Stadium upgrades


I expect you and I will discuss Celtic Park in the week after last season’s financial report is published.  We have plenty of work to do and, I expect, will have a new record bank balance. So we’ll be light on self-satisfaction, but still……

I’ve kept away from the Ibrox debacle thus far. Despite that it is already an enormously consequential story, it could yet turn into the straw that breaks the cabal’s back.

The clarion call went up in yesterday’s Record, which is never a sign that all the bad news has already landed.  We are too believe that those with legal responsibility to look after the interests of the club, stakeholders and creditors are innocent victims in this episode because they didn’t do the jobs they were employed to do.

Non-executive directors are not there to wear blazers on match day, they are charged with ensuring the executives do their jobs properly.  Newco non-execs failed in this responsibility.  These are the same people who appointed fall guy and former CEO James Bisgrove (a man thoroughly humiliated by our commercial director Adrian Filby over the Sydney tournament).

Bisgrove’s appointer, John Bennett, is apparently a victim in all this.  When you need to rely on feeble pandering from a tabloid your fans cannot stand, you’re in real trouble.

Also, unnecessarily calling people or firms English when talking about them in a negative context is a clearg dog-whistle hearts by the racists out there. Let’s not.

Prediction: Celtic will have a record bank balance, you and I will talk stadium upgrades and the Ibrox debacle will be material in Newco’s demise.

John Bennett, when Dave King left I couldn’t have hoped for someone with his reverse Midas Touch to take over so soon. Very well done.

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  1. Anybody that thought Celtic were going to spend any money on players before June 30 has not been paying attention. Would make good sense to take 2-3 new players on the USA trip if possible and practical, but we’ll need to wait and see on that front. We have two good targets that we do know about, because they have played for us, and hope we land both, they wont need time to settle. McKenna knows Scottish football and spent his time well away fromForest. Those three and 2-3 others in then we will be in better shape than we are right now. In Brendan we trust….

  2. Celtic Mac



    Thank you for explaining your thinking.



    I still ask what is more diverse about retaining Claire over Sue?



    Is it sexual identity?



    I don’t think that’s a measuring stick of diversity anymore.



    Both are competent presenters, one is younger – maybe even cheaper.



    I don’t think anyone bothers too much about who sticks what where so long as you don’t do it live on National TV.



    P.S. Are you watching Douglas is Cancelled? very funny writing from Steven Moffatt but overblown farce of a plot

  3. Reggie



    Paul said “late” in the window; he didn’t say faff about till the last day and risk coming up empty.



    I think we’re more in agreement about vital positions than you say.



    it’s just the definition of vital.



    Goalkeeper is vital – because we have the 2nd/3rd string keeper as starter with a reluctant wage thief as back up- then we have a lot of promising unready youngsters- so goalkeeper is definitely vital, crucial, must do, desperately needed and any other imperative term



    Striker less so as we have Kyogo and Oh as definites and a very good chance of getting Idah which would let Oh depart. It is vital only in the sense that Brendan wants a Kyogo & Idah choice and to a Kyogo or Oh choice. It is vital to keep Brendan happy rather than to have Idah over Oh.



    Left back is a supporter vital because we don’t fancy Greg and we definitely don’t fancy Bernabei. We have 2 expensively acquired LB’s but we’re unhappy with them so it’s vital to improve supporters satisfaction.



    Your other positions are dissatisfactions with what we have rather than vital to improve. Kuhn may make the right side his own or be the central attacker to replace MOR. Holm or Iwata may step up to become a new stalwart- both have qualities.



    At left wing where we have Maeda and Palma with Forrest, Johnston and Yang as back up- nothing is vital but you can prefer an improvement.



    Apart from Willo Flood, I cannot think of too many deadline day inadequates. Both Bain & Hendry have done well enough- Bain as back up and Hendry at clubs other than Celtic. Everyone else I listed as deadline day were good buys who served us well for a good few years.

  4. GLENOWEN on 9TH JULY 2024 9:17 PM



    “My point was better transfer windows over the past few years would provide is with the best chance in Europe this season. Not seeing any last minute pre European deadline signings as a success.”



    I don’t think anyone should care when our signings come now in that case. If we are to judge everyone at Celtic on European performances over 8 games and 4 months then a few weeks makes no difference

  5. ‘then we have a lot of promising unready youngsters-‘



    very good news sftb – will save us a fortune and win us leagues

  6. Really, who cares how late they come in the window if they improve us in the CL over the 8 games and 4 months?

  7. Jackiemac



    I said that to agree that Goalkeeper purchase WAS vital- in fact I think we may need 2 because Siegrist is a myth.



    I was, in no way, advocating Oluwayemi or Clarke as options for first team back up. Both need a further loan on their development pathway. I doubt anybody within CP is going to try and hoodwink us with either player as a Number 2 – what makes you think they will?

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Malick Yalcouyé is an 18 year old midfielder.



    IFK Gothenburg signed him in six months ago from a team in Cote d’Ivoire.



    He’s played ELEVEN games for IFK.



    According to Fabrizio Romano, Brighton have just agreed to pay €10m for him.

  9. sftb



    Watched all episodes of Cancelled


    Not quite as funny as it first appears, quite dark actually


    Great performance by Karen Gillen, who once did the half-time draw at Celtic Park


    which makes her one of us….


    And the greatest ever travelling companion of Dr Who


    Watch the episode with her and Tony Curran as Vincent Van Gogh, great television

  10. nowt sftb but your good opinion which I misread – one struggles with reading between the lines ( a bit on the auld spectrum to be honest).



    And a fan’s hope that we will discover a JF or broonie or calmac style goalie that will be a stalwart for ages – this is not to say that I undervalue the amazing recent goalie signings.

  11. Drambowiecelt on

    Great game to enjoy tonight…Some of the football out of defence from Spain was brill.


    What the hell has happened to young Mbappe? Poor Tournement……

  12. Drambowiecelt on

    Bonus from the game ….Young Yamal youngest player ever to score at Euros….


    Kojo had him marked in 2008……

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    I bet Spain to win 2-1 @ 9/1.



    That was a loooong 2nd half.



    Also got a double Spain 2-1 plus Netherlands 1-0 @ 66/1 🤞

  14. I don’t believe we can keep 2 quality players in each position happy in the SPFL but my definition of vital would include at least adequate cover for injuries.



    If Kyogo gets injured has Oh shown anything whatsoever to suggest he could be relied upon in the opening games of the season?



    Taylor is the only left back in the squad so what are we doing if he is injured? Take our 1st choice (I know) LCB and move him to left back? If you think Taylor has attacking limitations then Scales will make him look like prime Roberto Carlos. Maybe we could move our captain there, except we tried that before (twice) with catastrophic results. Your other options would be Ralston or Frame. With all due respect to Frame, and I’m wholeheartedly in favour of giving youth a chance on merit, but anyone saying they’d be confident in him excelling on the back of one substitute appearance is being disingenuous.



    I think being dissatisfied with what we have is good reason to seek improvement. I’m dissatisfied with Bain so I want improvement. The left side of our defence is a clear weakness so I want improvement. I understand Maeda has great work rate and occasional brilliance but he’s also technically poor, incredibly frustrating and largely nullified by teams that sit in. He has a place in the squad but I want improvement. The right wing, well we’ll see what a preseason can bring, but I’ve seen very little to suggest any of the options are even squad players never mind starters so I want improvement. One or two will need to be squad players out of necessity, but that is the fallout of the Mark Lawwell disaster. I’m not expecting a wave of high quality ambitious signings to come in imminently, I accept signings will be staggered across a window, but none before the US trip would be a huge red flag.



    Anyway I don’t want to get bogged down in this just now, there may or may not be a time to be super critical, my main point is the Idah negotiations have been going on long enough, and they should be concluded one way or the other in the next few days or so.

  15. ordinary joe on

    The savvy heid would argue that the Dundee midfielder Luke McCowan would be a better buy than Paulo Bernardo.



    And financially assist our new pals up in Dundee.



    In fact, maybe LM would be better than both Bernardo and Matt O’Riley put together?



    Or how about keeping MO, and bring in both PB and LM, and turn our wingers into ‘sitting’ wide midfielders and be more direct?



    How many crosses do these wingers put into the box per game, and how many goals do they produce?



    And maybe bring in the tireless runner from Ross County, Simon Murray, to be the pain in the ass for defenders?



    And surely the big Jambos Goal keeper would be better than all of the Continental Galaxy of stars that we`ve been linked with?



    Anyway, when we have a manager who has destroyed Kyogo, and can`t make a player out of James McCarthy and turn him into a Legend, maybe even a future statue on the Celtic Way contender, and can`t park a bus in front of the defence in Europe after 8 years, then what is the point?



    The worse that the Hun crisis gets, the less chance that Celtic will be engaged in any recruitment.

  16. Drambowiecelt on

    @Reggie…You probably summed up the whole tic support in that honest summary.


    Those same concerns from last year and years before….Ithink we may get it right again




    Reggie..great post..


    Don’t worry about this coming year we will own it..


    Europe ..Blah….The next year ..boooom.All Celtic…


    Hope you and i see it………

















  17. DRAMBOWIECELT on 9TH JULY 2024 10:36 PM


    Bonus from the game ….Young Yamal youngest player ever to score at Euros….



    Kojo had him marked in 2008…




    Some reckoned Kojo was always ahead of his time. 😀

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