Standing in, or walking to, the right place


I watched Moussa Dembele’s goal on Saturday again. Danny Wilson left his post which gave the Celtic striker the opportunity. The weight of his mistake was immediately apparent to the Newco player, who swung his fist into the turf three times.

Wilson made a mistake which will damage his reputation, but in violently punching the pitch, he was acknowledging the error, and its consequences. You’ll seldom see a player displaying this level of dissonance getting grief from a team-mate.

Compare that to the reaction to Scott Sinclair’s goal. Newco had two central defenders on Dembele. As the move developed, Tavernier was on Sinclair, but the Celtic midfielder jogged 10 yards clear of his marker.

Just as Stuart Armstrong played the ball to Patrick Roberts, Tavernier looked around, but not in the direction of Sinclair, who was already free. When Sinclair converted Kiernan yelled at Tavernier

Part of the game is just standing in, or walking to, the right place. Failure to do this isn’t an indication of lack of talent, more, Newco have not done the basics on the training ground.

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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I am not sure that Brendan has improved Stuart Armstrong as a player.



    He has spotted that he is a much better central midfielder than he is left winger.

  2. BIGSHUGGY on 2ND JANUARY 2017 12:42 AM



    I thought the minute’s silence was well observed” Maybe one clown out of 8,000 was disrespectful. Well done the Celtic fans, very well done. When John Paul II died every ground in Britain held one minute’s silence apart from Motherwell v Rangers. The powers that be felt it ill advised.



    *A minutes silence was impeccably observed at every ground in the UK on November 23, 1963 except East End Park Dunfermline, guess who the visitors were. Incidentally, shortly after they had a lee harvey oswald loyal rsc.

  3. My friends in Celtic,



    Watching ITV 4 , cumon you Indians. Yes I know that it’s only a film, but the treatment of the native Americans was a disgrace.



    Having a meal with the extended family tonight, Mrs GP says I’ve to be on my best behaviour.



    Ha, I can feel a Moussa Dembele song coming up.




  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    AS requested



    Goodbye Glasgow Rangers


    Though I never knew you at all


    You had the grace to fold yourself


    While those who owned you crawled


    They crawled out of the woodwork


    And whispered into your tiny brain


    They set you on the grist mill


    And they made you change your name



    And it seems to me you lived your life


    Like a candle in the Ibrox bogs


    Never knowing who to cling to


    When the rain set in


    And I would have liked to have killed you


    But I’m a Celtic son


    Your candle burned out long before


    The plane returned from Lisbon



    Being penniless is tough


    The toughest role you ever played


    Authorities created a monster


    And pain was the price you paid


    Even when you died


    Oh the press still feted you


    All the papers had to say


    Was that Rangers FC Died



    Goodbye The Rangers


    From the young man in the 22nd row


    Who sees Scoosh as something as more than sexual


    As the Celts storm to ten in a row

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    BT sports 1 – 6.45pm Spl highlights


    BBC2 – 7pm Spl highlights






    Fairhill Bhoy cheers, me & MrsGFTB are home alone tonight, MissGFTB has bolted and staying with my niece tonight as they are going shopping tomorrow morning, not sure why she has to stay but I have gave up trying to second guess any of the women in my family :-)

  6. If anybody needed proof that smoking was bad for you, just look at the old movies.



    Continual smoking very prevalent, but how many cowboys are still alive today?????



    Goodnight my friends in Celtic.




  7. A big shout out to a gentleman and (sometimes) contributor to CQN… A man who takes time out to consider and ask as to the welfare of others whilst enduring his own tough and difficult times… God Bless you and yours MARSPAPA…


    BTW, can see the puppies are in fine fettle… Enjoy the happy times they will bring pal…



    Regards & Hail Hail



  8. Croppybhoy-no debate mhate,my thinking is Ronnie had earned his spurs by at least being a manager that had won a few things,like a title against the odds, warbs on the other hand was not.Ronnie has now won how many more league titles than warbs:-))

  9. Watching highlights on BBC, Huns score then sing no surrender.



    Dehumanised indeed.

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry, winning captains put up some good advice the other week.



    Go into ipad strings, scroll down to safari, click on safari. Scroll down to javascript and switch javascript off and it works. No constant refreshing of pages

  11. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    notthebus on 2nd January 2017 1:57 pm



    Thanks for putting up that link not the bus! ☺


    A great reminder of some of the fantastic goals we have scored so far, and for me a reminder of how brilliantly Brendan Rodgers has utilised his squad. I’m thinking particularly of Dembele/Griffiths and Forrest/Roberts, not to mention our new hero Armstrong. Of course it only shows half the story; those goals being built on the platform provided by Gordon, Lustig/Gamboa, Simunovic, Sviatchenko, Tierney/Izaguire at the back and Rogic/McGregor in midfield, and all around the magnificent fulcrum of Brown.


    The magnificence we are seeing on the field of play is all a result of the painstakingly thorough and professional, not to mention ruthless, regime that Brendan Rodgers has put in place off the field! ☺


    I for one have not been so consistently excited since our Seville journey and I am licking my lips in anticipation as to what the rest of this (hopefully very long!) Journey with Brendan Rodgers will bring! ☺



    On a personal note I would like to wish our good host Paul67 and ALL who help organise, participate in, or just lurk, on CQN, a healthy, joyous and a Blessed 2017!



    Yours in Celtic,






    P.S. I am on the ‘last relax’ before I have to iron my shirts and think about work again, so I am reading CQN, listening to Caro Emerald and savouring a (very small) Talisker Single Malt…


    CHEERS / Slainte Mhor! ☺

  12. Thebarcamole.


    Good to see you posting.


    I’ve missed your musings my friend.


    Hail Hail my friend.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Dallas 7.09



    I read WCs post about turning java script off but it effects my ladbrokes account, my gambling addiction is far worse than my Cqn addiction so I can put up with the annoyance :-)



    Fairhill Bhoy 7.11






    I have been summoned to get iPad off, we are going to watch a film, the joys



    Have a good night fellow Celtic fans

  14. JNP…


    Thanks T, check in now and again, seldom post but do have a wee perusal at your posts…


    One in particular made me laugh re you taking Patrick’s ticket for the midden…


    Made me think of a certain ticket distributor when enquiring as to my chances re…


    ‘Aye nae worries F, you will be third wan oot in the ballot’…


    Was wondering if BC is the only ghuy to rival our very own HT in the ‘any chace of a ticket stakes’…


    For clarity, no individuals is/are impugned by the above query…


    Hoping for only good things T for you and yours in 2017…



    Regards & Hail Hail



  15. THE EXILED TIM on 2ND JANUARY 2017 4:39 PM


    When you read wee Barry spouting they could have given us a doing, you have to laugh, only playing to the gallery and justifying to the hoards they are not that far behind, they are stupid enough to lap it up, they must be the most stupid collection of supporters on the planet, and on reading this piece today, it confirms for me they are indeed the stupidist brain dead, deluded scum on the planet.






    I could have written that description myself.In fact,I often have.Bang on the mark.

  16. Evening



    A few thoughts



    Finally saw whole of Saturday’s game yesterday. They did play better than previous 2 games in first 25 mins but did not actually play as well as ‘Well did 4 weeks earlier. We were pretty good from 2nd quarter on but defence is a touch loose for my taste. Ref? Maybe it’s because I am still haunted by memories of JRP Gordon but I thought he was okay though linesmen were pathetic. I have also heard that contrary to what has been accepted as fact here and elsewhere McLean is not and never was a season ticket holder at Ibrox.



    Saw the minute silence on YT from an official ‘Rangers’ tribute and it seemed immaculately observed though I am told it was not.



    As for the rest of the season I wonder how it’ll go. I mind 10 years ago we were miles in front with some talk of being wrapped up by 3rd Derby match. Eventually though we got over the line in mid April as we went off boil. Being so far in front it would be easy to lose some of our focus. Don’t think we will though.



    As for new faces I think we need another full back and centre back. I am not totally sold on Gamboa and as O’Connell does not seem to be in favour and with Kolo looking to be more use off the field we do need cover. I think we may also need another forward. There was a spoof story last wek that Griff and Moussa were both injured which would have left us exposed as Ciftci – albeit he had 1 more goal a year ago than Dave Clark or whatever his name is has this- is not good enough. Boyce of the Staggies?



    Be interesting to see who , if anyone, leaves. There are a host of players in midfield who must be worried about their futures but I did not think that Henderson , Christie and, to a lesser degree, GMS looked unworthy of a run when they have been given chances though I think at least 2 of that trio will go in the close season.



    The first half of the season has been exhilerating with at least 2 classic matches so far and a trophy won in nonchalant fashion. It is a sign of how far – and how quickly- we have come that failure to land the domestic treble will be looked on as failure. We are due a Scottish Cup



    Sorry for rambling on




  17. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 2ND JANUARY 2017 5:41 PM



    Reminds me of a quote of mine on KDS a few years back.



    “It’s not that something sensible does not surface occasionally, but that it struggles to stay afloat.



    The illusion that was RFC in the time of SDM has become a delusion which manifests itself more and more with McKays analysis that we could have got a doing.



    I mean how deep into a phychosis does one have to dare to venture to try and introduce the lamp of reality?

  18. Exactly one year tomorrow since I lost my Da.


    He will be looking down approvingly of Brendan’s team , that’s for sure.



    God Bless U John

  19. Thebarcamole. 7.40.


    That post really really made me smile.


    That’s the bit Patrick never understood, it would have been a bit obvious if my name had came out again for the bigot dome.


    I was quietly asked if Iwanted a ticket for Sat but refused. BC is a genius when it comes to tickets.


    A true story T.B missed the bus for a game at The bigot dome, despite several calls he never appeared. Someone else was phoned and met us coming off the bus and was given the ticket, as we were walking up the broomloan rd, who appeared out the blue, yip T.B. looking for his ticket. Awkward or what?. No worries for BC, he still managed to source one, through D.L. before kick off. Truly amazing.


    How is work doing? Or is that a bad word?

  20. *** GOALS FOR SHAY ***


    Now less than 2 weeks until we kick off our new competition, “Goals For Shay”, starting on Saturday 13th January 2017. Dead easy to play – simply pick 1 single unique different team each week over the 10 week period, and the entrant with the highest aggregate goals scored will take the entire prizepot.



    The cost of entry is £10 per team entered and if you pay before 14 January 2017 you get awarded a free joker to get double points when you decide to play it. You can also buy one more additional joker for just £5.



    The prizepot will consist of 50% of the £10 entry free. The other 50% plus ALL of the money raised from the additional joker option will go to support Walk With Shay.



    To register your interest just drop a ‘can I play’ email to cqnpredictor@gmail.com and we will send you full details on how to pay plus a bit more on the pretty easy rules. Try to remind us of your moniker or nickname. We tend to respond in batches so give us a few days before sending any reminders!



    And feel free to tell your family and friends, share on Facebook, involve your work colleagues, etc. Your children, especially, may think they can do better than you!! Remember who won LMS8!



    Thank you for Walking With Shay.




    ps – all who have already contacted us should have received a couple of emails with the payment details and the rules – if not, please send a reminder. The first set of fixtures will be out this coming weekend giving you a week to make your first selection.




    Aff oot…..




    Great post, just one little comment if I may. The GMS,Henderson and Christie part: in my opinion they will bless the time they spent at Celtic.


    This period will ensure they have a great life, unless they become daft laddies which does not appear to be the case.all three of them will have successful careers as footballers unless they are badly advised.


    I wish them every success and hope they achieve all they dream of with Celtic, if not with Celtic, all the best.

  22. Barry talkin P*** . Where is the leaders after the 1st day.



    Captain ?….. warbiola ?



    Fe**in useless.



    They’ve got one helluva journey.



    Feck them.

  23. Work is going ok T… Good to be back all things considered but it is full on… Lucky really, to have the opportunity, so no complaints…



    Seville… We were on holiday in Torremolinos, BC and me and our respectives… Rest of the CSC to follow… So BC hires a coach to take us to Seville but it had to be back in Torremolinos next day… Says to the bold BC but what about tickets???


    Anyway, coach leaves at early o,clock and is full to the gunnels with assorted Tims from here, there and Cumbernauld…


    Nae tickets!


    Too long a story and you probably know the gist of it but in any case, the Ticket Maestro hands me my ticket 30 minutes prior to KO and being so effusive in my praise of his genius in securing a ticket at that juncture… A.M. says to me ‘shut it with the gratitude ya daftie, he’s been kerrying your ticket in his kegs since we left Glasgow’… Aye, some man for the tickets right enough! Also remember the ticket issue with my mucker TB that day… Happy days, great people, some sadly gone. Thanks for reinjecting the memory bank T…



    Regards & Hail Hail



  24. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Hunco need to mind the gap …not the 19/22 point gap but the credibility gap…..



    My prediction is the hordes will start to revolt unless they are given concrete honest communication.

  25. from the ‘Comments’ section on JJ’s latest offering, referring to investment needed at Ayebrokes.



    “£30 million to fix the roofs


    £30 million to buy out existing shareholders


    £40 million to re-build the entire infrastructure.



    Its not going to happen.”



    Realisation spreads!

  26. Ah Paul 67



    You remind me of how sneaky I was in my younger playing days.



    I’d position myself on the defenders right shoulder and watch him clocking me there.



    When he did I moved left. Stopped then back right.



    By the end of a game he could have auditioned for the lead role in the Exorcist (wig provided).



    Not a ball in sight but lots of space to work in.



    Scored for fun.

  27. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Best games of the season so far, in my humble opinion:



    1: Hapoel Be’er Sheva @ CP.


    2: Manchester City @ CP.


    3: Aberdeen @ Hampden.


    4: Motherwell @ Fir Park.


    5: Zomboids @ CP.



    It’s always good when Celtic slay the Zombies, however they are nothing to us.



    A minor irritant and an occasional distraction, that is all.




  28. The vanguard bears claim to be defending a ‘way of life’.



    What do they mean?



    I know rangers* people. Some of them I count as friends. But I haven’t noticed their ‘way of life’ being significantly different to mine. I also haven’t noticed them having their way of life curtailed in any way different than mine is by the constraints of the current order of things. In fact the only times of year that their way of life is in any way restricted is around the 12th of July when the north of Ireland shuts down for everyone who doesn’t engage with the OO ‘celebrations’ – and that includes the majority of ‘rangers’ facing people and most protestants if the truth be told.



    So I wonder could they clarify what parts of their way of life as rangers* fans is under threat. Is it being unable to feel superior to Irish Catholics and Celtic supporters? Is it not having a good football team? Is it being called out for being sectarian?



    I’d love to know.



    But I think I already do.

  29. i’m not too hung up on 10 IAR – As long as we surpass them in the championships won tally and establish ourselves as a respectable European force again. A lot can happen in 4 years – Euro league, rangers getting lucky with a few low cost signings (e.g Larsson, Moravcik, Wanyama types), Celtic changing managers, Newco investment etc… Its a tall order. Domination for me leaves room for a transitional season or two. Remember, all rangers need to do is get close and the refs take care of the rest – I recall Mcleish season where the number of penalties, sending offs, desperate tactics were off the charts. Domination and the records will come!

  30. GlenD- we looked like a team of misfits last season, i would only have kept about half a dozen and let the rest go.Armstrong, Forrest, McGregor …….been outstanding at various times so far, will be interesting to see who we bring in next 2 Windows.HH

  31. Funny how on chatting bout cultural deterioration vuungaard burrz does not mention Sir David of Cheating



    Culturally ra pee pill were valued at one hundred pence!



    Culturally ra pee pill swindled the person ra peepill look up to of £ millions



    Culturally this led to liquidation a concept and fact vuungaard burrz cant comprehend whilst stewing in faecal dignity



    9 minutes that all it took and they done nothing.


    This cultural reinvention will be laughed at for the rest of time.