Stand up for the Snotters


I’ve resisted temptation to comment on the comical over-reaction to another below-par league performance by Celtic.  Most of us realise where we are as a club (champions, champions-elect, post-Christmas in Europe, perhaps Champions League knockout, improving young squad, improving young manager), so the troughs between the peaks are to be anticipated, even if you can’t enjoy them.

Not that I’ve any hostility towards those who cannot find joy in our current situation; football can be beautiful but it will always involve sweat and snotters.  Stand up for the Snotters, but definitely not on the 12th minute, there is no 12th-man redeeming feature involved here!

Even if you cannot enjoy football if you’re not turning over Barcelona, you’ll enjoy this:

WeeOscar4Life Campaign Raises £27K at Race Night and Auction

On the evening of Saturday 17th November 2012, around 400 people descended on the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park to raise funds for the WeeOscar4Life campaign at an entertaining Race Night & Auction. The event was also attended by Wee Oscar’s dad Stephen Knox, and an astonishing £27,350.00 was raised to directly support Wee Oscar and his family during his continued treatment and fight against neuroblastoma.

This campaign was launched by supporters of Celtic Football Club (the Celtic Family) to raise money for Oscar Knox, a four year old boy who was diagnosed in November 2011 with high risk neuroblastoma – a rare form of cancer which mainly affects children.

On the race night, the campaign team were delighted to be joined by supporters of many other Clubs and Oscar’s dad Stephen flew over from Northern Ireland. Also in attendance we’re former Celtic Players Tom Boyd, Bobby Petta and Frank McAvennie as well as current Players partners and great supporters of the campaign Lisa Hague (Partner of Kris Commons and Patron of the WeeOscar4Life campaign), Ruby May Ridgeway (Partner of Joe Ledley) and Lucy Parmenter (Partner of Gary Hooper).

The evening’s entertainment included moving, yet truly inspiring videos of Wee Oscar and his incredibly brave family’s journey, which generated an energy and fun loving atmosphere comparable only to Wee Oscars outgoing and fun loving nature. There was a ‘buzz about the place’ and cheers went up as winning horses went over the finishing line.

The auction and raffle, strewn with kindly donated items, including a Celtic 125th Anniversary top signed by the entire first team kindly donated by Celtic FC, sparked a flood of generosity and excitement as friendly rivalry saw items being auctioned for literally thousands of pounds.

Wee Oscar’s dad Stephen commented: “What an amazing night! I am delighted that I was able to be here to support the event; there are just so many people to thank that I could be here all night! Oscars fight goes on and we will continue to take advice from Oscars Doctors regarding future treatment paths; we are delighted that Oscar came home from Hospital on Thursday and maybe we can get a little bit of normality into our lives at least for a while. Thank you all.”

Stephen was pleased to meet so many of the campaign team on the night: “It was fantastic to have the opportunity to come over to meet and personally thank the people who have been helping out so much with the WeeOscar4Life campaign.  We will be eternally grateful to everyone involved for all their efforts!”

Oscars mum Leona was unable to travel and stayed at home to look after Oscar and Oscar’s little sister Izzie however, through Twitter Leona said “I’m short of words, for once! What you have done for my family can never be repaid, saying thanks just isn’t enough.”

Wee Oscar and his family flew to Philadelphia on the 6th October 2012 to start Wee Oscar’s potentially lifesaving Immunotherapy treatment, but unfortunately due to health complications, Wee Oscar was rushed into Intensive Care. It appears that these complications have shattered the prospect of him receiving this immunotherapy treatment in Philadelphia.

Thankfully, Wee Oscar is a fighter and he gained enough strength to return home on Saturday 27th October 2012. However, the events of the last couple of months – and the news that it could cost an enormous £400,000 for the treatment Oscar had while he was in hospital in Philadelphia – have strengthened the WeeOscar4Life Campaign’s resolve to ensure maximum support for Wee Oscar and his family throughout Oscar’s on-going treatment.

Lisa Hague who works so hard to promote the cause (despite being heavily pregnant) commented on the race night: “What an amazing selection of people, brought together for one reason: to continue the support for Wee Oscar. This is just another event that confirms what the Celtic family is all about; kindness, support and generosity. I thought the night was so well organised and a credit to the whole WeeOscar4Life team! My personal reward was speaking on the phone to Wee Oscar on the night. It is a pleasure to be Patron and a pleasure to be part of the Celtic family.”

Tom Boyd was asked “How proud do you feel being regarded as a legend amongst the Celtic fans?” he replied “Myself and other Celtic greats won trophies and medals, but it’s on a night like tonight that you realise what a real legend is….. Wee Oscar is a true legend.”

Future planned events include: Glasgow to Belfast Cycle Ride

WeeOscar4Life organisers are planning a cycle from Glasgow to Belfast for St Patrick’s weekend in March 2013 and will be looking for cyclists to take part in this event. Interested parties should email quoting ‘Cycle’ in the subject field and the organisers will get back to you with more details.

For more information please contact the WeeOscar4Life campaign team by emailing  Alternatively contact the WeeOscar4Life team on: 07595015203.

The first ever CQN Annual is now shipping direct from the UK.  Order yours here.

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  1. While we are sur le subject of franglais, I found an interesting phrase created by Miles Kington when I searched the BBC website:



    “A man is accused of driving his car “avec toute la finesse d’un Rangers fan”

  2. Nice post Paul. No time for moaners. Top of the League. I still predict we’ll open up a significant gap by January.

  3. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Let’s hope that wee Oscar danders onto the hallowed turf of Celtic Park someday soon in his Celtic jersey.



    They will need to build a new roof for the place.





    Magnificent article,mate.



    I am truly humbled by the generosity of our community,the efforts of the fundraisers,but most of all,by the courage and fortitude of Oscar and his family.

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    Some people are just crabbit. That’s a close to happiness as they ever get.



    Let them whinge all they want at the football, it gives their families a break for a few hours.

  6. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Snotter.. Yrs since I’ve used that word. Great . It just sounds so clatty, so mingin’..



    Anyway.. I m happy with the odd Snotter .. The hoops are magic. Always were, always will be..




  7. Every football fan in the world experiences great highs and lows. Dont


    understand why our fans think we should be any different.



    I think a few off us on here can remember standing on the terraces


    wondering if we would ever taste glory again.




    Oscar a true legend. Hail Hail

  8. Let the people whinge!



    sticking up for the moaners CSC



    ps it should be noted that Paul67 deleted one of his own posts on this blog, think he may be losing it :¬)

  9. Paul67



    The barca game was horrible to watch, it was the ’12th man’ who made it the occassion it was.




    Oh well, we will see how well the Snotters get on against Arbroath under the gaze of a crowd that will not reach 10,000.

  10. Looked right a brilliant night that, well done to all the organisers and patrons of the event.



    The Celtic family excel at this sort of money raising, for good nay GREAT causes.




  11. Back in the day…….a young London based entrepeneur noticed the success of Tie Rack and subsequently The Sock Shop. Deciding to jump on the band wagon he opened up a handkerchief shop, the first he hoped of many, slip streaming into the back of the aforementioned……unfortunately he named said shop “Snotters”


    Needless to say he “picked” the wrong name and the game was quickly a “bogie”

  12. Paul67 – there is a bike ride from Leeds to coincide with the one from Glasgow.


    We will be cycling 127 miles along the Leeds-Liverpool canal over two days before catching the overnight ferry from Liverpool to Belfast. Our arrival in Belfast, with almost surreal coincidental timing, is on St Patrick’s day. (anyone any ideas what we might do in Belfast on such a day?)


    We have six people so far. Anyone else is welcome to join us. To the best of my knowledge none of us are cyclists so amateur buffoons are welcome.


    We will be seeking sponsorship in due course so any publicity from you would be most welcome.

  13. In my opinion, part of the reason for the moaning is that we live in the ‘I want’ society. ‘I want it and I want it now’ is the mantra it seems.



    Forget that we are top of the league and in a great position in Europe. A fan has paid his £600 or whatever so he wants to be entertained. He doesn’t care about last week or what the position is likely to be next May.



    Sadly, that’s the way it is with a lot of people today. Instant gratification is what it’s all about. Just my opinion.

  14. thetimrieper,



    I can remember, as a young bhoy, wondering if I would ever see Celtic win anything. That is why the 65 Final (and Big Billy’s winning header) is still THE moment of my Celtic supporting life.

  15. The “Snotter” was wiped on many a jumper as a sign of dedication and hard work on the individuals desire for victory for his team



    Sadly the “Snotter” has disapeared from the modern game to be replaced, by namby pamby leggings ,gloves and neck scarves



    Campaigningforsnottersinfootball csc

  16. Vmhan, testing just fine.



    Fassreifen, of course we will.



    voguepunter, I see. Sorry about that.






    Steinreignedsupreme, crabbit/snotters. Take your pick.



    Intended, b.t.w.



    ASonOfDan, looking forward to Arbroath.



    tomtheleedstim, fantastic effort, good luck.



    notthebus, cheers.

  17. Was any of us happy with the performance on saturday? No.Are we entitled to voice our concerns?? You bet…within reason of course.



    I’m gobsmacked at the over reaction to this..its a mans game.what happened on saturday was just 2 men having a disagreement over a game of football.nothing more, nothing less.



    In my opinion the players were needing a shot in the arm to waken them and get them out of this comfort zone.



    so starting tomoro bhoys lets get this spl campaign going again, and really show them whats what now.



    Over and over.

  18. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Snotters? My wee 1 year old granddaughter has had a streaming nose for weeks now and every jumper I own is covered in the stuff.


    Don’t talk to me about snotters!

  19. Perhaps most of us also forget that football really should not be the be all and end all in our lives. It is an obsession that takes over much of our waking hours and provides us with countless hours of highs and lows. It consumes our thoughts and for many, a large part of our incomes too. It unites and divides families, communities and countries in equal measure.


    But when something really important is going on, like the story of wee Oscar, we realise that in the grand scheme of things a game of football is just that. A game of football.



    The good work our club and our fans do is worthy of much more celebration than a goal or two against ICT or Kilmarnock. Let’s keep things in perspective.

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