State of the Club Report, December 2020


My friends in Celtic, this is not a happy read.  Not since Tony Mowbray was in charge 11 years ago have we been under pressure like this at the end of the year; second favourites for the title by a significant margin.

A 12 game period saw us eliminated from the Europa League at the group stage with only one win and one draw to our credit, our first defeat in the League Cup in almost five years and a number of grim performances in the league that sees us 16 points adrift with three games in hand.

Unaccustomed as we are to defeat, the shock drew protests against the manager and board and worse for players leaving Celtic Park after the Ross County defeat.  Neil Lennon looked beleaguered as the board came under pressure to sack him but that campaign was itself undermined by an unexpected win against Lille, helped in no small way by the arrival of David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro in the starting line-up.

Crisis on the park added to pressures off it as the club had to cope without fans at Celtic Park since March.  Whatever sporting advantage was lost due to this is nothing to the commercial consequences, that will see the club plunge into debt.  Chasing their own Holy Grail, Celtic declined to sell their most saleable assets and pressed ahead with purchases in the summer.  It was a gambler’s play we have not often seen from Celtic.

Champions League income was a potential salvation that Ferencvaros extinguished in a pitiful manner.  Early season league form gave an indication of what was to come, then the music stopped with the visit of Newco.  Celtic did not record an attempt on target and were relieved of the points by a superior opponent.

2020 was the year Celtic won 9-in-a-row for the second time.  They started the year smarting from a home defeat to Newco but form after the break was imperious, while Newco did not have the legs for the race, or as their manager put it, did not have the “bottle”.  The Scottish Cup semi-final against Aberdeen was held over until November, the final, 11 days ago against Hearts, will live long in the memory.

It was a classic Celtic performance this season.  Two goals ahead at halftime, Hearts bossed the second period and took the game to extra time.  Again we took the lead, again Hearts levelled, but as Tommy Burns once said, “there is something about this club”.  The Scottish Cup was won for the fourth consecutive time, a new record, also securing the fourth consecutive treble and Celtic’s seventh overall.  We celebrated history in our homes.

That defeat to Ross County means another club will lift a trophy in 2021, the first apart from Celtic since 2016.  More importantly, the record we have tracked for nine years is in trouble.  Celtic’s form has improved significantly since that win over Lille, we are now back to playing the way we were early this year, but the gap at the top of the table is significant and we are up against an opponent that has lost only one game in all competitions this season.

You and I have seen Celtic come back from more difficult positions than this against original Rangers in 2007-8 and form at the corresponding stage of season 1978-9 gave no indication of how that title would be decided.  But having read the story of each of our 51 league title wins, I don’t think any would match a league win in 2021 – and I include 1998 and 1966.

We are only here because we know there is something special about this club, so ‘hope in our hearts’ is not easy to extinguish, but we will find out more about our chances on Saturday.

I hope you each have a safe New Year and a healthy 2021.  Take care, Paul67.

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    Happy new year to every contributor on here and apologies to anyone I have fallen out with last year!”



    Those to whom you offered happiness are the same as those to whom you offered apologies. :-))))

  2. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all in Timdom!



    Wishing for you and yours what you would wish for yourselves.



    Take care, stay safe and have a great day!

  3. Yip, a very H888py & Healthy 2021 to all on CQN


    Let’s go get the 10 Bhoys 🙏



    Many have had a really hard and difficult 2020, and I offer heartfelt sympathies and best wishes looking forward.



    My 2020, gave me this



    Bhaby Lyla – first granddaughter ✅



    9 in a Row for the Glasgow Celtic * 2 ✅✅🏆



    Bhaby Conor – my 2nd Grandson ✅✅



    Both Lyla and Conor, got Christened ✅🎉



    Wife and I managed to get our Holiday to Antigua 😎😎😎



    Bhaby Jude, celebrated his 3rd Birthday ✅✅✅



    Both my Ghirls and Families moved back in with my wife and I, as they sold their houses, awaiting their new home moves in 2021 🤔🤣🤣🤣



    Glasgow Celtic, won the Scottish Cup, to become


    World record breaking


    Quadrebel Treble Champions





    Onwards in 2021 🙏🙏🙏🙏



    Hail Hail & YWNWA to all our Celtic family

  4. A Happy New Year to Paul 67 and family and to all CQNers and your families. Hope the year 2021 will bring peace and better times for all of us.

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    Think you’ve had an epiffa…an ephef…a change of attitude lol.


    Quite like your posts now.


    Convinces me there is a good Celt in each of us.


    H.H. Mick

  6. Mick, the only wish I could post a photo on here


    Laura, Stephen, Lyla and Jude are out in the back garden in the hot tub right now, having a wee Buck’s Fizz


    ( it’s feckin Freein, as well 🤣🤣🤣)



    Hail Hail

  7. Happy new year to Celtic supporters everywhere in these frustrating times.


    A victory tomorrow would get this year kicked off on a high and get some real focus on the job at hand. Let’s just do it and see where we land.


    All the best for 2021🇨🇦

  8. Melbourne Mick on




    I’m sure papa could squeeze in there, the weans would


    luv it. 8-))))))


    H.H. Mick

  9. Good Morning CQN!



    Happy New Year to all you bhoys and girls wherever you may be.



    I hope 2021 is a happy and healthy one for you all.

  10. Happy New Year!


    A Celtic win tomorrow and we will be on the road to one of the club’s most remarkable achievements.


    It would also be a delicious body blow to all those who currently and historically engaged in one of the greatest corruption scandals in sporting history.


    This Celtic team can do this.

  11. Melbourne Mick on

    Reading back now.


    PARK ROAD 67


    Hope you and E have a lovely time.




    Don’t know if you’ve been on much, but all the best.




    Know you still have a wee lurk here, greetings to you and




    Paul 67


    Thank you and god bless.


    H.H. Mick

  12. petec on 1st January 2021 7:33 am



    I Believe there is a video of me walking from Downpatrick to Belfast singing about 19 Something or other missing. ;)





    You a Downpatrick mhan?

  13. I just want us to have a real go at them tomorrow.


    In recent games it always looked to me like they wanted it more.


    That is unacceptable to me, I can handle losing but I want us winning tackles & getting in their faces,


    Not a series of side to side tapping, then they get the ball & drive at us.


    Come on Bhoys, give it a lash.

  14. Melbourne Mick on




    I’m with you there, have a right go, everybody showing that they


    won’t be bullied, that’s why I think big Shane is a cert to play.


    H.H. Mick

  15. Up to the wee small hours Laugh-In and dancing in front of the TV.



    I woke up in a panic I have slept in.



    Heid is in a different gear from body.



    Sky sports no team news.



    Cqn nothing being reported.



    He goals no links.



    Is the game called off , or something sinister.



    Checks date .



    24 hours too early. Eejit.



    Happy new year.

  16. Happy new year to all the Celts on here, on the pitch & in the dugout. With a heavy heart I had to get my wee 87 year old mammy in to hospital this morning so praying for a safe return home asap, I’ll miss her singing the rebs every morning 💚☘️💚


    Revising my team for tomorrow re Neil’s comments about going, or not, with a diamond and whether Julienne will play….









    ………Christie……..Soro…….. McGregor








    HH ☘️

  17. Hope you get your wee Mammy home safe & sound Gallagher, doesn’t matter what age she is, you always want another year.

  18. Melbourne Mick on




    No Broony?


    Hope your wee maw pulls through, the aul rebels


    are tough as.


    H.H. Mick

  19. Ilir Meta








    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Celts worldwide and their families, especially to our players & to all staff of our love team #CelticFCGreen heartClinking beer mugs May 2021 bring you health, prosperity & happiness, plus TEN-IN-A-ROW. God bless you! God bless your families! God bless #CelticFC!Folded handsCheers fromFlag of Albania!Four leaf cloverClinking beer mugs




  20. Gallagher – Hope your mum gets better quickly.



    Ps I like that team maybe just go 4-4-2 though and swap Christie fir Brown, with Turnbull out right.



    Christie wastes to many balls and gives ball away for my liking.



    D :)

  21. Gallagher !! Hope you’re wee mammy is home soon!! Turkeybhoy, what was a 100,000 to one , huns getting a penalty against them ?

  22. Thanks guys for the support re me mammy if no ma team selection 💚☘️🤣


    HH ☘️

  23. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I really hope we do not turn up and ‘have a go’.



    I hope we are ultra disciplined, control the game, create a few chances and are lethal in front of goal.



    I don’t want an open game and a shoot out.



    I don’t think we’d win that type of game.

  24. Happy new year to all on CQN. And your nearest and dearest.


    Stay safe till we can meet again.


    And here’s hoping the year starts in fine form with a win tomorrow.



    HH jg