Standards required by AIM. Oops.


The resignation of Craig Mather and Bryan Smart from the board of Rangers International PLC, in the wake of a damaging court defeat and a fiasco over the weekend, when inappropriate statements were issued on the club’s web site which did not adhere to stock market rules, leaves the company in a remarkable situation, indicated by a stock market notice this morning:

“The company, working with its advisers, will now seek to strengthen the board… to meet the standards required for an AIM company”.

Note the phrase “working…. to meet the standards required for an AIM company”.

After another director, Ian Hart, bailed out last week, and former chairman, Walter Smith, walked away two months ago, the company only has two directors left, FD Brian Stockbridge and non-exec James Easdale.

I believe an AIM company needs one more non-exec than executive directors.  Easdale is a significant shareholder, meaning there is no independent non-exec on the board able to become chairman.

The normal course of business is to appoint a director before you resign, or dismiss an existing director, to ensure the company has the necessary quorum to carry out its business.  If the company is not compliant in this respect, the board does not have the authority to subsequently appoint a director, nor can it call a General Meeting (Annual or Emergency).

If we take a step back from the immediate actions we could note that the main players in the phoenix have now left the stage, after being well compensated.  Brian Stockbridge is left holding the power-down switch of the deserted White Star Line flagship.

In the event that a serious trading position lies ahead, the men who created it can point to the disruptive actions by the Rebellious Requisitioners (who don’t have a single vote more than they had yesterday), from the safety of their various chateaus. They’ve gone, the patsys are in place…..

As always with this story, when an action is grabbing all the attention, look for what is happening offstage.  Our Hero has been playing his cards close to his chest recently.

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  1. minx1888 praying for Wee Oscar on

    BMCUW – they are in no doubt now ;-)



    ACGR – sorry to hear that bud

  2. WinningGemmell



    “Gemmell assumes penalty-taking duties scoring Celtic’s fifth from the spot in 5-0 league win away to Kilmarnock”



    Who took them before TG?….You listed a lot of missed ones. Some namesake you are…and on his birthday!

  3. Meanwhile over at Sevco…whit’s gaun oan?? Another 2 men down?



    The cries were we surrender.



    Wiz it Walter…no that Walter..the Scott wan, that said “Oh what a tangled web we weave”?



    Maybe Leo was listening from outside when he wrote;



    “Baby, there’s an enormous crowd of people and they’re all after my blood. I wish maybe they could tear down the walls of this theatre and let me out, oh let me out”



    Jist Sayer like…….

  4. oldtim67



    13:07 on 16 October, 2013



    A fantastic post, one that sums up what CQN means to you. You epitomise why I was drawn to this Site.



    There is one Poster who will remain in my Heart until I am gone from this Earth. It will not surprise you to know it is Pablophanque. I was never to have the pleasure of meeting him in person but we did exchange a few texts. The last one I got was to say he would catch a Beer next time he was in town, alas it was not yo be.



    I posted on here a few years ago I was looking for a ticket for Aberdeen, I got a text from Pablophanque, which read —– is your man, a fellow blogger. Told him not got his number, straight back came the number and I got yhe ticket.



    A couple of years later I texted those from CQN that were in my phone book that I had spare tickets for Aberdeen and anybody interested to contact me. Now in those days I think I had 6 Bloggers numbers if I was lucky, why do I mention this? Well Pablophanque put my number on the blog, lennybhoy has tickets, interested call him on 07——-. Next my mate a lurker, phones me, your number is on CQN, we quickly got it deleted, Pablophanque misinterpreted my text.



    I also mention Pablophanque putting my number up on the Blog, I now have about 50 mobile numbers of bloggers, BT has told me Pablophanque would be proud of me. What he means is I try and keep in touch with CQN Bloggers, my extended family and continue with his ethos.



    For the record and to use s footballing footballing phrase, I couldnae lace Pablophanque’s Boots.



    What I started out to post was this oldtim, you and Pablophanque epitomise what CQN is and what it should continue to be.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  5. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Anybody catch Snyde last night?



    Caller: ‘Have you heard of a guy called Paul Brennan?’



    Mark Guidi: ‘ I’ve heard the name’ (panic sets in but tries to bluff indifference)



    Caller: ‘ Makes CQN informed point about forthcoming Celtic AGM’



    Guidi: ‘Paul Brennan’s blog or whatever it is (more feigned indifference) – if he has issued a statement it will have been informed from the highest level inside Celtic (failed attempt to discredit PB and CQN)….blah blah blah’



    MSM exposed and poned again.

  6. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Got your mail about that,dreadful situation to be in.



    Hope it doesn’t have repercussions,you got everything blocked fairly quick.



    No matter how many precautions you take,bad things can happen.



    Happened to my parents too,and to a few friends in the past.



    I hope yer stash of some of Scotland’s finest products was awaiting your return,and have softened the blow a teeny bit?

  7. oldtim67



    What a wonderful post. Great reading. Although I only know a few on here through FB and Twitter and of course the few Ive introduced to this wonderful blog, almost everyone feels like a life long friend. CQN is a very special place and now a vital part of my life every day. Your post makes me even more determined to get over and start meeting up with anyone who can put up with me! Maybe Ill even dust down the old golf clubs after around 15 years for Aberdour, or maybe health and safety will have an issue with that!!!

  8. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Oldgit – hope you’re not going all sentimental on us now! You’ve got plenty of Celtic games and CQN gatherings ahead of you….just feckin behave yerself in between them!!



    Great post, very uplifting and a pleasant change from some of the usual snide, negative stuff that is all too common on the blog these days.



    See you soon.



  9. Oldtim67 – kwality mate, kwality.



    Met you, BT, Barca, T4, Token, Bundoran, WMD(?)and others… one sunny Thursday afternoon at the St John Moore. My first ‘meet’ and most enjoyable it was too (and I didn’t feel like an outsider). Hope to go to many more in the future.



    Thanks for sharing your wee story.





  10. Margaret McGill on

    Yup I remember when I stumbled into CQN after Willofloodism. It was a wonderful experience. After ripping the bored a new one followed by having 117 posts deleted and banned 17 times me and paul67 became mates. It takes all sorts to be a Tim!

  11. #Fearless Wee Oscar is on a Celticrollercoaster on




    Hope it works out for you my friend.









    Ps fat Sally must stay!

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    WG- your namesake missed a few penalties in his time!



    ..or were they saved?



    Luckily it was in the ole days or the cyberchunterers would be wanting to give the job to somebody else.

  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    do what I do. It will make you feel better.



    Contribute to Celtic in every possible way except financially. (2 years and counting)



    I have still contributed to charities meantime but none that have Celtic associated with them.



    Our charitable bent the present plc reconcile with good PR. Mannah from heaven and a defacto release valve when the money grabbing accusations present hemselves.



    It was proven THIS WEEK absolutely that we are indeed the Old Firm … I am owed a few apologies ….. not that I will be holding my breath … and until we are Non Old Firm not then I cant contribute to them



    I have also decided not to watch any domestic competition because its not a competition.



    But this plc are well aware of this. DD will be delighted that all that will be left in the support are the glory hunters. Unambitious , Submissive, Neutered , Sterile and obedient as long as we are better than the huns on the pitch.



    Thats life




  14. The Spirit Of Arthur Lee on

    After ripping the bored a new one followed by having 117 posts deleted and banned 17 times



    A week is a long time in Football

  15. ACGR



    That’s awful mate, so sorry about that.



    I don’t know if there is anything anyone can do to help, but if there is, I’m sure we’d rally round to do our wee bit.



    (was only ever burgled once, and it was a caravan that didn’t belong to me. I was just having a wee break in it with the 4 kids. They were so upset I had to take them home. I swear had I found the culprits, and believe me I spent enough time trying to find out, I’d have done time…gladly)



    As I say, if we can help……

  16. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    minx1888 praying for wee oscar



    13:45 on 16 October, 2013


    BMCUW – they are in no doubt now ;-)







    Should have been pretty obvious anyway,a good-looking lass like you.



    Even they canny be that thick,shooooorly?

  17. PFAyr , that’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle ….



    i seem to remember only being able to buy you a drink when you weren’t looking – PS managed to get the red wine stain out of my Kano polo – at least thats what i’ve been told – still not got it back after Aberdour !



    ACGR , nae luck mate . Hope you get it sorted.



    Kitalba , the whole podium lurking/pouncing is a sub-genre of CQN reserved for the simple , shallow and easily amused – proud to say I’ve bagged a couple in my time.



    OldTim67 , see what you’ve gone and done? – we’re all clapping from the bottom of the shaft now.



    Lennybhoy , not been on for a few days but congratulations on your efforts for George/StJohnDoyle – again you epitomise what is good about being a TIM and CQN.



    Hail Hail to everyone – back to lurking now.




  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Lennybhoy- your recent efforts on behalf of the Ryan family were very Pabbersesque, if you don’t mind me sayin’ so.

  19. the hooped crusader on

    Oldtim what a great post.


    It sums up the feeling of the online Celtic community. We truly are more than a club.


    Hail Hail.

  20. Paul67:



    Standards required by AIM…



    This is getting like the Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox trilogy…Back to the Future.



    Back to Future: The demise of Club 1872



    Back to the Future 2: doomed efforts to wind the clock back to 14th February 2012, doomed again.



    Back to the Future 3: atrempts to do what Back to the Future 2 failed to achieve, doomed.



    When will they learn their Club died 14th February 2012, St. Hunus Day.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  21. Oldtim . Great post , well done old friend . Maybe our paths will cross again sometime . And we can share an orange juice or two . I dont attend now , the corruption has sickened me off . And will only get worse . Take care , and i look forward to more posts like that .




  22. tim in the chamber on

    Oldtim… dinny bother wae comas and full stops…you don’t need punctuation….take yer seat at the tap ae the class….excellent post…

  23. midfield maestro on



    Brilliant post, sitting on balcony, beer in hand, 29 degrees, reading your post just said what cqn is all about. The cries you could hear were definately not ‘no surrender’. Hx2

  24. Hotel de Paris on




    Heartwarming post. After many years lurking I decided to join the CQN world at the weekend. However after witnessing the level of abuse being posted over recent days I must admit that I was beginning to regret my decision. Your post has put me right.



    Celtic are much much more than a Club.

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Paul Brennan is a legend.



    I have never met a journalist whether it be profesional , part time, hobby who I have always agreed with and never will.



    Its nothing personal Paul67 knows this. You make your bed you lie in it.



    If his idea about governing Celtic is different from mine then no big deal. We can discuss deabte and try and influence one another about what we want in the hope of influenceing those that matter.



    But Paul Brennan is a legen in my book. Anything he wants and he is prepared to ask for.



    I will try me best to get tot to him … unless it is do with our Soul/Ethos and on that its a No Surrender from me.;-)



    Paul Brennan is a Legend CSC

  26. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    A Happy 70th Birthday



    To our best-ever left-back



    And quite possibly the best left-back ever in British football.



    I hope you are surrounded by friends and family-or that you will be for the inevitable party-and I really hope BUTSYBHOY’s pal could make it too.



    Tommy,yer picture’s on my wall wi yer ten pals and Jock. And a big big flag from ACGR.




  27. Cultsbhoy @ 13.47



    That was the same programme which had a Celtic? supporter on saying that Peter Lawell was doing a great job financially for us, and that was fantastic considering he’s a R£@@!!rs supporter!!



    What planet are these callers from?

  28. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    art of war



    13:49 on 16 October, 2013


    Oldtim67 – kwality mate, kwality.



    Met you, BT, Barca, T4, Token, Bundoran, WMD(?)and others… one sunny Thursday afternoon at the St John Moore. My first ‘meet’ and most enjoyable it was too (and I didn’t feel like an outsider). Hope to go to many more in the future.



    Thanks for sharing your wee story.









    I remember that one-obviously I wisnae there,miles away in Swindon.



    Were you not dressed like something off a Rod Stewart label that day?



    Got you noticed,right enough!

  29. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on




    Please repost any FF meltdown posts. I live reading them

  30. Jimtim.



    I’m surprised that you have given it up.The corruption has bothered me since the sixties,but there was no outlet to air my grievances,now at least we can spout our anger on CQN, it helps to get it of your chest.

  31. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    jonny the tim supporting wee oscar



    I think the caller implied that Eric Riley was a Hun…seems unlikely to me.

  32. Oldtim67 – great summary of what CQN is all about.



    Contrast with this on FF re the news that the police are investigating sectarian singing at Armed Forces Day. Shocking stuff..,



    The failure of multiculturalism writ large.



    These people started to come to our country over a hundred years ago yet still they refuse to integrate. They don’t respect our culture, our nation, our Monarch or our troops.



    Great Britain’s downfall didn’t begin with the dismantling of The Empire. It began the minute we let the filthy, uneducated flotsam and jetsam in to our great country, fed them, clothed them and allowed them to develop like a cancer. Now they have taken root and surgery is impossible.



    They must not be allowed to prevail in this attack against our troops.

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