Standing in, or walking to, the right place


I watched Moussa Dembele’s goal on Saturday again. Danny Wilson left his post which gave the Celtic striker the opportunity. The weight of his mistake was immediately apparent to the Newco player, who swung his fist into the turf three times.

Wilson made a mistake which will damage his reputation, but in violently punching the pitch, he was acknowledging the error, and its consequences. You’ll seldom see a player displaying this level of dissonance getting grief from a team-mate.

Compare that to the reaction to Scott Sinclair’s goal. Newco had two central defenders on Dembele. As the move developed, Tavernier was on Sinclair, but the Celtic midfielder jogged 10 yards clear of his marker.

Just as Stuart Armstrong played the ball to Patrick Roberts, Tavernier looked around, but not in the direction of Sinclair, who was already free. When Sinclair converted Kiernan yelled at Tavernier

Part of the game is just standing in, or walking to, the right place. Failure to do this isn’t an indication of lack of talent, more, Newco have not done the basics on the training ground.

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  1. glendalystonsils on



    When Jock Stein took over I didn’t see how he (or anyone else) could turn our fortunes around without major surgery. What he did though, was to recruit the right kind of player in one or two positions, and the transformation in the players he inherited was amazing.



    I ‘m not claiming Brendan is a Stein but there are a lot of similarities.

  2. Forget about going for ten in a row. I want at least twelve in a row. Sod to the well being of the rest of Scottish football. We have to keep being in the Champions league every season and build up our euro credentials.

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 2ND JANUARY 2017 9:48 PM


    A hun trying to steal some silverware at the darts final….




    Bampot.How about these darts?.Mines are going in the bin.

  4. Turkeybhoy,


    stunning darts from them both,


    although MVG did score 25 in one visit,


    dont bin those darts yet

  5. glendalystonsils on

    TURKEYBHOY on 2ND JANUARY 2017 9:54 PM



    Tried chucking mine in the bin but I kept missing!:-))

  6. Mystic big looking at all the comparable fixtures.



    And based on form of all.



    Celtic will win the league on 11th march.



    Versus 2nd rangers

  7. G M S , Christie , Henderson,don’t get rid off ,they will do a turn when asked,seems some on here ,can’t wait to down them bhoys,let me ask you lot that want rid of them,give me names to replace them ,

  8. Watching the officials in the Man U game,they would send us into hysterics.A shocking red card,and a shocking offside goal favouring Man U.They get some amount of decisions.


    An Tearmann



    The VB howling is just one strand of a direction they are choosing to go down.



    There’s been a few examples, the PUL shop in Hillfoot St, aspects of the Ulster Scots thing.



    Looking back they are actually copying some of the Nationalist initiatives.


    Normally, I’d have been in favour of the direction, alas it’s foundations are formed from the, same usual aggregates: hate, bile and aggression.



    Perhaps, some are looking ahead to the inevitable united Ireland.

  10. I think that the new club and its deluded supporters are being used to siphon money to Its chairman as he tries to get back the money he lost when director of the dead club.


    Ron Bacardi



    Think Jackals Hyenas and a rotting carcass. Bits being stripped by every predator who can.



    Great so it is.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Burghbhoy 7.54



    2-1-1995, 22yrs the day when ma Da left us, hopefully him & John are both watching down cheering Brendan & the bhoys on :-)



    Where does the time go



    Take care and Hail Hail

  13. prestonpans bhoys on




    Bang on, like a vampire he’s sucking them to another death, brilliant viewing though……

  14. Not been on here for a while, so happy NY to all hoops fans.


    I didn’t see all of Saturday’s game, but , BR is building a really good team IMHO.


    Brown, Dembele , Sinclair and Armstrong look as tho they could hold down a first team place at upper end teams in the top Euro leagues, whilst there are 2/3 others who can raise their game when required.


    If we could sign a couple of players similar in ability ( but not position) to Sinclair, I think we would have a really top side. We are now building from strength, rather than necessity, so maybe a better keeper, better CB and attacking midfielder.


    CG has been good, but at the level we aspire to, one save or one goal can make a huge difference.


    One final point, in his leader Paul 67 highlights defensive frailties of our oppononents.


    Personally, I think we need to look closer to home.


    Twice this season 37 year old Kenny Miller’s movement has caused us problems / goals , whilst balls played between Erik and Izzy have cost us in Europe.


    The problem is left side of defence, which opponents are targeting, even when KT is playing, and managing to get balls across the box.


    IMHO Erik is a great player, but at the top level his lack of pace and slowness on the turn is a problem.


    Maybe we need a left sided defender, or we switch Erik and Jozo ?

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Ron, that last comment was aimed at you, somehow ended up with a protected email header!?!?

  16. Gerry,


    Yeah mate, where does the time go?


    Both our Dad’s will be delighted with our wee team at the moment.


    Thanks for your post.


    Your a gent.




  17. Would have liked a signing to go with the team to Dubai.Hopefully we are a bit down the road with one.Would be a great chance to bond a bit.I have a good few mates going to try and get to the training sessions,if allowed.

  18. Interesting post match comments from Brendan in his interview with Celtic TV.



    Ahead of the game he had planned for a few scenarios, he only mentioned going behind, – perhaps a man down too ?



    Also when commenting on the mentaIity of the players which has been fostered “you have to be relentless to be at the top” he went on to say…



    “we have bred into them to keep going, to fight …especially coming to places like here. you are not just playing for points, you are defending the culture of your club and the history of your club.”



    A Celtic legend in the making.




    Thulani Serero of Ajax the latest to be linked, story from Holland that we’re interested. Out of favour at Ajax, South African international midfielder, was excellent against us in CL a couple of years ago. Probably nonesense but…………….

  20. Look at them. Their here and they are always here.



    The Tommy effect on Brendan IMHO cannot be underestimated.



    Keep it lit

  21. I think we need a striker and another midfielder, possibly another right back



    And i will be happy




  22. Oh and i hear Sevco are out of the running to sign Jota due to being ‘unable to agree a deal’ but rest assured they are looking at bringing in ‘another Spanish player’



    Doesnt matter who this is of course but as long as he’s Spanish he MUST be good right?




  23. Just looked at the Vanguard bears rant again. Is it just me or is the first bit cut and pasted from somewhere (wiki?)



    The rest of it is definitely self written drivel.



    The first part reads like it comes from a variety of places with a few edits here and there.



    brainless numpty.

  24. Bhoylo – I believe Celtic couldn’t agree a deal with Ronaldo or messi. We didn’t man mark them well enough when we went in to negotiations (copyright m. Warburton, city of London)

  25. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    All best wishes to CQN for 2017.



    I saw the highlights from lymmbhoy earlier and find it an interesting curiosity of our season so far that Moussa Dembele is the only Celt to play in all 36 competitive games this season, to date.



    When consideration is given to the number of games he hasn’t started and those weird times when he’s sloped on with five minutes left to play, I’m left to think does a £500k signed contract require a promissory addendum.