Stadium upgrades


I expect you and I will discuss Celtic Park in the week after last season’s financial report is published.  We have plenty of work to do and, I expect, will have a new record bank balance. So we’ll be light on self-satisfaction, but still……

I’ve kept away from the Ibrox debacle thus far. Despite that it is already an enormously consequential story, it could yet turn into the straw that breaks the cabal’s back.

The clarion call went up in yesterday’s Record, which is never a sign that all the bad news has already landed.  We are too believe that those with legal responsibility to look after the interests of the club, stakeholders and creditors are innocent victims in this episode because they didn’t do the jobs they were employed to do.

Non-executive directors are not there to wear blazers on match day, they are charged with ensuring the executives do their jobs properly.  Newco non-execs failed in this responsibility.  These are the same people who appointed fall guy and former CEO James Bisgrove (a man thoroughly humiliated by our commercial director Adrian Filby over the Sydney tournament).

Bisgrove’s appointer, John Bennett, is apparently a victim in all this.  When you need to rely on feeble pandering from a tabloid your fans cannot stand, you’re in real trouble.

Also, unnecessarily calling people or firms English when talking about them in a negative context is a clearg dog-whistle hearts by the racists out there. Let’s not.

Prediction: Celtic will have a record bank balance, you and I will talk stadium upgrades and the Ibrox debacle will be material in Newco’s demise.

John Bennett, when Dave King left I couldn’t have hoped for someone with his reverse Midas Touch to take over so soon. Very well done.

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  1. Drambowiecelt on

    7 years ago yesterday i lost my son….Every day i wake up it hits me….


    I’ve got two good reasons to keep me going… His Son ..His Daughter


    I’m Raising the most beautiful kids in the world…


    How lucky am i…?? My hope is i see Wee one into high school


    Welcome p6 ……

  2. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 9TH JULY 2024 10:45 PM


    I bet Spain to win 2-1 @ 9/1.







    That was a loooong 2nd half.







    Also got a double Spain 2-1 plus Netherlands 1-0 @ 66/1





    Spain v France….. I was lucky enough to back Spain at the Bookies with the Correct Score of 2 – 1 at odds of 11/1.


    I am also waiting on a Double for Spain( 2 – 1 ) Correct Score and Netherlands – 1 v England – 1 correct score at 5/1.



    I stupidly had a different scoreline for Spain v France on my SUPERBRU….I am a CHUMP sometimes !



    No matter, as I have had a poor Superbru, so I have NO CHANCE of being amongst the winners from the first week.


    I want my money back…………….Only joking SFTB.





  3. DRAMBOWIECELT on 10TH JULY 2024 12:37 AM


    7 years ago yesterday i lost my son….Every day i wake up it hits me….





    I’ve got two good reasons to keep me going… His Son ..His Daughter





    I’m Raising the most beautiful kids in the world…





    How lucky am i…?? My hope is i see Wee one into high school





    Welcome p6 ……




    So sorry to read about the loss of your son seven years ago.


    My heart goes out to you.



    May your Grand Kids bring you joy and comfort every day.



    All the very best Mate.







    That SNOB CHUMP ” Andrew Castle” on BBC TV is a complete dud. He is nothing more than a ” TV Tennis Gossip” who constantly tells you everything about Players and Ex Players Families.



    On Monday during a live Broadcast CASTLE questioned whether the Centre Court Roof would be able to keep the rain out, but he put in question that IF there were any leaks, it was ALL DOWN to whoever constructed the roof for not doing their job properly ?


    His co commentator ” TIM HENMAN” quickly told Mr Castle ” Steady On” or words to that effect. I dont think Tim Henman appreciated Castles comments about possible poor workmanship !



    Tim Henman is a very fair and good commentator, and he more or less put that Snob CHUMP ” Andrew Castle ” in his place LIVE on Air….without being rude etc.



    Since BRRB is in London at the moment I hope he sticks the Heid oan Andrew Castle, Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Nigel Farage and Esther McVey….IF he bumps into any of them in a London Pub ?




  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    I don’t understand why some supporters believe Celtic need to buy two goalkeepers. What keeper is going to come to Celtic knowing they will be a bench-warmer, potentially for years to come?



    Scott Bain is an adequate backup keeper who has never let us down and knows he is not first choice and works hard without complaint.



    Absolutely no need to bring in two goalkeepers.

  6. Before the EROs kicked off last month, I backed SPAIN to Win the Tourney with the Bookies at the odds of 7/1.


    Fingers crossed.



    MON the DUTCH Tonight v England.



    Some BBC Female ” interviewer” was shown last night in a so called ” Interview” with Gareth Southgate…it was so cringe worthy, with Mr Lineker in the Berlin studio asking the Female ” interviewer” about the “mood” in the England camp…BLAH BLAH….She then went on to reply that ” Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane” were in a VERY JOVIAL Mood OFF Camera ?????????



    What abshoolute CRAP from Lineker and some of his colleagues.



    Not only do I hope for a DUTCH VICTORY Tonight, but that FAT SALLY is NOWHERE near the ITV MICROPHONE !





    Absolutely no need to bring in two goalkeepers.



    I would settle for 1 before September. Q a song “oh it might as well “

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Hoxton. Another day of fun and high jinks starts now. 😁🍻

  9. bournesouprecipe on 10th July 2024 12:02 am



    If you’ve seen Juan you’ve seen Limahl







  10. Morning all from my part of Texas, where power just restored at 03:45 am. (Post hurricane Beryl).



    My bedroom had risen to 29 degrees when the AC cut back in. Mon the AC! (And the Dutch)

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I don’t think Brendan will hang around, if he doesn’t get the backing he needs

  12. “GLENOWEN on 10TH JULY 2024 9:47 AM



    I think we’d all agree that one new keeper is absolutely essential.”



    Do you think if we don`t get a new `keeper we will fail to win the League?



    I would feel more comfortable with a new `keeper but I am not certain what more we would achieve with one.

  13. James Forrest Blog today.


    ” Its PL playing hardball with Norwich,just like Mc Ginn with Hibs”



    Oh,FFS,give it a rest.Keith Jackson will soon be mocking you next.

  14. Tom



    There’s a very simple reason and obvious I am suggesting 2 new keepers and it has nothing to do with Scott Bain, whom I have defended on here as a valuable squad member and a decent back up.



    The Reason is that we have been operating with 3 Senior keepers for a long time as it is easy to foresee that one keeper can have a long term injury and you don’t want to enter a Champions League tie with a young keeper, who has no more experience than a season with a Scottish Championship club (Josh Clarke) or 2 injury plagued and, as yet, unconvincing two seasons in Ireland and Austria (Owulayemi). If we had Conor Hazard or Ross Doohan, with SPFL appearances behind them, I would accept them as competitive.



    Scott Bain is innocent in all of this. he would be one of the 3 senior keepers I would retain. I have reservations about him which I will outline but, first, I will state that we have lost 2 keepers from our group of 3. Joe Hart has retired and Ben Siegrist has downed tools, having agitated for a move away from Celtic from almost the day he joined. He wants to go to Australia but is unwilling to sacrifice his increased wages and leave voluntarily, so he’s downing tools and just not impressing as a reliable keeper for us. In 2 seasons he has not played a league game for us. After 19 bench appearances, following his transfer, he was out for 14 weeks with a calf injury followed by a run of 33 games where he appeared on the bench just once. I think it’s long past time to cut our losses and send him to Oz where he might be willing to earn a wage rather than steal one. He is out of contract next year anyway.



    My only reservation about Scott Bain is over how few are the occasions he gets to play competitively. He is only 32, he has 3 Scottish caps and has played in CL, Europa and many SPFL games. What I saw with Joe Hart was that, after 2 seasons with Burnley and Spurs as an unplayed back up, he came to us as a diminished keeper, lacking in recent competitive experience. Joe was not the loved player he became when he first arrived. Fans did not see him as a continuation of the excellence we had got used to in the Boruc-Forster-Gordon era. By playing competitive games with us, we got Joe back to somewhere near the levels he had been capable of as a younger keeper and by his 2nd season, he was much more trusted and loved by our support.



    So, if Scott Bain remains our number 2, we need to play him in competitive games and not just wait for an injury to our number 1 keeper. English Premiership coaches have noticed this issue and many give League Cup games to their number 2 keeper to keep their eye in. This is one solution but Celtic often only have 3 or 4 LC ties to do this and no other options post- December.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    This time last year there were posters that wanted a new keeper, a full season including CL before Joe Hart retired. He went on to have a purple patch in his last year and Scott Bain will never be anything but a back up at Celtic, he’s been that for so long.



    Josh Clarke or Joe Morrison may move into the third slot, but we need a number one even if it’s just to maintain a status quo.



    Whatever you want CSC

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH JULY 2024 10:47 AM


    Yamal’s dad is younger than Navas,who played right back last night…..






    I know we’re always moaning about the lack of height, especially in our defence, but Navas and the wee fullback with the dodgy hair have been very good. Spain defended really well and were content to sit on their lead. I hope they win it.

  17. Ziggy/Bada



    Scary to think Spain left out 17 y.o centre half from their squad




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