Standard Watt


Two years ago, Tony Watt was putting a light under our fire. The debut goals at Motherwell, the point rescued at Dingwall, then came THAT goal, his future looked secure, but it’s been downhill since.

Tony has the athletic abilities to be a firm favourite, but Neil Lennon shipped him out a year ago, amid comments about the player sorting himself out. His manager at loan club Lierse was soon singing the same song. Now the player is in Liege as Celtic have accepted a bid from Standard for a player, who under different circumstances, would be considered a prodigy.

It is no surprise Ronny Deila has decided to cut him loose; what little we know about our new manager suggests he doesn’t offer too many last chances. For Tony, this is likely to be the last chance to build a memorable career, if he slips up at Standard, next stop will be the likes of Kilmarnock.

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  1. Neganon. I agree but still don’t see how a number of managers low opinion of Tony Watt relates to the board. They are at fault for number of things just not everything. Have to go and make the lunch.

  2. Ah….a discussion about football….:)



    Must disagree with the contention that TW didn’t get enough chances to do his thing.

  3. TW got hundreds of chances. Every time he showed up fir training. Lots of bloggers including the trolls haven’t really played or coached much…..

  4. Hampden packed to the rafters oan a Monday morning……………Nae wonder the countries in such a state……….bliddy layabouts sunning themselves whilst i’m grafting away here in work……….it’s dinnertime smarty.

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    jungle sydnegakevanon 3



    12:09 on 28 July, 2014


    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    12:07 on 28 July, 2014




    Did Jim McGuinness tell the board how bad Neil was?





    I don’t think it was in his TOR to assess the mentality and attitude of his boss.


    Try and be a bit constructive and not another smart ass hijacking other blog names.

  6. weeron


    12:20 on


    28 July, 2014





    Well said mate, trying to coach when there’s wasters in the midst is a hard shift.

  7. Syd Negakev




    12:13 on 28 July, 2014




    Guy with a beard in the 400m – won by a whisker.




    Told everyone………………..



    The beards are taking over, if not, its going to be a close shave.




  8. big wavy,



    I think you know what I meant, just going the extra yard to acquire a player that has proven abilities, rather than a roll of the dice.



    I’m sure our scouting system have sourced a few, my point being, if it takes the extra few quid to acquire such a player the fans would more than appreciate it….I’ll even help you off your seat…;)

  9. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    It now makes sense to me why Lennon walked(or was sacked)


    He announced at the end of last season that he was going to bring in up to four players,before the qualifying games started,that spooked lawwell,and he no doubt told Lennon no chance mate,then when we were short of a manager,he brought in an unknown patsy who would be so happy to come to a big club that he would go along with mr bonus


    stuff the football only a profit matters to me lawwell

  10. Glad we’ve got rid of Watt. He was a loser. Like Lennon and Samaras.



    If they were real Celtic men they’d still be there.



    What a great time to be a Celtic supporter. There’s great times coming, I’m sure of it.

  11. Tony Watt has been criticised by more managers than he was praised. Shame it didn;t work out at Celtic for him but £1.2m and a move to a decent club abroad for the lad should be applauded. Good move all round.


    Hope he goes on to have a very good career.


    I also hope Celtic are chasing at least two players. A winger and another forward.


    I think Deila has assessed the squad now and knows who is staying, who is going and what he needs. It all seems to be very methodical. I like the way he works. You must see what you have before you know what you need.




  12. sipsini – Fair enough fella. We both want the same thing.



    The help would be appreciated too. You can hold my packet of werthers if the skill is exceptional too :)

  13. Good show at Hampden for the athletics. Nice family atmosphere.


    I think the stadium should be kept as a world class athletics venue. A fortune would surely be saved if it was not reconverted to a very mediocre football venue.

  14. Not too happy to see Watt go.



    However, I hope we can get rid of a few more fringe players.



    Kayal, Balde, Boerrighter, McGeough and Atajic don’t contribute an awful lot between them. Most would bring in transfer fees and in Kayal’s and Boerrighter’s case would free up some wages!!

  15. Some right rockets on here today. A lot of new names as well.


    If a poster is to change his moniker and it bears no relationship to the previous name could they sign off in there old name for a while so we can recognise you.


    The other alternative is that all your previous postings were pish and you want to disassociate yourself from them.


    And if that is the case are your present posts pish too



  16. ger57



    12:30 on 28 July, 2014



    ‘Good show at Hampden for the athletics. Nice family atmosphere.


    I think the stadium should be kept as a world class athletics venue. A fortune would surely be saved if it was not reconverted to a very mediocre football venue.’








    I thought it was built the way it was so it could host athletic events (in the process destroying any chance of a proper football atmosphere), but they then had to spend a fortune to adapt it for the Commonwealth games.

  17. ger57



    I was thinking the same. Keep it for athletics and maybe John Barrowman shows. :-)

  18. Tony Watt put away one chance that, had he missed it, we would still bemoan as THE glorious opportunity to beat Barca.



    He did what any striker with pretence to adequacy should have done – beat the keeper in an odds-on situation.



    It elevated him to instant hero status and with that came the blinkers among the support.



    Nearly 2 years on and he’s done nothing else of note apart from garnering negativity around his attitude and professionalism.



    £1.2 million for such a player is ridiculous. He’s one duff move away from ending up at Ibrox on a free.



    It’s good business by Celtic and a damn shame the boy couldn’t screw the nut enough to progress his development with us.



    But I’ll go with the opinions and ultimate decisions of people who have spent time working with him rather than the gum-bumping doom-vacuums that come on here trudging out the anti-Celtic monotone every time a player shifts on.



    Just to cover my arse here for a complete ‘player on the move’ diatribe – Peter Lawell is evil, Ronny’s a board puppet, young Watt a misunderstood, underused, never-gotten-a-chance reincarnation of the KOK, we’re all mugs, and the Hoops are going down the drain, assisted by an over-arcing Old Firm supersub-plot that means merging into one club or sometihng equally dystopian/Blackadder witchtrial melodramatic…

  19. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    Tony Watt had his chance at Celtic



    He blew it



    We all knew Ronnie & JC take no sh1t and I don’t think Tony Watt will be the last to find himself leaving

  20. A summary of how some would (or are) post about the CL draw.



    “We need to strengthen to get past Legia. Sack the board”



    Had St Pat’s got through and we’d signed any player at all.



    “Why are we wasting any money ahead of St Pat’s we should save it for a better target. Sack the board.”



    Let’s say we had signed somebody. I doubt they’d be ready to play after less than a week and maybe not even before the return leg.

  21. Niallo83. In these days of having to keep our spending down , it’s absolutely crucial that the dead wood is chopped


    How many years has Dylan mcgeogh played in pre season friendlys ?


    We know he is not good enough


    Derk agent should have been summoned to Celtic park in May to find a new club Balde etc etc

  22. • niallo83


    12:35 on 28 July, 2014


    So…..Pukki or Stokes tomorrow night??


    Pukki for me all day long!!




    I heard that Anthony is for the off as well, not sure how good my source is, but that’s the talk………….




  23. —–



    ellboy – i am neil lennon, ynwa.


    12:01 on 28 July, 2014




    ‘Perhaps we should petition UEFA to


    have MTA suspended from the


    competition. Bob Kelly had UEFA


    redraw the Euro competitions in


    1968, following the USSR invasion of




    What about all the Russian clubs with


    their aggression in Ukraine and


    forceful takeover of Crimea? Or


    perhaps Turkish clubs too as their


    government discriminates against


    women and supports radical groups


    who butcher Christians like Isis?


    Let’s not discriminate let’s petition


    the lot!






    Sad To Say….!



    But Possibly The Best Outcome For Brother Walfrid’s Finest Legacy…



    Would Be For Zybszek’s Doubty Legia..



    Inspired By ‘The Sacred Black Madonna’ Of Poland…..



    Tae Cut Delia’s Dahlias Down To Size..



    So Whoever Else Reaches The Play-Offs…



    Is Academic…



    Then Kojo,Collie2…..An’ The Friday Girls..[Of Course..Ed !]



    Are Parachuted Intae Paradise-Oan-The-Clyde….



    Tae Cleanse The Augean Stables…



    Like A Thoosand ‘Molly Weirs’…



    Goodbye Green Brigade…..



    Welcome Jobo’s Weathermen’s Choir..!



    Missing Out On CL Qualification..?



    ‘Many Bawbees’…..



    Losing Celtic’s Shining Reputation..?










  24. Jungle SydNegaKevanon 3




    12:04 on 28 July, 2014




    Were is John Collins?



    Probably in the gym working on that 6 pack

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