Standing in, or walking to, the right place


I watched Moussa Dembele’s goal on Saturday again. Danny Wilson left his post which gave the Celtic striker the opportunity. The weight of his mistake was immediately apparent to the Newco player, who swung his fist into the turf three times.

Wilson made a mistake which will damage his reputation, but in violently punching the pitch, he was acknowledging the error, and its consequences. You’ll seldom see a player displaying this level of dissonance getting grief from a team-mate.

Compare that to the reaction to Scott Sinclair’s goal. Newco had two central defenders on Dembele. As the move developed, Tavernier was on Sinclair, but the Celtic midfielder jogged 10 yards clear of his marker.

Just as Stuart Armstrong played the ball to Patrick Roberts, Tavernier looked around, but not in the direction of Sinclair, who was already free. When Sinclair converted Kiernan yelled at Tavernier

Part of the game is just standing in, or walking to, the right place. Failure to do this isn’t an indication of lack of talent, more, Newco have not done the basics on the training ground.

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  1. BCW


    Worrying for my fellow Tims I must agree, yip the ndp is quite apt.


    Thing is they speak for the hun at a reasonably high level, that I find more worrying.






    A liar as well then :-)



  2. Just read the latest from the HUN ZOMBIES from Vanguard Zombie HUN Bears.



    You couldn’t mark the C U Next Tuesday’s necks with a blow torch.



    I’m not linking to it or copying and pasting but the Zombie Huns really are losing the plot.




  3. Ray


    His fav word is bigot, you would think a dictionary would come in handy, but there you go :-)






    They produce peaches like that from time to time



  4. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    dear lurkers with a certain nose



    everything’s ok


    celtic were lucky yesterday


    rome wasn’t built in a day


    warburton’s the next swalex


    mckay would get a place in any spfl squad


    money will come soon


    james traynor is an effective cultural steward


    even if it was a rangers fan who broke the silence how many candles does it take to light up a bog


    I’m amazed there’s never been a psychologist interested in the traits displayed.



    Right wing, sociopathic tendencies, delusional and collectively so, there’s lots and lots in there.



    But that ability to lie (and in a sporting context ultimately cheat themselves) in a fantastical but collective way, is it unique ?

  6. prestonpans bhoys on




    The recent articles bit also contains some really bizarre logic, these people should be in a padded room.

  7. I’d swear blind we once recruited a Swede from a Dutch club who had previously played for Helsingborgs…..

  8. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    FAN-A-TIC yes, Armstrong’s movement (and timing) to collect Roberts’ pass and square it to Sinclair was impeccable. If he continues to improve as he has recently, he will become a legend!



    As for Bitton, I am sure that Brendan Rodgers can bring out the best in him. He has shown enough quality (particularly in his first season) to indicate he is a very good player. He is much younger than Brown and can, if he progresses, do a very good job for Celtic.



    Transfer window: buy Roberts; get a solid defensive midfielder in; and buy another in the mould of Rogic.





  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Ivehadtochangemyname 5.14



    The candles in the toilet is genius



    And should be highlighted

  10. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Exiled Tim



    It takes some Intelligence to take a concept (Cultural Cleansing in this case) and apply it to your own perspective…. But not much.



    As I like to remind many of my Hun pals we were all catholics until Henry VIII culturally cleansed the country to allow him to get his Nat King Cole.



    See.. Even I can do it!

  11. Just asked a mate if he really believes the crap he reads on vb, won’t hold my breath

  12. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    gftb – a tim’s gotta come up with a ‘candle in the wind’ wind up song – :)

  13. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    I think a key question that RIFC Board need to ask themselves is…




    How long can they keep playing Simply the Best without making a mockery of themselves?

  14. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Sense invades follow Follow!



    We actually have someone of FF who has the ability to think effectively:



    Thread Title: To the “Show us the Money, Dave!” mob – Can you explain a couple of things to me?


    “I must be missing something here, and I’m only being partly snide in saying that because I’m finding myself more and more confused at the attitude of our support.



    As much as no-one will actually admit it, it seems to me that many simply don’t have the stomach for the gradual process that is the rebuilding job.



    Now granted, I’ve had concerns over the manager at various points of this season and I’ve got the balls to admit that, but after the Celtic game, much like after the St Johnstone game, the threads demanding further investment (one today even said we aren’t skint) have started to reappear, even one with the basic as **** title of “Dave King, Show us the money!”



    Rather than ramble, here’s what I’d like to ask these people:



    Explain how Dave King is meant or any other right-minded individual would invest further in the club when we have been blocked from having a share issue for the 2nd year in a row?



    If we’re *not* skint, why do we continually need directors loans to keep us afloat? The answer is because we bloody well are & don’t have a credit line from the bank, but the borrowing suggests that we’re clearly spending more than we bring in.



    With no Champions/Europa League football, no share issue, shite TV money & no imminent player sales to speak of, where exactly is the cash coming from exactly?



    I’ll also remind you that Dave King has already spent the best part of £20m on obtaining the shares required to mount a takeover, loans etc – as you will all be aware, he didn’t actually say he was going to spend this all in one go on players despite the blatant attempts to pedal this myth.



    The quality of player on the pitch is a major factor, but it’s not the only one – there was something there for us during that game on Hogmanay and we ballsed it.



    In the meantime though, if anyone would care to tell me where all of this cash is coming from, and moreover how it could be invested, I’m all ears.”



    And nae sweary words either! Wonders will never cease!





  15. Bitton will never be as influential at Celtic as Brown,even if he stays to he is a hundred,in my opinion:-))))

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    The bottom line with Seco supporters is that their mindset is one of “we are the people”. They simply cannot or will not accept second place or gradual rebuilding. They also kid themselves on that they are close to us and a couple of signings will make the difference. This mindset caused them to die and will do the same again. We just sit back and enjoy watching it. Happy days.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Ivehadtochangemyname 5.34



    I “sense” you could be into something with the candle in the wind song :-)



    Anybody know if there is any truth in the Samamars going to Hibs ?



    Hope wee Jay doesn’t ditch us for the Hibees :-)

  18. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Tontine@4.47 :I was at the Willie Wallace(2) game remember it a 3.30 knock-off due to there being a Christian march at Bellahouston Park.There was fighting at both ends of the ground and it was not uncommon then for rival ‘gangs’ having a go at one another.I remember the two each game which gave us the title with see Jimmy scoring twice and’ Lenny’s ‘ team battling with other gang members.We stayed at the Great Eastern Hotel on Duke Street.

  19. Hi Bhoys






    I wouldn’t believe that if I hadn’t read it. I know lots of rangers/sevco supporters from the bottom to the top iof society. Most of them fall into two categories those who give it (i don’t bother about it) and (scum ragers). It usually comes out in them in the end if it’s not staring out of them right away. But I can honestly say I have never met one yet with a mindset as low as that expressed in that article. What is really wrong with these people. I cannot fathom their feelings or emotions.


    God help them.




  20. Paul 67 never ceases to amaze me.


    Wilson and Tavernier are two of their players I wouldn’t recognize on the field.


    2 from 10.




    2 from 11 when Miller isn’t playing.

  21. Bhoysbackability on

    CROPPYBHOY on 2ND JANUARY 2017 2:17 PM


    Happy New Year to everyone!



    I thought we needed to gut the dressing room and bring in a team of guys up to the job!






    Kris Commons and Charlie Mulgrew scored a couple of tidy goals this weekend. Sadly for them, not for Celtic.


    Brendan goes about things quietly and effectively. Scott got invited to dinner, Kris and Charlie got theirs served to them. He’s a gem of a manager. Maybe just lacks a little dignity…

  22. The Comfortable Collective on

    I think deep down the Sevco fans know they are deluding themselves about the gap between them and Celtic.



    For example. Rangers have played 21 league games this season. And in those 21 league games only two football players have managed to score more than three goals.



    Kenny Miller and Moussa Dembele.



    Sums it up neatly.

  23. theglasgowcelticway on

    Just read the VB article. When they talk about the destruction of their culture are they talking about the time when their club was allowed to die when no one was prepared to put up £1? One of the most deluded pieces of writing ever. The Hun / Zombies will lap it up.

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Faifhill Bhoy 5.57



    All words are difficult to post as I keep getting kicked out of Cqn when I try and post, probably not a bad thing :-)



    Hope you enjoyed the win the other day and have a great 2017

  25. watching the improved form of Stuart Armstrong since the arrival of his new boss Brendan Rodgers what has impressed me is the quality of his passing, obviously an intelligent guy playing intelligent football.

  26. Fairhillbhoy



    Not wanting to start a big debate but I think that Ronnie had far more football experience than the numpty at the bigotdome since he had been in charge of a team for 6 years and won a league whereas the MagicHatted one had about 6 months in charge of a lower league team!


    However even Ronnie was not qualified for the job at CFC. No disrespect to his Norwegian team but that should never have been enough to get him the job as top man at CP.






    Often the quiet guys are more deadly than the loud mouthed ones!


    Brendan has stamped his authority all over the club in a way not seen since MON and that is a good thing as far as I can see.






    Looking at your earlier post about goals being conceded st the back post.


    The coaching manuals call this the. POMO. Position of maximum opportunity. The stats will show that if a cross evades the first 3 defenders and the keeper, the defence is wide open. The much derided Graham Taylor preached this to all his teams and demanded that his defenders did not allow this to be open to the attacking team.


    Like all good theories, to be good , you need good players to buy into it.

  28. GFTB-I had man flu since Friday, but back on top now, darts tonight,you my friend along with your family have a good one,:-))