

Non-executive directors are not there to wear blazers on match day, they are charged with ensuring the executives do their jobs properly.  Newco non-execs failed in this responsibility.  These are the same people who appointed fall guy and former CEO James Bisgrove (a man thoroughly humiliated by our commercial director Adrian Filby over the Sydney tournament).

Bisgrove’s appointer, John Bennett, is apparently a victim in all this.  When you need to rely on feeble pandering from a tabloid your fans cannot stand, you’re in real trouble.

Also, unnecessarily calling people or firms English when talking about them in a negative context is a clearg dog-whistle hearts by the racists out there. Let’s not.

Prediction: Celtic will have a record bank balance, you and I will talk stadium upgrades and the Ibrox debacle will be material in Newco’s demise.

John Bennett, when Dave King left I couldn’t have hoped for someone with his reverse Midas Touch to take over so soon. Very well done.

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  1. I also think that when you’re talking about transfer fees and wages that could cost the club £20m for the two players that paying extra for both to conclude a quick deal does not make much sense.



    If we were to do that with every single deal, which is what would happen, the total wasted over years would accumulate to a pretty considerable amount



    It’ll be the same story next Winter next Summer, regardless of what happens now. And every window thereafter.

  2. if celtic plc cared about the fans they would publish a day by day bulletin on every transfer so we could be the judge of how well they really are doing.



    it could start lasy february



    – joe told me he is leavin at end of season


    – the bhoys in analytics gave a list.


    – we contacted their clubs, agents and players


    – they said come back in late august or september. well if our client is still here.



    blah de blah de blah.



    in brendan i trust.

  3. it is not like we are ordering steel from the other sideof the world celtic plc, get yir finger oot

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    Re the tennis



    Why is Clare Balding involved in the presentation?



    Plenty of ex tennis players there who bring so much more insight than she does.



    Annabelle Croft would have been a better choice to replace Sue Barker if they are looking for a female Brit to tick a box.

  5. CELTIC40ME on 9TH JULY 2024 7:11 PM



    Nearly 8 weeks until the window closes and we have to register players for the champions league, which is what really matters






    Players can take weeks / months to settle and be integrated into the team so I’d say what matters is that the players are ready for Champions League matchday 1 not just that they are registered.



    There is also the small matter of 4 league games including a derby and a league cup game before the window closes.



    Der hun may or may not be a shambles right now. We should have our foot on their throat regardless.



    I stress no one should be panicking yet. I was simply directly answering a point by SFTB. But if we don’t have significant signings before we go to the US we will unquestionably be weaker to start the season. That’s one week away. I try to believe the board won’t let the manager down so badly again. But I do not trust them not to do so. Time will tell

  6. garyillespieshamstrings



    That’s the wokerati for ye. Sue Barker brought Andy’s Wimbers career to a fitting end earlier this week, but the Beeb could not wait to pension her off a few years back, not just from Wimbers, but from a Question of Sport, which crashed and burned without her. It’s all about political correctness, cannot ever remember Clare ever winning a major tennis tournament, her and Andrew Castle, classic BBC choices.

  7. Reggie



    A reasonable response but…….



    “Haggling until the last day of the window is not a credible option any moderately well run club would consider.”





    And not one that anybody is proposing, as far as I can see. Advocating patience is not advocating endless patience or blind faith that you’ll land your guy. But as most negotiations are Maybes, apart from the outright No’s, the question becomes how long do you hold patient and, I’d guess that depends on stuff that we don’t know about i.e. How positive are the indications that the player is seriously considering us and how willing are the selling club to sell to us. We move on to lesser targets if there are any serious red flags there but we certainly don’t hold out to the last day on promises for vital positions which for Celtic, this season are Goalkeeper, Striker and possibly left back.



    I don’t think leaving the bulk of the business to the last day is something Celtic routinely do. Yes, we may not have made 6 signings in the first fortnight like Sevco have but those were low hanging fruit signings and Brendan is asking for better than that.



    I tried to find a list of deadline day signings but couldn’t find a lot out there. We have had last minute loan signings like Bernardo and Idah that gave us temporary cover at a decent level but we also had deadline day signings like Jack Hendry and Scott Bain which did not add much value. The others I could find were Paul Hartley, Barry Robson, Tony Stokes. Leigh Griffiths and Craig Bellamy (loan only) which would suggest two things to me. One, there are good buys to be got on deadline day and Two, this has been going on for a long time and is far from confined to Celtic.





    “I do firmly believe we would have signed John McGinn if we had moved quickly.”





    Your beliefs are your beliefs, whether firmly held or not. I just know he chose Villa, so your scenario only works for me on the basis that Villa and all their scouts were totally unaware that John McGinn was a target until Celtic messed up. I find that modern clubs have good scouts and agents who keep them well informed of interesting players. Now, if Villa had an A list target that strung them along and they only considered McGinn as a back up after the A Target said no, it might make sense but, as I’ve noted before the manager who signed McGinn for Villa and promised him a first team spot when McGinn said the Celtic manager wouldn’t give this commitment, got sacked within 2 months so believe that story if you want.



    I just know that, in the real world, he chose Villa over Celtic and so would many players- sad as that is.

  8. REGGIE on 9TH JULY 2024 7:42 PM



    It’s time to stop thinking about the first few weeks of the domestic season and concentrating on our entire european campaign. And next season and the season after



    The bigger picture starts on 17 September

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Beehive, New North Road, Hoxton. Me and the big chap watching the game.

  10. sftb



    You’re baffled…


    And consistent….




  11. If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.



    Twas always thus, but more noticable now.

  12. Half-time


    Spain are the Euros top scorers and that is why, for now at least, they are heading for the final in Berlin


    Surprised if they dont score again, but will settle for 2-1.

  13. Celtic40


    “It’s time to stop thinking about the first few weeks of the domestic season and concentrating on our entire european campaign. And next season and the season after”


    Correct, which is what many of us were saying during the last transfer window. And the one before that and the one before that.

  14. GLENOWEN on 9TH JULY 2024 8:56 PM



    So no more talk about signing players before we go on a pre season tour, the start of the season or the first derby.



    If we’re serious about Europe and escaping what some people see as our obsession with staying just ahead of the Huns us fans need a different mindset.




    And not one that anybody is proposing, as far as I can see.






    Perhaps you are not but I would argue that’s exactly what Paul67 was proposing when he said



    “If you are in charge and you know you are going to need to wait until late in the window for top talent, would you go down your list to ‘get the players in early’? How far down would you go?”








    Where we differ wildly is what we consider vital positions. You think GK, Striker and possibly left back. I think all 3 plus LCB and left and right winger, and that’s without knowing O’Reilly’s future and the need to replace him if he goes. That may be unrealistic, 6 first team starters in a single window, but due to the unrivalled incompetence of the previous head of recruitment that is the situation we are in and should be the goal. There are 4 target points this summer. 1) In time for preseason starting. 2) Going to a training camp in the US which is the final chance to prepare for the season. 3) Being in for the start of the season so they can be involved. 4) Deadline day



    We’ve missed the first one and the second isn’t looking too promising. With Deadline day I think you’ve inadvertently confirmed what I’m trying to say. It is a crapshoot. You might get a gem with a Bellamy or you might be left with a Willo Flood. To leave it to chance is poor management. Be ready to pounce on the gem. Be in a position where you’re not forced to bring in the dross.

  16. sftb



    Emily Maitlis left the BBC on her own accord, to work for LBC, and elsewhere, albeit unhappy with the way NewsNight was being run down. From being the BBC’s keynote news broadcaster, (Prince Andy anyone), on the Beeb’s keynote and respected news programme, now reduced to a thirty minute sideshow. Nothing PC there. Clare Balding is brilliant at a sport, horse racing which the BBC no longer show. Sue Barker, a Tennis specialist was retired early, she did not want to leave, nothing PC there either, but what was PC was that the BBC wanted to keep Balding on the roster, (radio too) to show how diverse it is, ergo Wimbers hotseat becomes available. Anyone for Tennis?

  17. Celtic40


    With respect, I couldn’t disagree more.


    You were quite correct to suggest a longer term view of signings. However, this doesn’t equate with the ‘just in time’ approach we seem to favour. It’s a gamble we simply don’t need to take.


    My point was better transfer windows over the past few years would provide is with the best chance in Europe this season. Not seeing any last minute pre European deadline signings as a success. What often follows are pages of excuses as to why the players didn’t have time, lack of cohesion blah blah et cetera.


    Perhaps we could just copy some of the threads from 12 months ago. It all seems oddly previous

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